Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences


1 Statement by the Social Science

Research Council, “Protecting

Independent Social Science: nsf

Funding Restrictions,” http://www



2 National Academy of Sciences,

National Academy of Engineering,

Institute of Medicine, and National

Research Council, Research Universities

and the Future of America:

Ten Breakthrough Actions Vital to

Our Nation’s Prosperity and Security

(Washington, D.C.: National Academies

Press, June 2012), 112.

3 The National Endowment for

the Arts also has a Federal Interagency

Task Force on the Arts and

Human Development to support

research on how the arts can help

people reach their full potential at

all stages of life.

4 On evaluation of the training

that students receive in graduate

school, see, for example, the American

Historical Association’s “Tuning”

project, funded by the Lumina

Foundation: http://www.historians



publicfellows/; and

See also Carl

Straumsheim, “Humanities Ph.D.

Plus,” Inside Higher Ed, March 21,

2013; Bethany Nowviskie, “two &

a half cheers for the lunaticks,”

January 8, 2012, http://nowviskie


(accessed July 5, 2012); William

Pannapacker, “Pannapacker at

mla: Alt-Ac Is the Future of the

Academy,” The Chronicle of Higher

Education, January 8, 2012; and

“#alt-ac in Context,” http://media

alt-ac/alt-ac-context (accessed

July 5, 2012).

6 See Anthony T. Grafton and

Jim Grossman, “No More Plan B: A

Very Modest Proposal for Graduate

Programs in History,” aha Perspectives

on History, October 2011; and

Russell A. Berman, “Reforming

Doctoral Programs: The Sooner,

the Better,” mla Newsletter, Winter


7 http://www.grandchallenges

.org/Pages/Default.aspx; and http://

46 Research

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