Task 7


Task 7

Rio Grande Project

Efficient Irrigation for Urban and

Agricultural Water Users

Task 7-Saline and Wastewater

Management and Water Reuse

Task 7 Objective

• Provide targeted educational programs

regarding soil salinity, use of saline water,

residential wastewater treatment and

wastewater reuse, and practices needed to

successfully utilize saline and reclaimed

water resources for irrigation of urban

landscape plants.

Background – Task 7

• Growing crops and ornamentals using saline

and reclaimed water:

• Wastewater treatment for reuse at different

scales: on-site, clustered, and centralized

wastewater treatment systems

• Targeted urban educational programs.

Irrigation Programs

• Plants: Agricultural

Crops, turfgrass, and


• Irrigation


• Irrigation Scheduling

• Salinity Management

Practitioner Training

• On-Site Wastewater

Treatment Training


• Educational Signs

• Training Events

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

• Treatment


• Operation and

Maintenance Issues

• Practitioner Training

• Homeowner


Educational Materials –

Give Aways

• Not in My Septic System magnet (English)

• Not in My Septic System magnet (Spanish)

Educational Materials –

Fact Sheets

• Alternative Collection Systems

(Spanish) (B-6098S)

• Constructed Wetlands (Spanish)


• Evapotranspiration Bed (Spanish)


• Mound System (English) (L-5414)

• Mound System (Spanish) (L-


• Spray Distribution System

(Spanish) (L-5303S)

• Trickling Filter (Spanish) (L-5345S)

Educational Materials - Folder

• Owner's Guide (L-5415)

• Owner's Guide (Spanish) (L-5415S)

Educational Materials –Video’s

• Overview of Septic Systems

• Subsurface Drip Dispersal

Future Materials

• DVD’s – Overview of Septic Systems


• CD – Homeowner Educational Program

• Training Programs – Course Materials,


• Regional Fact Sheets – New Mexico

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