Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

educators, retain talented individuals by incentivizing stem teaching, and encourage

teacher cooperation to improve stem education across the country.” 10 This program

would provide an important first step in a broader national effort to reward

good teachers, and to make teaching a more attractive and exciting profession. The

ong>Commissionong> commends this initiative and urges the creation of a similar program

that would inspire and invigorate teachers in the humanities.

Finally, educators at every level and in every subject area need resources, both physical

and online, to stimulate learning, inspire student participation, and provide up-todate

content. Teaching tool kits like those available from the National Endowment

for the Humanities (, the National Humanities Center, the

National Science Foundation,, iCivics, Edutopia, and the Gilder

Lehrman Institute of American History can be invaluable resources, particularly for

educators in grades six through twelve who are primarily responsible for the instruction

of an informed citizenry. Such resources should be supported vigorously and disseminated

widely. Foundations and private donors can be effective partners in these

efforts; by underwriting the proliferation of free, online depositories for teaching

materials, they might alleviate the strain on federal, state, and local education budgets

and help ensure that quality materials reach students in economically disadvantaged

k-12 schools. 11 •

The ong>Commissionong> invites every American to join in the effort to strengthen

the education that prepares future democratic citizens. Parents and

grandparents, teachers and scholars, leaders of business and government:

all have an interest in the outcome of this effort, and each has a

unique role to play in encouraging the development of a sound, basic

education—an education that includes the humanities and social sciences—for


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