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What an amazing journey the last nine months have been. I have had

so many chances to share a wonderful gift with people to help make a

difference in their lives. What more could you want To dream again

– who has time or the means to do that these days Or to meet new

people, make new friends or have extra time No one has extra time;

life is always on the go.

Or is it How many careers do you know where you can dream as big

as you can, spend time with wonderful people with a purpose who

have a passion for life, get to build solid relationships and set you own

schedule There is only one such career – the gift of Arbonne!

At age 28, being a busy wife and mother of two beautiful boys, working

part time and owning and managing many rental properties, I did not

think I had the time to do this business. But, after attending an Arbonne

“Opportunity” Presentation in February 2006, I fell in love with the

products and could not wait to get my hands on them. I came home that

night, so excited about all that I had heard that I could not sleep. There

was only one problem. I was the biggest skeptic there was.

I had been involved in two other home-based businesses that were very

unsuccessful. But after talking with RVP Shelly Nelson, my fears were

calmed. I realized I was being offered a gift, not a pushy scam. I realized

that Shelly was just there to present the business potential, and I

could decide from there if it was a fit for me. I was amazed that so many

people were becoming so successful in such a short amount of time, that

I actually started to dream again of what life could be like for me and

my family instead of worrying about how to pay the bills.

j e n n i f e r b o o t h

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Jennifer Booth Region; Buckley, MI

My Why for doing this business started out wanting to be a stay-at-home

mom who had more time to spend as a family and to be free of debt.

But, as I have grown, and have had my eyes opened to something so

much bigger. I also want to share the gift of Arbonne with everyone, so

that God can bless their lives the same way He is blessing ours.

If there is anything you feel is holding you back or standing between

you and this business, write it down and come up with a plan that will

help you overcome it. Anyone can do this business; it just takes will and

continued ...

Jennifer’s Why – Wyatt and Chance.

Jennifer with her Why – husband, Keith.

success strategy:

Don’t let anyone or anything

get in your way! You are in control

of your own destiny —

follow your own dreams!

determination, along with some motivation. There is only one person who

can make your dreams a reality, and that is you. You have the choice

to succeed. You can do whatever you tell yourself you can do. It only

takes attitude, belief and commitment.

I would like to thank so many, but first and most importantly I want to

thank God, for blessing my life with this awesome opportunity and with

the wonderful people He has placed in my life to help me become a

better person.

To my upline, ERVP Valerie Huggler, AM Katie Kniss, ERVP Heidi Kniss,

NVP Shelly Nelson, ERVP Sandra Presley, ENVP LeGenna Betts and ENVP

Carleeta Nelson: Thank you for giving us so many wonderful tools and

trainings. You help us every day in so many ways. Thank you for all the

encouragement, support, availability and friendships I have received.

You make this business so much easier for us.

To my AMs, Jacquie, Ann and Chelsie, and my DMs, Tiffany, Tanya,

Cheryl, April, Dana, Laurie, Heather, Sue, Tiffany, Laura, Britney,

Samantha, Shana, Kelli, Linda and Nadea: I could not have done this

without all of your drive and determination to succeed. What an awesome

SuccessLine. Remember to always live your life with passion and

to stay focused. And remember the key – stay in activity – and you too

will be at the top very soon. I have built such awesome friendships with

all of you. I want you all to know I love you and I believe in you!

To my wonderful parents: Mom, it is awesome to build a business with

you, and dad, you did not think this would truly happen, but are now

one of my best supporters. Thanks to my brother, for being a wonderful


To my best friend and husband, Keith: Thank you for bearing with me

even though you did not think this was possible. Thank you for helping

to pick up the slack when I was busy. I love you! You and our beautiful

The “pit crew” – Chance and Wyatt with their

dad, driver of the Michigan modified car.

Jennifer with her Why – her son, Chance.

boys, Chance and Wyatt, are truly the greatest blessings I could ever ask

for. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for our lives.

To Arbonne, if it was not for you and this awesome opportunity, none

of us would be here. Thank you for everything you do to make this a

smooth-sailing ship. All the extras to help us grow this business are so

appreciated. Thank you!

L-R: RVP Sherry Craig,

ERVP Emilee Martin,

Jennifer, RVP Jessica

Goslin, ERVP Heidi Kniss

and ENVP LeGenna Betts

at a VP retreat in Dallas.

L-R: ERVP Heidi Kniss, RVP Melissa Mercer, ERVP Valerie Waite, Jennifer, NVP Shelly

Nelson, ERVP Emilee Martin and RVP Jessica Goslin at NTC 2007 Las Vegas.

Jennifer with her team at

her Mercedes-Benz car


Regional Vice President

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E Y E O N A R B O N N E | october 2007

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