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Staff Handbook - Salam School

Staff Handbook - Salam School

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6 resolved or that the faculty member's departure from the school is handled with attention to due process and to the dignity of the individual. 10. The supervisor ensures that all personnel policies are clearly articulated to faculty members and makes every effort to promote the establishment of salary and benefits commensurate with the professional responsibilities of teaching. 6 | Page

7 Professional Expectations and Standards Salam School exists to promote choice, diversity and excellence in education; the development of talent at all levels of ability; and the widening of opportunity for children from all backgrounds to achieve their potential. Faculty is expected to: • be positive, enthusiastic, patient, and flexible. • be prepared to begin class on time. • keep current in academic and professional knowledge. • be available and show willingness to help students. • ensure that all students get assistance as required. • evaluate according to established criteria and within a reasonable time Frame. • return assignments, tests, and projects as promptly as possible. • assess student’s need for remedial help and to direct said students to the appropriate services. • use diverse teaching methods to make the learning environment dynamic. • encourage student participation and feedback whenever and wherever possible. • make available, on-line, a course outline to each student at the beginning of the course, to review the outline with students. Students and faculty are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves, classmates, preceptors, clients, and clinical colleagues. Respect helps create a caring environment that supports teaching and learning. Respect for one another is seen through such actions as active listening, authentic communication, caring connections in personal and professional encounters, coming prepared to class, participating in group’s discussions, sharing resources, critiquing one another’s work and celebrating accomplishments. All members of the Salam School faculty and staff are expected to share the responsibility for maintaining a value based environment, which is conducive to learning, mutual respect, teamwork and open communications. Beyond your classroom, Salam School staff members will be required to join various committees. Committees are known for encouraging cooperation amongst teachers, making decisions that will foster higher standards for education and promote values that will increase morale because you have ownership in school activities. These committees will meet after school or on half days. Principal and assistant principal should be informed of committee meeting times so they may attend. 7 | Page

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