My 4th of July Weekend (July '10): So after having ... - Echo of Infinity

My 4th of July Weekend (July '10): So after having ... - Echo of Infinity

My 4th of July Weekend (July '10):

So after having gone to White Thorn Lodge on Memorial Day, I had a free 24-hour-stay

pass that I had gotten validated. Having a free pass, of course I wanted to use it. Unfortunately,

I had recently gotten fired from my job, so with money being tight, I was kind of disappointed

that I might not get the chance. Luckily for me, I had to set up a dentist appointment around

that time, and the dentist I was going to visit was halfway to White Thorn drive-wise anyway.

The situation allowed me to be able to stretch things a little and actually possibly get one last

hoorah in the for the summer.

On July 3rd, White Thorn was having a body-painting activity going on. This is the main

reason I wanted to go to White Thorn for the July 4th weekend. I had seen pictures of people

who had been body-painted online, but I had never had a chance to try it out for myself. I had

planned on scheduling my dentist appointment for July 2nd so I could just go from the dentist

appointment straight to White Thorn, but unfortunately the latest the dentist could get me in

was the evening of July 1st. While I was not excited about having to sleep at a rest-stop or

outside a Walmart for the extra night to stay in the area, I figured if this was going to be

possibly my last chance of the summer to enjoy time at a nudist camp, I could survive going

through one day of sticking around in a random area in order to have a much better day the

following day. What I didn't know was, was that that extra day I thought I was going to be

suffering turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

So after getting my dentist appointment scheduled, I thought up things that I could do to

take up that extra time I would have before I would be able to go to White Thorn. One thing I

really wanted to do, and that ended up working out, was to spend some time with my best

female friend. I also realized that I needed to get a transcript sent from my college which was

in the area, and so I planned on doing that as well. I also figured that the computers would be

open at my college, so I planned on probably just surfing the internet mindlessly for hours.

With these things in mind, I figured I'd have enough activities to keep me from going crazy for

a day.

July 1st came along. I happen to be lucky enough to currently have a next door neighbor

who likes cutting hair. I had planned on having her cut my hair that day before I headed out for

my weekend at White Thorn; but unfortunately, I had to leave my house before she was able to

come over, and so I had to go without. As far as packing, we didn't necessarily have much in the

house to be able to pack for camping out for a few days. I ended up taking a couple bottles of

green tea, filled up a couple of empty bottles with SunnyD, took a couple of bottles of water, and

then basically planned on surviving off of a pack of bagels, a bit of peanut butter and honey, and

some peanut butter crackers and Chex Mix. I packed a couple pair of shorts, and an extra pair

of clothes, a couple towels, a pack of cards, a couple books to read, and of course sunscreen. I

had planned on taking a blanket, and probably a pillow as well, because I knew it was forecast

to be cold at night, but to my detriment later in the trip, I somehow forgot to grab these latter

two items. After the packing was over, the time soon came for me to leave for my dentist

appointment, and realizing a haircut just wasn't going to happen, I threw everything in the car

and headed out.

I realized I had forgotten my blanket after I had already hit the freeway. I simply said to

myself "Well, it's summer. It probably won't be that cold." And I continued on my journey. The

trip down to the dentist was uneventful, because I already knew exactly how to get there. When I

got to the dentist, thankfully he told me he didn't see any issues with my teeth, and that I might be

fine. I had been experiencing strong sensitivity about two weeks before, but they had subsided as

of late. He said it might have been because of the filling I had gotten a couple months ago. After

the essentially good report from the dentist, I texted my friend to see when she wanted to hang out

that weekend. She didn't respond right away, so I decided to go park near my college and get

something to drink because it was hot outside while I waited.

After getting a drink, and not hearing from my friend for a while, I decided to go in to my

college. While walking towards it, I remembered that the library might be open. I enjoy visiting

the library, because they have internet access, peace and quiet, and a lot of interesting books to

look through. They also have air-conditioning. While there, I decided on finding books on

massage, because I have an interest in it, and wanted to see if I could pick up any more pointers

by looking through them. After finding a couple of manuals and leafing through them, I got

bored. A person can only read so much before their mind goes blah. As well, the main manual I

was looking through was mentioning the parts to massage mainly by the scientific names of the

muscles; since I don't know those, a good portion of it was going over my head. Being bored, I

decided to go sit near a window on one of the higher stories overlooking the campus. this was

both because the AC was colder than my tastes preferred at the time, and it was warmer by the

windows, and also because I like the view the wall-length windows give. On my way to the

windows, my friend texted me. She mentioned she couldn't hang out that night, which was

disappointing because it meant more boredom for me, ...but she did mention that her boss said

I could volunteer with her the next day working at the garden she worked at. Part of my first

impression of this was that 5 hours with her would be great; but it also came into my mind that

I could be stuck working there not actually interacting with her almost at all those 5 hours.

I would have been reasonably upset if I had agreed to help out with the intentions of getting a bit

of hang out time with her, only to be used like a tool to get free labor out of me. But I thought

about it, and I really didn't have a lot else to do the next day, so I agreed, because at least even if

I was stuck working, it would have given me something to keep me busy for that extra day. After

figuring out the meeting up details with my friend, I had to figure out what to do the rest of my

night. I decided to tie up some odds and ends at the library, and after that I went to go to the

nearest rest-stop on the freeway to find a place to sleep.

Once I got to the rest-stop I planned on sleeping at, it was already dark. The rest-stop

attendant was sitting outside by the parking lot. I didn't know if there was a rule for how long

people could park at a rest stop, so I stayed in my front seat waiting for him to walk away

before I hopped in the back and tried to crash. Upon getting to my backseat, I realized cars

aren't as big as they were when I was little. I had to scrunch my legs up a bit to get in a position

to even possibly get to sleep. Eventually I did get to sleep, but unfortunately, the cold of the

night crept in roughly an hour after that. Since I had forgotten my blanket, all I had to try to keep

me warm that night were a couple of towels I had brought for drying off with and for sitting on.

Unfortunately, these were simply not enough. It was too cold for me to be able to sleep, and so

I sat cold in the backseat curled up trying to stay warm. The cold prevented me from sleeping

entirely after I had woken up. I was up basically the whole night, and so at roughly 4am, I

decided to head to my friend's house and park outside and try to sleep for the 3 or so hours before

I needed to meet up with her for work the next day.

On my way to my friend's house, I realized I had to pee. Now the question was, since I

was now traveling on a road down the middle of the suburbs, where in the world was I going to

stop to pee. I wasn't entirely familiar with the area, though I knew there was a large park system

nearby that I might be able to sneak in to and pull off the deed. But I didn't want to risk the

chance of park police coming through during a night run and arresting me, and so I decided to

look for an open gas station. Unfortunately, not much is open at 4am. So on I went, and on, and

on, and nothing. Thankfully, eventually I found a Shell gas station that was open that appeared

to have a public restroom. Unfortunately, it was 4am. While there was an attendant there who I

talked to through a window, he wouldn't give me permission to use the restroom. Seriously; there

is an unassuming white boy in need at 4am standing outside your window. But perhaps at 4am

your level of mental caring ability isn't very high to begin with. In honesty, I assume the refusal

was for security reasons because the rest of the inside of the store wasn't open yet either. But

anyway, now it's 4am, I just got rejected from being able to pee at the only place that was open

for possibly a couple of miles, and I didn't know what to do. So I asked the attendant "Do you

know of any place that is open" ...He replied, "Walmart." Thank God for Walmart. I asked him

for directions, and thankfully it wasn't horribly far away. I promptly went in, glanced at the lone

cashier who probably had no desire to be working at 4am, did my business, and finished my

journey to my friend's house. I think I got maybe another hour of sleep that night, while the heat

I had turned on from my car still kept me warm.

On Friday, July 2nd, I had at least an hour before it would have been acceptable to go up

and knock on my friend's door. Not many people like to be woken up at 6am, and because she

lives with her parents, they probably wouldn't have appreciated it. As well, even though she is

personally my best female friend, I live a bit farther away, and so had never actually met up with

her at her house before. So, during my hour, I decided to read, eat, brush my teeth (spitting the

waste in the neighbor's yard [because there didn't seem to be a more appropriate place to spit it]),

and go for a jog. I had noticed a few people going for a jog by my car already that morning, so it

seemed like a good idea. I also had a bird that decided it was going to try to perch on my driver's

side window sill. Unfortunately for it, I was in the middle of reading at the time, and so it's

scrat tat tat about a foot from me startled me, and in return my startledness startled it into flying

away. But 7am did roll around, and so I reluctantly rang my friend's doorbell.

Thankfully, she was the one who answered. She was like "You're killing me." But she let

me in anyway. I won't describe the inside of her house, though I did find it interesting. I will say

though, I got to see her in her "just woke up" look, and while I didn't find it physically attractive,

it was still beautiful to see her like that, because not everyone allows other people to see what

they look like first thing in the morning (though some other guy will find her gorgeous). But I

wasn't there to pick up a chick anyway, I was there to visit a friend, and an awesome friend at

that. Anyway, after getting everything ready, we headed out to go to the church garden where

we would be working for the day. And for those of you who were wondering, no, she wasn't

naked first thing in the morning. She isn't a nudist.

To save a little time, I'll just say that the day went better than I was expecting. It turned out

to be basically just four people working together in the garden, and we all worked in the same

spot. We were clearing a patch of ground of weeds so that we could plant beans or something

later. There was ample opportunity to talk, though my friend did talk a lot with her coworkers

about other stuff, and so I didn't get to join in the conversation as much as I would have liked.

There was one point where my friend had to drive back home really quick to pick something up,

and so it gave me time to get to know the other girl I had been working with a bit better, and so I

chose to do that. After my friend got back, I happened to ask her if she had told her coworkers

anything about me being a nudist. I didn't say the n word, but she knew what I meant when I said

it. She said she hadn't, but that they would probably be okay with hearing it. To my surprise, not

only did the other girl ask questions about it from a point of curiosity, when I mentioned the

World Record skinny-dip attempt was coming up the next weekend, she suggested that her and

my friend should go to it. And as we speak, during this week, they will probably be finding out if

they are able. (They would be going with me. And it would be a real privilege to know that I was

allowed to be entrusted with that kind of vulnerability both from my friend, and also from a gal

that I only met once. I really don't expect it to happen, partly because my friend likes to run

things by her parents even though she is of age; but if it does happen, I think it will be an

incredible shift in our friendship, because she will be able to see that all that talking about

nudism being innocent and enjoyable that I mentioned is really true, and I think us being nude

around each other would become no big deal, or at least a lot less of one.) Friday finished out

with me going back to college to get some stuff done, and then heading out to White Thorn.

Friday night I arrived at White Thorn. It was roughly 6pm. I went down to my nudist club's

spot for camping out and parked my car. After that, I packed up my small backpack and got naked.

I believe this is when I noticed some of my fellow club members putting together a serving tent

setup for breakfast the next day. I helped them get the tent up, and then I went off to see what

was going on in the rest of the park. I just want to stop here and say again that I think White Thorn

is a really nice nudist park. The people seem to be alright, the facilities are nice, they have

activities planned on the weekends, and they don't necessarily seem to have a lot of mosquitoes,

even though they are in the middle of the woods. Anyway, so I went on through the park. I think

that night I ended up reading a little by the pool, I played volleyball with just 2 or 3 other people,

I got to try out a drum circle (a professional bongo style drum group came in and taught us beats

and had about 20 drums around the campfire), and then after that I went up to check out the

drum group who was performing for the camp at the clubhouse. I noticed there were only literally

like two people near my age out that night, and so since they were at the clubhouse as well,

I decided to go try to socialize with them.

Unfortunately, the occasion of trying to socialize with the two people around my age put

me in a bit of an awkward position. Both of them were female, and with me being a male, I

didn't want them to think that I was singling them out because of some sort of perverted/desperate

desire that some men have. I had seen at least one of them at White Thorn the last time I was

there, and I really had no idea what impression I had left her with when I left. But I knew my

own motives were pure, and so I shielded myself up with the fact that they might not have any

desire to talk to me and may think I was a pervert, and I went over and talked to the one who

looked a couple years older. Thankfully, she didn't mind me getting into conversation with her.

A good portion of the conversation actually took place on the dance floor, where the drum group

was playing beats and a bunch of rather pitiful looking dancing was taking place. I assume part

of the reason the dancing mostly looked like people bobbing side to side was the beats being

played and lack of knowledge of how to actually dance and look good doing it to that specific

type of music. But since I can't dance any better, I sucked up the embarrassment of merely

bobbing side to side on the dance floor, and continued to talk to the older gal that I had started

talking to. I eventually went back out on the dance floor and started talking a bit to the other gal

that was there around my age. I still don't know what the latter one really thinks of me, but at

least I made some convo so I wasn't a total stranger. I also had a humorous moment during this

time of the night. At one point, I had gone out on the patio to continue talking to the slightly older

than me gal. Though other people were around, and I was right there, she whipped off the dress

she was wearing (the only thing she was wearing) and continued to talk to me as if nothing had

changed. While that is the way it should be, without there needing to be a care in the world, it

was just funny because there was no warning, and it didn't seem to phase her that a near stranger

was standing right in front of her.

After I got tired of dancing, and wanted to get to bed so that I could be sure to make it to

the body-painting the next day, I decided to head back to my car. I was hoping it wouldn't be

cold again this night, because my friends I was hoping to have show up so I could ask them for

a blanket I didn't see pull in, so all I could do was put on all the clothing I had brought with me

for the weekend. Unfortunately, even with most of the clothing I had brought with me for the

weekend being worn, and a couple of towels on top of me too, it was just too cold to be able to

sleep. So to stay warm and not get sick, I decided I would spend the night hopping in and out

of the hot tub, and that is what I did. I was there from roughly 2:30am to 6am. And by now, I

already was lacking from a previous night of lost sleep. But thankfully the hot tub felt decently

welcoming even after the 11th time of getting back in, and I wasn't having problems with

nodding off. I was still concerned though that two nights with almost no sleep would ruin what

was supposed to be the best day of the weekend for me. Thankfully God must have given me a

bit of extra energy, because Saturday went alright. At 6am, I decided to put the lid back on the

hot tub and head back down to my car. It was getting light out again, so I figured the renewed

sunlight might make it warm enough to get to sleep for a couple hours.

Sleep. Yea right. I got back to my car, and I found out that my cell phone must have not

been charged enough before I left (or can't last more than two days without being charged),

because I had found it dead when I got in my car. I was concerned about even taking the risk

of trying to sleep without an alarm clock, because I figured with two days of sleep lost already,

I might sleep through the whole day and someone not notice me and come and wake me up. I

really wanted to do that body-painting, and so I was torn about what in the world to do. I came

up with the idea of writing a note on a piece of paper and putting it on my windshield that told

the passers-by to wake me up at 9am. I figured, at least then if they questioned if they should

wake me up, or saw a random note on someone's car, that it might draw their attention and get

me what I wanted. I ended up taking the risk, and I also turned on my car to get some heat,

though it's exhaust is louder than some motorcycles' exhaust, because I really wanted to get to

sleep, and by now it was around 7am, which I figured would be at least a tolerable enough time

for people to be woken up by a loud car parked next to them. I think I slept for about an hour,

which made my total for this night about the same as the night before, two hours.

After it hit about 8am, I just gave up and hoped that God would give me strength to make

the day go decent. I had prayed for a bit while at the hot tub hoping that it would be enough to get

God to move and give me the energy I needed. And since I also had been smart enough to bring

an energy drink with me on the trip, I figured if I needed a last resort boost to help me through my

day, I could always chug it down. With this in mind, I got up to take on the day. I may or may not

have chosen to read my Bible before walking around; but I'm pretty sure I read it a little at least at

some point during my weekend. When I got up to walk around, I noticed some of my fellow club

members were getting a breakfast ready for the club. I had heard this was going to happen, and

considering I was living off of basically nothing but bagels during that weekend so far, it was a

wonderful thought. The breakfast was amazing, with scrambled eggs, potatoes, fruit, pastries,

sausage. It was so nice. I got a chance to talk a bit with some of my club members. And yes,

if I remember correctly, like half or so of the members were wearing clothing during the

breakfast, if not more. It was still a bit cold outside that morning, so people wanted to stay warm.

Unfortunately, I had an unpleasant surprise waiting for me when I got back to my car.

Locked. Locked, locked, locked. All four doors and the trunk, and I had forgotten to pull

out my backpack which I had been carrying my keys in around camp. I know, right Sucktastic.

There was no easy fix for this. Unhappily looking at another dilemma, I talked to one of the club

members that I knew worked on auto body for a job. Thankfully he happened to also be standing

next to a guy who worked on car windows for a living. Too bad neither of them had either of their

professional tools with them. What happens in a situation like this A half-hour worth of work, a

couple of coat-hangers that eventually get fastened into a hook, a screw-driver, and a bit of help

from God; and laughing at the thought of calling AAA out to have to unlock my car. Thankfully,

they were able to jam the coat-hanger they had down hard enough to get it through the crack in

my door, and they were able to hook my door handle and pull it open. I thanked my club

members after they helped me out for their kindness; and with breakfast past, and the ordeal over

with, I stripped down, put on some sunscreen, and headed up to the body-painting so I wouldn't

miss out.

I didn't miss out. Now originally, I had hoped there would be a female my age there so that

we could body-paint each other and I could get used to interacting with women my age in a

nudist setting from a closer standpoint. Not for any sexual reason, but just so that I could get

further adjusted to the normality of male-female socialization in a nudist setting on a deeper

level. This was only like my tenth or less socially nude experience, and only like my fourth or

fifth with women even close to my age being around. But unfortunately, the only people that

seemed to be up at the body-painting booth were a couple of random adults, a mom that was

running it, and her two boys that were happily painting random designs on their bodies. After

looking around the scene for a while, one of the older gentlemen asked me if I wanted to get

body-painted. I said yes, and when he asked what I wanted, I said I didn't care and that whoever

was free to experiment on me if they wanted to. I found out that that older man liked to paint in

his spare time, and so he painted a nice ocean scene with a tiki hut on it on my back.

Anyway, so that was pretty much the extent that I got body-painted. After getting that done,

I watched a couple other people that were body-painting things on themselves or others, and

floated back and forth between looking for something to do and heading back to check out how

the body-painting booth was going. Even nudist parks get boring if you come alone and don't

really have any activities to do or people to socialize with. Anyway, I ended up hanging out

mostly down by the body-painting booth watching people paint stuff, until finally members from

the club I belonged to showed up and asked me to paint our club initials on some of them. A

parade for the 4th of July weekend was starting shortly, and they were walking in it. And they

asked me to walk in it too.... My club members are friendly, and the club is nice and all, but I am

relatively new to the club, so I wasn't necessarily enthusiastic about jumping in to be a part of it

in a parade. It's kind of how I feel about America. I care about it, it matters to me, but not enough

that I would want to start a parade over it. I care about the people. Besides, we are living in a

more and more global economy and world anyway. Countries aren't what matter, the group of

humans walking the earth as a whole is what matters (at least to me); and so I wasn't joyful at

the thought about being requested to jump in the parade, but I figured I would help out just to be


There was a parade. It had decorated golf carts and naked people walking in it. The end.

At least for that part. Not a huge ordeal for me. After the parade, I went over and took a shower.

I knew I was planning on being in the sun the rest of the day, and so I had to wash off the

body-paint to properly be able to put sunscreen on myself so I wouldn't get burned. After the

shower, I headed over to the sand volleyball courts. It looked like a couple of the regulars were

about to get a game going. With that in mind, I busted out the sunscreen and put another layer on.

And because there always seems to be that one spot on a person's back that they can't reach

properly, I went up to a few people who were sitting down and talking and asked if they could get

my back for me. Thankfully, they didn't have any problems with it. After this, I waited around

until enough people came over to actually get a game of volleyball going. I will say, the

weather during the days of this weekend was relatively nice. It was hot, with clear skies; hot

enough to where it would have sucked to have been outside that long and still had been wearing

clothing; but most of us were naked, so it wasn't quite as bad. Now that that brief unmusical

interlude is over, I ended up playing volleyball with a few of the same people I had played

volleyball with over Memorial Day. It was nice to have some familiar faces around. We ended

up playing volleyball for hours. One of the people I had talked to the night before had said that

they play volleyball like every day in the summer at White Thorn. Eventually the time came that

it just got too hot for me to be playing volleyball for that long, and so I decided to let them keep

going while I went to shower off before heading in the pool. I only had an hour or so before I had

to leave the camp anyway, so a jump in the pool would be a good way to round off my time at the


There is one more thing I wanted to accomplish before leaving the park though, and that

was at least giving my email to the couple of people I had talked to around my age, so that

perhaps we could keep in touch. The first person I gave my contact info to was the gal who

looked a couple years younger than me. I wrote a note and left it on her chair while she was

playing volleyball. I let her know when she found it that it was from me and gave her the

general mention that it was because that day may have been my last time out to White Thorn and

so I wanted to give her the opportunity to talk with me further if she wanted to later. Right after

that, it appeared she took the paper, and then went off and did who knows what with it while she

went to go take a break to eat. A little later on, I bumped into the slightly older than me gal, and I

mentioned giving my contact info to the younger gal for either of them to contact me if they

wanted to. The older than me gal ended up giving me contact info so we could keep in touch, so

that was cool. I want to make clear that I wasn't sexually or romantically interested in either of

these women. They really were like the only two people there around my age that I saw on

Friday night and had a chance to talk to; and so even though a couple more people slightly

around my age popped up the next day, the first two were the only ones I felt comfortable

enough giving my contact info to. It would be weird walking up to a random person who I hadn't

talked to and asking them to keep in touch with me. (And yes, I've found out the contact info the

older than me gal gave me was legit). And because I didn't want the younger than me gal to think

I was a creeper, I went back and wrote another little note explaining to her the reason I gave her

my contact info and put that on her chair after she came back and started playing volleyball again.

I don't know what her reaction to it was, because I didn't get the chance to be around, but at least

it hopefully cleared up that I wasn't trying to score a date with her.

Some of the last two things I did while at the camp were take a dip in the pool, and later

taking a totally naked hike around some of the camp (I disliked needing to wear shoes because

of the gravel, as it weakened enjoying the notion of being naked). That was basically how my

July 4th weekend went as far as nudist experiences went. I did go to the summer camp I got fired

from after leaving White Thorn because I had to drop off my staff shirt and pick up some of my

belongings, and some good happened there, but I wrote about that in my "Getting Fired for My

Beliefs- Update," so you will have to read that if you want to find out what happened. And,

of course, I did make it home safely, as I am currently here writing this. And I finally got a good

night's sleep.

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