Ghent, Belgium, 8th May 2012

Seminar 3D - PLATO

GEFOS, a.s.

- 1983 - Surveying Department of Water Buildings within an atomic power plant in


- 1994 - became GEFOS - GEodetic and Fotogrammetric Systems, as part of Water

buildings with exclusive rights to service and sales of Leica equipment

- 1.8.1998 - GEFOS, a.s. - as we know it now

- 1999 - Gefos Trade - 1st daughter company

- 2003 - Gefos Slovakia - 2nd daughter company

- 2008 - Gefos Polska - 3rd daughter company

GEFOS, a.s.

-Gefos a.s. – Czech Republic (Prague, Ostrava, České Budejovice, Zlín, Temelín) – 153 employees

-Gefos Slovakia s.r.o. - (Bratislava, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, Prešov) - 25 employees

-Gefos Polska s.r.o. - (Krakow) - 8 employees

-Gefos Trade - Czech Republic (České Budejovice) - 8 employees

- Gefos Leica – Czech Republic (Prague) - 12 employees


GEFOS, a.s.

GEFOS, a.s. – provided services

Gefos, a.s. (Czech Republic) – 3 departments - 2 of them are services (Prague,

České Budejovice , 1 is purely business (Prague)

After 20 years of being in the market we are offering integrated services:

Engineering surveying (bridges, tunnels…)

Setting out of objects, buildings, engineering networks…

3D laser scanning

3D models and visualization



Mobile spherical photographs

Mapping (functional maps, technical maps, background for projects)

Coordinate settings

Passports of buildings

Railway surveying

Underground surveying (mines, caves…)

Cadastral system

Land relations

GEFOS, a.s. - position in the surveying market

- 6 laser scanners in Czech Republic

- 6 laser scanners in Slovak Republic

- With 206 employees we are the 2nd biggest surveying company in

Czech Republic

- In the 3D and Photogrammetry department there are 5 permanent staff,

10 available to hand (otherwise they work on “traditional“ surveying jobs)

- In 2011 we had a financial break through – earning 4 times more than

previous years , which enabled us to widened our target markets. Existing

clients also requested further services.

Laser scanning – …from the past to the future…

- 1st company in Middle Europe to buy laser scanner – Leica HDS 2500

- 1st job – in 2002, petrochemical industry in Litvínov (called Chemopetrol), pipes


- Within the 1st year – variety of different kinds of job – sections, facades of

buildings, engineering surveying, pipe bridges

2012: Metra Scan

Exa scan

Laser scanning – …from the past to the future…

2012: HDS 3000

C 10

Laser scanning – …from the past to the future…

Case study 1 – Tank scanning in Litvínov

Case study 1 – Tank scanning in Litvínov

Case study 1 – Tank scanning in Litvínov

Case study 1 – Textured model

Case study 1 – Volume, area

Case study 1 – 3D comparison

Case study 1 – Horizontal sections

Case study 1 – Vertical cuts

Case study 1 – Profiles, hypsometry

Case study 1 – Why was laser scanning used

-Need to do job as soon as possible, with only 1 day of site access and no possiblity to


-Safety reasons, non-contact measurement

- Uncertainty of client – continually changing mind of project needs

- Best way to create contour maps of ground (main requirement)

Case study 2 – Tunnel Špejchar

Case study 2 – Špejchar 3D Wireframe model

Case study 2 –Špejchar Solid Model

Case study 2 – Špejchar wall contours

Case study 2 – Špejchar 2D comparison

Case study 2 – Špejchar 3D comparison

Case study 2 – Why was laser scanning used

- Rapid site data collection required

- Complete digital data set of the site from each day. Data can be processed on an 'asneeded'


- Cost savings – same dataset can be used for different purposes and sold to different


- Best way to create contour maps of ground

Case study 3 – Pipes in 3D

Case study 3 – Traditional method

…but what if the pipe on

the ground wasn‘t

horizontal …

Case study 3 – Laser scanning


Case study 4 – Contours of the highway – GIVEN BY LAW

Case study 4 – Contour map as final product

Case study 4 – Why was laser scanning used

- Rapid site data collection required – road closure is for one day and one night

only – espetially on ‚D‘ highways

- Safety reasons

- Cost savings

- Because it is given by law that all tree layers of road-way needs to be

documented as contour map

Thank you for your attention!!!

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