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Press - Country Life editorial - Bodysgallen Hall





I THE WEST IRONT "The $hole l,onsc +are! ! uniform 'cmacular

iteslire a builaiDg h;tory of six hunihed years,'

I.1 nigiit .eeDr.trd4e uirr fh \niatt on,.

I ir.lrF lCrendir r lLrn.Dtr.n trjl Nnrl

I \\'ale,.nr.r \frlDld t,r1. pru!uLF I Lt !n,les

oihers) tr o siz€aLne honses. loih t.lorgnra to

the sarne ianilr, an.] r.trallr Firlin sisht ol

orc another, Not the i-"ait las.iritnrs r[irs

.nr"ur no,lr,:Jtlen \ rt, ul L onrr \!n

\]th cl.,l!rLtt' I.r rstn!!F, rt \J, lnn. a

trolcrtr ol r|e Mostr! Janrilr, though dis ias

*ar.e a .adct bnn.h It is tall and comDect,

nfrllc Gloddaeth is 1o$ and spre.dins, aa ltai,cd last \feck. Si!.e ttjc Xliditle Ag.s

2 'rHX TERR-{CE i\LONG THE NORTH ItrU\T. The gtimp,Lj .f u,uunrai!" orer hrr! $ere

,. aJmi,"J in rLp tgtt,,"nr",)

txere tl.ere.lose lidrs l!it[ tire tos.n ol

LoD\rI to tle nest, q.hicl cx€mptifv the

sfiategr. aad jmp.rian.a ol the

estrarr iI rhe late ol Nontr 1\.aies.

B.d!'sgalle. is a lronse ol c.ntra.ii.tions,

sitratcd u! on the lrest of p),d.s,

,-_._. n.trntarn, the secord rklge souitr of

tre Grcat OrLne, _ret ah.isj risilte

er.ept 1o. ,ts clion€vs \,hich

.r.itot thetrees. !'ert.n roticed in

l8ltl that it is "einbosom..l in

. \\oods of N.blc gr.wtli, {ji.h a.e

sutd€d ro llxlriatc ther own $,a,v,

nithont an! lcar .l tfc axe,. Th'is

s..1F!.! cierdsio its aichite.t!re,

ea!ilr decjrrheratle.

The ntr.le ironse (Fig t) srkr€s a

urlortu 1 erra.ular .lespite a buit.l_

hg hisiorv ol 600 vejrs. In rle

rr llu.rt J rtr!D nr Lne I ing dn,1

iti.-D Lttier in,1 in r Ltr srlrLtv

aad ...serratrve st1-le, it ts

.l tlc erohrtion ol the o].t l;il!.

h.,uses ol Gl i rcdd.

The rvlrd 'bld.]'sgaller,, has

lre.r lrter|rlt€d as h.rsc

t|e Listlea': but Th.das penn3n;

d I i. l, r 1r L/,. trtNti nrlre

E!1- ,l rr rs d 1.. I trun ,f

"rhe Louse .l Cas\'atllrn. -|rF

t.adirlof that this nas lh. d(elting

ace .1 Ca3rrall.rr La\ lrjr, Cail

\aLkrr of llrf HaDd, js ar

an.icnt on€ nrr Cad\'al or is said

to hale dicd n1 rr 517. His iatLer

n is orcol theeiglrt sois ol Cuedda,

a Rofranis€d Rritish laditr nl. in

tLle 5lr ..ntlf] .arne do{r nonr

kqland S.otland nrto n.rtl' and

nesl \\a].s. If cf€.l rhis Cn.ed.La

Lonqlesl ro!]a.ed the Ttornar

errf,rc n ihc lirds lreljousll-

.c.xfr.l br rl'c \ enel!tae, brt

partLr selt rd bf (iid€Lj. Dcoli€s h.1a!'1 Caa*atlons s.i

llaelA\rn, ntnr.ll.d in about 550,

unitcd the territoi€s hekl bv his great{ncLes into a Lingdom

attf.inratnLg to the modem Clvgcdd $hen.e his ftrll nade

ilis lamilv \yd. Christians, and llaved ! fart in the establish

m€nt ol the Welsh chn..h throrgh tle loundations of tfe nermit

saints. To Cad$allor's lathet Eini.n Yrth thc share ol AnSlese had

fallen. IIe bellendcd St Lilian, rho bdlt a church in the north ol

AnAlesev, and then one n1 Creu.ldyr lnder Cad$allon's protccti.n.

Maalgwn ivas less {€11disposed to the c}fistians, but is suPlosed to

have-giveD land at |is deaft to th€ sec ol largor,

Xlaelgwn's lavolrite strorghol.l is said to hare bcon Degamrvy

castle, a mile learer the estnary tlan Bod).sgall€n. -\

digression 'nar

exDlaii the historical sisrincance ol this anonlabus .listrict The

caitie mins stanil or tLe prominent liillocts east ol the €stuary a little

3-BODYSCALLEN FROII TIIE EAST. The wing on the left i6

dated t30i the step-gabled I'ay lights the llctonan sraircasc

maintaincd its atliance $ith Grlnedd by ad]1eing to thc Gllndwr

rcbellio! in tLe earlr lSth centlry, and by supportiDg the hous€ ol

Lancaster in the wars ol the Roses. So nben Denbighshi.e was lomed

bv the Act ol UDion in 1536, Crelddvn remahed attachcd to Caernarvon_

snire. while elsewlere the iler cone.y provided tne bounda.r-, as it

does to t]l€ nc$. colnty ol Clefd inland lrom Creuddl,n.

The key to the oigin ol Bod]sgalien is the constrncti.n of CoDw-\'

castle, This famous fortress Nas desigrcd to master the wild mountain

areas ol Snolvdonia and its abilit-\. to so can be seeD in Figure 8. The

ploosn \ .lo ," FFr 'b' ol


o .'I rt


""rl .ro

comnand the slopes sotrth-west of the loN lying castl€ against surrise


6-r'n '3rh-cENrurt'r 63I.""I"TXR#'+B 'fi11"ffi1"1;"""1T*lxl::,i;:,1.T* :1i,,.j..:1,:i:,:i"'' " (R;6,4 r'n

snrgle room on ea.h noor, r'iUr th. stai turrct pattern 1o. aI nrture rvork at tlrc nonse. tts

on tLe west angle, against fte later cLnrney trvo nain storcrs, rhe.onrtemarts.J

lrorn the I6Ll and dra{inr: roon.

-\nother lnrl


earlier hall an.l solar at€th, are a larle,

lvirh rhe.astle is tlrat tlrc onlr lnlrvn s.urcc l{^rhalle.tcred.r teda.elevel froDthe.orUr,

lor th€ pin]rish stoDe in its N dow rhlho$ is and ar eq!a l\i larqe .|alrirer rbo1.c {]

the quarr in a ncarbr licld. Ilnk sandstone h{r., rlie Irsi ! r, nr Blttr i. n \ !p€r

Nos used for all ol th. rlnus.

it. i nrin rs tirtle l rL , rtr tr is the ll.strb ootto


Little .an le said ol the |onse


till rirdons


on two rnles and a nrefrla.:c !n rh. L], L!in. rrd e

Elizabctfan titues. \\ith lfrrohas llostvn third:atlL both Iarf hcnld i. .v.rinan telq -r't,e

'tu firmnl !n I trsrer are

t rnr. ot \\\ n r rn 1_ot rhp \

lirin{ at


Glod.laelh, t[e

r!hJn. !f


farnilt s tr€sen.e nr the1]ennl

sda nl.r€ased, and (]i1e

Tlcse shiekts must datc

irur r thP ItLl

\\'illian i.|critcd



{t en

l{.!,1t . ;or II

lrcrn his Jatler, his

reh marrir


l rs

LLrse.odd lvilc

btuther Richard rvas giler

Ill.n \rans!an,

a liernLrer ot



h 155t \\i]lia


Xlerioneth arnjly.

took a lease .L

ihe g.and

the theo

son or tius I'arjase,

llourishing township ol Bode

dre Rev

I'r Htrch \\'\r n t\u

scallen lrom lLc crovr;


a \ iDtslLrr. ..ther

accoding to the I1 sh/:l

Lc, \\h.


. rllrt- I C.r\r, lar.ilt oJ l\I.n!r b,r

apdot Lllori

1T!g[ \\].nn,

Lord llost)n

L rn

ard l. -{.


!r j610.

nas iile his

thispmpertys ass!bseqncrtly

rouns cousi;

Col{mel Rog€r

ac.tuircd in perpetuit\', Nhat

troirvn an

ar.LcDt lloralist, and

buildings thete tuar Lare bee!

iike trnn

''a1 his o\vn e\pcrse

then at the loot ol Ure toner

tuise.L a



Richard \'Iosi yn

.l Foot lor ttc

seJrree ol liilg

had learned Latin and creek,

Cirartes tjre

aDd collected manus-ifts






literatue, and




held flnrt.astlc for

stu.tnr€s aP

his consnl,

the g.\'ernor,



to lis status as a

a pm.rjrert

High Shcnd of Caemarvon

lart ro dcferdnrAC|cster

agairst Parliamentarian

shi.e, He ket a commoDplace


Jn I.n.r; one.f in 1566. Witli

t$. tu.tr3!,


.!e.r e! | frrP

marflaSe oi his danEhtet! ot

surr€DLler .n

]llargaret to\

Hugh Utnr ol


l6lti I1( dt.. ,l.s€L\

tscrthdn the house .auc into

e, ;.1 , ,.

the \!l o fanilv, (ho

flr lis p.otcst at Lor.t



n.av s dcspoliati.n

mted tle Con\rr \alle!. It is

ot Cotr*1,

..,ril. rn

the son ol this mafiage,

. taiti "p"rdir"n L

tnP {}

Robe.t \\-\rn

ul 1t'c

\those inllials

lerd dfn

tinlet 'ertr


lrith that ol his \rife



roots, so on the dareston. lrith




\ea. l(i2ll on the


t(oLreft :celrs to b.w.r add..r

ilrc ror$ wnr8 1!n the lcit !r-

'flris earh-lTth.ertu(

blocl has ire stor€ls nr.lud

inlr atti.s and .rllar. ard irs

arster. drtaihrg and !\ ol!.

mlllioned \lndolri se! tL.


as a watchtorLer 10 coDmand rhc lowlvn$ eastle againsl rurprise arta.k!.

nr I . is lnr\t t .,iL, ure in ,.1 Lrut]jLtd ar)

r \nir \\!r r in,i r ollr,n ln d. d;JNn;

r!,rn lFts ir rl. ,hnre\ trrd.l trd, u;

.h lltlel llFrrf l , rbin tti. Ur\,r

tne Dragni6.€nl Elizabetirar tolvn tonse buili

in Con(\.by an.tncr branch ol itrc \\rvtrns Orr

FiS!re 2) to a desirtn, laDitiar

in ]lerioneth ol \tn1.t.\.s

eitLcr ii.le of a .hnnnev or o

saLrle \ Llc.r tris s;D ihe

Re\. lrr llugrr a]s. tnih a

6 rHE r3tLCENruRY

3Rx.l"BR"i')RJ{t.'fi1l"ltT3.l;"..Tij11}:;;:,:':ti.: :i:#i,:i,:l:, ji:* " (ni6n4 -'rx

sirgle roorn or ca.h flolr, rith the stair turel lattcn lof alL lntue 1!ork at tte honse Its lirll;i\lJr\p. \rr, trtf,n ..l

on Ure {esl


anglc, against thc late. .hn!!cl t{. nhnl st.fers, th€ .ourt€rDart! !l tjre C\Lr \\rnn. i r"lt',n

fFn the hall and draq ine room.


Mothef lif k .arlieJ haLl and solaf.,t clodda.Ur. are. tarse ro , L lF .-

{itlL thc .dstle is tLat the orly ltr.rftr sou.e lon|a11enlercd at t€rfa.e tcl el fron! uLc D.ratr,


rt . ,lu ,n.r -t,."",t I o. t i"

lor rhe tnrkish st.rc in its Nirdolr uulliors js

i. I,trc llal,.

and an oqnall\- l{rse .hamLcr aboye. rr,L-uf,(.ili .n F rrrrn

the !trarr il a neafb! ne1d. Plnh

U$r lotrse bccame lhe dtuNinA rooD. Bot[ tu.nis oDcn


LD i

In L n.\\' \ rrlu ert,rnr I



uscd for all of the h.ure.



urs (rn

ore .orDer into a .u.ions littt. tiar. n:ith Lt rs ttrc NostvN nrotto ,AlritiLu! I-ilUe .ar lc said of rc house


till lrindo\rs or tn. sid.s and a lircrrla.e !n tjre rj.main . rnLl J ,u.e

Elizab€thar tnnes. \'iur Thonras llost\n tfi ;and Loth nale l finte I

euldj. ore.rLantels 1rr. uF rr...l \\\1 n d!d_n ihp



at Gllddaeth, the

gfdD. !f


familv's irresen.e nr thc lcnin


sda in.fe,sed, ard 1flil.

slictds rnust datc

J o,a rbP ltth

\\'illiau inheited



ntje r

l{.lrrt , s.


H rHh

his lathcr. ]ris



t as

h,s se.o"d (ile

brcthef Ri.hard Nas girer

IIten \.an8 jraa,

a mcnber ol

Bodlsgallen. Ir 155t Njlliam

the lrornirent

rleion.tll ra!rj\'.

look a lease ol the then

arrc sran{l

sor ol tr's

nonrishing t.wnsnip oi Bode

ltc Re\

Df Hush \\Jyna. 'narriaAe,

scallen lron the



Dra je{]

a \-a,rdln ro the rCtsr,ry ,irl,

, CJrf,e.n! j\lr.

r, LIta r.r

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