Saab 900 1988 (Australia) - Saab 900 Convertible 86-94

Saab 900 1988 (Australia) - Saab 900 Convertible 86-94

Saab 900 1988 (Australia) - Saab 900 Convertible 86-94


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Saab 900

rne car wltn cnarFma

Ilre 900 range is unrnjstalrably a product from Saab. A disrincri\€

appearance says every4hing about r.espected \,Elues ofquality en$neering

and safety while, at the same time, stoiking a rctreshingly unique style.

The 900 needs to be dri\,€n to irlly appreciate ihe car's outstanding


Words and pictures can only tell you so much. Tbke a step flirther and

contact your neaEst Saab dealer for a test dri\€. You'Il never look back.


hlhcducing the Saab 900. Page I

The Hidden TechnolDg how the Saab 90A works for yotL P.tge 27

Saab the aircrafr manufacturer Page 34

The chobe is yours-tle vaious modeb available. Ilage 37

Thatfinal toroh-options and oxcessories. Page 48

Technical specfr.catiorus. page 52

Calours and the interiot nlge 54

\..D aAA - Da

Savour the performance

Saab is not mereh' a means of

pcrsonal tralNport. It is there

to bc driren. And cnjc^'ed. .\ld il pcrfbrrnance

is I'our particular- pleasurc,

theD the Saab 900 Tlubo 165 $'i1l satis

fi' the denands olthe most discenirg

moiorist. But, rvhate!€r thc cnqiDe

speci{ication, confldeDce-inspiring

roadholdiDg has been built iDto (1ery

modcl. The su€-{botcd natlue offiontn'heel

drire cnsu.es predictablc han

dling, clcn iD the rvorst condiriorN. This

is a p:ut ofthc Saab tradition. The 900

ranqc llas beeD desi4rcd \f ith the drivcr

ill mind.

Power on demand

he response from the Saab Tlrbo

has an impressirre urgencv, When

orcftakngi the high torque at low rcvs

means instantly gmwing power. At any

speed. The boost in perfomunce starts

at lorv engine speeds, the engine delivering

its peah tonque at a mere 3000

rpm. TiIIle is not wasted changing to a

lo\.€I gea4 waiting for the power to

build up; lerythening the time spent

overtaking. The flodbili! ofthe Saab

turbo-charger provides an acceleration

rvhich marry sir and eiglrt g'linder

engines are unable to match. An easily

conh'olled increase in speed means

faster and morc confident ol€rtaking.



Q.taliV in depth

lTlhe Saab Jnn rcrrtaiDs oDc ol the

L most spaciolrs car's L,D the m:u.kct.

It is also oltc ofthe most confofiablc.

The ilterior IraS becll carcfirlh, plarued

to take the strail'l out oflonq.joru]1els.

Comparc the dri\€r comfort o{ a Saab

to altv car'I'ou car! to rnentioD; sit in a

900 ar)d feel tlrc room lor i'our"self


l.j.r5 r(j!r ra , rr oprromr ,".u/rre.r

Inspiring confidence

Qhl'l'tr-r .orrdrtr,,rrs.'r-- sct,n'l

L, ir.rlLR r!'.r Sil.ll). 11,^r t,rrrl,litb,

otl)L'r-\fisc lirr a car nracle iD S\1(lenl'


lrotor:iolls Scarldirlnriilli \\'caihel'

I)r:ovicles Saab cnqincels \\ith il nirtur.ill

icst tr':1clii ihcir'solutiolN are c\idcut

llur) the rtriDltte r'ou talit- lhc rvhcel.


Saal) S100. 1\'iih its 1ionl nfiecl

di\e. is srntlbolcd ar(l coDsisiet)1.

Ieqarcllcss ofthe l)asscrqcr load. \t)ll

can be col)liakrrt that shonld tllc rrD-

.'-\l)eclccl occru-. lundling is l)r.Lcliciablc.

Losinq qlip ir) a Slab Llocs Doi llcccs-

sa h mcan losinq colttrol.



Safelv home

he interior ofthe Saab is large

but iis in-built safety protects

ever tlrc smallest passenger. hlsidel

the.e is a robust safeb/ cage and

copious padding designed to minirnise

irljudes. Outside, energ,\'-absorbing

front a1ld rear zones combiDe \j!,ith rcinforcing

iD the doors to gieath reduce

rlre eflecr ofarr impacr. From afl angle.

,Arrd for passelgers ofa]l sizes. The

900 models coDfoml with the USA safetv

regulations - prcbabh' the most stringent

in the world. For Saab, the safety of

I n Alstm a a Saab 900 .a6 are provided with

extra brake iiSht (not show. n pcrure)

the occupants isjust as importart as

makir€ a car which is a pleasure to



..aa Da 6( r.... . .t.ta a'



Room for that une;pected


he lugBage compafiment ofthe

Saab 900 salooD arld hatchback

can be epanded at the drcp ofa back

seat. Ofcoulse, the boot is more tlErl

adequate for routilE loads. But \vheD

I'ou Dced dlat bit ofextra space, tlrc

Saab 900 can accornodate the biggest

-and thc most ullcryected - items.


ta.b 9AA Iu b. tb S


Saab 900

The Hidden Technology


A tlrb ne wheel the foridalion of turbo power


I he h'gh[ irdividuar sv,e favo-red by Saao the JniqJe outward

appearance ofthe 900 series. The mpressve performance

can be fuly appreciated when you take the whee but,

even then, the true depth of Saab's technical research and

development s not fuly apparent. A c oser look at the 900

range revea s deta led and high technology design; some of it

unique; some of it remarkable for its simplcit/; but all of it for

;our bene'it, On the 'o rowrng pages, we exar'ti1e nore

closely the techniques used to earn Saab such a fine reputation.

Let's take a look beneath the sudace ofthe Saab 900.



Performance and economy

through high technology

The 900 range s powered by Saab's relable four-cylinder, 6-

valve fro- tre eng ne, Whether you choose turbocharg ng or

natura y aspirated theresult

is impressive-economic power;

highly re{ined, superbly eng neered Saab power.

Turbocharger and intercooler,

The am ofturbochargng is to increase

performan.e wthout sacr fcing fue

economy The bonus is more flexibe

performance power on denrand, ai any

speed n almost any gear. How does it

work? The turbocharger redlrects ex

halrst gases to sPrn a compressor located

n the engne air intake When the

acce erator s pressed theiowofgas

increases and the compressor begns to

boost the pressure n the intake system.

The resLr t more a r for the engne and

an mprovement in peformance The

intercooler reduces the temperaiLr.e of

the air once t has been compressed n

the turbocharger. The dens ty ofthe

cooler air s lncreased enab ng the fuel

10 be burned more effcienty and the

englne power to improve. A waste gate

cont.os the boost pressure ofthe iurbo'

Turbdhar8er with intercooler

n simp e l€fms ihelurbo.harger

provdes more a r for the engn€

therefore more performan.e And

whe. ful rhfoine n not requ red

(€srimared to be 80-85% ol rhe

rme)rhe tl|bo d es wihout

afi€.ring €nl ne power or wai ng

tu€. The f se in thei€mperaiure ol

rhe compre$ed ar G couleracted

bylhe inl€rcooe( lh€ n.rease in

d€nslv olrhe.oo er ar a ow ng

the luelto burn more €ific enry.

WaieF.ooled bearings. meanwh le

ensLre ong I le fortherurbo-


charger and guards against engne

damage shou d the boost pressure exceed

its programmed limits. Saabs vast

€xperlence in engneering paved the way

for ihe ntroduction of t! rbocharg ng to

evefyday motor ng and set a trend

whlch major manLrtaci!rers have been

l6"valve engine. Four vaves per cyl

nder are a malor nnovaton whlch ke

tLrrbocharging, contiblrte to a resPon

sive, vely peformaoce ata speeds.

16 va ves a low a high compress on ratio

whch means an increase n engne ercency

and powef The engine can aso

breathe more eflc enty to a low more

effective combustion. All of wh ch g v-.s

incrcased power and,lust as impoftani,

lower fuel consumpton Not surpdsing-


(not da ab e n A6r.a ia)

ly, l6-valve engines wi dominaie the f!

Four vaves per.y ider a owrhe en

e.e to biearhe more eff. entt Ther

a sd perr r a h gher comDre$ o. raLo.

a orwh.h meais an n.reas€ n ei

E ne ell.encrand power as rve a5 aie

reas€ n lue con5umpron. Ths s due

ro rhe rour !ave am.eemeft a low ng

the spa k.!gto oc.upy a.e.ra

pos tion. The iame 5 spread un'formy

throuBhour the.ombunon chambe

r€0u..9 the.ra..es of pre gfnon

Self-adjustins hydrauli.

E.e n€ weara.d vave nose.re redu.ed

aid re ab l/ n.reased than(stothe

s€ ladlunng car fo owetr wh.h re

m.!e the ne€d lor p€r.d c.hecling

Electronic efficiency

and flexibility

fJse any grade of petrol you wish and Saab technology wil

extract maximum performance and efficiency from it. Saab use

advanced electronics, not as an expensive gimmick, but as a

boost to performance and an improvement n driving comfort.

Automatic Performance

Control (APC). With Saab Turbo

models yolr are not restricted to one

grade ol lue to one leve of perform

ance. The ngenioLJs Automatc Perfofmance

Controlw adllstthe engine to

suit the octane ofthe fuel n use. n

oiher words yolr can choose between

9 and 98 ociane uneaded fue and

d.ve offwthout makng a s nge ad'

justment The APC does it for yo!. And

!t aulomatca y ensLrres good flre econ

omy and an efficient performance. Of

The APC synem conta ns very lew

moving parrs The ele.lronic box is ied

nformaton b/ lhr€e s€nsoE detect ng

$erhrearoi kno.kng h rhe en€ine

and measurng engine sp€ed and the

pre$ure n the ntake manfod.



course, the acceeration w I contnue to

depend on the grade offuel-the hgh

ef the octane, the hghe. the performance

blt the APC w I e m nate the

risk of knocking assoc aled wth the

ower grades As a resuLi, poor qua ty

fuel may be lsed withoLrt rskfg engne

reliab liv. The APC takes care of that

Electronic fuel iniection, Fue

lnjecton helps the effic ency and performance

ofan engne The eectronic

njecton used on Saab l6-va ve engines

refnes and mproves the process even

fudher By accLirately controlLng the

mixture of fLre and a r enteringthe

engine, the e edrronl. injedon system

gives hgh power, owfue consumpton

smooth running and m n ma exhaUn g:s

emssionE. t does th s in a wde \adery

of motor ng cond tons The englne

power for example, rs unaffected when

traveling at high altitudet starting is

made eas er, whelher the engine s hot

or coldithe correct amount of lue is

used whether acce erating hard, driving

wlth a fu load or sin'rp y motor ng for

Automatic idling control. The

6 vave engne wil de at a constant

speed, whatever the oad p aced u pon it

by equipment such as the alternator or

a r conditioning. An eectronically con

troled vave rnantains the dling speed to

gve iostant power and more controL

Automatic Perform.nce Control (APC)

R€ad ngs, iak€n up to 2 tmesa se.ond and led to an el€crrof..oniro box,

e.sufe that the rurbocharger rlns at max mum effcienc/, whateverthe gmde

of fue n use. The brain of the syslem s an elecrfon. conlrolunt( ) rece v ng

sgna s from ihree sources the dGtriburor (2) a knock sensor in the engne

blo.k(l)and a pre$ure sensor (4) nthe nrakema.fod Assoondth€eeclronic

un t derecrs kno.king, a signa sapp ed acro$ ihe so eno d valve (5) to

the turbocharserio red!.e ihe boosr air prc$ure





Ele.troni.ruc inje.tion


'rll ;- r' ' '


::t ]l . ]iji:il. Ii

.L-. ,- i:- f:

11 !






Safe and sure on the move

Suf"ty r"un, more than a powerful, robust car A driver

needs the reassurance of predictable, surefooted handling,

Every aspect of the Saab 900, from susPension to brakes and

weight distr butron, has been carefully matched to provide

excellent road holding and stabillry as wel as safe! and peace

of mlnd for the driver and passengers.

Chassis and weight distribution. Front suspension. A pair of ght-

The handling ofthe Saab 900 s predlctweight but strong wshbones suPPod

ab e, easy to contro . And safe. Even each front wheeLlo ensure stab ity and

when the car is loaded to ts maximum efficient roadhodlng whle, at the same

capaciry, the major ry of the we ght s

distributed over the frontwheeh. And,

t me rema ning unaffecied by any wheel

mbalance. The pvoi mountings for the

wth the 900 having lront-wheel drive,

the ogca fesut is excelleni siab lity and

collsprngs not ony ncrease Passenger

comfort but they also reduce the noise

consistent grip ln a condltions Ths s an created by conventiona y mo'rnted

important pat1 of Saab's design philos springng The springs are secured to the

ophy. The obiect rs to extend the contact upper wshbones while the lower sus-

between the road and the car to the car penson arms support gas-filed shock

and the drver the flow of informaton absorbers whch have been caref! ly

al owing the dr ver to make an rnmedi- matched to the sprngs and the weight

ate agsessment ofthe car's rnovements of the car The shock absorbers make a

and react accord ngly.

malor contributon lowards good road

garfled shock ab3orbe6,

sprngs and the weight of


ho ding and vibraton-free steering

regardless ofthe qualry ofthe road

Rear suspension. Front whee drve

makes lt poss ble to use a lightwe ght

unsplt rear suspens on, whlch prov des

the perfect bend of safe handlng and

comforiab e rde The car's d rectiona

siab ity is ma n1a ned by the rig d beam

Vpe rear axLe and rear wheels which

remain para e and are devo d ofthe

lregu ar changes of ange inherent on

an independent suspension system A

Panhard rod braces the back axe durng

hard corner ng, while acce eration and

brakng forces are absorbed by eading

and trailng arms mounted at each end

Brakes, The best possble and the

most consinent braking effoft is ensured

by d sc brakes al round. The front disc

brakes are vent ated, giving a large

effedive cooling area, ihus help ng to

ensure a low brake flud temperature

And, with env ronmenial problems in

mind, Sa-ab were one ofthe firsi car

manLifadrurers to use asbefos-free

brake pads.

lhe Wans Ink conf€urat on on the re suspe.s on

incorporates a | €ht, nraighi and igid d e with 1rc

lead ng and two rn llng arm5 to absorb the lon8itld na

forces and braking torque The axle mountings are

rubber bushed to p€vent the tansm $ion of rcad

noEe to lh€ P6senger compartmenr


Ventllated dtuc bEker

The vent lated front wh€el discs he a large efiedive cooting sudace,

redlcing the rkk of lading even under repeated, hard use i. moun

The Sdb 900, with rs weigft b 6 towards the

fro nt, be haves n a cons rrent and prediciable man

ner, regard e$ ofihe oad. The lrcnt wheel drive

al ows the rear whee s, free frcm drive forces, to

sist in maintain ng a hlgh standard ot balhold n€







Safety-with the driver

in mind


D scon'tort ard srresr can rrrpa - uoge'nenr. w r^ the

Saab 900, the des gn priorI has been to make the driver feel

at ease and at home, lYeticulous attention has been pa d to

the driver's environment, Every opportunit/ has been taken

to des gn an inter or wh ch is functiona , readily understood

:nrl a:cw +n ^^0r.+6 A+ i tma.

Cockpit control, A fee ng of contro

s amost nevitab e frorn the moment a

driver sts behind the wheelofa Saab

900 The c!rved facia, wth its pr mary

and secondary zones presents nstrLr

ments and contros whch are easy to

see and just as st€ ghtforward to Lrse.

The sta ks and swtches lor irnportant

funcuons the prmary zone-are at

the d.vers nngertlps, substanndy re

du. ng the rsk of error ntheeventola

sudden and hazardous traffic stLraton

se.onda,/ zone Pnma,

I zone

Instruments. A drvers peripheral

v s on can detect changes n the poston

ofa large innrument needle more easiy

than change, on a digta or bar lype

gauge nstruments on the Saab 900 are

circular, centraly pos toned in the "pr

mary zone'and cleary marked. They

are aso luminated by green lighi, the

most effective and soothing n-rethod of

high ghting distnctive white symbols and

orange need es against a matt back

background. Secondary zones to the

sdes carry the rema n ng switches and

Theareadirectly nfrontolthedrver iheprmaryzon€-.onrans

nstrumenrs, warnng lamps and eayto read arEeroundindrLmentswih

white symbok and orange{oolred ieedl€s


The drlercan reach a the convo s

w rhoLr uk ng h s eyes off the road

and the prom.€ntly pa.ed nstrumenrs

are easrywrhnrhe feld of

Driver's seat. Saab seats not ony

provde a lxurous eve of comfort bLrt

they a so help combat lalgue And the

process starts from the momentthe

ignlon s swltched on i Thermostatical y

controlled eements ln the seat cushon

and backrest warm ng the seat n sec

onds The lLrmba. s!pport adjusts automatca

y when the driver sh fis n the

seai and ihe seat cushlon is adjustable n

heght and sope with supportfor the

drivers legs extend ng to the back ofthe

knee lust a few examples ofthe in'

depth orthoped c and ergonomc stlrd es

carr ed out by Saab n the nterest of

I The p.(re 1o fie rgh! sho$ a 5aab

900Turbo l6 optona equipped with radio

Automati< heating for

Coa 5eati .an ..nli bute lowafds

ba.ka.he .Fit6 and heumar.

a menl5 t.:n rake 20 m.u1e5 0r

mo e lorlhe c..upriliD w.rT

up a s€al o. a.old da/ Thc s.ab

autor:r. heat ig does t n 5e.

onds Tr€rm.rLat.a r.ontro €d

an'l manua y adlu5iab e forihe

lirver on .era i rodc 5 the

s€al.!nr o. aid ba.krests in.or

Porate er€me.a wr.rr rre:t !p as

soon a5 the g. tdi s a,l.h€i o.

Adiustable head restraint

The ir.nlsear head re5t .nt a

vre salel/ ']ealuie n the elertof

a.o son ..n b€ adlusterlro the

.otre.t trosloi to sJ L the he ghi

Built-in protection


Att SuuO models have been designed to comply wiih the

stringent USA safety regu ations and, according to American

insurance statlstics, the Saab 900 protects its occupants better

than any other car in iB class. Over the years, Saab has bu t

a repLtation for safety wrich is as strong and reliab e as Lhe

protection tself,

Crumple zones. The desgn ob Steering column, The steer ng gear

ledive: To keep the pasgenger compad is located so far back n the engne bay

ment ntact n a co son The efergy- that the front ofthe.ar woLr d need to

absorbing front and rear sedons ensLrre deform very heavily to affect the steer-

the doors do not burst open and the ing colurnn. And, n the event of an

w ndows remain n their mount ngs, extreme y heavy impact, the steerng

It mList be possibe to open the doors co umn s deslgned to give protecton n

when the car has come to rest A of two ways A centra ly mounted steel

ihis has been ach eved with the Saab bellows w I bucke, prevent ng the

900. The ca.efu y tested crumpe zones column from enterng the passenger

cons st of seci ons of vary ng r gid V so

that they w I act like a be ows and

compartment And should the drver ht

the steeringwheel, a deformabe cage

absorb the co lision energy.

sLrrroLrnd ng the te escopic sec!on at

Side.olliiion prctection

Vta but oft€n over ooked prorecrion

is prov ded by siurdy cros m-"mbeE

St€el cage. H gh strength windscreen

pillars and strong steel roofsupports

combine io form a proieciive cage, the

wndscreen p lars consstng ofro ed

sheet steeL sedions which w withsland

a load of I tons Esewhere rugged

cross members w labsorb transverse

forces and a stoli reinforcing barwelded

nto each door glves protection n the

event ofa side-on collsion. The fuel

iank has the safest poston between


Th€ be Lows isrhe lEr.omponent

n the three iec!on steerng

co umn io €ive way in ihe ev€nt

ofa ser ous.ollsion. The .o umn

w ldefom gradua y ihe sreerng

wheel and the defo.mable cage,

s!trolnd ng the te escop c section

al the top of the co umn absorbing

any impact shou d the drlverbe

The windscreen pi a6 consist of

a 2.5 mm thck shed nee section.

Padd ng prov d€s rhe best posib e

Protecrion fof ihe occlpanrs

ihe top ofthe co lmn willabsorb the

The fronr and rear crumple zones

consist of sect ons of vary ng r g d-

V Carefu resb have reslred n

rhese s€crians absofbing the .ol -

sion energy wlrhout affecr ng rhe

paseneeG to a daneerols decree.

In anyc6e,the lnterio. s sur

round€d by sturd/ stee member

and re nforcemenis n order to

altord rhe occlpants the best

Living with your car


Tn" S-U 900 is more than a means of driving from A to B.

Carefu thought has been applied to the comfort ofthe occupants,

back and front, as well as mak ng the car a flexible and

pradcal oad carrier,

Heating and ventilation, A funda

mental r-^qu rement ofthe heat ng and

vent lation system is the abiLry to coPe

wth the severest Scand nav an condi

tons and yet be sulable for more temperate

clmates The Saab 900 system

noi on y caiers for a I enremes but t is

easy to understand and operate wthout

absorbng the drivers concentration un

necessar y. The Saab 900 was the frsl

car to be equipped wth a vent aton air

f ter* so efficent rhat pollen afd other

sma part c es of dlrst, soot and oil are

Alr filter dd ventil.tion

The ar in ihe Sab 900 is al@ys cean,

thanks to the pderfu filtei nrro.

duc€d by Saab 6 early e n 1978, a

help lor anyone suferng lrom athma

or other a er€ies. OncethrouEhthe

firer and with the fan running at quar

r€f speed. a. i.the nterorischaiBed

about o..e a m nure At luLl speed rhe

an.hanges th.ee tmes laster


More than 400 rne galEerprines,

about fve tlmes the amount orsprng

ng rn a .onvenrc.ar .ar sear are

woven rogerhef ro bri.gtrue arm.ha r

comfo.t for the rcaf p6senge6 na

removed before a I s admitted io the tique-can be mei nsiant yt assuming, of

coLrrse that the ex sting 502 dmr (21.3

c! ft) of luggage space cannol cope. n

a matter of seconds, the space can be

Versatilitt. Two smple operations dolbled to a size that even some estate

can convert the rear ollhe saab 900 cars cant match And the load ng Ls

hatchback from a comloriab e passenger made easy by the large rear door on the

compaftment io a spacLous oad-carry ng hatchback models. Even on the saoon

floor Theres room lor the parapher- modes you can lower the back ofthe

nalia wh ch comes with any pastime o. rear seat. Few saloon cars can boast slch

hobby. And rhe unexpecied need tor

extra space caused, perhaps, by that

pmct ca versati ty.

purchase of a prized but bu ky an' ') Nol oi caE equipped wth ah coidtion ng.

B/ rhoornE ir iJthrr.k ri,oae the 6a2 dm

.2 l.r tu) .Ja r ...ri b:.iptri.ed nlo a rtri.ar::o

.rca or 6!C.l- i55 5.u'tl !r roirt dcf". tr..r.k

The no,m: lSEaee..nroaamei: r:re 5a.o. m..le

neisr e5 6 7 dm'i2 ! .u fti ts/ j..

i6 aorar r: tj

iert :he .:d.rF.t/ exDridr L. r n.r ri: 5C0 dlrl.L

lLl rr.lrliurh.dkr.l/to r..!c ae.ani



Tradition and technical



)aab's hign standaro of aJrolotive eng nee'ng has ts 100rs

in the aerospace industry, The manufacture of cars and aircraft

continues to flourish, each d vision beneftt ng from the technological

achievements ofthe other. And, n recent years, Saab's

pioneer ng deve opment in engine des gn has set the standard

for other manufacturers to fo low.

Aerospa.e heritage. From the n 1976 Whie competiors have made

nroment Saab sw tched to cars wiih ihe iurbocharging commonplace Saab

aunch ofthe Saab 92, the influence of contlnue to forge ahead in the fie d of

the aerospace engneers was ev dent A eng ne developrnent.

strong but ghtwe ght body incorporated In 980, Saab ntroduced APC (Auto- ton which alows better contro of

advanced aerodynamics whlch, even by

todays standards had a very ow drag

maiic Perforrnance Coitro ) a major

step towards more effic eni engnes.

combustion. Because ihe Saab D rect

gnton has no mov ng paris tisalmost

coefficlent of 0 30 Cd. Ths owed much APC monitors the eng ne €ontnuous y ma ntenance free and start ng the en-

to the car's predecessor the Saab 9 a ensuringthe efilcient use ihe offuelgne from cold s mlch eas er. There is

lighNveight spo'1s and tra ning aircraft. irrespec!ve of the odlane rat ng no doubtthat Saab D red lgnition w I

When Saab presented the 6-vave set yet another newtrend ln engne

engne in 984, they ofce again showed technoogy.

Always the innoYator. Innovaton the way to other eading manufacturers

s part of Saab's irad tof Aerodynam cs, Wth four \€lves per cy nder the engine

the fashionabe irend in the automob e can breathe more easlly and the com-

ndustry in recent years, isjust one ex br.rstion ofthe fuel s more effc ent. That

ample ofa wofthwhile techn que whch means even betier performance and

was selfevdent to Saab more ihan 40

years ago.

fuel econor.y aE welas redlced exh&st

But not even Saab cou d have pre Because the traditional ignlon system

d cted the impact on the other manu- limits the scope ofengine deveopment

facturers when the f rst tLr rbocharged Saab has nvented an gfluon controlled

everyday car was introduced by Saab by a mcrocomputer Saab Dired lgni-

Thanks to the advanced techno ogcl€sou(es of Saab! aeosp&e divk on the body

workof the Saab sperimenlalvehice,the EV- ncorporates ght bltverystrong

composite matefias. Undef the bonnet there is a 6-valve turbocharged engirc capab e

orproducing 212 kWand a iop speed or 270 km/h.

Saab have deve oped a. lgnit on

system ofthefuture one which ha

no dctrlbltor or movinS parts The

system ha an ienit o. co L mounted

direcdy onto each spark p ug

Sa.b Turbo i. The Llrg Run

Saab broke 2l nternatona records

inc uding two @rld records at the

Aabama nternat ona Motor Speedway

in Ta adega, USA. Three Saab 9000

Turbo l6s ran at illlthrottle lor 20

days-the l6rest at an average speed ol

2i3.299 km/h-e&h car trave ling a bral

distance of 100 000 km, prcv ig coic u

sileiy the rrue mean ng of Saab qlalty.

1 9.17 Saabb.olehti .raft €.rio.:t a.!!i r..arrr tr,hen lFey irodr... tre I I ;:.ar je5aabgl


Saab 900

The choice is yours

I he Saab 90o h.a an individual swle and. appropriately. llrc range is

tailor€d to meet individual Deeds. Roadholding, comiort, economy and

rcrsatility are part of er€r'y Saab. The vafiety ofperformance lerels, ho!rever,

is desigred to suit I'our prccise rcquir€meDts. lor sheer pace, tn, the

Ttubo with ti're 16-valve engine or tlrc imprcssively sport, 900i1G $.itl.r

fuel injection aDd the 16-vah€ engiDe. And the choice docsn't end therc.

Hatchback, saloon or the elegant cabriolet; each option has its ouar

hieh level of hLYu4,. The choice is volnls.

P .rured to th€ elr s TheSaab900Cabrot€r.ihe

Saab 900 Turbo 165 rheSaab900lurbo 6andrh€Saab

900 6 The mode range and equpmenr may varr lrom


Saab 900 Cabriolet



The saab goo cabriolet is not just another

soft-top. It is an elegart conertible iD tlle classic

traditiorl of hr\'urv motoring. with the e{cellent

16-val\€ turbocharged enghe po\,vedng this flagship

of the Saab 900 range, ihe thrill ofddving an

opel1-top car is complete. Leather upholstery is

standard. Tlle passeDger space has not been comprcnised

and the 900 Cabriolet rcrnains a true

four-seater tharks to the clever design ofthe folding

rcof Electrically operated, the top folds a av

neatl-y and effortlessly. Electdc windorvs can be

opened fiil)' to complete that fresh-air feeling.

,Ard, should the weatlrcr change, tlle mr ti-lat'er

top prcvides insulation, an electrically lEated glass

rcar window completing the feeling ofsaloon car

warmth ard security. The Saab 900 Cabriolet; a

very special car. A conrertible for all seasons.

Power assisted steer ng.

F.oit a.d rcar spoiers

Headlamp wah/w peu.

E ectricaly adjurtable door

E ectricaly operated w n

Electrlca y operated top.

T nted wndos a found

Electr ca y heared g6s

Leathef sports steering


E ectricai y heated front

sears (adjustable heatinS

adjustab e for height and

Learher laced upholstery.

HeadresG n the back seat

Front and rear 5peake6

Electr ca ly operated aer al


E*rm brake ight.




The Saab 900 Cabriolet

is not merely a fair-weather

.ar. At the touch of a

buttoh, the roof willclose,

two catches at the front

lo.king it into a snug seal

against any 5udden deterioration

in the conditions

outside, And, when the

sunshrne aPPears, you.an

have a quick r€turn to the

rresh air and freedom oI

elegant open-topped

hotoring. The simple

operation of the Saab 900

Cabriolet makes it as

chanSeable as the weather


vhion. The Saab 900

Cabriolet is one of the






Saab 900 Ti-rbo16S



I he Saab 900 Tu.rbo 165: a car wifi dashing

looks to r-natch a sparkling perfon-nance. The

poweful 16-valve hrbocharged engine will cruise

easily and impressively, ]€t it will pro,'ide instant

acceleration when you need it. And the stiffened

ald lornered susperxion will enhance the rcadholding

e!€n lLrther to make the exhilaration of

ddving this car complete. Special ligJrt alloy wheels

enhance the E€-catching appearance and round

offan impressive list of sporting accessories which

are standard. Change up to the sglish Saab 900

Tiubo 16Sr change down a gear to e ?erience

superb sports perforrnance.



Power dsisted steer .8.

Front and rear spoie6.

Head amp wash/wip--E

E ectr ca ly operated door

E ectr ca ly opeated w i-


Leatlrer spol* steering


Electr ca ly heated front

seais (adjlstab e heat n8

adjustab e for he ght and

Leather fac€d upholstef y.

centre armrest n the back

Front and rear speakec.

Electrical y operated ae.al.

ight ng.

Extra brak€ lght



Automat c transmissiof .




f10DEL 89

Impressirc porr cr is a li(-\ liallrre ir) ll c

Saab 900 llu bo lG. Tlrl- J\ er ill crnphisis i5 oD

e\eLul j\e rdrl rel tl ra r prueh spor r ir rg r r rntorirg.

Ivlatched 1\.ith outstaDdiDg performance is a high

lerel oflurru! featu.esr tiDted \\.iDdo$'s, centEl

locking, l-readlamp l.ipcrsJ heated {iont seats. Brit

vou ca[ add personal toncl]es-leathcr trinxred

sleedns \1'lreel, automatic trarNmissioD arld rnarry

other options - to suit 1'our spccific nccds. The Saab

900 Ttrbo 16; lbr business and for pleasure.


Powe.a$ sted neer ng.

F.ont aid .-.ar spo e s

Head amp w6h/wpeE.

ELecir.a y opefaied door

T nted w .dows a fo!.d

Th.ee spoke sports steer


Ele.t.a y heated ffont

,eats (adllrtable heau.g

adllslab e lor heght and

Leather faced lpho sterr

.ent.e armrest . the ba.k

Front and rear speakeE.

De a/ed aar on nter or




Altomatc transm

ss on whee

Leaiherir mmed sieering l'leta . pa.twork.


I cy wheels and .entral


Saab 900i16

r..10DE1 89

Tu li',1. p",-,or'-o.rc arrd lorr'firel ,,,.r..rrrp

tion of tire 9.1 kW Saab 900i 16 is fie result of fbu"

vairas per q')inder iD co[rbination witl-r electror-tic

fue1 iDjection, making combustion very emcient in

the eDgine- RoadholdiDg ckuacteristics arc rcfirlcd

fi.u-ther thanlis to anti-roll bars iDcluded iD the

S-packag". r|lriclr pro\idc !1.rr srablc lrarrdli rg

aDd improl€ the car's comeriDg abilitv $'hen diveD

lurd. Tate the 900i16 ldr a tcst dri\e and vou \l.ill

rpprecirre tl^c 1r.3J r lerel of cnn rlort. sornetlrir rc

rvlich is highlightcd bY the comprcher$i\e list of

pdrrinmpnt clr^rrnr hplnsr




Power a$ ned neer.B.

feadlamp wah/w pers.

T nted wndows al arolnd

ELectr ca / heaied fro.t

adllstab e fof he ghi and


ce.tre a-mfen . the ba.k

Front and rcar speakets

Elect..a I operated ae.aL



Ant ro ba6. crl se.o.

ti. i€ar spo ier (2-doo.

ffode) tht aioy wheeLs.

door m troE. eecrr.a f

operarec w iaows. hree

ce.t.a ock.g. adllnabe


: curving fas.ia with

: Jding tachometer-pro-

: 3 a Peffect driver envi-

' arent. lfyou choose the

::: .nal S-Package there

: to in.luded a three-

::1e sPorts steerinS wheel

: : adjustable heatins for

with a l6-valve iniection

enSine, the 900il6.ombines

instant ac

That final touch


he Saab 900 models ale rcno\uEd

for their qualitv offirish. Equipment

rvhich rvould be listed as

optional by many rivals is staDdard

on the Saab, and the comfort alrd conr€nience

ofthe driver and passengers call

be made complete by selectiDg factonfitted

e\tras or dealer-supplied accesso-

The large pi

The large pictur€ shows a saab 900 Turbo

l6 equipped with electrically operated

sunrcof, wind deflector, extra lafge rear

spoiler, Crcss Spoke wheels with 195/50

VR 16 tyres* and Saab Airflow with extra

lamps. The 3 door modelshown only

available as 900 Turbol6S.

il Som€ ol the rhee s mun be I tted w rh

t/res ofa spe.fi. dime.s on Ceda n

Inngdera 5 oa/a50 be.eeden The

Saab deaer ras further nformaion.


Saab off€r a number of different

designs of alloy sports wheels.*

The sporting option

Superb rrip and roadholding is heirhten€d by

wind-tunnel t€sted wing-type spoiler which

makes use ofthe airflow p6singover the rear

The Saab 900 Turbol6

:quipped with Bridge spoiler

and rear decor panel.

has prodLrced a rridc range


L.' or opl]oDar cqulpment. nol as

simple cosmetic e\tras to enhance thc

sporting image, but as useful accessories,

dcsiq[ed and developcd specificallv

for the bencfit ofthe Saab 900

olrner. Aerodt'nanic aids such as

spoilels and side mouldirgs hamcss

Th€ sports €xhaust for

Tu.bo models, not only

improve th€ dhaust note

but they also add that

final sporting tou(h. For

the l6-valve turbocharg€d

engines with catalyti.

Four.r icer two tre f- .€

enine o.c tld na y mounted and

n. nen arai:nge of45" Can on

./ nder bocL LEhi trl.y.l nder

head of.ros low de! en Fve

bear.g.rankshaft Coo nB srnem

w th e edr.a / dr!e. lhermo

nancaly.o.ro led rad ator lan

Brealeren e ecroi. gn ton sy!

1€m Thr€e wa/ cala)t,c coiverter

Displacement 985 !m'

Broke/strck€ 90,"B mm

Fuel tank .aparity 6l tr€5


Ierle 16 s/I!!!e !L

E edro.. iue njedon Trbo

chafeef wlh water .ool€d bear ng

rrous nEs and,ilegrated wan€ gate

(boon pres!!.ontro €rve) nre

.ooler Sarb APCslstem fo .ontnu

oLs bdoi presu'e.o.to F.ur

vave. per c/ .der Dome shaPed

.omblnon.hamleE,r th ce.fa y

o.ated spa k.!s5 Doub e.ha i

nr v€n overhead.amshaft5 ts/drau .

5etaclustng anC 5c !ce lree.am

fo ow€E Enene o cocler

DIN ratins 60 bhp ( 8kW)at

OIN p€aktorque 88 b iror 260

kgm{255 N') ar 1000 r.m

Mar boost pr4sure 075 bar

Compre.rion ratio 90

Recommended octane rating

Unea!€d rue be&een 9 a.d 98

Saab 900i16

Ee.r on.lue nlectoi Four vaves

oe .tind€r Doie shaped combus

t on.hanb€f, wth cent.a y ocaled

spark pugs Doube.han d vei

overnead.amshafc Hydrau i.

sel-anrunnS a.! se !.e:r€e cam

DIN rating 28 bhp (9,1kwlat

DtN peaktorque 76 kgm (l7l

Compression .atio l0 |

Re.ommended oct.ne rating

Llneaded luerbetween 9 aid 98

Alterhator 9l0W 4V70A

I 070W .1V 80A oi cats w rh

Ia.torr'ined a .o.dlon ne)



Frcit !'hee dnve. tstdra! .aly

actlated. s nge drl-p are . utn

tsrdrau c torrlle.onverler,n1€ad

ofthe . urch oi.a6 wnh autooar.

tra.sm$o. Theeig.e .ur.h

gearbox and d rfer€ntaLare

iiegraiec nro a.omoao unr

F,ve r.eed maiua!8ea b.t o, auio

Raci a.d p. on nee nSeeaf,

power a$ t€a l..ten and tee

5.oP. neernts.o umn wlh c/ .dr

.a sh€er meta b€ lovr. lmpanab

so.bn8 P€rforatei 5h€et nee caee

be ow the ne€, n6wh€e

TurninA .ir.le djameter Kerb io


Nlmber or steerine wheel turne

5ef.:dlusineds. b'ake! a .und.

wLih ve.lLated dL!.! at fie iront

Asb€5tos f.ee Fads semmerl.al

rhe froniaid orBan. ar the r€ar

Dla.r.ui dagoia !sp t!':k€

system wth !a.!Lm servo Tn€

handr:akea.is mechanctr y on ihe

Fro.r Dolb e wshbones wir pvoi

mdunre.. Prog'e*re a.r on .o

spf.e! and gas srro.k absorb€E.

Rear Sftareht r e d r€ar aire wlh

.o 5o'nBl Eas !ho.[ absorber

iwo ead nB a.d t d tra nl arms

Saab 900 Cabriolet/

Turbo l6s/Turbo l61900i l6

Fro.t aid rear a.i ro ba,s

(Opronalerfa ior 900 6)

Saab900 Cabriolet/

LLght.a ot wheeG tseh sp€ed o$

prol le ryl es Compa.ispare rhee

Sab900il6 with the

eP!911!, !:Pq!!.qg

Lght a or wiee s H gh speed ow

prol e tyre5 Compact spare whee

Tyre tize 85/65 R 5ts


Stee vrheesvr'thwhee.ovets

Hghireea olr p ol,e lyres

Tyre si4 85/65 R 5H

Capacly 2S.u.t(164 nmr)

3 and 5 door models

Ordinary luggage compartm€nt

2 I .u :'r (602 nsr)or 272.!rr

(770 dmr) wth the par.e 5he I

'em.red 4rr(il0mm) one

With the back s€at folded down

Abour 56 5 .u.it1 600 dm'1.6 rr

2 and 4 door models

Ordinary luggage.ompartm€nt

2 8.u fr (6 7.m') llt9 n(lLl5

With the bark s€at folded down

About 510.u it{ 500 dnr') 5 rt 9 n

Weight di*ribution A"rout 60%

Max trailer weight ll00 b( 500


Md rool lo.d 220 Lb ( C0 rgl nor


Kerb *€i8ht Abo!1 2975 1020 b

(1150-1170 ke)

Max tot.l wei8ht 1790 1840 b

( 720 740 kg)

saab 900 Turbo l6s

K€rb weight About 2915 2900 b

( 290 lrs kg)

Max rotar weightlS40-1880 b

(17,10 760 te)

Saab900Turbo l6

Kerb weight Abour 29C0 29'15 b

{ I5 llskg)

Md totar weight 1840-1880,b


Kerb weight Abour 26 0-1865 b

(l 85 ll00 ke)

Mat total weiSht 1680-1840 o

( 670 !7,10 [E)

')T|e we shE sr r iFlir irpe clb.d)

Saab 900 Cabriolet/TLrrbo l6

Top spe€d 25 mph (200 h/h)

20 mph ( 95 km/h) wth aliohai c

Acceleration to 60 mph(lOO

km/h) 9 s(e6t:00s(05,

Saab900Turbo l6S

Top spe€d 25 mph(205 tm/h)

25 mph (200 km/h)wth automat c

Accelehtion to 60 mph (l0O

km/h) 9 s(96te5s(00t


Top speed I 0 mph ( 75 km/r): 05

nrph (170 km/hl w rh automat.

Acceleration to 60 mph (lO0

km/h) lss( 5s) Ll5s(.19t


Saab 900 Cabriotet

Sub 900, 2 and,l door modets

Saab 900, 3 and 5 door model3

s]abs001.b.6s 695 mm

5iab e00 r! bo 6s r05nF


The Dhoto shows th€ interior

of a three.door Saab 900

Yurbo 16, with leither

upholitery. The leather used

by Saab i5 h.ndcrafted in

Scotland slnce we conslder the

S.ots to b€ unsurp6ed in .

producing leather for car upholstery.

Two or thre hid€s

ar€ ne€ded tor the upholst€ry

of a Saab 900 Turbo 16. The

@mplct€d uphobtery.onsists

of more than 50 leather com.

The photo shows the int€rior

of the Turbo l6l900i16 with


Interior trim

and paintwork

The seating surlaces are uphol

nered w th velour of extra hea\,}

quality Leather faced upholstery is

ava abe on most nrodels*. The

rarpets are mou ded and have a

thck cut p e The door trm and

parls of tlre seats subject to heavy

wear are t.immed wth fabr cbacked

v ny.

Saab has developed a body

painrng method tfat provides exceptona

ly good protect on against

s!rface corrosion, such as around

areas damaged by stone chips. Two

coats arc appled for the meta ic

fnishes. The first th n coat has a

high pigment content and also in

cldes a meta powder. The next

thicker coat of cear varnish, pro

tecG the pigment and pfovides a

very high goss. After painting and

fina assembly, the car Lrndergoes a

computer sed rustproofing treat,

')Lealher upholstery s standard on

saab900Cab oer/Turbo 65/



E. B!fialo


B. Bokha.a C. l''lanne


A. Labfadof/E. BLrffa o

A. Labrador/D. P!ma/E. Blffalo/c. Arizona A. LabradorD. Plma

P atnlm blue meta ic I

Odoardo gfey metallic

) Not ror 900 Cabrio er and 900 Tu bo l65

A. Labrador/D. Puma/E. Bufialo/G, Afizona

C. Mar ne/E. Boffalo

A. Labrador/E. Buftalo

A. Labrador/E. Buffa o

B. Eokhara/F. Colorado

A. Labfador/E. Buffa o

A. Labrador/E. B!ffalo

A. Labrador/D. Puma

C. t'larine

B. Bokhara

E. Bufialo

E. Buffalo/G. Ar zona

E. B!ffalo/G. Ar zona

E. BLrffa o

E. Buffalo

r Please norerhatlhe pdures nihisbro.hlremayshow.a6with.oouraid.oour.ombnarionswhichar€.otavatabeinAunrata





aders in specialized transport technologz

saab-scania holds a leading

position in rhe transport and

connuntcadon ff elds. The

croup's t€chnical know-horv has

been d€r€loped since the turn

ofthe century. lts pmducts can

be found on the rt}a4 in the air

and in space.

Vabis lvas suppl_ving factory-madc

\€hicles as far back as 1897. Scania

introduced its first passenger car

with the griffin on the bonnetin

1901. The first im& folow€d in

1902 aDd the first bus in 1911. I'roduciion

ofaircmft started in the

earlv 1930s.

In the automotive and aerD-space

sectors, Saab-Scania's product

prcgram current\' compises passengerc

cars, trucl$ and buses,

conrmercial and miliiary abcraft,

satelliies, iraining system and mili-

Outside the transport technolog"

and communication sectors, Saabscania

also suppli€s advanced

prcducts and sysiems in elect.onics,

optics and precision mechanics, as

well as slEtems for energ/ recovery

and heatn€.

Saab-Scania, with sales ofSEK 41

bilion and q,ith 50,000 emplol'ees,

in\€sts more than SEK 3 billion annually

in research and der€lopment.

A similar amount is inr€sted in

production and the iniemational

markeling organisation.

Saab Scania's prcducts a.e concentrated

in wel defined business

areas: high-performance passenger

cars, trucl(s for healy Fanspo and

aircrali tur rcgonal irafic.

Thts concentration tn o.pansive

market 6egment6, combined

with subsranrial investments in

new pmducts, ha6 bome ihdi,

saab-scania today holds a leading

position in the field of6pecialised

transport teclmolo$r'.

saab-scanids company sJ'mbol

r€presents sound technical

lmou"hoq long t'adtdon and

bmad-based €,r?erience.


Solid colours

Cirrlswhlte ( 53)


Siver metallic (200) Bronze meia ic (201) Rose quarts metal c (202)

(Not avaihbb in Austral a)

I ack (170) (Not avaiab e in Aunrala)

(Not availade in Australia) Cher.y red (2la) Ult.a marine (215)

(Not av"iab e in Austra ia)

Platinum blue metalic (203) Odoardo srey metallic (204) (Not available i. Aunrala)

I For prlntin8 re6ons;the coiouG in this brc.hurc may dilter s ighrty t om the actuai co ours.

I A I particllaG a.d i lusirations in th s brochlre are b6ed on the spe. fiGrions ot the dn E id ar the date of the fi.at edir n! of rhe DUbUGrion. The

model 6nee technica specifications and equ pment vary frcm o.e ma&et to the next and may be a te€d w rhour p.iof not ce For r;her nfomation. p16e

consult your Saab dealei Note thai some of the p dur$ ii the brochure may show can nfted with oprioiat o

Saab at vour servlce

he high qudity and advanced technolo$cal

design ofSaab cars has led to

numerous international and world record

wins at ihe Tblladega race back.

You may not be a racing drfi,€r, but

sen'ice and rnaintenance ale stilljust as

funpodanl-arld must be competitfi,€ too.

When you purchase a Saab you not oily

get a first-class car, you get all the advantages

ofthe Saab service network-a rcsouce

set up to make life easier for Saab

dri\'€rs. In Act, the moment you take ownership

ofa Saab you'rc guaranteed total


Thanks to oui Saab dealerships, where

maintenance, rcpafu and diagFostic

methods arc continuously updated, cuslomers

can feel secuJ€ that thet caIs wil

be lovin$y ca.red for by factory-trained

technicians, all well-versed in the latest Saab

servicing techniques. Behind er€ry dealer

is a spare parts department, fully-stocked

with ar'erj,'thing needed to keep rlur Saat

I2arts departments in every market are

backed by Saab's own central warehousesaI

supplied by fast, r€gular shipment dircct

from Saab in Sweden.

with Saab's service and paris network

you are assured ofprompt, professional and

personal attentioL wherer,€r )rour tra\r'els

may take you.


I l\!o Sri'l) crf scfics alr

nranulacrLuc.l lhe SaaLr 9000

arld tlrr Sa.b 900 fhL. f,rlnrqs

ol 1l)e cngnlcs poNcrilq lhc

diliifrDl tl.rdcls \rfv 1-rlnD tbc

1Gi Urp lllN.lerelot;cd b! ihr

1G-rah.. lu.lr)chrirqcd cneinc

1r) thc L:B bhp l)lN ol thr

Saab Cl D.,;c.

NyicP ":' 5red!n

5:aJ S.ai a {,:f,r r

Pr \aie !a! Crrp.re '--r

V. 106 A!!trr r






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