Complete 2012 Foundation Annual Report - The Clorox Company

Complete 2012 Foundation Annual Report - The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company Foundation






100 organizations reached26,000 young people

For almost a century, through our products, our people and our donations, The Clorox Company

has strived to make everyday life better, every day for our consumers, customers and communities.

At the center of our commitment stands The Clorox Company Foundation, awarding

grants to nonprofit partners who work tirelessly to build healthy and vibrant communities. In

the past year, the foundation has helped nearly 100 organizations reach more than 26,000

young people in the Oakland, California, area and thousands of others in cities across the U.S.

Since 1980, the foundation has focused on K–12 education, youth development, and civic and

cultural programs. By supporting these kinds of local organizations, we help to build the

confidence of our young people, provide them with new opportunities to develop their talents

and help them to see how they can build their own better tomorrow. And through our support

of artistic and cultural organizations, we aim to help build vibrant communities where we all

learn from our differences and celebrate our diversity.

* This is a list of selected grants. Most grants are between $5,000 and $10,000.

In addition to financial giving, we know community involvement and volunteerism are integral

parts of our business and culture. That’s why Clorox supports the generous individual actions

of our employees, who play an important role in giving back through their time and money.

Through this report, I hope you will see why I

continue to be so proud of the difference that

this company and its people are able to make

in our communities.

Donald R. Knauss

Chairman I The Clorox Company Foundation

Chief Executive Officer I The Clorox Company

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our history

Founded in 1980, The Clorox Company Foundation has awarded cash grants

totaling more than $87 million to nonprofit organizations, schools and colleges. Since its

inception, the foundation has focused on supporting effective programs that serve youth,

kindergarten through 12th-grade education, and cultural and civic organizations. The foundation

supports the communities surrounding our headquarters and manufacturing facilities, as

well as other organizations in which Clorox employees are involved. In addition, in fiscal year

2012, The Clorox Company made product donations valued at $15 million.

The Clorox Company

made product donations

valued at $15 million.

partners since


$87 million

to nonprofit organizations

Our Partnership with the

East Bay Community Foundation

Since 2002, we have partnered with the East Bay

Community Foundation (EBCF), and with their expertise

in grantmaking, donor support, education and economic development,

we’ve increased the impact of our giving. We have also

sponsored EBCF seminars that are designed to help nonprofits

with growth and sustainability.

education and

youth development

Education is an essential tool for economic achievement, advancement and mobility.

We support programs that develop the knowledge, skills and abilities required to expand educational

opportunities. Our investments have helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations greatly increase opportunity

and advancement for young people in our communities, including:

The East Oakland Youth Development Center, which serves

more than 2,000 young people annually, offering everything

from homework help to cooking classes to mentoring, college

access and job preparation.

• Girls Incorporated of Alameda County, as it continues to

inspire more than 7,500 girls to be strong, smart and bold

through programs that build self-esteem, foster creativity

and promote critical thinking skills.

• Community Resources for Science, where 408 scientist

volunteers are giving 7,000 students at 19 Oakland Unified

School District elementary schools an opportunity to

experience science firsthand.


and civic

We believe a healthy community includes a vibrant

cultural landscape — one that nourishes the mind and spirit

through museums and the performing and visual arts. Circus

and theater artistry is alive and well in West Oakland, thanks

to Prescott Circus. The Prescott Clowns make more than 50

appearances annually and entertain more than 25,000. The

Oakland Youth Orchestra brings together a diverse group of

young people from across the Bay Area for quality musical

instruction. In a setting where differences are embraced,

exposure to classical music and leadership skills in concert

planning are emphasized.

community involvement

Employee Giving (time, money, hope) — Clorox employees are at the heart of our philanthropy, and we are

proud of the positive impact they make in their communities. Clorox people are generous with their time and

money, supporting a broad range of nonprofit organizations. And because doing the right thing is one of our

core values, we have programs that support their efforts:

Workplace Giving — Getting Involved for Tomorrow

(GIFT) Campaign

• A record-setting 52 percent of eligible employees participated

in the 2012 GIFT Campaign.

• Employees supported 2,100 nonprofit organizations through

the GIFT Campaign.

Volunteer Program — Sharing Time and Talent

• Our employees volunteered 78,000 hours, valued at $1.7

million,* to causes that are meaningful to them.

• This year, more than 75 employee volunteers raised $83,000

for scholarships. This, combined with a $30,000 foundation

grant, funded 30 Marcus Foster Educational Institute

scholarships for Oakland high school seniors, many

of whom are first-generation college students.

Field Grant Program — Building & Supporting

Healthy Communities

• We supported 257 nonprofit organizations through small

giving programs in Clorox communities outside of the

San Francisco Bay Area.

*The financial equivalent is determined by using $21.79 per volunteer hour, which is based on

the 2011 industry standard from Independent Sector, a leading nonprofit organization that

determines the financial equivalent for a variety of volunteer initiatives.

disaster relief

We are also proud to help when

disaster strikes. Clorox® liquid

bleach purifies water and disinfects

hard surfaces. Bleach saves lives and,

next to water, is the most requested

item in times of disaster. In fiscal 2012,

we worked closely with the American

Red Cross and Feeding America to aid

in the cleanup efforts in:



gallons of bleach

2012 GIFT


$2.4 million

employee pledge


$1.6 million

company match


trash bags

North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Hurricane

Irene, Pennsylvania, Midwestern U.S.



$3.5 Million (unaudited)

Major Projects

Field Grant Programs

Cultural and Civic Grants

Education and Youth Development Grants

Employee Matching Programs


Donald R. Knauss Chairman

Jacqueline P. Kane President

Charles R. Conradi Vice President/Treasurer

Victoria Jones Vice President/Secretary

Benno Dorer


Jeffrey J. Brubaker Trustee

Paola Gonzalez Trustee


Victoria Jones

Deborah Napierski

Nichelle Rachal

Donna Turner

Darien Louie

Debrah Giles

Vice President, Global Government Affairs and Community Relations

Community Relations Manager

Community Relations Specialist

Coordinator, Global Government Affairs and Community Relations

East Bay Community Foundation

East Bay Community Foundation






PO BOX 24305



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