2007 - 2008 Annual Enrollment Guide - Benefits Online


2007 - 2008 Annual Enrollment Guide - Benefits Online

Web site. From Benefits OnLine, click on My Benefits Access to access personalized plan information, as well as tools and

resources to help you make informed decisions. At My Benefits Access, you’ll be able to:

Compare Your Medical Options — Compare features and services from up to three different medical plan options. You

can evaluate how different options stack up in terms of the services you use most (e.g., doctor’s office visits, inpatient care,

ease of access to network providers).

Estimate and Compare Medical Expenses — Estimate how much you would pay out-of-pocket under three different

medical plan options so that you can see how each option impacts your budget.

Estimate Health Care Expenses — Estimate how much to set aside in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account.

Find a Doctor in Your Medical Plan — Search for providers in your plan’s network. You can check which doctors are in

the network of the plan option you’re considering before you enroll.

Compare Hospital Quality and Compare Doctor Quality — Review hospital and doctor ratings, so you can make

informed decisions before you choose a provider or facility.

Using Your Benefits Wisely All Year Long

Being an informed user of health care doesn’t end with enrollment — that’s just the beginning. Here are

just a couple of steps you can take to live well and help keep your costs down year-round:

Participate in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). It allows you to set aside pre-tax money

to pay for eligible medical, dental, vision, and/or prescription drug expenses (including over-the-counter

medications) that aren’t covered by your medical plan. You’ll also save money by lowering your taxable

income. If you enroll in the Health Care FSA for 20072008, you’ll have until September 15, 2008, to

use the money in your account for eligible expenses.

Use your health plan’s network to receive the highest level of benefits and lower your out-of-pocket

costs. Providers who participate in the network have agreed to charge a lower rate than out-of-network

providers. Important: If you enroll in an EPO or HMO, you must use a network provider, or you will be

responsible for the full cost.

What’s New for 20072008

Here’s an overview of what’s changing for the 20072008 plan year. For more details, please refer to the enclosed

Summary of Material Modifications.

If you are planning to purchase optional dependent life insurance for your child, you must provide your child’s information

in order to enroll. If you’re currently enrolled but don’t have your child’s information on file, you will default to no coverage.

Effective July 1, under both Blue Cross Blue Shield PPOs, all in-network preventive care services approved by the

American Medical Association will be fully covered with no limit (your office visit copayment will still apply).

Copayments for certain services under the EPOs will increase slightly.

The way that you designate your Flexible Spending Account contribution will change. Rather than selecting a per pay

period amount, you will select an annual amount. That amount will be divided by the number of paychecks you are

scheduled to receive. For example, if you decide to contribute $1,200 annually, and you are paid weekly, your per pay

period deduction will be $1,200 ÷ 52, or $23.08 per paycheck.

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