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Main Street,



23 rd April £8

Sue Roberts

30 th April £10

Absolute 80s show

7 th May £10

4 for 1

14 th May £10


21 st May £8

Chris Small

28 th May £10

Young Drifters

4 th June £10

Men in Black

11 th June £10

Billy Black Band

18 th June £10

Absolute 80s show

Why not combine

a Cabaret

With a famous

McQ’s Meal.

Set menus

available for larger

Groups from £8

(2 course)

Dear Daphne . . .


Daphne is here to provide

advice on a range of subjects.

Q I’m a 26 year old girl

who has recently

moved into my boyfriend’s

house. While life together is

great, he has started trying to

organise my life. He always

vets what I wear (no short

skirts etc) and is insisting that I

lose weight. How can I remain

happy and at the same time

please my man


To be fair, I can understand

your boyfriend’s

confusion. One minute

you say you’re happy with him,

the next you’re out dressed like

Kat Slater!! These mixed signals

are seriously harming

your relationship. To be honest,

if you have put weight on,

you had better act fast as you

Eyes Down 7.30PM

Bannockburn Miners’ Welfare

C OLETTE MC N ICOL 01786 810875

Tuesday 17 May is another fundraising night in aid of Thomas McNicol a local 4-year old. Thomas

was shaken as a four week-old baby and was physically and mentally disabled as a result. He lives

with his grandparents and needs 24 hour care. The funds raised will help provide sensory equipment

for Thomas and a conversion kit for the family car. These things will improve the quality of

Thomas’ life.

Thomas’ grandparents look forward to your support.

don’t want to be known as the

girl who never says no to a

Hob Nob. Listen to your boyfriend,

he may not be perfect

but he’s better than nothing.

Fat, loose and single is no way

to go through life.

Q My husband and I

have been married

for 10 years and have always

got on well. Recently though I

have started to feel as though

time is catching up with us.

We have been saving for a

new car, but I’ve suggested

spending the money on a “face

lift and boob job” for me instead.

He is dead against it

and it has lead to lots of arguments,

what should I do


I have nothing

against plastic sur-

e are still working

W through the results of

our appeal for members and

volunteers in the last Bannockburn

News. I will give a

report in the next issue.

If you did join and make a donation

we will be in touch soon.

Thank you in the meantime.

Otherwise the four of us who

run the Trust are doing what

we can to implement the Bannockburn

Community Plan.

We made an application for

funding to tackle the next

stages of Ladywell Park developments

and unfortunately it

was unsuccessful. Not to be

put off we, or should I say Gail

Millar, has resubmitted the

application and we will expect

a better outcome this time.

We have also been attending

training sessions with other

Community Trusts to help us

with the running of a charitable

Trust. It was good to share

experiences and challenges

with other villages in the Stirling

area and we learned a lot.

Over the next few weeks we

will be attending another session

in Thornhill and getting

Bannockburn News

gery if you’re sure that’s what

you really want, but your husband

probably thinks you’re

enough of a handful already.

You need to be fair to him

though and make sure he

agrees to it. Remember, its his

money too and this isn’t quite

the type of air bags that he

was expecting. I am sure you

can talk him round though.

Your idea is bound to put more

‘va va voom’ into your marriage

than a new car.

Do you have questions for


Are you desperately seeking

Daphne’s advice.

If so contact us.

Discretion Assured.

some help with operating the

finances of a Community Trust.

None of it is difficult, it just

needs a bit of knowledge and

as Robert said in his article on

page 3 a guid scots tongue to

ask questions.

If you want to volunteer to help

the Trust and specifically if you

have financial skills please get

in touch. We’d love to explain

more about what we do and

how you can help.


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