ITSC Year in Review


A Video of the 2014 ITSC Year In Review.

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Issue 1 | Volume 1 | January-February 2015

Table of Contents

A Letter to our Partners....................................................3

Bishop’s Sermon............................................................ 4-5

Elect Lady’s Corner....................................................... 6-7

ITSC 2014 Year in Review........................................... 8-11

Top Tweets........................................................................12


My-T-Sharp Interview............................................... 14-15

Happy New Year!............................................................16

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it It’s 2015 and we are celebrating our new beginnings

with a brand new magazine! It is truly “out with the old and in with the new” and we believe

that you will enjoy all these changes. One aspect that will never change is our love and adoration

for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 2015 is such a special year and we are in great expectation

for all that God has in store for all of His children. Our leadership and prophets, Bishop and Elect Lady

Owens, have already been stirring us up with great anticipation here at Immanuel’s Temple Systems of

Church. So guess what We are here to pass the message on to you, our partners: God is looking to bust

out in 2015!

What are you looking for in this new year Something for your family A financial breakthrough

Peace in your home Or maybe you want a deeper walk with Christ Rest assured and know that as

long as it comes from God then you better receive it! He’s already on record for doing great things! This

word was given to us and we are elated to pass these glad tidings on to you! God has been anticipating

your arrival into this new year and just as our Elect Lady has stated “God is going to do great exploits

among us!” Are you one in the number We sure hope so because God is getting ready to prove Himself

God in somebodys’ life and we don’t want you to be left out! The King of Kings has a proven track

record that you can trust in and know that you will not be made ashamed!

So make your prayers known because the Lord surely does hear them! Wow - what a miraculous and

awesome time we are living in while preparing for 2015! Let’s start this year off with a BANG! What

you’ve been waiting for all your life is about to happen, so on your mark, get set, and GO! Give God the

praise and take off running! We pray that this is your year because we have been given the inside scoop

that God is up to something good!


HWe live in a time and a society that

is draining and whatever peace you

have, this world constantly pulls on

it. Peace is what our world is starving for, so

much that there have been many that have died

from the lack thereof. When God created man

in His image and His likeness, He formed him

of the dust and then He breathed the breath

of life into man and he became a living soul.

The breath of life, if we can label it, is peace.

Peace is what keeps the spirit, soul, and body

in harmony. Once you lose your peace you will

begin to have a storm on the inside of you.

The definition of peace is the absence of

disturbance; freedom from disturbance; free

from anxiety or distress. When you allow a

disturbance in your life to penetrate your mind

and heart then you lose your peace. There is

only one that can give you peace and that is

Jesus. One of His names is the Prince of Peace

therefore if you are in need of peace you can

go to Him. You will not find peace in a man

or a woman because they do not have it to

give. Falling in love with someone and human

affection will not bring peace in your life; only

Christ can give you peace.

Without peace you simply just exist. By

allowing your heart to be troubled, anxious,

worried, or full of fear you are hindering the

blessings of God in your life. The lack of peace

brings about the wrong decisions and you

will find yourself out of the will of God. The

formula for peace is prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving. Once you let your request

be made known to God, leave it in His hands

and allow God to work on your behalf. Focus

your mind on God and the Prince of Peace will

come to your rescue. Peace is like a watchman

and will not allow trouble to enter into your

heart and mind. There is nothing more valuable

than your heart and mind and you must not

give these away so easily. Lock your heart and

mind in the peace that passes all understanding

which is in Christ Jesus.


6 6


Thessalonians 2:3 says, “Let no man

deceive you by any means: for that

day shall not come, except there come

a falling away first, and that man of sin be

revealed, the son of perdition;” The coming

of Christ will be preceded by a “falling away.”

Who’s falling away People who once believed

and stood for sound doctrine!

The great falling away is defined as apostasy.

Webster defines apostasy as, “an abandoning

of what one has believed in, as a faith, cause,

principles, etc.” What causes apostasy

Deception! Pride! Weakness!

Be careful when you change your mind from

steadfastness. There are principles you lived

your life upon and all of a sudden you decided

to fall away from them. Principles you not

only lived by, but didn’t mind dying for. Don’t

let your heart and emotions guide you to an

alternate lifestyle that determines your destiny:

among the great falling away!

Jeremiah 17:9 says, “That the heart is deceitful

above all things, and desperately wicked: who

can know it” You really don’t know how

wicked you can become when your heart has

fallen away from doctrine of the true God, not

the new god you have convinced yourself you


Apostasy is not a defect in natural things,

such as in the state or civil government,

but in spiritual matters such as falling from

“sound doctrine, instituted worship, church

government and holy living.” Apostasy may

start gradually but will perpetuate into eternal

damnation. The expectation of the coming of

Christ should cause our hearts to rise in joy

(not fall by the wayside) as we watch and pray.

This is not a message of opinion, but a word

of warning to remain steadfast, unmovable,

always abounding in the work of the Lord. “Ye

did run well; who did hinder you that ye should

not obey the truth” (Galatians 5:7) Excuses

and offences will not get you into heaven, but

enduring hardness as a good soldier of Jesus

Christ will!

It is time for Saints to be strong in the Lord

and in the power of His might, and not wrong

in the flesh and the understanding of your

sight. Make sure your decisions were made by

putting God first and not you first. At the end

it’s all about Jesus and not about you!

So I encourage you to put on the whole armor

of God that ye may be able to stand against the

wiles of the devil and having done all to stand!

Only then, will you escape the judgment of the

“great falling away.”


5 8








We love our brothers and sisters that are on the internet and all

around the world! We always encourage people to visit our website at and see all the action that is going on over here.

On our Twitter page, we pulled a few of our top tweets from our leaders

and followers alike:

@itscTemple – God is a keeper but you’ve got to

give Him something to keep! - Bishop Owens

@itscTemple – Every angel rejoices when one

person repents, not when one person confesses.

- Bishop Owens

@itscTemple – It is better to be poor & Godly

than rich & dishonest - Elect Lady Owens

@itscTemple – Sin took us out of paradise but

obedience will let us back in! - Elect Lady Owens

@itscTemple – You can’t live like a devil all week

and then go to church on Sunday and think

you’re going to make it into Heaven. - Bishop


@itscTemple – Peace is to the heart of man what

oil is to the engine of the car - Bishop Owens

@itscTemple – A bowl of soup with someone

you love is better than steak with someone who

hates you! - Elect Lady Owens

@itscTemple – Peace: Patiently Enduring All Cares

- When you trust God! - Elect Lady Owens


@lilhorn3 – Thank you @itscTemple for stirring up

the fear and trembling of the Lord

@CameliteP – @itscTemple Listening to “Just Rest:

Already Done” It’s blessed me real good!

@mskmyers – I just sang myself happy this morning,

“I don’t feel no ways tired” Thank God for Bishop

and Elect Lady


@itscTemple preaching When The Bad Girl

Returns on @thewordnetworknow! Don’t want 2

miss this one!




11 13

Interview with

Part 1

The Podcast To Look Out For

The ITSC staff managed to land an interview with the host of one the fastest growing Christian podcasts

on the net. Listen in as we ask @Monty_Mont about the behind the scenes of the My-T-Sharp Show.

1. What caused you to start this podcast

After church I would talk to a lot of brothers and there would be a lot of interesting conversations. I

listen to podcasts and I figured that we have just as stimulating conversations as the people I listen to so I

should start recording them. And now we have the show.

2. What was your favorite show that you’ve done so far

That’s hard to say - there are so many shows now. I don’t know if I have a favorite. I’ve enjoyed doing them

all. Sometimes different guests give different reactions. Somebody once told me that the best show that we

did was the first show. I guess we still got work to do - they set the bar high!

3. Is there any particular topic on the back burner that you are still waiting to bring out

We are going to do a show about a lot of the things “conspiratorially” that have happened in the past year.

We’ve touched on a lot of stuff and we are going to get some insight on some new things as well.

4. How do you decide who you will have on the panel

That’s a question I’ve gotten before. It’s not an exact science. I know everybody that I ask to be on. Sometimes

you don’t want four crazy people on. You want maybe one crazy person and add with that an insightful

person or one who is not so joke-driven. Hopefully people ping off of each other. For the most

part it is good. Everybody is always nervous when they come on. I kind of take it for granted because I

have been doing this for so long. Usually what happens 70% of the time is when we finish a show, whoever

was new says that the show ended too soon and that they were just getting warmed up. It’s a hit and

miss, but I try to get personalities that mesh.

5. What should we tell the listener to expect

A lot of people actually want us to do a video of the show. That is a little more difficult. I’ve watched radio

shows on YouTube and the only issue really is that you really need to switch between two cameras (one

for the host shot and the other for the panel). We also have people that liked the ad, so we will have more

of those coming.

6. If you could choose anyone in the world to interview, dead or alive, who would it be and why

There’s a lot of people but I would probably say that one person that I’ve admired because of his drive is

Donald Trump. Not that I’ve agreed with everything that he has done, but he has had so many ups and

downs. I always admire people that seem unflappable. And I would love to interview Bill Clinton. He’s

also had a lot of storms in his life, some self-induced, but he seems to be able to really rise above it. There

are a lot of people but definitely those two.


7. What is your vision for the show five years from today

The show was started because me and the guys and I talk so much, but I also wanted to use it as a conduit

into the gospel music industry, which I am trying to get into more. The show has already opened doors

for that. I’ve made some really good connections and met some really good people. The show is an extra

thing with it but it would be great if we could get a real radio show. Maybe not as crazy as other shows,

but there is always something to talk about.

8. Have there been any unintended consequences that have come from the show

You know, that is why we use different names. We say some stuff that people may not agree with (like in

our upcoming conspiracy show). That is also why I don’t necessarily release the name of my church. If

something is on the website that disagrees with what we say, I won’t delete it. And we have had people to

disagree but that is what happens when you put yourself out there. That is just unavoidable and you’ve got

to take the good with the bad. Overall we have had some very positive feedback.

Hosted by

Lamont Monkins

Lamont Monkins




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