Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

In its 2012 report Research Universities and the Future of America, the National

Research Council called for the creation of a federal fund, to be matched by private

sources, sufficient to create two thousand endowed chairs in “key research areas.” 2

Humanities and social science disciplines should be among the “key research areas”

designated for funding.

Together, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science

Foundation provide critical support for intellectual inquiry across the disciplines. 3

Both organizations support innovative teaching from kindergarten through college;

both support the nation’s lifelong learning infrastructure and work to connect academic

research with the wider public; both foster new partnerships between academia

and business; and both provide key funding for innovative research. However, while

the nsf also provides much-needed funding for the nation’s top graduate students in

science, budget constraints have kept the neh from offering similar support for the

next generation of humanities scholars. There will be fewer scholars tomorrow if none

Sources of Funding for Academic Research and Development in the Humanities and Other Selected Fields, fy 2011 (Percent)

Humanities Behavioral & Social Sciences Biological Sciences Education

Engineering Mathematical & Physical Sciences Medical Sciences

■ Academic Institution

■ Federal Government

■ Not-for-Profit Organizations

■ State & Local Government

■ Business

■ All Other Sources

Source: National Science Foundation, National Center for for Science and and Engineering Statistics, Survey Survey of of Research and and Development Expenditures at at

Universities and Colleges/Higher Education Research and and Development Survey (data (data were were accessed and and analyzed using using the the nsf’s nsf’s online online data data analysis analysis tool,

Webcaspar, tool, Webcaspar, at at

42 Research

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