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2011 Annual report - touax group

2011 Annual report - touax group

Breakdown of revenues by

Breakdown of revenues by activity at Decembre 31, 2011 River barges 7% Freight railcars 22% Modular buildings 33% Shipping containers 38% Geographic distribution of revenues at Decembre 31, 2011 France 15% United States 2% International (containers) 38% Europe (outside France) 45% Geographic sectors correspond to areas where the Group is present, except for the shipping containers activity which reflects the international nature of the assets. KEY FIGURES A STRATEGY OF CREATING VALUE FOR ALL FOUR DIVISIONS Consolidated revenues (€ thousands) 2007 278,160 2008 368,748 2009 271,772 2010 302,393 2011 335,814 Consolidated current operating income (€ thousands) 2007 23,457 2008 37,445 2009 28,298 2010 29,968 2011 31,481 Consolidated net income (€ thousands) 2007 11,721 2008 16,839 2009 14,193 2010 13,275 2011 13,434 Breakdown in managed assets (€ million) 2007 643 2008 812 2009 816 2010 875 2011 916 301 944 417 1,229 487 1,303 500 1,375 540 1,456 Owned by investors Owned by Group Almost half the assets managed are valued in US dollars. As a result, the dollar's appreciation triggers a rise in the euro value of the assets under management.

2011 Report 1. diversification of its activities TOUAX specializes in the operational leasing and sale of shipping containers, modular buildings, freight railcars, and river barges. This equipment provides similar yet complimentary benefits: • Mobility for improved utilization rates, • Steady revenue streams generated by term-based contracts ensuring a good visibility, • Standardized, long-life assets (15-50 years) for maximizing equipment transfer prices. These activities are positioned in a market with strong growth drivers: the growth of globalized trade boosts the leasing of shipping containers; Europe's deregulated rail freight market favors freight railcar leasing; the need for flexibility and competitive costs gives modular buildings the edge over traditional construction; and environmental concerns are fostering river transport. 4 LEVERAGES OF SUSTAINABLE PROFITABILITY 2. Weighting our equity investments Our equity investment policy generates recurring leasing revenues and ultimately adds value to the Group by creating opportunities for capital gains. TOUAX weights its equity investments between equipment featuring a shorter lifecycle (particularly modular buildings and shipping containers) and very long-life business assets (railcars and river barges). 3. streamlining our financial resources thanks to third-party asset management TOUAX provides asset management services for third-party investors and receives management commissions in addition to revenue from our own assets. Third party investments produce additional revenue streams and improve the profitability of our equity without tying up capital. These are long-term management contracts (averaging 10 years) which ensure recurring cash flows for the Group. 4. the group’s capacity to develop and adapt to its environment In each of its business lines, TOUAX listens to its customers and closely watches markets in order to continually develop and improve our products and services. Over the past five years, each of our divisions has bolstered its competencies and expanded both its business lines and services, thereby earning recognition as a key player in its field. The Group is pursuing its international growth strategy in the emerging countries in order to diversify its risks, increase market shares and generate economies of scale. 14I15

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