SmartTimer II 2011.pdf - Pristine Water Solutions Inc.

SmartTimer II 2011.pdf - Pristine Water Solutions Inc.

Flex-Kleen ® SmartTimer II

From the Leader in Baghouse Control Technology –

The Next Generation SmartTimer Brings You

Higher Levels of Performance, Versatility and Value

Flex-Kleen’s SmartTimer II Sets a New

Standard for Pulse-Jet Dust Collector

System Control and Communications

Today’s plant operations require higher levels of efficiency and reliability at even lower costs.

The SmartTimer II will help you achieve these goals. From the industry leader known for

providing innovation in baghouse control technology, the SmartTimer II has been designed

and engineered to bring you outstanding programming flexibility, higher levels of control, the

ability to handle larger collectors, extended data logging and the capability to consolidate

multiple control devices into a single cost-effective package.

The SmartTimer II is less costly than complex PLC’s with similar control capability. Features include:

• Three cleaning modes: continuous operation, demand

pulse, and self-adjusting

• Compact, integrated alternative to separate pressure

switch/timer assemblies

• Remote monitoring and adjusting of dust collector

operating conditions

• Up to fifteen auxiliary alarms to monitor high hopper

levels, broken bag detection, zero speed switch, low

air header pressure, high temperature sensor, etc.

• Ability to identify a faulty solenoid valve even when

there is more than one solenoid wired to a single output

• Warning when the differential pressure level reaches

pre-programmed safety set points

• Warning when the pre-programmed low differential

set point is no longer attainable

• Modular wiring buss for easier wiring

• Dual voltage input (120/240)

• 20 output sequencer capable of pulsing up to 120

solenoid valves

• RS 232/485 serial communications ports which

deliver the most cost effective remote monitoring plus

control and interconnectability

• Timers which can be connected in series with each

timer uniquely addressable

• 20 character alpha-numeric display to provide users

with more concise and informative visual output in

three languages (English, French or Spanish) and user

selectable units of measure (English or metric)

• Up to 365 days data logging capability with data

resolution options

• Discrete alarms programmable for each input (variable

alarm output)

• Optional program password protection

• Sensor and alarm inputs utilizing a tri-color status

indicator to provide visual display of inputs

• 24 hour, 7-event programmable timer for maximum

flexibility to provide adjustable controls to meet your

changing conditions

• Differential pressure transourcer with calibration feature

to help support Title V – clean air act required

• Built-in connection for J-type thermocouple to allow

temperature measurement/logging if needed

• Ability to be retrofitted to any manufacturer’s pulse-jet

dust collector, including cartridge-type collectors

SmartTimer II is the biggest advancement in pulse-jet control technology in the last decade.

To learn more about the SmartTimer II or other Flex-Kleen pro

call 1-800-621-0734, or visit ou

A new and unique blend of the latest control and communications technologies provides reduced

air and maintenance costs, maximum bag life, expanded programmability similar to more

complex PLC’s, long-term data logging and economical multi-system connectability/control...

...all this high performance is delivered with outstanding cost effectiveness.


DISPLAY – pre-programmed messages

provide easy-to-read visual information

on dust collector and auxiliary equipment



clear, glare-free, message displays


CONTROLS – Monitor and adjust dust

collector operating conditions from a

remote computer location via the

RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports


provides visual display of current

cleaning mode

• KEY PAD – simplified set-up/programming

to suit individual applications




the most cost-effective dust collector

operating mode for your process



additional cleaning cycles of the dust

collector after shutdown of fan



alternative to a separate pressure switch and


• PRESSURE CONNECTIONS – hose barbs allow

quick connections

• USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE – provides easy visual

reference for system status and alarm inputs



provides input for remote display of dust

collector’s current operating pressure

• 4-20 MILLIAMP INPUTS – 3 discrete

channels allow additional sensors to be



up to 12 separate alarms for remote

monitoring of dust collector auxiliaries

(i.e., rotary valve, screw conveyor, compressed

air pressure, Broken Bag

Detector, high temperature sensor, etc.)


provides alarm when pre-set safety

pressure levels are reached or when

low/off set point is unattainable


EVENT TIMER – provides ability to

retrieve historical data up to 365 days

and gives user maximum flexibility to

meet a variety of plant operating conditions

• 20 SOLENOID OUTPUTS – connects up

to 120 air solenoids

FS Series Broken Filter Bag Detector

Connecting your microprocessor-based SmartTimer II to Flex-Kleen’s FS Series Broken Bag

Detector, can provide visual information to allow detection and location of leaking filter bags.

ducts & services, contact your local Flex-Kleen Representative,

r web site at

Technical Data Sheet – SmartTimer II

Factory Default Settings

Lo Pressure Alarm

0.5" water column

Lo Pressure

2" water column

Hi Pressure

4" water column

Hi Pressure Alarm

14" water column

Output Quantity 20

Off Time

15 seconds

On Time

0.05 seconds

Output configuration Manual


Inches (metric optional)

Unattainable Lo Pressure 15 cycles

Display Language

English (French or Spanish option)

Cycle Down

Not Selected

Number of Cycles 2

4-20 mA Input #1 Enabled as Diff. Press. Input-major alarm

calibration/Alarm Setpts. = 0

4-20 mA Input #2 Enabled as Manifold Input-minor alarm

calibration/Alarm Setpts. = 0

4-20 mA Input #3 Enabled as Emission Input-minor alarm

calibration/Alarm Setpts. = 0

Alarm Output #1

Enabled (normally open relay logic)

Alarm Output #2

Enabled "MM"(Major & Minor Alarms)

normally open relay logic

Alarm Inputs #1-12

Enabled (Y) Major Alarm

All Alarm Delays

000 seconds

Temp. Sensor Input

Disabled (Major Alarm-Fahrenheit scale)

High Resolution Data 7 days

24 Hour Clock Factory Set-Current Time (CST)

7 Event Timer Day On, Day Off = SU

all other parameters = 0

Password Required



0000 for field settable password

Factory Set Password 9876

Factory Default Restore Yes (see manual)

Input Operating Electrical


Dual Selection (120-135 VAC 50/60Hz

or 210-270 VAC 50/60Hz)

Analog Inputs

Three 4-20 mA current loop inputs:

Input #1 – Programmable as Diff. Pressure Sensor or Aux. Analog Input

Input #2 – Programmable as Manifold Sensor or Aux. Analog Input

Input #3 – Programmable as Emissions Sensor or Aux. Analog Input

(Accuracy of Current Loops: +/- 0.3 mA of Full Scale)

Temperature Sensor: One J type Thermocouple

(sensing range -40 to 700°F +/- 10°F

Maximum Ratings at 135 or 270 VAC Input Voltage

Power Consumption

By-pass Switch Open circuit Voltage

By-Pass Switch short circuit current

Alarm Input Switch open Circuit Voltage

Alarm Input Switch short circuit current


Maximum Solenoid Output

Solenoid Output Voltage Drop

Solenoid Output Type

Solenoid Output Short

circuit protection

Alarm Outputs (2) Type

Cycle Down Output Type

3 mA

18 VDC

3 mA

18 VDC

3 mA

200VA or Watts at max. duty cycle

2.5 VAC @ 200 VA Load

Solid State TRIAC

3AG Fast 3A/250 VAC Fuse

FORM A Relay Contact rated 3A @ 250 VAC

FORM A Relay Contact rated 3A @ 250 VAC Output


Pressure Transducer

Current Sense Monitor

Minimum Solenoid Load

Detects up to 3 solenoids per

Output, detects open solenoid

w/33% current drop.

4-20mA output tracks either

on-board or ext. press. Sensor

5 VA for auto output sense to

detect load present

Air Pressure Measurement

Sensor Type

Silicone Piezoresistive w/dual inlets

Measurement Range 0.0 to 25.0 Inches of Water with +/- 5%

of full scale over Temp. and Voltage Range

Maximum Continuous Pressure 10 PSI (276.8 inches of water)

Burst Pressure

100 PSI (2768 inches of water)

Zero Offset & Gain

Compensates for long-term drift


of sensor up to +/- 1.2" water

NOTE: All pressure settings need to be verified after changing

units selection from English to Metric.


Solenoid On Time Range

Solenoid Off Time Range

Timing Accuracy

Solenoid On Time Synchronized

to the AC Line Cycle

Down Power Cycle Delay



18x Tri-Color LED’s


1x Bi-Color(R/Y) LED

2x Green LED’s

3x Red LED’s

STD .05 - .20 seconds

EXT .05 - 3.00 seconds

3 – 999 seconds

-2ms / +20ms or +/-1% whichever is greater

1 – 60 seconds programmable

20-Character Dot Matrix (0.25" high char.)

Vacuum Fluorescent

12x Alarm Inputs, 3x Analog Input Alarms,

1x Temp. Alarm, 1x System Alarm, 1x Comm. Alarm

On Demand Mode

Continuous Clean & Self-Adjust Mode

Major & Minor Alarms, Cycle Down Relay

Current Loop

Type 4-20 mA is sourced by this controller; signal represents

0 - 25" diff. pressure with +/- 1% accuracy

Serial Communications



Terminal: ANSI OR ANSI Terminal Emulation Program


9600 Baud, 8 Data Bits, 1 Start Bit, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity

Connector Type: 9 Pin Male HD Style

Interface Cable: Null Modern Serial Cable when interfaced to IBM

compatible computer



Terminal: ANSI OR ANSI Terminal Emulation Program

Connector Type: Duplex RJ-11 Modular Jacks

Data Logging

7 days of high resolution data and 365 days of low resolution data.

14 days of high resolution data and 340 days of low resolution data.

21 days of high resolution data and 325 days of low resolution data.

28 days of high resolution data and 300 days of low resolution data.


Operating Temperature Range

Warm-up Delay Temperature


-40 to 149°F, (-40 to 65°C)

Less than 50°F (10°C)

RTV Conformal Coating (for

Humidity and Vibration)

Important Notice to Users: Our timers are capable of use in a wide array of devices and in various applications. Any device or system incorporating a timer should be so designed

that, in the event of failure, malfunction or normal wear-out of the timer, the system will become inoperative in a manner which will prevent property damage or bodily injury.


1. Do not mount controls in high vibration areas without shock mounts.

2. Do not mount controls in areas of high dust or corrosive atmospheres without a protective enclosure.

3. Do not use a converter or inverter for the power source.

4. Do not mount control in high transient voltage areas without an isolation transformer.

5. Do not leave control box open.

6. Do not allow a local repair shop to repair the controls, as we employ some very sophisticated components that could be further damaged. For service, call us directly at:


Flex-Kleen offers NEMA 4X-FPR enclosures with full view cover as a standard for mounting our controller. These enclosures are made of polyester and have a continuous hinge

cover. The finish is gray. Other NEMA classified enclosures available.

NOTE: In order to keep abreast of the latest technology, Flex-Kleen reserves the right to change components and/or design of controls without notice.

45 North Bradon Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 60139 • Tel: 1-800-621-0734 • Email: • Website:

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