Introduction to the OBT Anywhere Suite - OBTs

Introduction to the OBT Anywhere Suite - OBTs


Desktopanywhere® Outlookanywhere® CRManywhere® SharePointanywhere Backupanywhere

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The OBT Anywhere Suite will enable your applications to work together

seamlessly and cost-efficiently, wherever you are, online and offline.


Desktop Anywhere encompasses everything your business needs to run a successful IT system

– from windows applications, data storage, software licensing, network management, regular

backup, virus protection and technical support – enabling you and your staff to focus completely

on your core business activity. Desktop Anywhere is a subscription based system, making an

efficient IT infrastructure more affordable to SMEs.


Outlook Anywhere will keep you in the loop of mission-critical information wherever you may

be. With a familiar Microsoft Outlook interface powered by Microsoft Exchange, you can easily

customise your account to share emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks to suite your needs.

Outlook Anywhere also supports instant synchronisation with mobile devices such as BlackBerry

and other PDAs, enhancing efficient staff collaboration and communication within your company.


CRM Anywhere enables quick and easy access to centralised essential information about your

clients and prospects giving your staff access to not only the basic information such as contact

details and call history, but also to up to date communication details that will help streamline

work-flows and staff activities. CRM Anywhere is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and

runs both locally and remotely for easy and secure access from any location. Its tight integration

with Microsoft Outlook will ensure your staff will find it easy to use and quickly acclimatise to its

many features.


SharePoint Anywhere provides you with a fully managed online office that will encourage robust

collaboration across all aspects of your business. It is an excellent file sharing system where

all files are centralised in one location for efficient access. SharePoint Anywhere also enables

check-in and check-out of documents which will simplify the versioning of all your files, and can

be customised to include features such as business calendars, announcements, and portals;

improving the overall workflow of your business.


Backup Anywhere gives you quick retrieval of your backed up documents via secure web

connection from anywhere in the world. It enables you to take full control of your data backups

(i.e. frequency and contents) and will even give you an option to automatically backup your

selected files. Backup Anywhere gives you a peace of mind as it will retain a ‘snapshot’ of your

data remotely in case of emergencies and disasters.


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