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newsThe Newsletter of

Schneider Electric New Zealand

May 2005


Always First

FactoryCast Getaway

Transparent Ready


new 2

Compact NS100 to 630A

Always first

The Compact NS range is celebrating

12 years since its launch in 1993, it

immediately acquired its reputation

for excellence in covering all the

protection needs of LV electrical

installations. Recently imitated

but never equalled, it still

keeps its leading position

by providing a large

number of technical

and technological

breakthroughs in

its ratings from

15 to 630 A.

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welcome to our latest edition of


Schneider Electric

Welcome to the fi rst edition of Schneider

News for 2005.

Whilst for some it has been a soft start to

the year, with many taking additional time off

to take advantage of what seems to be an

endless summer, we are yet to see the slow

down that was predicted late last year by

many analysts. The residential, commercial

and industrial sectors continue to exhibit good

growth, with the beginning of the second

quarter looking stronger than ever.

Congratulations to the winners of the

Telemecanique clickers from our December

issue. We are sure you will fi nd these a great

asset and valuable tool. Remember, you can

purchase the clickers for just $125 + GST

each by contacting customer services.

In this months issue we showcase some

exciting new offers which both compliment

existing product ranges and offer additional

fl exibility for a whole range of applications.

The diecast metal Federal/Rowco range

with options up to 125A and up to 7 pole

enhances the industry standard 56 range

covering all those installations where a heavy

duty industrial solution is required. The Merlin

Gerin Compact NS range has been further

enhanced with increased breaking capacities

and the introduction of the new SX type.

Check out the new FactoryCast Gateway that

allows remote access to your Modbus devices

through the web.

Watch for the next issue of Schneider News

where we will announce some exciting new

product launches – one in particular will be

our largest and most exiting product launch

for more than 10 years.

December Clicker

Competition winners

Tony Buxton

Steven Allen

Alec Knewstubb

Brian Anderson

Ross Jones

Kent Mulligan

Bob Graham

Daniel Lovatt

Steven Bond

Euan Brouwers





Palmerston North





1 of 10





New Plymouth

Thank you to all for your entries to this draw.

If you wish to purchase a ‘clicker’ please contact

Customer Services on 0800 472 463 to arrange this purchase.

The clickers cost is $125 + GST each.


FEDERAL & ROWCO New Product Release Kit 2005

New Fupact Fusegear Range

PDL Pocket Book & Schneider Catalogue – Available mid May

We appreciate your continued support and

custom, and wish you all a great year.

Stu Thorogood

General Manager

Schneider Electric (NZ) Ltd

Contact Customer Services on 0800 472 463 for your copy.

Compact NS100 to 630A

Always first

continued from page 1


(15 to 100 A)


(15 to 160 A)


(80 to 250 A)


(160 to 400 A)


(252 to 630 A)

1. Compact NS100 to 630A enhanced perfomances

In order to rationalise the performances of the Compact range,

the technical characteristics of certain devices have been

upgraded and a new offer has emerged:

■ The breaking capacities of the NS 100N and NS 400/630/N

devices have been raised to 36 and 50 kA respectively

(under 380/415V).

■ The NS 100 to 250 devices of the new SX type, with a

breaking capacity of 50 KA, now complete the range.

2. The new Measurement Module Communication via Modbus

The latest new feature in the Compact NS system, the

new Measurement Module is the upgrade that gives a

new dimension to the Compact NS100 to 630A.Installed

downstream with a 3 or 4 pole circuit-breaker, the

Measurement Module is a fully integrated solution containing:

■ Instrument CTs class 1 (100 and 150 A) or class 0.5

(400 and 600 A).

■ Voltage taps with their protection

Associated with a display of the PM500, PM700 type or from

the PM800 series, they form a comprehensive assembly with

a large number of display, information and remote control

possibilities for enhanced control of the electrical installation

via a Modbus type network.

This assembly opens up the path for communication to

Compact NS100 to 630A.

This function can now be performed with feeders of small

ratings (15 A)


NS100 to 630




CT module


Local display

Communication, remote display and control

3. OSN, the new release with overrated neutral

In current tertiary type installations, the specifi c feature of the

multiplication of applications generating 3 rd order harmonic

currents (offi ce IT systems, lighting with electronic ballast,

telephone centres, etc.) is the addition of these currents in the

neutral conductor.

This overcurrent in the conductor results in temperature rises

and even nuisance tripping.

This problem often means that the neutral protection has to be

shifted with respect to phases and its conductor overrated.

Thanks to the new OSN releases, protection is co-ordinated.

For more information please contact

Bruce Morrison on 0275 322 404 or contact

Customer Services on 0800 472 463 to order

your copy of the Compact NS100 to 630A

brochure pictured.

Web gateway

FactoryCast Gateway

Opening new horizons

with smart services

* Simply Smart: smarter and more intelligent, yet even easier to use.

Smart, open

and flexible...

A multiplicity

of functions!

The new Internet technologies and

services used in industry are

opening up extraordinary new

horizons in terms of remote

control and remote

maintenance. Based on

TCP/IP and Web standards,

Telemecanique's Transparent

Ready products offer

optimized, homogenous

solutions, from the

enterprise management

level right through to the

control system equipment.

At the very heart of this

offer, the FactoryCast Web

Gateway offers yet smarter

functions and proposes a

cost effective and all-in-one

solution. Open - it allows remote

access to your Modbus devices.

Flexible - it combines multiple functions.

Gateway or Web portal The choice is yours…

Simply Smart !*

Modbus Protocol Adopted

as Chinese Standard

North Grafton, MA (January 11, 2005) — In a

striking affi rmation of the ubiquitous Modbus

protocol, the Standardization Administration

of China (SAC) has formally launched the

following three standards for industrial

automation in the People’s Republic of China:

■ GB/Z 19582.1-2004 Modbus Industrial

Automation Network Specifi cation Part 1

Modbus Application Protocol

■ GB/Z 19582.2-2004 Modbus Industrial

Automation Network Specifi cation Part 2

Modbus Protocol Implementation Guide

over Serial Link

■ GB/Z 19582.3-2004 Modbus Industrial

Automation Network Specifi cation Part 3

Modbus Protocol Implementation Guide

over TCP/IP

Mr. Ouyang Jinsong, Director of

Standardization, Department of Instrumentation

Technology & Economy Institute, People’s

Republic of China and General Secretary of the

National Standardization Technical Committee

on Industrial Process Measurement and

Control confi rmed the standards were effective

October 26, 2004.

The news was welcomed by Modbus-IDA,

the international organization for suppliers,

implementers and users of Modbus and

its companion protocols. The Chinese

standardization authorities have been working

closely with Schneider Electric as they develop

and propagate the use of standards in their

industrial infrastructure. In conjunction with

launching the Modbus standard, a conformance

test laboratory is anticipated to open in China

within the next few months.

Ken Crater, president of Modbus-IDA, noted,

“It makes sense that the Chinese industrial

market adopt Modbus as its fieldbus standard.

Simplicity and ease of integration make it a

natural choice. The fact that it is already widely

used in China was also an important factor in

the standardization decision.”

About Modbus-IDA:

Modbus-IDA is headquartered at 37 Wheeler

Rd., North Grafton, Massachusetts, USA.

Additional information may be found on the

organization’s website at

New Metal Heavy

Industrial Switchgear

from PDL

Schneider Electric New Zealand has continued to expand

their offer in industrial solutions by introducing the PDL

range of FEDERAL and ROWCO Heavy Duty Switchgear.

These brands and products have been sold successfully

in Australia for many years. In 2003 PDL in Australia gave

the ageing range a full overhaul and redesign bringing

it into the 21 st Century. Following the re-launch of the

product into this market, the opportunity has arisen to

take this further and they have now been made available

for customers in New Zealand.

An information launch pack has been sent to select parts

of the NZ sales team, with brochures, training guides, and

back-up material. It has been well realised that the market

size for these is minimal, but combining production

resources in Christchurch with what is being produced

for Australia enables us to make them available.

Manufactured from high quality diecast aluminium

exteriors for heavy-duty applications to IP66. The offer

includes: Switch Disconnectors, Reversing Switches,

Changeover Switches, One-piece Switched Socket

Outlets, and Junction/Utility Boxes. A modular design

with 3 frames sizes. A family of products with an extensive

range of high performance switches, combined with

lightweight, corrosion resistant exteriors equals safety

and performance – a true heavy-duty industrial solution.

They compliment the existing PDL 56 Series in look and

feel, so are well suited for use alongside or instead of

this proven industrial range. There are several specialist

switches available to accurately match specific

heavy industrial applications. The range

has options up to 125A, up to 7 pole,

and even a 110V DC

rated isolator.

All of this combined equals

a PDL range that caters

for extreme areas and

applications, further

than previously

provided for. External

strength, internal

performance, and

designed in quality

give these products

a superior nature

with a familiar feel

for today’s users.

Telemecanique launches a new range of

“Osisonic” ultrasonic sensors

For demanding applications, the

Telemecanique Osisonic ultrasonic

sensors are an essential addition to

other detection technologies.

An extremely wide range of formats

from the most compact on the market,

to the 30 mm cylindrical with an 8 metre

sensing distance.

Detection using ultrasonic technology

is achieved irrespective of the shape or

nature of the material (metal, plastic,

liquid, paste, glass, wood, powder,

pastry, black, white, any colour,

transparent, etc.).

2 detection modes: diffuse mode with

background suppression (echo from

object to be detected) or refl ex mode

(object breaks the echo), which enables

detection of materials that are more

absorbent (foam rubber, sponges, etc.).

Extra large, the new Osisonic range

enables you to fi nd the right product to

meet your needs:

■ Compactness of the mini fl at

(7 x 20 x 30 mm) and Ø 12 mm

sensors, condensed technology in

the smallest formats on the market,

for better integration in the machine.

■ Simplicity and intelligence using

ultra precise teaching (teach button)

of the detection zone, making settingup

both quick and easy. Simple and

fast cabling, all Osisonic sensors

incorporate an M12 or M8 connector.

■ The closest possible to your

applications, compactness, long

sensing distances, plastic or stainless

steel cases; the Osisonic ultrasonic

sensors are suitable for use in diffi cult

environments: Verifi ed IP67 degree of

protection, almost insensitive to dust,

temperature compensated and highly

resistant to chemical agents.

■ Output to suit your needs, digital

NPN or PNP outputs, NO or NC

function, or voltage/current analogue

outputs for regulation or measurement.

Main applications:

Principal sectors: machine tools,

packaging, automobile, paper industry,

pumping, food and beverage processing.

Simply Smart !

For more information send

for our free catalogue

“Ultrasonic sensors Osisonic”

ref # DIA4ED2040901EN

or visit our website

Do you want your electrical installation to provide…

Power that costs you less

and that gives you more

Then Merlin Gerin power factor correction equipment is for you!

You improve economic performance of your installation by avoiding paying

unproductive reactive energy and or penalties.

You benefi t from better power availability when your installation is under

full load conditions.

You can postpone investments by using the full capacity of your current installation.

We are pleased to introduce a new power factor correction

modular system… the L600 range.

L600 power factor correction modules form a prewired automatic compensation

subassembly designed for mounting in “Universal plates 600 and 800” and is for fast

installation in the new Prisma Plus system.

This new range is available in standard and overrated type 400/415 V 50 Hz.

All modules are fi tted with protection against direct

contact and make for simple fast and easy installation.

For more information on our

full range of power factor

equipment please ask for

our new selection guide…..

Schneider Electric Launches Company Program to

Achieve Excellence in Providing Innovation Solutions

“Give the best of the New Electric World

to everyone, everywhere, at any time.”

In January this year our worldwide company program - new 2 was launched. The new 2 program’s action plans allow us

to give priority to Customer satisfaction, foster Employee development, take on additional Community responsibilities

and become our Shareholders preferred investment. The new 2 program has 3 main areas of focus…Growth, Effi ciency

and People.

Innovative products

Shorten & re-balance

supply chain

Increase health & safety



New markets


time to







Develop our


To achieve the goals set out in the new 2 program and align these with our company mission we have implemented a

Balanced Scorecard System.The balanced scorecard views our organization from four perspectives to create future

value through investment in customers, suppliers, employees, processes, technology, and innovation, (see diagram


Balanced Scorecard System

Our ambition is to become the essential reference in our industry and the leading provider of fully integrated solutions

and services, based on our unique combination of close partnerships with our customers and integrators, the most

comprehensive range of products and an in-depth expertise in our customer’s application.

Our values are: commitment to customers, respect for people, team spirit and risk taking – and care for the environment

are shared by our teams all over the world.

The new 2 program will run for the next 4 years. During this time we will continue to keep you up-to-date with our

progress and success stories. We, at Schneider Electric are all very excited about the changes new 2 will bring to our

organisation and look forward to passing these benefi ts onto our customers.

New People

Glenn Newman

Sales Representative – AKL

Product Sales

Ian Simpson

Sales Engineer

– Waikato/BOP

Applied Solutions

Berend Kingma

Sales Engineer – Waikato

Product Sales

Krish Dasgupta

Market Sector Manager

Building & Infrastructure

Matt Pickering

Sales Representative

– P/Nth

Product Sales

Mark Richards

Sales Representative

– Wellington

Product Sales

Tony Hayward

Sales Engineer – Wanaka

Product Sales

New Positions

Jimmy McConnell

Northern Regional Manager

Applied Solutions

´Pravin D’Lima

Product Sales Manager

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Roger Thomas

Product Manager

Low End Control

Danny Garvin

Project Manager

Product Sales

Leslie Oelofse

Marketing Manager

Electrical Distribution

Ross de Bueger

Product Manager

Switchboards &

Busbar Trunking

Turning motion into light!

When discretion is required utilise PDL's latest innovative sensors.

The 100CF360 incoporates

c A full tilt adjustment providing easy access to adjustment settings

maximising the products functionality.

c Blanking strips are provided with the 100CF360 allowing the products

detection fi eld to be reduced eliminating any unnecessary activations.

c Fully adjustable timer, sensitivity and lux provide greater fl exibility

to suit almost any applications.

c The 100CF360 is designed to fi t into a 63mm cut out, a similar size

to most common halogen down lights. The sensor is retained via

two metal springs.

c Sensor (100CF360) has relay outputs, meaning no minimum

load required.

c Tested to AS/NZS 3100 and CISPR15 (EMC).



Schneider Electric products are available through electrical wholesalers New Zealand wide.

For Customer Services

Freecall 0800-652 999, freefax 0800-101 152

Email orders to

Online product detail - download from

Merlin Gerin, PDL, Square D and Telemecanique are brands of Schneider Electric

Owing to changes in standards and equipment, the characteristics given in the text and images in this document are not binding until they have been confi rmed with us.

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