Guide for Successful Enrollment - Nassau Community College

Guide for Successful Enrollment - Nassau Community College

Guide for Successful Enrollment - Nassau Community College


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A Guide for


at Nassau Community College

A Message to Our Students:

The Administration, Faculty and Staff of Nassau Community College welcome you. The following information is provided to help you

use MyNCC, our online student information system.

Activate your NCC Student Email

You are assigned an NCC Student Email. You must activate your Email account as this is the official form of communication from the

College. Visit www.ncc.edu/StudentEmail and click on New User. If you have been away from the college for more than 1 year,

you must re-activate your Student email as a New User. If your password is not working to access your Student Email account, Login

to MyNCC and change your PIN. Once your PIN has been changed on MyNCC, wait five minutes for the password to synchronize

with your email and use the same PIN to access your Student Email.

MyNCC-Banner Login

Go to www.ncc.edu/MyNCC. Click on MyNCC BANNER Login icon found in Quick Links. Enter your NCC-ID. Enter your PIN. If

this is your first time logging in, you will use your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY) as your initial PIN; you will receive a message

telling you that your PIN has expired, you will need to re-enter the PIN; create and re-enter a new 6-digit numeric PIN that you

select. You may NOT reuse the PIN you were assigned by the college. You will be asked to create a security question and answer.

The security question is not meant to be a hint to help you remember your old PIN. If you forget your PIN, answering the security

question correctly will enable you to change to a new PIN. Therefore, it is important to choose a question with an answer you will

always remember. There is a link to MyNCC Video Tutorials at www.ncc.edu/MyNCC to give you additional information on how

to use the system. Please note: You must be admitted to the College before you can log into MyNCC. If you are a new student and

cannot log in, it is possible that something is missing and we have not been able to admit you. Check your NCC Student E-mail for

information regarding missing documents.

Immunization Requirements

New York State Public Health law requires that students born on or after January 1, 1957, who are enrolled in 6 or more credits,

must file proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella and complete the Meningitis informational section of the form

or complete the Meningitis survey online. Failure to comply with this law within 30 days from the start of the semester will result in

a student’s disenrollment from classes without refund of tuition and fees. Visit www.ncc.edu/healthservices. If you are a returning

student please contact the Health Services office to verify that you have met your requirements for immunizations including the

Meningitis survey.

Pay Your Bill

Your registration is not complete until your tuition is paid. Your classes will be cancelled for non-payment if payment is not received

by the due date. All students may pay online by logging in to your MyNCC account or you may pay by mail or in person at the

Bursar’s Office, located in the Administrative Tower-Lower Level.

NCC ID Cards

All students are required to present their valid NCC ID card in order to obtain service from any office on campus. To find out details

about getting an ID card or replacing one, visit www.ncc.edu/idcard.

Vehicle Registration

Students who drive to campus must register their vehicles; you can do so online by visiting www.ncc.edu and click on Vehicle

Registration at the very bottom of the page.


You can order an official transcript from NCC online by logging in to your MyNCC account, click on Student and Financial Aid,

click on Student Record, click on Order an Official Transcript, or if you would like an unofficial transcript click on Academic



Registering/Adding Classes

Once you log into MyNCC, click on Student and Financial Aid, click on Registration, click on Look up Classes, and select a term

and Submit. Use the selection options to search the class schedule. You may choose any combination of fields to narrow your search,

but you must select at least one Subject. Select the box in front of the CRN (a C instead of a box identifies a closed class), and click

Register. A class may appear to have as seat available; however, you may get an error message “Closed Class”, this means a

student on the waitlist has been notified. If there is a seat available and no errors appear, the class is added to your schedule (which

shows at the bottom of the screen); if you receive an error (ex: pre-requisite) and you did not take the pre-requisite at Nassau, you

cannot register for the course. If you took the pre-requisite at another college, you need to go to the Department Chairperson at NCC

and show a transcript that demonstrates successful completion (a “C” or better) for the pre-requisite, although some departments may

equire a higher passing grade. At that point, the Chairperson may give you an Override Form if the course meets the pre-requisite.

This form is dated and MUST be brought to the Registrar’s Office on the date it is signed.

Course Pre-Requisites

Once you log into MyNCC, click on Student and Financial Aid, click on Student Records, click on Course Catalog, select a term and

Submit, select a Subject and enter the course number (i.e. 101) and click on Get Courses. Finally click on the hyperlinked Course Title

to see the complete list of pre-requisites required.

Drop a Class on MyNCC

Choose Add and Drop Classes, choose Drop from the Action column for the class to drop, click Submit Changes (at the bottom,

under the worksheet). Your current schedule should reflect the change.

View And Print Your Schedule

Choose Student Detail Schedule, select a Term then Submit, click the printer-friendly version, click on Submit, and click on Print.


Students can waitlist for courses online provided they have met all the eligibility requirements for the course. Waitlisting a class

does not guarantee a seat in a course. If a seat becomes available and you are next in line, you will be notified through you NCC

Student E-mail and given 24 hours from the time of notification to register for that course. You must have an active NCC Student

E-mail to view your waitlist notification. Always try to build a full schedule for yourself without counting on the waitlisted course. If

you decide you no longer want the waitlisted class, make sure to drop yourself from the waitlist so others can take your spot.


• What if I have a documented disability

A variety of services are available to those who have a documented physical, psychological, hearing, visual or learning disability.

For more information, contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 516-572-7141 (TTY 516-572-7617).

• What if I forget my PIN

If the initial PIN is not working or you cannot remember your security question (which allows you to reset your PIN), call the Banner

Help Desk at 516-572-9980.

• If I am Non-Degree Seeking, how do I become a Degree-Seeking student in a program (Matriculated)

You must file a Change of Program Form. This form is available at the Office of the Registrar and can give you information on how

to file your request. You may need to take placement tests and provide official copies of your high school transcript and any college

transcripts (if you have not already done so).

• Once I am admitted as non-degree, can I enroll in classes online

Review the Registering/Adding Classes section above.

• How do I qualify for the residential tuition rate

To be eligible for the resident tuition rate, a student must have one year’s legal residency in New York State and six months in

the County of Nassau. The legal residency of unmarried students under 21 is deemed to be that of their parents. New York State

students from counties other than Nassau may have the non-resident tuition rate waived by submitting a Certificate of Residency from

their home county. Residents of counties outside of Nassau County may contact their local County Controller’s Office or the NCC

Office of the Bursar or visit www.ncc.edu/Bursar for additional information.

• Why is it important for me to activate my Student Email Account

Every student is assigned an NCC Email account. You must activate your Email account as this is the official form of communication

for the college. To do so, please visit: www.ncc.edu/studentemail. If you have NOT logged into MyNCC your password for

activating your email is your date of birth in MMDDYY format. If you have logged into MyNCC and established a PIN, your email

password will synchronize with the same six-digit PIN you established in MyNCC.

• What is the advantage of waitlisting for a course

Students can now waitlist online for courses provided they have met all the eligibility requirements for the course. Waitlisting a class

does not guarantee a seat in a course. If a seat becomes available and you are next in line, you will be notified through you NCC

E-mail and given 24 hours from the time of notification to register for that course. You must have an active NCC e-mail in order to

view your waitlist notification.

• What is the drop/add period

The College allows a week to drop/add at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. During summer sessions it varies

depending on the length of your class. You should inquire at the Registrar’s Office for specific dates.

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Questions Contact Us:

Phone: 516.572.7355

FAX: 516.572.9975

Email: registrar@ncc.edu


Accounting & Business Administration 516-572-7544 Cluster A 3020

Administrative Business Technology

516-572-7288 Cluster A 2023

(formerly Office Technology)

Africana Studies 516-572-7157 Building H 124

Allied Health Science 516-572-9640 Cluster E 2225

Art 516-572-7162 Building G 179

Biology 516-572-7575 Cluster F 2230

Chemistry 516-572-7580 Life Science 220

Communications 516-572-7170 Building H 203

Criminal Justice 516-572-7178 Building G 157

Economics & Finance 516-572-7181 Cluster G 155

Engineering/Physics/Technology 516-572-7272 Cluster D 2087

English 516-572-7185 Bradley Hall 13

Foreign Languages 516-572-7414 Building M 300

Health, Physical Education & Recreation 516-572-7518 Physical Ed 218

History/Political Science/Geography 516-572-7422 Building G 257

Hospitality/Business 516-572-7344 Building K

Legal Studies 516-572-7626 Cluster A 3015

Marketing & Retailing 516-572-7588 Cluster B 2037

Math, Computer Systems & Information Technology 516-572-7383 Building B 3028

Mortuary Science 516-572-7277 357 East Road

Music 516-572-7446 Building H 222

Nursing 516-572-9630 Life Science 319

Philosophy 516-572-7450 Nassau Hall 217

Physical Sciences 516-572-7278 Cluster D 3090

Psychology 516-572-7458 Building G 355

Reading & Basic Education 516-572-7464 North Hall - 205

Sociology/Human Services/Anthropology 516-572-7452 Building G 357

Theatre & Dance 516-572-7508 Theatre

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