Employee Self Service – ESS - G4slearningonline.com - G4S

Employee Self Service – ESS - G4slearningonline.com - G4S

Employee Self Service – ESS - G4slearningonline.com - G4S


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<strong>Employee</strong> <strong>Self</strong> <strong>Service</strong> <strong>–</strong> <strong>ESS</strong><br />

To create an account use the following link to access the <strong>ESS</strong> log on screen.<br />

https://ess.myg4s.<strong>com</strong>.<br />

Alternatively, there is a link on the log on page of the Training Zone.<br />

If you have yet to register on <strong>ESS</strong>, this will<br />

need to create and account before you can<br />

access the EDMS application.<br />

All you will need to register is your payroll<br />

number and a valid email address.<br />

As we covered in the induction, you can do<br />

the following on <strong>ESS</strong>:<br />

View your payslip<br />

Raise a pay query<br />

Book holidays<br />

Change your details<br />

View future Events<br />

<strong>Employee</strong> Deployment Management System <strong>–</strong> EDMS<br />

A menu option has been added to <strong>ESS</strong> which enables you to register your interest in working<br />

at future events.<br />

Registering your interest to work and your details are immediately available to the scheduler<br />

for the event.

1: Search dates<br />

To search for future events, enter a start<br />

date (the first date you are available to work)<br />

and an end date (the last date you are<br />

available to work) and click the “Search for<br />

Events” button<br />

Click the information icon to reveal<br />

details about working at the event<br />

2: Search results<br />

On <strong>com</strong>pletion of the search you will be<br />

presented with a list of Events which are<br />

taking place during the date range searched.<br />

Only events which have been opened up to<br />

your Op Unit/Zone will be displayed<br />

Click on the drop down arrow, to<br />

reveal the Registration screen

3: Register interest<br />

Select the tick boxes for the dates you would like to work and click the “update” button to<br />

confirm your registration. If you fail to update the screen, your details will not be<br />

registered. A separate update action is required for each event you are interested in<br />

working at.<br />

Please Note: At this point you are not scheduled to work at the Event. Your scheduler will<br />

contact you to confirm the shifts you are required to work<br />

4: De-register interest<br />

Once you have registered interest in working at an Event, it is possible to change your mind.<br />

To de-register your interest, search for the event using the date range facility, uncheck on<br />

the tick boxes previously selected and click the “update button”. This action notifies your<br />

Manager that you are no longer interested in working on the dates deselected.<br />

5: De-register when rostered<br />

Once you have been scheduled to work at an event it is no longer possible to de-register<br />

your interest via <strong>ESS</strong>. If this situation occurs, you should contact your scheduler.<br />

6: Registration closed<br />

Once the registration period is closed, unchecked tickboxes are replaced with the text<br />

“Closed”. When the registration period is closed, it is no long possible to register interest in<br />

working via <strong>ESS</strong>

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