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Excellence. Trust. Care.

Welcome to

Dick White Referrals


Willow came into DWR with one of the worst injuries our

consultants had ever seen. A rusty iron railing had pierced his

rib cage and punctured his stomach. His own vet referred him

immediately to DWR. The surgical team spent 2 hours removing the

post which was within millimetres of vital organs. Amazingly Willow

was discharged 3 days later to recover at home.

We are sorry that you are visiting us because your pet is

unwell or injured but please be assured that everyone at

Dick White Referrals does understand what a worrying

time this is for you. Most of us have experienced similar

situations with our own pets and we will try to make

your visit as stress-free as possible.

You have been referred to us because of the advanced

level of expertise of our Specialists and the facilities

we offer. We have been receiving referrals from our

veterinary colleagues since DWR was established

in 2003 and it is always our policy to ensure that our

patients receive the highest possible standards of care

and treatment.

This booklet contains some information about the

services we offer. Further details can be found on our


Your pet will be cared for 24 hours/day by our

Specialists, Residents, Interns and a highly qualified

team of veterinary nurses. Throughout the referral

process we will do our best to communicate essential

information to you as clearly as possible. However,

please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any

questions which remain unanswered.

In the meantime, we look forward to meeting you.

Excellence. Trust. Care.

Special pets need Specialist vets

Three essential elements

We are firmly of the belief that a truly first class service requires the combination of

the best staff, equipment and facilities. None of these elements alone is sufficient to

provide the level of veterinary care that we strive for.


DWR has an outstanding team of international consultants with

Recognised Specialist status. They are supported by our Residents

and Interns, all of whom are qualified veterinary surgeons training

to specialise in specific areas. We have the largest privately funded

veterinary post graduate training programme in Europe.

Our veterinary clinicians are supported by highly experienced nursing

staff, all of whom have had advanced training in the specialist field

in which they work.

Equipment and Facilities

In order to offer the best possible service to our patients and their

owners, we are constantly reviewing and updating the facilities in

which we work and the equipment at our disposal.

Our purpose-built operating theatres, imaging suite, laboratory and

wards contain an array of sophisticated and constantly updated

technology. This enables us to diagnose and treat our patients with

a minimum of delay with the aim of expediting their recovery and

return to their owners.


When Marliss was referred to DWR, after showing

behavioural changes, he was diagnosed as having a

neurological condition known as Wobbler Syndrome.

This serious condition of the cervical vertebrae

causes weakness and instability of gait. The Neurology/

Neurosurgery team carried out a complex surgical

procedure and Marliss returned, thankfully, back

to full function.

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

Our Staff

Our veterinary team is led by recognised Specialists. They work with Veterinary Residents

and Interns to provide the best possible care for your pet, 24 hours a day. They are

supported by highly qualified nurses and the technicians in our on-site laboratory.

Our areas of speciality, and details of the clinicians leading them, are displayed in our

reception area.


A ‘Specialist’ is a qualified veterinary surgeon who has undertaken

5 years further training in their particular speciality, followed by

examinations set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in

London; or an American or European Veterinary College. Specialists

must remain up to date with all recent developments and their

status is reviewed regularly.

Residents and Interns

These are qualified and highly motivated veterinary surgeons who

are receiving further training in our clinic. Residents are experienced

vets selected from among the very best talent in Europe, and

beyond, who are enrolled on training programmes in preparation

for their Specialist examinations (similar to hospital Registrars).

Interns are also qualified veterinary surgeons preparing for

acceptance onto approved Residency training programmes.


Following an horrendous road traffic accident, Tibby lost

all the skin on his right foreleg. Our surgeons created a

‘tunnel’ of skin using tissue taken from his flank. The leg

was then bandaged for 10 days to allow the new skin to

attach. Happily, within a month, he was playing normally

at home, oblivious to the danger he had faced.

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Anaesthesia

Our team of anaesthetists comprises 3 Specialists and 2 Residents,

supported by Interns and nurses. Anaesthetists specialise in

pain relief, sedation, local and general anaesthesia. Our team

of anaesthetists are all qualified veterinary surgeons who have

undertaken further training in anaesthesia and pain control.

We have the most up to date equipment available and utilise a

wide range of advanced techniques, including many adapted from

human medicine. All of our decisions are tailored to each individual

patient, with the aim of minimising pain and stress for the patients

in our care.

In a specialist referral centre such as DWR, we are routinely caring

for critically ill patients and therefore the availability of highly skilled

anaesthetists, with a huge amount of experience and expertise, is

absolutely vital.

The Anaesthesia Team includes:

Federico (Freddie) Corletto


Federico has been with us since 2008. He qualified in Italy and

became a European Specialist in 2003. He has written a textbook

on small animal anaesthesia and lectures regularly to vets and

nurses in the UK and overseas.

Enzo Vettorato


Enzo graduated from the veterinary university of Padua in Italy in

2003 where he then completed a PhD. He undertook his Residency

training at Edinburgh Veterinary School before joining DWR in 2010.

Elizabeth (Liz) Leece


Liz came to us from the University of Cambridge. She is a

renowned author of many scientific papers and book chapters

on anaesthesia. Her particular interest is relief of chronic pain

and she uses both acupuncture and physiotherapy to help

rehabilitate patients.

“The impact of an integrated anaesthesia

service on the safety of our patients

cannot be overestimated.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology is the speciality that allows us to diagnose

diseases through laboratory investigations of blood and other

bodily fluids and tissues. Here at DWR, we are very fortunate

in having a sophisticated laboratory on-site, staffed by highly

qualified pathologists and technicians. In addition to standard

tests, our laboratory is able to perform many advanced diagnostic

analyses available in very few other centres in the UK.

As a result, we are usually able to obtain rapid results and therefore

reach a diagnosis quickly. This is important because, in the majority

of conditions, treatments are more beneficial when implemented as

soon as possible after the disease process has started.

The Clinical Pathology Team includes:

Elizabeth (Butty) Villiers


Butty is a qualified veterinary surgeon as well as a Fellow of the

Royal College of Pathologists. She is internationally renowned as

a lecturer at conferences and is co-editor of the BSAVA Manual

of Canine and Feline Clinical Pathology.

Paola Monti


Paola qualified as a veterinary surgeon and completed her MSc

in Italy. She then trained as a clinical pathologist at Cambridge

University. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists

and has a particular interest in canine chronic kidney disease,

cytology and laboratory quality assurance.

“Many thanks for all you help.

I can’t imagine any other laboratory

giving such personal service.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Dermatology

Dermatology relates to diseases which affect the skin, ears and

paws. These conditions can be very difficult to diagnose accurately

without specific equipment and a great deal of experience and

expertise. However, a correct diagnosis is essential in order to select

the most appropriate form of treatment.

We have a range of sophisticated diagnostic tools available,

including intradermal testing to detect and identify allergies and

video otoscopy which allows a detailed examination of the ear

drum and ear canal.

Pets referred to our clinic show a range of symptoms, frequently

involving hair loss and itchiness. The conditions commonly treated

by us include allergies, infections, ectoparasites, auto-immune

disease and hormonal disorders.

The Dermatology Team includes:

Rosario Cerundolo


Rosario is an internationally renowned Specialist. He is a

Diplomate of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and

the European College of Veterinary Dermatology. He worked

in the USA for 8 years before joining DWR in 2008.

“Thank you so much, not only

for your expert treatment but

for taking the time to discuss

the condition and treatment

with us, and to answer all

our questions.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is an essential service which supports all other

clinical areas. It uses a range of sophisticated equipment to provide

‘images’ to visualise, for example, eyes, blood vessels or internal

organs of the thorax and abdomen. These images are crucial to help

our clinicians diagnose medical and surgical conditions. The imaging

methods used at DWR include radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, MRI

and CT scanning.

Although the availability of modern, advanced equipment is a great

advantage, the real benefit is brought about by the combined

experience and knowledge of the members of our Diagnostic

Imaging Team. Without this, the best equipment in the world is of

limited use.

The Diagnostic Imaging Team includes:

Sam Jakovljevic


Sam graduated from The University of Liège, in Belgium, and

held academic posts in the USA, Bristol, Liverpool and London

before joining DWR in 2006. He holds the RCVS Diploma in

Veterinary Radiology and is a European Specialist in Veterinary

Diagnostic Imaging.

Abby Caine


Abby graduated from Cambridge Veterinary School in 2001.

During 5 years in practice, she developed an interest in radiology

and ultrasound. Following a Residency back at Cambridge,

she joined DWR and gained a European Diploma in Veterinary

Diagnostic Imaging.

Inma Ferrandis


Inma graduated in Valencia, Spain, and worked for 4 years in general

practice. She then moved to the UK, completed a Residency

Programme at DWR in 2010 and took up her current post in 2012.

“It is the expertise and experience

of the Diagnostic Imagers that

makes the difference, not just the

availability of first class equipment.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Exotic Species

Exotic species include animals which are not cats, dogs, large

commercial farm species or domestic horses and ponies. Our Exotic

Species Service provides high quality care to mammals, amphibians,

birds, reptiles and invertebrates; and we are more than happy to

work with exotic and zoological collections.

Our on-site diagnostic facilities are particularly important for these

species, where rapid diagnosis and early treatment are often vital to

success. We are able to perform a comprehensive range of medical

and surgical therapies, including dental procedures.

We can provide screening for many diseases and we are licensed

by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency to

undertake import and export certification. Our highly qualified

nursing staff are trained in the care of exotic pets and our rehabilitation

procedures incorporate physiotherapy and acupuncture. We are

always pleased to give advice on diet and husbandry.

The Exotic Species Team includes:

Iain Cope


Iain has specialised in this area since graduating from Edinburgh

in 2006. He has extensive experience with exotic pets as well

as zoological collections and holds the Certificate in Advanced

Veterinary Practice in Zoological Medicine. He is a member

of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and the

British Veterinary Zoological Society and has given lectures

at international conferences.

“It’s comforting to know that there

is a source of expertise on nutrition

and husbandry matters, as well as

treatment of disease and injury.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Feline Medicine

Our highly qualified team has a wealth of experience in dealing

with cats and their medical conditions and we offer a 24-hour/7day

emergency service for feline patients. We are very aware of the

individual needs of cats and therefore we have invested extensively

in feline-only facilities, including a waiting room, consulting rooms

and a 20-unit inpatient ward for their comfort and security.

Our facilities have been designed to conform to the International

Society of Feline Medicine gold standard requirements.

Our staff aim to treat you and your cat with compassion and

understanding at all times. Full attention is given to the specific

needs of individual patients.

The Feline Medicine Team includes:

Rob Foale


Rob runs our Internal Medicine and Oncology Services and

has gained a great deal of experience in feline medical conditions.

Rory Bell


Rory joined us from Glasgow University in 2013. He has a

particular interest in the mechanics of the inflammatory

response following injury.

Simon Tappin


Simon is focused on developing non-invasive techniques

and is very involved in the critical care of feline patients.

Jon Wray


Jon holds the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology

and is responsible for feline cardiorespiratory medicine.

“It is so much less stressful for

cats when they are able to recuperate

in a quiet and peaceful environment,

away from the sounds and smells

of dogs.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of medical

conditions affecting the lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, blood

and hormones. This service is one of the busiest in the clinic and we

often see very complex or advanced cases.

Patients referred to us display a wide variety of symptoms, which

include vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss, coughing or breathlessness.

These are all non-specific signs and can relate to a wide range

of conditions. Our wealth of clinical experience, support from

professional colleagues within DWR and access to modern

equipment all serve to enhance our ability to diagnose these

conditions accurately and treat them successfully.

The Internal Medicine Team includes:

Rob Foale


Rob is a renowned Specialist in small animal medicine

and is author of a textbook on Veterinary Oncology

Rory Bell


Rory is a European Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine and

has published many scientific articles. One of his main interests is

the development of new diagnostic tests.

Simon Tappin


Simon is an active member of the British Small Animal Veterinary

Association and the Kennel Club/BSAVA Scientific Panel and has

a special interest in the care of critically ill patients.

Jon Wray


Throughout Jon’s career in clinical and academic posts, he

developed a passion for Cardiology, which he has been pursuing

since he joined DWR. He is an examiner for the Royal College of

Veterinary Surgeons and has published many scientific articles.

“Everyone we have met at DWR

understands the stress and anxiety

that owners experience when their

pet is unwell.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Interventional Radiology

The Interventional Radiology Team at DWR has extensive experience

and expertise in the application and development of this new and

powerful technique.

Using advanced imaging methods such as MRI, CT, ultrasound and

fluoroscopy, needles and catheters can be guided through the

body, eliminating the need for the large incisions that are sometime

necessary in traditional surgery.

Interventional radiology is a rapidly expanding area of veterinary

medicine which allows treatment to be delivered to, or samples

obtained from, areas of the body which have, until now, been very

difficult to access. Many conditions that once required surgery can

now be treated non-surgically by interventional radiologists. This

greatly reduces physical trauma, infection rates, recovery times and

length of stays in the clinic.

The Interventional Radiology

Team includes:

Simon Tappin


Simon trained at the University of Cambridge and spent 2 years in

general practice before completing a Residency at the University of

Bristol. After joining DWR, he undertook additional further training

in the USA on the use of Interventional Radiology and has been

pioneering this technique in the UK.

Jon Wray


Jon graduated from Bristol University and worked in practice prior

to completing a Residency programme. He also went to the USA

to train in Interventional Radiology which is now a major interest,

alongside Cardiology, in which he holds his RCVS Certificate.

Jackie Demetriou


Jackie qualified from London and has been a surgery Specialist for

over 10 years. She is passionate about training the next generation

and is Chief Examiner for the European Diploma examination. She

also undertook the Interventional Radiology training in the USA.

“We can’t thank you enough for all

you’ve done. We’d definitely make

the same choices again to see our

boy as he is now.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Neurology and Neurosurgery

This disciplne covers the large number of conditions which affect the

brain, spinal cord and nervous system. Once an accurate diagnosis is

reached, an informed decision can be made to pursue medical or

surgical treatment.

Neurological patients often display signs such as paralysis, seizures,

pain, balance disorders or disturbed vision. We offer very advanced

diagnostic procedures and work closely with our colleagues in

Surgery and Medicine to ensure that the most appropriate treatment

is given as quickly as possible.

Many of our patients benefit from physiotherapy either prior to,

or following, discharge and we are fortunate in having 2 chartered

physiotherapists supporting our team.

The Neurology and Neurosurgery

Team includes:

Giunio Bruto Cherubini


Giunio came to DWR in 2007 to establish the Neurology and

Neurosurgery Department which has developed rapidly and

is now one of the most highly respected in Europe. He has

published many scientific papers on Neurology and often

works in collaboration with his colleagues in human medicine.

Viktor Palus


Viktor graduated in 2005 and worked in the Czech Republic

for 2 years, where he developed a strong interest in neurology.

He then moved to a general practice in the Cotswolds, caring

for hospitalised patients and those in the local RSPCA clinic.

He undertook both his Internship and Residency at DWR,

passing his Diploma exams in 2012.

“You have been courteous,

optimistic and supportive

throughout a very

stressful time.

I shall always remember

this with gratitude.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Oncology

Oncology covers the diagnosis, treatment and management of

cancer and is an increasingly important element of our referral

services. Approximately 40% of cats and dogs develop a tumour at

some point in their life and our highly experienced Oncology Team

provides clients with a dedicated service that is delivered within a

multi-disciplinary approach. This means that each individual patient

receives the benefit of our combined expertise and receives the

best possible treatment.

We are the only private clinic in the UK to offer flow cytometry,

an advanced method of tissue typing. We have the best available

scanning facilities to aid diagnosis and we offer a full range of surgical

and medical treatments, including chemotherapy. Our priority for

cancer patients is always to achieve the very best quality of life

for our patients and our treatment is aimed towards restoring and

maximising health and function wherever possible.

The Oncology Team includes:

Professor Dick White


Dick is one of a very few RCVS Specialists in Veterinary

Oncology in the UK; and the first UK veterinary surgeon

to be awarded ‘Founding Fellow in Surgical Oncology’ by

the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Rob Foale


Rob is a renowned Specialist in small animal medicine

and is author of a textbook on Veterinary Oncology.

Giunio Bruto Cherubini


Giunio’s experience and expertise as a neurologist and

neurosurgeon is crucial in the diagnosis and treatment

of brain and spinal cord tumours.

Jackie Demetriou


Jackie is a member of our Soft Tissue Surgery Team with a

specific interest in cancer. She has published book chapters

and scientific articles on the subject.

“We would like to thank you and your

team for the care and kindness you

showed and also the support and

advice we received.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Ophthalmology

We offer first class care for all small animals and exotic species with

eye disease. We also see equine patients in collaboration with the

Newmarket Equine Hospital and we accept emergency referrals 24


This service is greatly enhanced by our integrated approach to

care, whereby Specialists from other disciplines can provide their

specific expertise. This is particularly important for ophthalmology

patients because many eye conditions are associated with

generalised disease.

We offer screening of dogs for genetic eye diseases following

the Hereditary Eye Disease Scheme of the European College of

Veterinary Ophthalmologists; and we are able to issue ECVO

eye certificates which are recognised by the Kennel Club.

The Ophthalmology Team includes:

Claudia Busse

Dr. med. vet. DipECVO CertVOphthal MRCVS

Claudia graduated and worked in practice in Germany before

moving to the UK to undertake an Internship and subsequently

a Residency in Ophthalmology. She is a Diplomate of the European

College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and has published many

articles in scientific journals.

“It’s good to know that referred

cases will benefit from an integrated

approach involving several specialities

if necessary.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Orthopaedics

The Orthopaedics Service diagnoses and treats disorders of the

bones, joints and muscles. We undertake surgery to repair a large

range of conditions including traumatic musculoskeletal injuries

and diseases of joints, ligaments and tendons. We often receive

referrals for problems affecting the hips, elbows and stifle joints.

We specialise in minimally invasive procedures such as ‘keyhole

surgery’. and we commonly receive referrals in cases of hip dysplasia

and cranial cruciate ligament disease.

Orthopaedics is a field which is developing rapidly. In recent years

we have seen groundbreaking techniques, such as hip and elbow

replacement, become routine procedures in our clinic. We are

currently incorporating a new therapy for osteoarthritis in dogs.

This involves taking a small amount of fat from the affected patient,

removing the stem cells and then injecting them into the arthritic

joint. To date, the results have been very encouraging.

The Orthopaedics Team includes:

Martin Owen


Prior to joining DWR, Martin held clinical posts in 3 of the UK’s

veterinary teaching hospitals and spent 10 years at the University of

Bristol Veterinary School where he was Head of Orthopaedics and

Senior Lecturer.

Mark Bush


Mark qualified from Cambridge University where he also

completed his Internship. He enjoyed working in a busy general

practice for 4 years and decided to pursue a career in surgery.

He therefore undertook a specialist surgical training programme

at Bristol University and gained his RCVS Diploma in Small Animal

Surgery. Mark’s particular areas of interest include orthopaedic

trauma, joint replacements and angular limb deformities.

“Thank you so much for what you have

done. He is running pain-free and it is a

joy to see him free of lameness at last.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists use a variety of land- and water-based

techniques to maintain and restore movement and body function.

Physiotherapy can be applied to patients following their treatment

or to dogs and cats who are overweight or geriatric. We offer

physiotherapy as an outpatient service as well as treating patients

in our clinic.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a computerised water

treadmill which allows exercise aided by buoyancy. Patients are

acclimatised slowly until they have gained confidence on the

treadmill which operates within a tank of warm water. Handson

physiotherapy techniques are used simultaneously and this

technique has been shown to speed up recuperation in patients

with a range of conditions.

We are also actively involved in training in this area and have

developed a post graduate course in small animal rehabilitation, in

conjunction with the University of Nottingham.

The Physiotherapy Team includes:

Helen Fentem-Jones


Helen is a chartered physiotherapist who initially worked

in the human field and then undertook further training in

order to become a veterinary physiotherapist.

Jemma Fry

BTEC ProfDip Sports Massage AdvCertVPhys FdSc MIRVAP

Jemma initially pursued a career in sports massage but

developed a strong interest in small animal physiotherapy.

To expand her experience and qualifications, she studied at

Nottingham Veterinary School and completed an Advanced

Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

“The treatment and care you provided

has been second to none. I’m sure

that a lot of the improvement is due

to the fact that the treatment has

never been stressful.”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

About Soft Tissue Surgery

This service covers surgery for conditions which involve all areas

other than the bones, joints and nervous system.

We routinely perform a vast range of surgical procedures, including:

surgery of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts; ear

nose & throat surgery; and cardiothoracic surgery. Our Specialists

have a wealth of experience in reconstructive surgeries and are

experts in wound management.

We are constantly developing minimally invasive surgical techniques,

which minimise the surgical trauma and reduce or eliminate exposure

to general anaesthesia. We are one of the first centres in Europe to

offer interventional radiology, which involves the replacement of

traditional surgical approaches with advanced imaging techniques.

The Soft Tissue Surgery Team includes:

Professor Dick White


Dick is an internationally renowned small animal soft tissue

and cancer surgeon who specialises in ENT, respiratory,

reconstructive and abdominal surgery.

Jackie Demetriou


Jackie is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary

Surgeons and is currently their Chief Examiner. She has held

posts as Lecturer in Surgery at both Cambridge and Edinburgh

Universities. Her special interests include cancer surgery; ear,

nose and throat surgery; and reconstructive techniques.

Pieter Nelissen


Pieter qualified in 2001 from Ghent University in Belgium and

started to work in practice in the UK in 2003. He joined DWR in

2007 and completed his Residency training in Small Animal Surgery

prior to being appointed as a Consultant in Small Animal Surgery.

“I just want to take this opportunity

to thank you for all your care and

attention, and to let you know that

your patient is doing great!”

Special pets need Specialist vets

Excellence. Trust. Care.

Emergency Care

In a specialist centre such as ours, patient care is not confined to normal working hours.

Veterinary surgeons in first opinion practice need to know that they can refer cases at

any time of the day or night.

24-hour availability

Dick White Referrals is staffed and fully operational 24 hours/day

for 365 days of the year. We have qualified veterinary staff on the

premises throughout the night, as well as our dedicated team of night

nurses caring for our patients around the clock. In addition, Professor

White lives on the premises and all of the senior consultants are

within a short drive of the clinic; so regardless of the time of day or

night, our clients can be assured that their pets receive the highest

possible level of care from the minute they arrive with us.

Our receptionists are on duty from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday

to Friday, 8.30 am to 4.00 pm on Saturday and 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

on Sunday. Outside of these hours, clients will be admitted by the

nursing staff.

Special pets need Specialist vets

What else do we do

As well as being a clinical referral centre, supporting our veterinary colleagues and

caring for our patients, we are actively involved in Education, Clinical Investigations and

Charitable Activities

Education Clinical Investigations Charitable Activities


DWR runs a comprehensive training programme

for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses,

physiotherapists and dog owners/breeders.

We hold regular meetings and courses on

our own premises and have breeders’ days

for those with an interest in the medical

conditions common to specific breeds.

Clinical Investigations

We are always seeking new and improved

methods to prevent, diagnose and treat the

conditions which affect our pets. To this

end, we are involved in a number of clinical

investigations, often in collaboration with

other veterinary and medical centres in the UK

and overseas.

Charitable Activities

The Dick White Charitable Foundation is

funded largely by income received from our

training courses. The charity supports projects

which alleviate the suffering of animals and

we are currently supporting Aniplant. This a

charity which cares for the street dogs and

cats in Cuba.

Special pets need Specialist vets

Dick White Referrals

Station Farm, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire CB8 0UH

T +44 (0)1638 572012 F +44 (0)1638 572013

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