April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes


April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes

qnotes April 14-27 . 2012


April 14-27, 2012

Vol 26 No 25






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April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes


By the time you read this, I sincerely

hope that you are registered to vote in North

Carolina if you are a citizen of the state. If you

have not registered to vote, then you have lost

your opportunity to formally speak out against

Amendment One on May 8. Sure, you can still

spread the word and can attend events to rally

others against the amendment and I encourage

you to do so, but you have passed up on your

foremost individual opportunity to impact the


For the past few issues I have focused

on Amendment One and the importance of

speaking out against it. Without beating a

dead horse, it has been my hope that using

this space as a means to oppose Amendment

One will have, at the least, encouraged one

person to be more active in this fight. I am not

a very political person by nature, but this is an

issue that needs to be addressed. In the past

month, response against Amendment One

has been overwhelming. More and more we

are seeing religious groups and conservative

political leaders speaking out against this

amendment because they see the injustice

inherent within the legislation.

Even House Speaker Thom Tillis, who supported

putting Amendment One on the ballot,

sees the futility of this amendment and believes

that it would not last long if it does pass.

An N.C. State student asked Tillis about the

amendment during a Q&A session, to which

he replied, “It’s a generational issue. The data

shows right now that you are a generation

away from that issue. If it passes, I think it will

be repealed within 20 years.”

If that is the case, why would we want to

allow such a piece of ephemeral legislation

come into play to begin with

According to polling done at the end of

March, six out of every 10 people polled were

opposed to the amendment. According to

John Robinson, director of communications

for the Elon University Poll, “These results reflect

what’s occurring nationwide. Opposition

to any legal recognition for same-sex couples

has been on the decline for a year and support

for full marriage rights has been increaseditor’s


by o’neale atkinson


One final push

Our last chance to make a stand against

Amendment One

ing. Our results suggest that the majority of

North Carolinians do not want same-sex marriages

and domestic partnerships banned in

the state constitution. Further, it appears that

citizens support at least some kind of legal

recognition for same-sex couples, either civil

unions or marriages.”

Seeing this change in the opinion of the

opposition did not just happen by chance.

Individuals, organizations and communities are

actively speaking out and informing people of

the harm this amendment will do to all North

Carolina citizens, not just the LGBT population.

As we have mentioned in recent issues,

Jen Jones of Equality North Carolina has

been literally running across the state to

spread the word about Amendment One since

January. On March 2, Jen concluded her run

in Wilmington, N.C., completing 322 miles and

having hosted anti-amendment events across

the state. Her actions have made a difference

in this fight and the support she has received

throughout her race to the ballot shows that

people of North Carolina see this amendment

as unjust.

So, what can we do now With less than a

month to go, should we just wait and see the

results of our efforts I believe now more than

ever we must continue to push and help to

advocate against Amendment One. While the

voter registration drives are over, there is still

time to sway the opinions of those who are

in favor of an amendment such as this. If you

still have not talked to friends, family members

and loved ones about the importance of this

issue there is still time to do so.

You can also make a visual statement

against Amendment One. Get a yard sign

to display your opposition to injustice. The

Coalition offices have some available on their

website that you can purchase and you can

find them at various places throughout the

state. You could also be creative and come

up with your own sign and personalize your

message against this amendment. I personally

have always loved a good graphic T-shirt

and there are plenty out there to choose from.

On the Coalition to Protect All NC Families

website they have a store with some of these

items available for sale. It is an easy way to

display your stance on this issue and possibly

spark up a conversation.

For more ideas on how you can make a

stance against Amendment One, you can visit

the Coalition’s site. Their website has an abundance

of resources and tips for ways to get

involved from home to social media sites such

as Facebook to out in your own community.

Through their website, you can also locate your

local field office and find out ways that you can

volunteer or be active within your own community.

It is now time to really dig in and make

this last month before the vote count!

For more information about Amendment

One and how you can make an impact please

visit protectallncfamilies.org. : :


Have you been paying attention to LGBT

news lately Let’s find out! Choose the right

answer to each question.

1. In New Hampshire, what did the House

of Representatives do with a bill to repeal

same-sex marriage

a. Delayed it.

b. Passed it.

c. Rejected it.

d. Cut itty-bitty Republican elephants

out of it.

2. Docked at an island during a gay cruise,

two California men had sex in sight of

people on land. They were arrested and

pleaded guilty to indecent exposure.

Which island was this that prohibits sex

between men

general gayety

by leslie robinson

qnotes contributor

Coming at you with quiz-able news

a. Maui

b. Jamaica

c. Dominica

d. Island of Misfit Toys

3. In Croatia, over 400 people joined a

Facebook group that threatened Pride

marchers in Split with violence. Croatia is


a. Jewish

b. Sikh

c. Catholic

d. Moonie

4. The National Organization for Marriage

is boycotting Starbucks because the

coffee titan:

a. charges too much for a latte

b. closed some of its stores

c. supported same-sex marriage in

Washington state

d. will not stop using that suggestive

mermaid logo

5. The Miss Universe Canada pageant disqualified

contestant Jenna Talackova for:

a. falsies

b. not having a talent

c. being transgender

d. slicing another competitor’s swimsuit

to ribbons

6. Alpharetta (Ga.) High School officials say

Reuben Lack was dismissed as student

body president because he hadn’t met

expectations. Lack says it was because

he tried to make the prom inclusive for gay

students. What step has Lack just taken to

be reinstated

a. He picketed the school board.

b. He held a sit-down strike in the principal’s


c. He filed a federal lawsuit.

d. He chained himself to a math teacher.

7. Which performer announced her intention

to speak out against St. Petersburg’s nasty

new anti-gay law at her August concert in

the Russian city

a. Cyndi Lauper

b. Lady Gaga

c. Madonna

d. Miss Piggy

For each question, the answer is “c.”

But, you knew that, didn’t you Just nod. I’ll

believe you. : :


lesarobinson@gmail.com . generalgayety.com


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qnotes April 14-27 . 2012


20 Questions

by David Stout :: david@goqnotes.com

Peter Presta, Charlotte

Hey DJ! Put a record on — I wanna

dance with my baby! International circuit

DJ Peter Presta is a recent transplant to

Charlotte. Over his career, the Brooklyn,

N.Y., native has racked up over 400 productions

and remixes for artists spanning from

Usher to Duran Duran to Sade. Not too

shabby, right His DJ sets have taken him

around the world filling up three passports.

Here at home, he’s packing ’em in tight

at Marigny with his monthly “Be Proud”

parties that shake the dancefloor and raise

funds for local LGBT groups. You know how

we are here at 20 Questions — we had to

find out more about the Queen City’s new

club culture Queen Bee. Keep reading to

see what we learned.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be

A high heel. It’s sexy, strong and reaches to

the top.

What food do you most associate with

your childhood

You’re kidding right Pizza!

If you could only have one dance music

album in your collection, what would it be

Boy George’s first album.

How long do you typically wait between


I get a haircut every week.

Which pro athlete would you like to trade

places with for a day

Rocky Balboa…does that count

How do these John Travolta films rank

based on the number of times you’ve seen

them: “Grease,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Look Who’s

Talking,” “Saturday Night Fever”

“Saturday Night Fever” (come on, I’m from

Brooklyn, watch it at least twice a year);

“Grease” (maybe once every other year);

“Pulp Fiction” (maybe once every other year);

“Look Who’s Talking” (never).

Have you ever read a Nicholas Sparks novel

I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a book. Did I

graduate Wait a minute, let me think! LOL!

Do you have any scars from an accident

or injury

I have a few scars on my eye, underneath my

chin and on my leg. Are street fights accidents


Can you juggle

I juggle my balls in the shower! No I did not!


What is your all-time favorite board game

Monopoly. I just love taking over cities.

Do you prefer to watch foreign films with

subtitles or dubbed into English

Dubbed into English. Didn’t I just mention that

I’ve never read a book. Pffff!

What is the largest event you’ve ever DJ’d

Parade Festival France, which holds millions

in the streets, with other global DJs and

PRIDEFEST, which holds over 100,000-plus

people. (I was the main attraction for this one.)

What household chore

have you been putting off

for much too long

Cleaning my studio and

my record room. Did I

mention that I have over

100,000 vinyl discs —

all disco!

Which painter (living or

dead) would you like to

be seated beside at a

dinner party

My close friend Marc

Carranza who was one of NY’s most legendary

graffiti writers. He died in a car accident. I

was supposed to be with him that night. I miss

you Marc!

Do you currently own a physical or digital

copy of any porn film

Wanna hear a funny story I used to sell pornos

on VHS tape out of my car. This was when

I had a beeper!

Boiled cabbage, cole slaw or sauerkraut

F*ck…I love it all.

Who is the funniest female stand-up


Ellen DeGeneres.

Have you ever been parachuting or


I never done either of them but I would love to.

How many bumper stickers are on your car


Who are the top five dance music divas of

all time

Madonna, Boy George (he’s a diva, right),

Donna Summer, Diana Ross and definitely


Does the adage “less is more” have any

relevance to sex

Sure thing — talk less, get more sex!

We want you to be the subject of a

future “20 Questions.” If you’re interested,

send your name, city and a few sentences

about yourself to editor2@goqnotes.com.

You’ll be asked to supply a photo of yourself

suitable for publication later in the

process. If you’d like to see a particular

person featured here or have questions

for us to use, drop us an email.

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes


news notes:

from the carolinas, nation and world

compiled by Lainey Millen :: lainey@goqnotes.com | David Stout :: david@goqnotes.com | O’Neale Atkinson :: oneale@goqnotes.com

It’s festival time!

RALEIGH — The LGBT Center of Raleigh,

411 Hillsborough St., has announced that its

OutRaleigh Street Festival will be held on

May 5, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., from Fayetteville St. at

the capitol all the way to City Plaza. Theme is

“All Families Matter” with a special focus on

the May 8 Amendment One ballot measure

with volunteers of the Coalition to Protect All

NC Families on hand to answer questions.

Equality North Carolina is encouraging voters

to take advantage of the last day of early

voting on May 5. Go vote and then join the

festivities at the capital city.

About 80 vendors are expected to showcase

their goods and services. Attendees can

peruse the booths and exhibits, as well as the

festival free of charge. The event will happen

come rain or shine. Last year the event

attracted 6,000 and organizers are hoping for

10,000 next month.

This family-friendly atmosphere will

include a main stage performance area complete

with local and regional musical groups,

along with dignitaries and speakers. They

have the children covered with the KidsZone,

where kids will be able to enjoy free activities

and educational entertainment.

Who’s Bad, the Ultimate Michael Jackson

Tribute Band, as well as Kristy Lee will be on

hand to entertain, along with Someone’s Sister

and a host of other acts to satisfy every palette.

Special performances by Team Don’t H8, a

Gastonia dance team that embraces diversity,

and DV8, a group of teens from Burke County,

who will be providing characterizations on the

issues of intolerance, inequality and rejection

through song, dance, sign shows, and painting.

Rev. Jimmy Creech will join other faith leaders

for the festivities, as well as other speakers.

The event is seeking volunteers. Training

is scheduled for April 24, 25 and 28.

Many events request an OutBand which

can be purchased for $5 at the center or at

the festival.

Read the entire story online at goqnotes.


For extended detail on events and other

information, including ticket purchases, etc.,

visit outraleigh.org.

— L.M.


City says no to Pride

SALISBURY — A gay Pride event has

been denied a permit to stage its festivities

the Salisbury Post reported.

In 2011, 2,000 attendees and 200 protesters

gathered for the first Pride event held in this

lower Piedmont town.

Organizers wanted to secure the 100 block

of E. Fisher St., as it had last year, but were

told no due to safety concerns.

Police Chief Rory Collins did share that

he “would grant the request under certain

circumstances.” Suggested would be a partnership

with a private property owner in the

downtown area to use a parking lot that could

be secured to deter the mingling of protesters

with event participants.

Already, some suggestions were recommended

and if they use private property they

do not have to secure a permit to host the event.

The organizers’ Facebook page stated that

an announcement was forthcoming.

— L.M.


Page call out big guns

GREENSBORO — One of North Carolina’s

most supportive, gay-owned companies

has sent out a plea to large donors to ante

up in the fight against Amendment One, The

Advocate reported.

Of course, Bob

Page (pictured), owner

of Replacements,

Ltd., is no stranger

to lending his hand

to LGBT causes. He

indicated that contributors

who had dug

deep for California

and New York efforts

have not followed suit with regard to the

North Carolina ballot initiative. He said that

to “win this battle” supporters across the

country need to chip in.

Page added that educating the public

about the real issues surrounding the

aftermath of passage of Amendment One is

one of the top challenges, but so necessary.

Radio and television ads and commentary are

important tools to share the message.

— L.M.


Tar Heel groups oppose A1

CHAPEL HILL — On April 5, 600 University

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students

donned yellow shirts to show their opposition

to the Amendment One measure that will appear

on the ballot on May 8.

The Daily Tar Heel reported that sophomore

Josh Orol headed up the action for the

UNC Coalition Against Amendment One.

Other days are planned for the awareness

campaign. The group says that education is

one of the key components of the initiative.

Meanwhile, the university’s Employee

Forum has unofficially asserted its opposition

as well. Jackie Overton, the Forum chair,

said that if Amendment One passed, it would

affect “many people, not just gay couples.”

A letter was sent to Chancellor Holden Thorp

from Forum participants that the measure

was vague legislation, was discriminatory

and had a negative impact of faculty and staff,

especially in the area of benefit loss.

“The coalition includes campus groups

such as Project Dinah, Feminist Students

United, Young Democrats, Students for a

Democratic Society and the Gay, Lesbian,

Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Alliance,”

the Tar Heel shared.

Francis Wong, co-president of the UNC

Roosevelt Institute, indicated that its focus

was more from a departmental perspective,

both from the foreign policy and economics

arenas, and has taken that approach which is

different that the other groups.

— L.M.

Library expands offering

RALEIGH — The LGBT Center of Raleigh,

411 Hillsborough St., has announced that it

has launched its library multimedia membership

program, Disc Club, for DVDs and CDs.

On April 6 is debuted a collection of more

than 150 titles. There is also a non-circulating

collection available for viewing on the

center’s premises only.

Membership is open to Wake, Durham

and Orange county residents over the age of

18 or currently registered with a valid center

library card. A one-time fee of $5 is required

and may be obtained at the center.

For more information, visit lgbtcenterof


— L.M.


Movie filming heads to N.C.

STATEWIDE — Gay U.S.A. The Movie will

be venturing South to the Tar Heel state to

capture footage as a backdrop that will feature

Amendment One for its film. They have

already visited a number other states across

the country, including California, New York,

Minnesota, D.C., Washington.

The project’s staff say that North Carolina

is is critical with regard to the fight for marriage


Kristina Lapinski serves as producer.

People from every walk of life have been

interviewed for the documentary.

Businesses interested in participating or

helping out should email melanie@gayusathemovie.com.

Participation comes with being

named a sponsor of the project.

For more information, visit


— L.M.

qnotes April 14-27 . 2012


Bill targets condom convictions

NEW YORK, N.Y. — State legislators are

being urged to reconsider and support the

passage of bill S323/A1008, a measure that

would prevent police and prosecutors from

using possession of condoms as evidence of

prostitution and prostitution-related offenses.

Advocates say passing this bill is a critical step

toward protecting the health of communities

disproportionately impacted by HIV, including

gay and bisexual

men, transgender

people, at-risk youth

and sex workers.

“It makes no

sense that the New

York City Department

of Public Health has

distributed over 200

million free condoms

as a matter of good

public health practice, and then the NYPD and

prosecutors try to use them as evidence of

prostitution,” said Hayley Gorenberg (pictured),

Lambda Legal Deputy Legal Director. “When

law enforcement sends a message not to

carry condoms, it puts the health and safety

of New Yorkers in jeopardy. Now it is the

legislature’s responsibility to take action to

protect the public.”

S323/A1008 is one of the more than 300

bills the New York state legislature has filed

away to the Rules Committee preventing them

from being voted on.

— D.S.

LGBT orgs address Martin killing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A coalition of 29

national LGBT rights organizations issued

an open letter April 2 declaring the killing of

17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin

a “national call to action” urging local and

federal authorities to find answers in the case

and demanding justice be served.

The open letter states, in part, “The tragic

killing of Trayvon Martin is a national call to

action. … Many in our community have been

targets of bigotry and bias. We have a great

deal of experience grappling with the role

bias plays in violent crimes against our communities.

We well know the stories of young

people targeted for violence just because of

who they are: Rashawn Brazell, Lawrence

King, Ali Forney, Deoni Jones, Brandon White,

Matthew Shepard, Angie Zapata, Sean

Kennedy and countless others.

“Trayvon’s killing is a wakeup call to the

enduring cancer of racism and racial profiling.

The pain his family continues to endure transcends

communities and unites us all. Every

person, regardless of race, religion, sexual

orientation or gender identity, must be able to

walk the streets without fear for their safety.”

— D.S.

Boehner chided for appointment


Speaker John Boehner drew fire for his

March 27 appointment of Robert George,

co-founder and chairman emeritus of

the National Organization for Marriage,

to the U.S. Commission for International

Religious Freedom, which, according to the

Commission’s chairman, addresses “the challenges

of religious extremism, intolerance,

and repression throughout the world.”

The appointment was made on the

same day the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

released internal documents detailing NOM’s

divisive, racially-charged strategy to stop

marriage equality.

“For the Speaker to appoint someone

who embodies NOM’s deep seated anti-gay

animus is the wrong thing to do,” said HRC

President Joe Solmonese. “This appointment

is counter to the Commission’s stated mission

because George represents a narrow and

exclusionary ideology. Unfortunately, Rep.

Boehner has further aligned himself with the

extremist wing of his party.”

— D.S.

Black, Latino marriage support up

NEW YORK, N.Y. — GLAAD and the

Human Rights Campaign have released

statistics showing broad support for LGBT

people among the African-American, as well

as the Latino and Hispanic communities. The

statistics were compiled after HRC released

internal documents from the National

Organization for Marriage (NOM) revealing

the group’s campaign to foster hostility

between the LGBT community and the Black

and Latino communities.

After the documents were released, former

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond called NOM’s

tactics “reprehensible.” Recent studies show

that NOM’s plan has not been successful, with

a majority of African-American, Latino and

Hispanic people supporting LGBT Americans.

A 2010 Bendixen & Amandi International

poll found 74 percent of Latinos support marriage

equality or other forms of legal recognition

for gay and lesbian couples. Similarly,

a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released in

March 2012 showed support for marriage

equality among African-Americans at 50 percent.

A Field Poll of California voters released

in February 2012 found that 53 percent of

Latino and 50 percent of African-American

respondents approved of same-sex marriage.

— D.S.

Trans beauty contestant OK’d

TORONTO, Canada — After initially being

selected as one of 65 finalists for the Miss

Universe Canada competition, and subsequently

deemed ineligible because she is

transgender, at press time Jenna Talackova of

Vancouver is back in the May 19 contest.

Following the reinstatement pageant officials

said in a statement, “The Miss Universe

Organization will allow Jenna Talackova (pictured)

to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe

Canada pageant provided she meets the legal

gender recognition


of Canada, and the

standards established

by other international



birth certificate,

driver’s license and

passport all reflect

the fact that she is female.

“The Miss Universe Organization made

the right decision and has taken an important

first step,” said GLAAD spokesperson

Herndon Graddick. “Now, GLAAD urges the

Organization to include all women and use

this incident to speak out in support of the

transgender community.”

— D.S.

Campus Scene

Early bird registration nears

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Camp Pride will be

held from July 17-22 at Vanderbilt University in

Nashville, Tenn.

This annual event features top leaders and

speakers who gather with students for student

leadership development, campus organizing

techniques, conflict management, social justice

advocacy, diversity education and more.

Zach Wahls, the YouTube “two moms”

sensation and young adult leader, will be hosted

by Camp Pride, as well as being presented

with the National Voice & Action Award for

his stand on marriage equality.

Early registration at $815 runs through

May 1. Afterward the price goes up to $945.

First-priority deadline for scholarship application

is April 16.

For more information, visit campuspride/


— L.M.

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes


From Southern hills to the

Hollywood lights

Musical artist gets major break with TV network as platform

by Lainey Millen :: lainey@goqnotes.com

Photo Credit:

V. Michelle Oprisi

Across the globe, a variety of talented musical artists and

vocalists hope to find a conduit into the Big Show — being

showcased on national television, as well as growing

a larger-than-life persona that would increase numbers at

concerts to throngs of devoted fans.

This journey is not always easy, nor is it free from the challenges

that beset the entertainment industry. Struggles abound.

Producers and record company executives say no. Gigs at local

clubs may be few and far between. Bills have to be met and

sometimes artists resort to sleeping in their car because they

don’t have enough money otherwise to survive.

In an effort to help foster new talent, shows like “American

Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” “The XFactor” and “The Voice”

bring to the stage a boatload of superstar wannabes. Some

have the chops to make it big, as seen by Kelly Clarkson, Carrie

Underwood, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert.

Others have a modest career afterward. But, without these

shows, these executives would be hard pressed to find new,

raw artists from which to develop big careers. These wide nets

form a quicker way to cut through a swarth of people who are

looking for a chance, a break. Industry executives have seen

how this formula works and how successful it can be. One such

master is Mark Burnett, a television producer who has brought

shows, such as successful ventures like “The Apprentice”

and “Survivor,” to viewers everywhere. Last year, he and his

organization brought “The Voice” to the U.S. It was modeled

after “The Voice of Holland” and it debuted on April 26, 2011 on

NBC, with Carson Daly as host and Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo

Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as coaches. These topof-the-charts

coaches nurture aspiring artists as they compete

for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the winner — a

contract with Universal Republic and $100,000.

On a dare by Chris Monteleone

with whom she had recorded two

CDs at Sound Box Studios in Ft.

Lauderdale, Fla., one such contender downloaded an audition to

YouTube for the show’s producers, never expecting to ever hear

from them. When she got a call an hour later that she’d been

selected to come to Hollywood for the blind auditions round, she

was really surprised, shocked and elated. But, she was still a little

skeptical. She was in her 40s and has been playing at clubs and

bars in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., as well as other venues regionally and

nationally for decades. She’d have to see how this played out.

Early days

So, who is this artist and what makes her tick

Beverly McClellan was born in Kingsport, Tenn., and lived in

Gate City, Va., just over the border until she was 13, when she,

her mother and stepdad, headed to Florida. She was blessed

with a set of lungs that could belt out blues tunes, her favorite

genre, as well as rock. This bald, bodacious and beautiful singer

expresses herself in a sometimes vocal, sometimes reserved

demeanor. She learned at an early age that there was no place

for an ego at church. So, she developed a respectful manner.

Rest assured, however, she exudes fearlessness. She learned

from early on that reverence was something to be embraced. In

fact, she loved the land from whence she came. Her most cherished

memories as a child were going to her Uncle Bill’s farm in

Hiltons, Va., everyday after 3 p.m. when he got off work where

she fed horses, pigs and cows and even hunted with a passel of

dogs. She thoroughly enjoyed the times at the farm where she

was able to do chores with her uncle who was a U.S. Postal

Service carrier. Her mother, who had a passion for bluegrass,

played piano at church and McClellan was not allowed to listen

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to rock ’n roll, nor was she allowed to watch

television, with the exception of “Hee Haw”

and a few other similar programs. Her favorite

singer back in those days was Dolly Parton

who was on the “Porter Waggoner Show,”

which she was also granted permission to

watch. She said that Parton was the person

who inspired her and instilled in her a love of

music. She thought they were similar in that

both were girls from the sticks. As a child,

McClellan ventured with family to the Carter

Family Fold twice a month to listen to gospel

performances. Her Papaw thoroughly enjoyed

it. At the age of nine, while listening to them

perform, she had an opportunity to sing

“Amazing Grace” alongside Mother Maybelle

Carter, a masterful county matriarch, not

realizing that this was an impressive feat for

one so young. She had no idea how important

this Carter legend was to the music industry.

“I was just a kid. I didn’t know,” she said. As

an adult looking back on this opportunity,

she realized just what a rare privilege it was

to have had this chance. McClellan played

Carter Family songs on a record player and

used a hairbrush as a microphone while she

“performed” as she fostered her musicality.

Early influences

McClellan loved her first rock album

that she was allowed to buy, the “Grease”

soundtrack with John Travolta and Olivia

Newton-John. That followed with Donna

Summer and her “Hot Stuff” tune and Kenny

Rogers’ “The Gambler.” Journey (which spearheaded

her move to the piano) and Bob Seeger

inspired her for a long time as she began to

develop her craft and style. She did not find her

way to the blues until her late 20s or early 30s

when she heard her all-time favorite artist, Etta

James. “This is what I want to be. This is how

I want to write and how I want to be on stage.

This is it for me,” she recounted. To this day,

her number one genre of music of choice is the

blues which she says “is the truth.”

A sojourn as a radiologist, dental assistant

and hygienist did not satisfy her passion for

music. She was not going to live her life in

fear, so she continued to pursue her dream.

She never had any questions about her

sexuality. She knew she always “liked girls

better. I liked to hit boys and play with them and

be their best friend.” She has never hidden her

orientation and “would have lived it as loud

as I live it now,” had she been in conservative

Southwest Virginia instead of liberal Florida as

a teenager. She says that she has a relationship

with God and feels that He would think

that she is “so interesting,” that she was okay

just the way He made her and would welcome

her into Heaven. She hopes that when she gets

to Heaven she will get to meet James and play

music with her “in the by and by.”

Lightening strike

Years later, she would walk onto a stage

on a nationally televised show. Her strength

was apparent as she sang for “The Voice”

coaches and hoped for a chance. Aguilera

was one of those who heard her strong,

rocking sound and wanted her on her team.

McClellan joined her and the clock began

ticking in a bid to get the final prize.

So, what was it like to be an out lesbian on

a competition show such as this McClellan

said that it was never an issue. Entertainment

Weekly wrote that “The Voice” was “relaxed

about being gay-friendly.” She added that the

producer, Burnett, was always embracing

toward the gay and lesbian cast members. He

was not homophobic. And, he made sure that

everyone was greeted with warmth, in addition

to handled with dignity. McClellan was

never asked to be anything other than herself.

Had she been asked to do anything different,

she said that she would have left.

Admitting that being on a reality TV show

is challenging, she added that “you have

to want it.” Fear had no real place if a win

were to be had. A “balls to the wall, go for it”

mentality had to be prevalent. And, she got

that urging from her coach, Aguilera, who

was proud to haver her on her team. Aguilera

told her in a one-one-one to be “you and no

one else.” She loves all of the coaches and

joked that she’d like to take Shelton out to the

woods to hunt.

Why in today’s world would a show

contestant have to hide one’s authentic self

It seems to this writer that “The Voice” is one

place that presses against the norm of cloaking

the sexuality of its contestants, at least it

seems like that. Who remembers the speculation

in Season 2 of “American Idol” about Clay

Aiken It seemed that it’s show’s producers

were more comfortable with shadowing the

gay-ness, rather than creating a space for the

cast to be who they were. Now Aiken is an

out performer and activist. He’s even done a

short video against Amendment One.

Since “The Voice” is on an NBC Universal

network channel, it further exemplifies the

brand with its other cable sisters such as Bravo.

It is seasoned quite well with many shows that

feature out members of the LGBT community.

Wikipedia lists around 100 reality shows

that have featured LGBT cast members

dating back to 1973 with Lance Loud on “An

American Family.” This documentary that ran

on PBS was a groundbreaking series. It was

not until 1992 that “The Real World” franchise

began what has now seen over 25 people

occupying the illustrious spot at cities across

the nation. A number of the shows listed are

not competitive in nature, but network hopes

for cutting edge programming outweighed

concerns over bigotry.

Fast forward

Today, McClellan is touring with many

staple acts, such as B.B. King. She was also

nominated as an Outstanding Music Artist

for the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

She plays more than 10 instruments, including

guitar, trumpet, French horn and a host of

other fretted and percussive devices.

What’s McClellan’s message to anyone

on going for the gold “Don’t fear life. Love it.

Live it,” she expressed. That message comes

out loud and clear on her own body. Artwork

on her upper chest reads “Fear Nothing.”

This is also the title of her recent CD that

sports a variety of tunes, from the energetic

to the soulful. Also, adorning her body is

a tattoo of a microphone with a peacock.

McClellan says that she had to get that one

after her experience on “The Voice.” Of

course, the peacock represents the NBC

logo and the microphone symbolizes her love

of music and her singing career.

She is forever indebted to Burnett (whom

she says is one of the most lovely men one

could ever meet) and the rest of the cast,

crew and staff for her positive experience.

She says she has made life-long friendships

and knows that she could call upon not

only Aguilera, but any of the other coaches

with whom she became quite close. In fact,

because of the tight community a production

of this nature creates, everyone became like

family. “No one can do you better than you,”

Aguilera told McClellan. Sound advice for

anyone wanting to enter into an environment

such as “The Voice.” At the end, she netted a

third-place finish, but felt like a winner.

McClellan says that if she had a chance to

work with a contestant from one of the other

singing shows, working with Adam Lambert

would be desirable. She loves his voice and

his crazy energy. She thought that their voices

would make for an interesting mashup.

Her talents and her journey can best be

summed up from “I Will Never Forget” on

her latest CD. It says, “Them Tennessee Hills

sure knew how to raise me/To the woman

I am, with a song in my heart/My momma

sang to me tender, soul-felt music/And gospel

from the hills is a mighty fine way to start.”

McClellan sure has had a lucky break on her

sojourn and her life so far has been the inspiration

to carry her forward, singing “Hold on

to the ones that complete your presence.” : :

For more on McClellan, read the full story

online at goqnotes.com/14780.

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Cazwell larger

than life

Superstar talks about the Queen City,

Peaches and more!

by O’Neale Atkinson :: oneale@goqnotes.com

Cazwell isn’t a new face on the music

scene, but since he began working with

the record label Peace Biscuit, he has

become a much larger presence in the LGBT

music scene outside of New York. His unique

mixing of dance beats and hip-hop blend with

sexy, and sometimes hilarious, lyrical content

to create a sound that is fun, engaging and

truly his own. He has described his style as “if

Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast.”

Cazwell visited the Queen City on Jan. 25

to play at Phoenix Nightclub’s official 2012 HRC

North Carolina Gala after party and we had a

chance to talk with him before the show.

Have you had the chance to perform in

Charlotte before

I actually have. When I first started my

solo career I had a song with Avenue D called

“The Sex That I Need” and I would tour with

them. I played in Charlotte a couple of times

with them. I really felt that the people of

Charlotte have a good sense of style. I have

met a couple of stylists from Charlotte and I

really like what I’ve seen. I have a T-shirt with

North Carolina on it, so I’m going to make sure

I wear it.

In your new video “Unzip Me” you were

working with Peaches; how was getting to

work with her and collaborating on a piece


She’s amazing. She just does what she wants

and doesn’t really play by the rules. We share

a lot of the same friends. She was in New

York and we were hanging out and I told her

I would love to do a song together. She told

me to send it to her. I actually sent her three

songs because I didn’t want her to be able to

say no. She chose “Unzip Me” and I thought

it was awesome. I remember the moment I

got her vocals a cappella and I got chills. I

couldn’t believe Peaches was going to be in

my song. Her voice is just so strong and badgirl

that she brought a whole new element to

the track that I knew she would.

When we were doing the video we had a

lot of solo shots without each other and when

we finally got to be with each other

at the end of the day in front of the

camera, I remember having a minianxiety

attack. Just looking at her

and realizing that she was right there

beside me and wondering if I was

cool enough to be standing beside

her. She is the ultimate.

You are working on your second

full-length album with Peace Biscuit

right now. How is that going

It is going really good. I feel like I am

in a race against time right now to

finish all of my vocals. I really want

to turn in a bunch of songs that I

actually want on the album. I want it

to be my own personal masterpiece,

so I am trying to get things done and

record every day.

I just finished shooting a video

called “Rice & Beans” which is going

to be my next single. It is actually

my 10th video and I am really excited

about it. It is going to be the best

video I have ever done. I definitely

look better than I ever have. I have

changed my diet and my workout

routine. It also has this Latino-boy theme and

it’s going to be sickening!

In May, North Carolina is voting on

Amendment One, a constitutional amendment

to ban gay marriage. What are your thoughts

on an amendment like this and what would

you say to people who are against gay


Besides “lighten up” You know it’s hard to

know what to say to people who are so head

strong about taking away other people’s

happiness because I don’t get it. I really don’t

get it. I think people need to realize that just

because you don’t understand something

doesn’t make it wrong.

I just got the chance to see this movie

“For the Bible Tells Me So” a couple of

months ago. I really liked that documentary

and I really liked how honest it is. There is

this part with this woman who has a daughter

that is a lesbian and she talks about how

uncomfortable it makes her, but she couldn’t

really wrap her head around why. Finally the

woman is just driving and she just says “you

know, the ultimate answer to me is I just

can’t be comfortable imagining my daughter

having sex with another woman” and I think

that is the thing. The bottom line is people

just aren’t comfortable thinking about gay

sex. For me, when it comes down to gay

marriage and people who oppose it, just because

it makes you uncomfortable and you

don’t get it doesn’t make it wrong. Clearly it is

right for somebody.

The way for straight people to end their

homophobia is to hang out with other straight

people who aren’t homophobic. It can seem

kind of one-sided coming from a gay person

telling a straight person to not be homophobic.

I think the way to end it is more and more

heterosexual support. If it’s only gay people

asking for gay rights it’s not going to happen

as fast, but when it’s straight people asking for

basic human rights then it’s different. : :

For more on Cazwell, read the rest of the

interview online at goqnotes.com/14778.

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando

on the map



Barbeque & Bloody Marys, Bar at 316

free BBQ from 3-6 p.m.

Super Sundays with Aiesha Paris, Nickel Bar

starts at 8 p.m.

House Cast Show, The Scorpio

with DJ 4Real. 11:30 p.m.

Woodshed Sundays, The Woodshed

free dinner buffet served at 6:30 p.m.

karaoke, 9 p.m.


Movie Night, Bar at 316

starts at 9 p.m.

Monday Madness, Chasers

pool tournament at 11:30 p.m. $25 cash prize

and $25 bar tab.

Boxing & Monday Night Football, Sidelines

Free Pool, The Woodshed

all day.


Karaoke with Metro Mike, Bar at 316

starts at 9 p.m.

Pool Tournament, Central Station

Twisted Trivia, Chasers

with Tiffany Storm & Brooklyn Dior.

Showtime at 12:30 a.m.

Trivia Tuesdays, Marigny

hosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox 7 p.m.

Midwood Madness, Petra’s

half-price bottles of wine

Karaoke, The Woodshed

starts at 9 p.m.


Game Night, Bar at 316

Team Trivia and Line Dancing, Hartigan’s

starts at 8 p.m.

’90s music night, Nickel Bar

Karaoke, Petra’s

hosted by Rachel Houdek. 9 p.m.

Wicked and Wild Wednesdays, The Scorpio

featuring Tiffany Storm with DJ 4Real. 11 p.m.

Pool Tournament, The Woodshed

starts at 10:30 p.m.


Thursday Night House Party, Bar at 316

Pool Tournament, Central Station

Rockin’ Well Thursdays, Chasers

with Valerie Rockwell. Show starts at 12:30 a.m.

Free HIV Testing, Connections

the 2nd Thursday of every month. 8-10 p.m.

Karaoke Night, Hartigan’s

hosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox. 9 p.m.

Team Boystown, Marigny

starts at 10 p.m. $10 cover after 11 p.m.


Karaoke Night, The Rainbow In

free for members. $5 guests. $6 under 21.

Underwear Night, The Woodshed


House DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316

Free HIV Testing, Connections

the 4th Friday of every month. 8-10 p.m.

A-List Fridays, Marigny

hosted by SugaWalls Entertainment. 10 p.m.

Live DJ, Nickel Bar

Live Performances, Petra’s

Roxy’s Rainbow Review, The Rainbow In

starts at 11p.m.

Life’s a Drag, The Scorpio

with Tiffany Storm. 11:30 p.m.


House DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316

The Angela Lopez Show, Chasers

show starts at 12:30 a.m.

Live DJ, Hartigan’s

Krewe Saturdays, Marigny

Soul Music, Nickel Bar

Live Performances, Petra’s

Urban Variety Show, The Scorpio

with Elaine Davis. Midnight showtime.


MCC Charlotte

Worship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

Bible study every Tuesday and Wednesday,

7 p.m.

New Life MCC

Worship service every Sunday, 7 p.m.

Monthly covered dish dinner and

coffeehouse-style worship service on the first

Sunday of every month, 6 p.m.

Unity Fellowship Church of Charlotte

Worship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

Bible 101: second and fourth Sunday of every

month, 9 a.m.

Wednesday night Bible study and discussion,

7 p.m.


The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte

Promoting the diversity, acceptance and

visibility of the LGBT community through

programming and events.


White Rabbit

North Carolina’s LGBT everything store.

Complete line of Pride merchandise, plus

books, magazines, DVDs, T-shirts, underwear

and more.

info: Don’t see your bar listed here

Submit your regularly scheduled events to


April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes 11


drag rag

by miss della

qnotes contributor

It’s never too late!

12 qnotes April 14-27 . 2012

Oh, my gosh — let’s see

what I can mess up this time! I

must have been tapping away

while I was falling asleep that

last time — all this talk about

going to the formers show

in Hickory for Miss NC

U.S.of A., and didn’t even

mention the results!

Saywhat Seems like I

missed something else,

too — I’ll figure it out


Anyway, a huge congrats

goes out to Jamie

Monroe who won Miss

NC U.S.ofA. Her 1st runner-up

was London Dior.

That’s some good representation

for NC, for

sure. London did well

last year and Jamie

has been in the Top 5

before, so maybe we

can get another Carolina

girl in the Top 12 again! I

know it will be a homecoming

for Jamie since her days as

Miss Georgia — she’ll see a lot

of familiar faces from her days

of competing a few years ago.

Other qualifiers to apply for

Luscious’ job will be Miss GA Kennedy

Davenport and RU Vanessa DeMornay;

Miss Iowa Lady Adawins and RU

Chanel Cavalier; Miss IL Mahajaney

DeMornay; and Miss Ohio Leah

Halsten with RU Alana Reign.

Our promo this time is of Kirby

Kolby, our Miss America from

Raleigh, NC. At least I have

not let y’all down with the

pics I’ve promised! Kirby

has already reigned

royally over her

first two prelims

— Miss Mid-

America which

Sally Sparkles

won and RU

was Blair

Williams and

Miss Gay

DC, which

was Kirby’s

prelim last

year. Chantel

Rashae won and

her RU was Roxy

Brooks. Speaking of

Misses America, I

had to do a doubletake

the other day

as I walked by a book and gift store in

downtown and spied a book by former MGA

Brandi Alexander’s creator, Randy Fenoli. He

is an F.I.T. graduate and is a gown designer

and TV personality who has done a book

called “It’s All About the Gown” and helps

ladies choose gowns appropriate to their

skin tone, size, taste and age. And, of course,

he’s always decked out — such a dresser he

is (and always has been)!

On the Continental scene, the new Miss

VA is Jasmine International and Miss VA

Elite is The Legendary Misty Knight. Miss

Chicago is Anastasia Deveroux and the PLUS

titleholder is Milani Ninjah. Y’all know tickets

to Miss Continental go on sale in early July

— only four months away! Don’t be clowning,

asking somebody when they go on sale

after the house is sold out again, ok

On the local scene, I’m still working

on that column I promised about the Don’t

H8 contests. They’ll be crowning the next

ones before I get it done, I guess. They sure

are some good kids — Chip and several

entertainers recently did a fundraiser for

my oldest sponsored son’s schooling. You

remember, the one we built the house for

Yes, Gerardo. Anyway, the show was at

the Connection in Gastonia and featured

Chip, his partner Felicity Ferraro, Country

Cassanova, Andrea Carlisle, Tommy D. and

Aurora Carlisle. I know I’ve missed somebody

here, too. Like I always say — drop me

an email and read the ole bitch! I’ll make it

right eventually.

We’ll talk about prelims to Miss NC

America the next time and heaven only knows

what else — something I didn’t make notes

on, I’m sure! : :

info: Drop me a line, OK


Kirby Kolby of Raleigh,

the reigning Miss Gay America

Ask Dr. C…HIV and healthcare advice

Helping to keep you in the know with up-to-date information

by Frederick Cruickshank ~ Medical Director

After many successful installments of “Ask

Dr. C,” this is yet another opportunity to offer our

readers information about HIV from basic questions

to in-depth explanations. We are still receiving

many of your questions and are working hard to

provide responses to as many questions as possible

to provide information for you and the community.

The questions have provided us a forum to debunk

myths and remove stigma from those living with

HIV and AIDS. It is important to educate yourself,

get tested, and protect yourself! We appreciate

every question we receive! Dr. C looks forward to

responding to as many emails as possible.

I have heard that diseases like West Nile

are transmitted from person to person

by mosquito bites. Can I get HIV from a

mosquito bite

— Dave from Charlotte

Dave, thanks for asking this question. It is true that

mosquitos often aid in the transmission of certain

diseases. In the case of the West Nile Virus, the

mosquito is infected with the virus after a blood

meal and spreads the infection by injecting its

salivia in its next victim. In warmer climates where

mosquitos flourish, people often use mosquito nets

and insect repellant to protect themselves from

bites. However, there is no need for you to worry

about becoming infected with HIV from a mosquito

bite. When a mosquito bites it injects its own saliva

as a lubricant for the blood meal it receives from

you. It does not inject blood or fluids that would

contain HIV from its last blood meal. You will most

likely just experience temporary irritation of the

skin. I suggest a topical antihistamine, such as

Benadryl cream, for relief. If you have a severe

reaction to an insect bite resulting in a rash or

swelling, I would suggest that you go to your doctor

to let him/her check it out to be safe.

Is there a vaccine I can get to protect

myself from contracting HIV/AIDS

— Hillary from Mooresville

Hillary, I am glad you are interested in protecting

yourself from infection. While research is

always being done to increase our knowledge

of HIV/AIDS, currently there is not a vaccine or

cure available. We can only hope for a future

when both a vaccine and cure are a reality.

Nevertheless there are many actions you can take

to protect yourself. The most important is to only

have protected sex by using a condom. It is also

important to talk to your sexual partners about

STDs and HIV. The only way to know if your sexual

partners and/or you are positive is to get tested.

Here at Rosedale ID, we do testing on a regular

basis. It is important to know both your status

and your sexual partner’s status so that you can

both make healthy informed decisions. Some tips

on conversation starters for HIV testing with your

partner can be found on the Healthy People 2020

website (healthypeople.gov/2020) by searching

HIV. It is important to talk before you have sex by

using phrases like “Getting tested before sex can

protect both of us.” The next step is to share the

facts about STD testing with your partner. The final

step is to go get tested with your partner. It is much

easier to go together in order to provide support

for one another.

Where can I find updated statistics on


— Billy from Charlotte

This is a good question! It is always important for

you to educate yourself on disease including its

prevalence and incidence in the area in which

you live. The best place for you to find up to date

information is on the webpage for the Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This

page is www.cdc.gov. Beyond providing you with

statistics, this website also offers a good source

of information on the disease itself. In addition

you can view global statistics on HIV/AIDS at

www.unaids.org. It is important to remember that

ANYONE can get HIV and it is not selective to one

certain race, gender, or sexuality. Protect yourself!

Does everyone who is exposed to HIV get


— Ben from Charlotte

Good question, Ben. The answer is no. It is possible

to be exposed to the infection and not become

infected. Whether a person becomes infected after

being exposed to HIV depends on how the virus

enters the body and the amount of virus that enters

the body. But, that doesn’t mean that you should

exposure yourself thinking that you will not become

infected. It only takes one exposure to HIV-infected

blood, semen or vaginal fluids to contract the

disease. Protect yourself and get tested if you think

you could have been exposed.

Always remember that this is an advice column

based on your questions and the best possible

knowledge out there. We need your questions

to help educate the community, so email them to

info@rosedaleid.com and be sure to include a first

name and location. All respondents will remain

anonymous. We will try to do our best to answer,

educate and inform from your responses to this


Don’t forget to visit our website at

rosedaleid.com and friend us on Facebook

for community and clinical updates.

— Sponsored Content —

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes 13


The cowboys are

back in town!

Queen City Stomp returns with familiar faces and some new changes

by O’Neale Atkinson :: oneale@goqnotes.com

It’s time to pull out the cowboy hats and

your dancing boots because Queen City

Stomp is back in town from April 20–22. The

annual country dance weekend is a product of

Southern Country Charlotte (SCC) and has been

a huge success in the community for years.

This year promises to be a continuance of good

times, friendly faces and plenty of country line

dancing with a few new changes to boot.

According to their website, SCC’s mission

is “to support local charities and lesbian/gay/

bisexual/transgender events while promoting

country and western music and dance.” It was

established in 1991 as a club of like-minded

people wishing to celebrate the country music

legacy of the South. As SCC’s participation

grew and their contributions to local organizations

increased, the group established itself

as a non-profit organization. SCC is also a

member of the International Association of Gay

and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs

(IAGLCWDC), which serves as a hub for other

similar organizations to coordinate events and

promote activities within the community.

SCC reports that they have donated over

$100,000 in the past years to multiple organizations

chosen by SCC membership including

American Cancer Society, Pride Charlotte,

House of Mercy and many more. In order to

uphold their mission to support local organizations,

SCC holds a number of fundraisers

including car washes, auctions, yard sales

and, of course, Queen City

Stomp. The beneficiaries

from the proceeds of

Queen City Stomp this year

will be One Voice Chorus,

The LGBT Community

Center of Charlotte and

Time Out Youth.

Queen City Stomp

was originally held at The

Eagle in Charlotte until the

establishment closed in 2009. For the past

two years the event has taken place at the

Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, but this year

Queen City Stomp is returning to a local bar

and the venue just seems like a perfect fit.

Hartigan’s Irish

Pub, 601 South Cedar

St,. will be the location for the majority of

the weekend festivities. The host hotel will

see Round ‘em on 18

14 qnotes April 14-27 . 2012


on being a

gay parent

by brett webb-mitchell

qnotes contributor

Project Hate

In an article posted on the “Independent Gay Forum,”

Walter Olson — a gay dad — dug through the latest “dump” of

information gathered by the National Organization for Marriage

(NOM). What was discovered in this dump was one of the strategies

that NOM used in stirring up hate toward LGBTQ people.

One strategy was fanning the flame of division between those

of us in the LGBTQ community and straight allies with people

of other ethnicities, nationalities, and races. This strategy was

successful in the passage of Proposition 8 in California, where

many in the African-American, largely Church-based community

voted against marriage equality.

NOM had also set aside $120,000 on a project of finding

straight children in households headed by LGBTQ parents. The

idea was to take straight children and have them talk against their

LGBTQ parents on camera. This idea is to attack our families in

the most intimate and vulnerable parts of our lives: a child-parent

relationship. Olson writes, “Whenever I hear NOM described

as ‘pro-family’ from now on, I will think of that fact.”

In reading Olson’s article, and in light of Amendment One

election in the state of North Carolina, I realize that what is

being organized around us is what I call their “pro-family”

tactic: “Project Hate.” Here’s what NOM did not anticipate in

their version of “Project Hate”: our children are smarter and

more well-adjusted than probably many of their peers.

In large part, this is due to those of us who are LGBTQ

parents living openly and honestly with our children in

a world that is largely populated by straight parents. Our

continuous conversations about being LGBTQ in this world, as

the “other,” the “gay” or “lesbian” parent(s) in schools, faith

communities, public events and daily interchanges with others

and our children, provides ample opportunities for our children

to see and hear how society perceives us.

As my mother would say during frank and open discussions

we would have around my children regarding being a gay parent,

“little pitchers have big ears.” My children heard and observed

the reaction of others in learning that I was gay, both in my

family and in my former wife’s parents, and watched carefully

the way my partner and I interacted with each other. An attitude

of welcome openness, an ambivalence or wary acceptance or

apathetic close-mindedness is not only recognized by those of us

who are LGBTQ parents, but by our children as well.

Through it all, many of our young children who are now

grown adults are speaking out and making us proud. Nationally,

in Iowa Zach Wahls, the son of two moms who are lesbian, made

YouTube history as he lectured anti-LGBTQ legislators who were

debating civil unions and equal marriage in Iowa. In response to

a Tea Partier who is against marriage equality, especially upon

the effected upon children, Wahls said, “No, I don’t feel damaged

or that my childhood was somehow scarred.”

Closer to home, my daughter recently posted “I protect ALL

NC families…Vote Against One” on her Facebook webpage

without any promptings from her Dads. And, my son focused

on my biography of being a gay dad in a recent paper for his

sociology paper in his online course at the University of North

Carolina at Chapel Hill.

NOM is not “pro-family.” Try as hard as they might, what

NOM is running up against in their self-destructive Project Hate

is the very thing that makes a family “a family”: the conservative

and long-lasting virtues of love; perseverance; honesty;

and a spirit of grace. These attributes, embodied in the way

we embrace and live our lives as couples and families, will

always un-do NOM’s vice-tinged tendrils of envy, anger and a

confused sense of “pride.”

NOM will come to an end. As for our families We will

continue to grow and add our voices and be a presence in the

growing diversity of this American life. : :

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes 15


tell trinity

by trinity

qnotes contributor

Young, gifted and gay!

Hello Trinity,

I’m writing to you because I’m 18, gay and live

in a small town. There’s not a lot for me to do.

It seems that if you’re not drinking age or live

in a big city, you’re considered a gay outcast.

Sometimes, I think there’s no place for me!


Under Age, Medford, MA

Hello Under Age,

I haven’t been underage in ages. However,

I can tell you what I (legally) did when I was

your age to meet people. Especially today, you

can a) get on the internet, b) throw parties and

invite other gay people, c) get a job at a place

where gay people frequent, d) find a gay youth

group in your community or even better, e) call

a gay youth hotline. Doing some of these things

will definitely help you. Pumpkin, being young

and gay has great value! Now get to work!

Dearest Trinity,

My best girlfriend just started dating this great

girl whom I am falling in love with. I dream

about her all the time. How do I stop myself

Best Friend Troubles, San Diego, CA

Dearest Best Friend Troubles,

Danger! Danger! You can’t go there! You’ll

lose your best girlfriend and possibly your

self-respect. But, you can’t shut out your feelings

either. So, what you can do is dream, but

no obsessing. For now, you must keep yourself

busy by meeting other women and acting very

cool around this new couple. These two may

not date forever and at that point, honey, you

can start shooting cupid’s arrow quietly. But,

please let a month or two pass first! (Saying

no is sure hard to do, but sometimes it’s the

best option. Check out my cartoon for some

advice from the garden.)

Hi Miss Trinity,

I loved seeing you sing on stage. You inspire

me! I’d love to sing too, but I’m dreadfully

afraid of being on stage. Do you have any

advice to help me get on stage

Introverted Singer, Roanoke, VA

Hi Introverted Singer,

Many performers, including Streisand and

Garland, had an awful time being on stage.

I myself used to have that problem. But, one

night, 15 years ago, I was hired to do a show

for a hundred people in a hall in New Hope,

Penn. When I arrived wearing a dress fit for

the Grammy’s, it ended up being at a private

house party for an audience of 11 stoned, naked

hippies. Needless to say, I was outraged,

livid and fit to be tied! But, the show had to go

on. I was so upset that I sang, totally forgetting

that I was afraid to sing. And, I’ve been

singing ever since. Anyway, darling, keep

singing in front of people until it hurts and

eventually the pain will get numb.

Dear Trinity,

Finally, I’m thinking of coming out as a gay

man to my family, whom I live with in a very

homophobic town. Before I do, have you got

any supportive words of wisdom

Coming Out, Lancaster, PA

Dear Coming Out,

Walk towards the light Carol Ann.

Congratulations! Coming out usually is a

shocker at first, but years later they always

say, “I never had a problem with it. You’re

crazy!” So, prepare with:

Trinity’s Graceful Tips

For Coming Out

To Someone

1. Set up a support system for yourself before

you say the holy words!

2. First, tell them you have cancer. Then say,

“Just kidding! I’m only gay!”

3. Get them to visit gay places, events or gay

groups like PFLAG.

4. Feel pride in knowing that it only gets better,

after it gets worse!

5. Make sure no one is standing near a cliff

when you tell them.

6. Leave a few hints prior to the big surprise.

Like this article!

7. Get them to watch “Will and Grace” reruns.

8. Leave yourself a little financial independence

before you tell them, just in case.

9. Be understanding toward their new situation!

Time heals everything.

10. And, lastly, hold your ground!

— With a Masters of Divinity,

Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually

Speaking,” a weekly radio drama,

and now performs globally.


www.telltrinity.com . Trinity@telltrinity.com

Sponsored by: Provincetown Business Guild

800-637-8696 . www.ptown.org

Vote No! Vote No! Vote No! Vote No! Vote No!

Amendment One • May 8

Learn More About The Anti-Gay Measure!

Visit protectallncfamilies.org.

16 qnotes April 14-27 . 2012


out in the stars

by charlene lichtenstein

qnotes contributor

April 14 - 27

Get a front seat for the fireworks when retrograde

Mars redirects and trines retrograde

Pluto. Oy, vey! How much trouble can you

possibly get into Where will your out-of-control

imagination lead you Let’s try to imagine all the


ARIES (03.21-04.20) The urge is to tackle everything

and everything with verve and dispatch.

Proud Rams think that they are especially efficient,

but it is a mirage. Everything that you think

you have completed will come back to bite you

later because of loose ends, cursory reviews

and too little follow-up. Tell the powers-that-be

that you are on a conference call.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Who will be responsible

for letting queer Bulls loose on the party scene

You will not know when enough is enough when

fun is taken to the outer limits. Mayhem ensues

and you can become grist for the gossip mill. A

gurgling romance dares you to take the plunge.

So, get out and see whom you can impress. Just

don’t stay at home and impress the sofa.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Electricity around the

house may cause surprising problems now. Check

for overloaded outlets and frayed wires. But, all

of this domestic investigation shouldn’t dampen

your exuberance for over-the-top home entertaining.

In fact, right now you can be exceedingly

entertaining, pink Twin. Ha cha cha! But, save that

lampshade hat routine for the dim bulbs.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) Connection is the pivotal

word. What is it about gay Crabs now that

require a big discussion on every little thing. Too

much talk results in unanticipated reactions.

Can you hold it in for a few days and refine your

message There is no dissuading you. Since you

can’t move a big boat on wind alone, might as

well turn up the motor mouth and hold on tight.

LEO (07.24-08.23) Proud Lions feel pretty darn

rosy about their financial prospects. I am not

sure why. You gleefully count your winnings, but

manage to ignore your mounting losses. Tsk, tsk.

Be practical, weigh the risks, do your homework

and carefully plot and plan for a sturdy future.

Then you will feel ready to run with the bulls…or

is it the bears Hey, whatever turns you on.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) You are never one to fade

into the background, but now, not only do you

outshine all competitors, you practically cast

a floodlight. Leave it to the planets to make a

staid queer Virgin a true iconoclast. Revel in

your uniqueness while you command attention

but don’t become a caricature. Self-possessed

moderation will have them eating out of your

hand. Yuck.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) There are those who would

love to see you trip and fall so they can walk all

over you. Don’t tempt them. Gay Libras are apt

to act on their loosey-goosy gut feelings. Wait

and see how events unfold before you jump to

conclusions. On the other hand, you could catch

a few lucky breaks as their secrets are exposed

and demons revealed. Do a little exposing and

revealing yourself.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Park yourself in the

middle of any group and you will surely find

someone who gets you into wild mischief. Proud

Scorps are on a rampage where every action

can have an equally dramatic reaction. But,

there can be a happy ending. By the end of this

short-but-intense period, you will know the difference

between conscript and co-conspirator.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Taking a professional

risk may be too risky. Queer Archers are chomping

at the bit for advancement, recognition and

the big bucks that go with a corner office. Hold off

for a couple of weeks, buddy. Not only are your

eyes too big for your ambitions, but you may rub

a powerbroker the wrong way. Heat your oil and

pour it on once you have mastered the stove.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Your reach has no

boundaries. This is the time to spread your influence

and see how charged up you can get the

troops. But, filter your message through a good

editor before you blast it out to the masses. In

the heat of the moment, you may slip out an unintended

remark that pops your world view. Are

you ready for primetime or fringe, pink Cap

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) How short is your fuse

Aqueerians seek a love connection, but their

ardor is more spark than slow burn. You may

tire easily or lose interest once the bait is taken.

Or, you may race off to rescue yet another lost

cause. Rather than waste energy and effort,

relax, sit back and let the adoring masses come

to you. Still waiting…still waiting…

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Whether you are part of a

pair or ache to be paired, this is a good time to

take a break from any deeply intensive relationship

issue. Guppies want results now! And, they

are prepared to jump into a quest for a solution

with all fours. But, things need time to settle and

solidify. Wishing and pushing doesn’t make it so,

bubbele. Whining and pleading may however… : :

© 2012 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC. All Rights

Reserved. Entertainment.

info: Visit www.TheStarryEye.com for

e-greetings, horoscopes and Pride jewelry. My

book “HerScopes: A Guide To Astrology For

Lesbians” from Simon & Schuster is

available at bookstores and major booksites.

April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes 17

Round ‘em up to ‘Stomp’

continued from page 14

be Residence Inn Uptown, 404 S. Mint St.,

located in walking distance from Hartigan’s.

Board member Robbie Furr explained that

there were several reasons for the venue

change this year. The rate increase to host

the event again at Sheraton Charlotte Airport

Hotel played a factor in the decision making,

but even more was the response from

members and the public to move the event

back to a local pub. “We heard from people

in the community that they felt more comfortable

when the event was held at a local

bar. Hartigan’s is the home bar for Southern

Country Charlotte so it just felt like a good fit.”

SCC believes that this change will bring more

business to their home bar, as well as bring

more new faces to the event this year.

Returning instructors Pepper Sharp and

Ronnie Mark, as well as new teachers, will

be there to lead classes during the three-day

event. There will be a tent outside Hartigan’s

where line dancing lessons will take place

all day Saturday and Sunday morning. There

will be couple’s dancing in Hartigan’s lower

level. Cocktail parties will occur at Residence

Inn Uptown during the evenings. Festivities

will conclude with a dance and brunch at

Hartigan’s on Sunday.

More than just fundraising and country

dancing, the SCC and Queen City Stomp

provide a friendly and fun environment which

celebrates the LGBT community and country

music. The fun, safe and inclusive environment

has been a major appeal for many, and the reason

so many people return to the event each

year. Current SCC President Dustin Bass and

his partner first participated with SCC in 2008

when they moved to Charlotte. The welcome

they received from the group enticed them to

join and they are still active members today.

Board member Robbie Furr has similar

feelings about his first encounter with SCC

and Queen City Stomp. “I am a country music

fan. I enjoy dancing. My first experience at

a gay bar was at Stomp in 2007 and I was

hooked! It was incredible the amount of

people and the dancing.” Since then he’s become

a member of SCC and is on his second

year as a board member of the organization.

The beneficiaries of Queen City Stomp

are honored to be recognized by SCC and, in

turn, work with SCC to provide volunteers to

support the events of the weekend. “STOMP

is important to our community not only for the

financial support it provides to The Center and

other organizations, but for the opportunity it

provides for the LGBT community to embrace

and celebrate our love of country music

and dance!” says Center board chair John

Stotler. “It brings participants from all over the

country to Charlotte for some real Southern

hospitality and country fun.”

If you are interested in learning more

about how you can volunteer to help support

Queen City Stomp and the benefitting organizations,

contact info@gaycharlotte.com.

There is still plenty of time to register

for this year’s Queen City Stomp. For more

information about hotel accommodations,

specific event times and more, visit

southerncountrycharlotte.com and

queencitystomp.com. : :

18 qnotes April 14-27 . 2012

April 14 • Charlotte

Celebration of the Arts

Time Out Youth and Vito Abate, with support

from Drake Dentistry, present Celebration of

the Arts for one special night. Doors open at

6:30 p.m. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. $25. Theatre

Charlotte, 501 Queens Rd. Contact Time Out

Youth for more information and to purchase

tickets. 704-344-8335. timeoutyouth.org.

April 14 • Raleigh

4th Annual Jack Crum Conference on

Prophetic Ministry

A gathering of people of all faiths to honor

the tradition of faith-based social justice by

coming together to worship, learn, share

meals and stories and get engaged in a social

justice issue immediately threatening our

communities. This year’s conference will focus

on mobilizing people of faith to defeat the

so called “marriage amendment” and protect

all NC families from the discriminatory harms

it would cause. One day event. Registration

required. Fairmont United Methodist Church,

2501 Clark Ave. jcrumconference@gmail.com.

April 15 • Charlotte

‘Love Free or Die’ screening

Bishop Gene Robinson is a man whose two

defining passions — his love for God and for

his partner Mark — are considered to be in

direct conflict by some. “Love Free or Die”

focuses on those, like Robinson, whose lives

hang in the balance as churches and states

battle for LGBT equality. The film is relevant

and poignant and the hosts are proud to host

It’s time to party against Amendment One

April 28 • Charlotte

Whitney Mixter from Showtime’s ‘Real L Word’

Come party at the next FLO (For Lesbians Only) event with Whitney Mixter from Showtime’s “The Real L Word.” The

ACLU will be available to answer questions about why you should vote against Amendment One on May 8. Did you

know that this vote affects us all: straight, gay, our children and even senior citizens! They will provide registered

voters with information on where their closest polls are. Early voting starts April 19-May 5. Once the business

is over, let the fun begin when host Whitney Mixter from “The Real L Word” judges the Jell-o wrestling and wet

T-shirt contest. Food and drinks will be available. Dance performance by Twinkles at midnight. Music by DJ Terry

of Charlotte and Guest DJ MiddleGround from Greensboro. $20 and $15 Tickets are available at flowhitney2012.

eventbrite.com and at White Rabbit. The fun starts at 9:30 p.m. Petra’s Piano Bar, 1919 Commonwealth Ave.


a Charlotte viewing just weeks before the NC

Amendment One vote on May 8. Dessert and

conversation to follow the screening. 4 p.m.

Myer’s Park Baptist Church, Heaton Hall, 1900

Queens Rd. mpbconline.org.

April 19 • Charlotte

‘The Bible: The complete word of God


Three actors are about to tell you the entire

(abridged) story from Genesis to Revelations

(and most of everything in between). Get

ready for a fast-paced, quick-witted comedy

… but most of all — a hilarious trip through

the greatest story ever accepted as fact.

Show will also play April 21, 22, 24, 26, 28

and 29. 7:30 p.m. Petra’s Piano Bar, 1919

Commonwealth Ave. petraspianobar.com.

April 21 • Cary

‘8’ by Dustin Lance Black

One-night-only staged reading of “8,” a play

chronicling the historic trial in the federal

constitutional challenge to California’s

Proposition 8. Based on the actual words of

the trial transcripts, first-hand observations

of the courtroom drama and interviews with

the plaintiffs and the families. Admission is

free but reservations are required. 8 p.m. Cary

Academy’s Fine & Performing Arts Center,

1500 North Harrison Ave. realtheatre.org.

April 21 • Charlotte

Charlotte Royals Prom Dress Rugby Match

Join the Charlotte Royals for their Third Annual

Prom Dress Match against the Nashville

Grizzlies. This year’s theme is “Ruck-Us On

Bourbon Street.” Didn’t get to go to Mardi Gras

this year Join the Royals and emcee Roxy

C. Moorecox as they raise funds to send the

team to the Bingham Cup Tournament with a

French Quarter twist! $11 for players and auxiliary.

$14 general admission. 1 p.m. Sedgefield

Middle School, 2700 Dorchester Pl. Third Half

to follow at Sidelines Sports Bar, 4544 South

Blvd. charlotteroyals.org.

April 21 • Winston Salem

Red Ribbon Runway Fashion Show

Come join AIDS Care Service as the finalists

from the annual fashion design competition

strut their stuff on the runway! The evening

will feature a professional

fashion show and “Project

Runway”-style competition.

There will also be food,

dancing, a silent auction,

cash bar and more. Special

celebrity judges will choose

the Best of Show winner and

Brent Campbell from Fox 8 TV

will emcee. Tickets are $30.

Purchase online at aidscareservice.org,

in person at House of Plants,

507 Harvey St., or by phone at 336-777-0116.

8 p.m. Sundance Plaza Hotel, 3050 University

Pkwy. aidscareservice.org.

April 21 • Durham

Coming Out in the South

The process of coming out as an LGTBQ

person — to oneself, family and friends

Qqnotes events


— can be arts. a transformative entertainment. experience. news. views. Join

moderator Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs and

members of the LGTBQ community as they

share their experiences. Co-sponsored by

the Pauli Murray Project and the Durham

Human Relations Commission. 3 p.m. Durham

County Library Auditorium, 300 N. Roxboro St.


April 22 – 23 • Charlotte

Actor’s Theatre reading of ‘8’

Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, with license from

the American Foundation for Equal Rights

(AFER) and Broadway Impact, is proud to

announce a two-night-only reading of “8,”

a play chronicling the historic trial in the

federal constitutional challenge to

California’s Proposition 8, written by

Academy Award-winning screenwriter

and AFER Founding Board

Member Dustin Lance Black. $8 for

tickets. Performance starts at

8 p.m. Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte,

650 E. Stonewall St.


April 28 • Charlotte

Masquerade: An Alternative Prom

Time Out Youth presents Masquerade: An

Alternative Prom for LGBTQ and allied youth

age 13-23. TOY approved volunteers are also

able to attend. Tickets: advance/$8 for single,

$12 for couples; door tickets/$10 for single,

$15 for couples. 7:30 p.m. Grand Central, 1000

Central Ave. Call Time Out Youth at 704-344-

8335 to purchase tickets. Timeoutyouth.org.

we want your who/what/where

Submitting an event for inclusion in our calendar

has never been easier:

visit goqnotes.com/qguide/events/submit

Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Program: Special Event, Matt Martin

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Charlotte Division

530 East Trade St.

Time: 5:30-8 p.m.

Cost: $20.

Includes apptizer, dinner, dessert, tea.

Parking across Trade St. in Preferred Parking lot,

fee applied

Reservations: Advance reservations required.

email businessguild@yahoo.com or reserve/pay in

advance online on www.charlottebusinessguild.org

RSVP must be received one week in advance.

Attendees must present photo ID.


April 14-27 . 2012 qnotes 19

20 qnotes April 14-27 . 2012

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