Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Report - Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences

Appendix V

Further Information and Resources

Definitions of the Humanities

and Social Sciences


• National Endowment for the Humanities,

• American Council of Learned Societies,

Social Sciences

• National Science Foundation, Directorate

for Social, Behavioral and Economic

Sciences (SBE),



Division of Behavioral and Cognitive

Sciences (BCS),



Division of Social and Economic Sciences



Social Science Research Council,

Humanities and Social Sciences Data

• The Humanities Indicators,

Humanities Departmental Survey,


• Measure of America, a Project of the

Social Science Research Council,

• National Science Board, Science and

Engineering Indicators, http://www.nsf


k-12 Education

Further Reading on Assessment and Standards

• “The Nation’s ong>Reportong> Card: Summary

of Major Findings,” National Center for

Education Statistics, 2010, http://www


• Center for Information and Research on

Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE),

• The Common Core State Standards

Initiative of the National Governors

Association (NGA) and Council of Chief

State School Officers (CCSSO), http://www




• Achieve, a bipartisan, nonprofit organization

that helps states raise academic standards,

improve assessments, and strengthen



Model Programs for K-12 Teachers Led By

Colleges, Universities, Museums, and Public

Historical Sites

• U.S. Department of Education List of

Continuing Education Opportunities,


• Harvard University New Professional

Teacher Development Programs,


• University of Pennsylvania Teachers Institute

of Philadelphia,


• University of Chicago Support for Teachers,


• Stanford University Initiative on Improving

K-12 Education,

• University of California California Subject

Matter Project,

• New York Public Library Cullman Center

Institute for Teachers,


• Metropolitan Museum of Art For Educators,


• Art Institute of Chicago Teacher Programs,

• National Gallery of Art Teacher Workshops,

• J. Paul Getty Museum Professional Development,


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