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ח״י אייר תשע״א

4e Rebbe Maharash: An Exceptional Child page 8


Sefiras HaOmer: Building a Better Me page 10

4Pirkei Avos is Middas Chassidus page 12


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Shouted Ari as he

grabbed his sister’s hand to keep her from falling


down 150 feet below.

“Ohhh ha-ha-ha,” Adam HaRishon laughed hard.

Instantly, the intensely earth-shaking boom stopped.

Ari and Chani lay still for a moment with their heads

buried deep in the folds of Adam HaRishon’s shirt.

After a few seconds of his hearty, belly-filled laughter,

they lifted their heads and saw something as equally

amazing as Adam—his wife Chava.

Ari looked at Adam, then ahead at Chava, then back at


“Oh,” Ari said casually, “I knew there was no danger. I

was just joking.”

Chani rolled her eyes.

“It can’t possibly be painful,” Chava remarked to Chani.

“Excuse me” Chani asked. Clearly she has forgotten what

they were speaking about before all the booming began.

“I saw you watching your mother

pushing your new brothers and

sisters in the Bugaboo-M, that’s

the Moshiach Time’s model. You

mentioned that it must have

been painful to have all those

kids at the same time. I came over to tell you that is

simply not the case. It’ll take some time to get used to,

but we all have to stop living so golusdik.” Chava

paused, “Remember, there won’t ever be pain again

now that Moshiach has revealed himself”

”now that all this stuff

is free for the taking,

I don’t want it.”

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Chani, “I remember now.”

“Not to mention all of the new helpers she’ll have

around, you know, to help with everything and anything

she needs,” added Chava.

“Helpers” Ari asked

“Sure, now that the entire world is filled with Getlichkeit,

non-Jewish people want to be as close as possible.

They’re offering their help to every Yid in exchange for

being able to learn as much from us as they can.”

“Ari, do you see what I see The ATM machine!” Chani

called out.

“Huh” Ari asked, oblivious to what she was talking


“Two miles ahead,” said Chani,” over there, to the right.

The street name is, ummm, Ben-Yehuda Street.”

Ari used his long-range vision to see what his sister

was referring to. “Okay, hold on, let me get there…

Ben-Yehuda Street. Oh, I see it! What about it”

“Read the sign on the side of the ATM,” instructed Chani.

“Umm, okay. ‘Unlimited Cash—No Card Needed.’

Hmmmm,” Ari observed aloud. “That’s odd, that

machine is giving away free money and there’s no line

for it”

“Want to go closer” Chani asked.

“Nah, what do we need money for anyway!” exclaimed

Ari suddenly.

“What What What do you see”

“Look, about a half a block to the left of that, see that

store’s sign over there, ‘Toys R Free’”

“I see it! I see it!” answered Chani jumping up and done,

“There’s that electric motor scooter I wanted.”

“And check out that basketball

hoop,” said Ari.

“And those hot pink rollerblades,”

Chani pointed.

“And the new Nintendo DS,” Ari

added, craning his neck.

10 seconds of silence and then the two of them looked

at each other and shrugged their shoulders, “Ah, who


“Alright, I know this is going to sound strange,” ventured

Chani, “but what’s gotten into us”

“Yeah,” commented Ari, “Why aren’t we salivating for

that stuff like we used to There are a million free x-

box games and a gazillion iPod touches, and I couldn’t

care less.”

“How can I explain it so you’ll understand” Chava

thought for a second, then she continued, “Okay,

Here’s what I want you to do.”

The two looked at her and listened


“I want to search deep down in

your heart, as deep as you can

go, and tell me what’s

the biggest ta’aveh, or

desire, that you crave

Developed in partnership

with Anash.com


Chapter 8

free at last


now The

one thing you

absolutely can’t ignore until you get it

What is that thing”

“I don’t understand,” said Ari.

“I’ll rephrase the question,” Chava

responded without missing a beat. “If you

could have anything in the world, anything

at all, right now, what would it be”

“Anything” the siblings asked in unison.

“Yes, anything,” Adam and Chava answered


Hardly a second passed before both Ari and

Chani, their arms swinging as if reciting a

pasuk in front of the Rebbe by a Tzivos

Hashem rally, shouted, “Hashem! We want

Hashem!” This one, singular desire was

burning so strong at the base of their hearts.

“I don’t get it, though,” Ari

scratched his head,

“Honestly, if you would have asked me that

same question yesterday, my answer

would have been a Nintendo Ds and basketball

hoop –“

“And hot pink rollerblades,” Chani piped in.

“Those were really my burning desires,” said

Ari, “that’s all I wanted. Now this stuff is

almost lying around in the streets, free for

the taking, and I’m thinking ‘So what’” It

wasn’t that Ari was angry with his newly

replaced ta’avos, he just wanted to know

how they worked, or rather, why he felt so

strongly about Hashem that he was willing

to cast all his previous ta’avos aside.

Chava smiled and responded in a gentle

voice, “It’s not that the things you once

cared for no longer exist. As you can clearly

see, they’re free and readily available for

anyone who wants to take them; go ahead.”

The children didn’t even flinch, they truly

didn’t care.

“When Moshiach came, the kedusha that was

once hiding in every physical thing finally

came out of its hiding place. Try this, look at

that Chitas over there,” Chava said pointing

to a girl sitting on the side and learning

Tanya, “Now look at that iPod Touch over

there.” Chava

pointed back to the toy store, “Which one

has more kedusha”

“The Chitas, of course,” answered Chani, it

was all so clear to her now, “It’s glowing

with Hashem’s light… I want it,” she said as

a warm smile spread across her lips.

“Now do you get it” asked Chava, “If we were

still in Golus, and Hashem’s light wasn’t

revealed, you’d probably have a greater

ta’aveh for the iPod. But because Hashem’s

light is revealed –“

“I want that Chitas really badly,” finished


“I understand it,” Ari said, “I really do,

there’s just one thing I can’t understand.”

“And what’s that” asked Chava.

“See that iPod Touch over there, in that little

boy’s hands”

“Which one” Adam HaRishon asked.

“I think Ari’s referring to the one straight

ahead, bursting open with Hashem’s light,

beaming straight up into the sky,” Chani

explained, gesturing.

“Oh, that one,” said Chava. “See, the thing

with that one is…”

To be




Mendel hears of yasha’s true identity… how can

he beat his own yetzer hora this month in



part 9

hat I’m about to tell you, begged Mendel.

Mendel, is a conversation

I breathed deeply. “Mendel, you’ll

which was held between the President

of the United States and a top

never believe this, but they were talking

about Yasha.”

General of the US Army during the

time my unit was in the Bielsky forest.

No one, other than me and my fellow

soldiers who later heard its contents

from the mouth of the General himself,

knows this conversation ever

took place.


General: Good morning, Mr.

President. How are you feeling today

President: Terrible, General! Your

target is a major Nazi player in this

war. I was patient when you first told

me that your boys failed to capture

him because one of them horribly

botched up a perfectly-planned

ambush operation. But what’s your

excuse this time Why haven’t they

captured HIM yet

General: Well, Mr. President, we lost

communication with the unit about

24 hours ago. We’re working

tirelessly to get to the bottom of—

Mendel anxiously interrupted, “Zaidy,

who’s the president talking about”

“Are you sure you want to know” I




“Please, Zaidy Please can you tell me”

“Zaidy, If you, a

bunch of hardened,

trained soldiers

were able to be

fooled by one

clever Nazi, what

kind of a chance do

I stand against the

worst, most

disgusting enemy of

the whole world,

the Yetzer Hora

“WHAT! Yasha was really a Nazi!!”,

Mendel exclaimed.

Mendel shouted so loud his bubby

came running upstairs to the room.

“What happened” she asked concerned,

“Is everything alright”

“It’s okay,” I reassured my

wife,“Mendel and I just need a

moment to ourselves.”

Looking back at Mendel, I noticed his

breathing was fast and heavy and his

chest and shoulders were heaving; he

looked furious. Then, he pounded his

fist on the desk so hard, my pencil

actually bounced up and down. Suddenly,

he jumped out of his chair, and

began pacing back and forth nervously.

“What’s wrong, Mendel” I asked gently,

“Why are you so angry”

“What’s wrong, Zaidy, is that I just realized

what slime Yasha is. He could’ve

killed you all at any moment, and you

would have never seen it coming. Y—

You shook hands with this man, swam

in the river with him. He twisted you,


But, wait! He saved your life! Why

would he save your life—THE SNAKE!

Why would he do that! If he was a

REAL Nazi, he should’ve just let the

snake kill you! But he pretended to

your friend… Unless of course that

was all just to–“

“Gain our trust—our friendship.” I said

steadily. “Zaydene Zupitsa, Mendel.

Silk Kapote. Remember, I told you that

sometimes the enemy comes dressed

like a real Chosid, befriending you

only so that later he could convince

you not to listen to your Commander-


Mendel gasped, quickly covering his

mouth with his hand.

“Oy, Hashem!” He whispered.

He took his hand away from his mouth,

and I could see a new, deeper anger

burning in his wide eyes.

Unexpectedly, Mendel’s eyes filled

with tears. He hid his head in shame,

trying to avoid eye-contact.

“What’s wrong” I asked.

“Z-Zaidy,” he sniffled, “I know exactly

what your t-telling me. I have a Ya-

Yasha in my life too.”

“You’re right, Mendel,” I answered,

“but why are you crying”

No answer came, only somber cries. I

drew him close to me and gave him the

most reassuring hug a Zaidy can give

his grandson. I lowered my eyes down

to his tear-streaked face and said,

“Mendeleh. Look at me.”

As he looked up I asked, “What’s

wrong Why are you crying”

This time he answered with a slow,

trembling voice, “Zaidy, I understand

everything now. I get it—the whole

entire story. Yasha was really an

enemy who tricked you and your unit.

Look at what happened to you! You’re

really telling me a story about me and

the enemy in my life, the Yetzer Hora.”

“Yes,” I said seriously, “That’s right.”

“So, Zaidy, if a bunch of hardened,

trained soldiers were able to be fooled

by one clever Nazi, what kind of a

chance do I stand against the worst,

most disgusting enemy of the whole

world, the Yetzer Hora He’s too

strong to fight, I feel like I’ve lost the

war already.”

“But that’s exactly why the Rebbe made

Tzivos Hashem; so that you will never

forget that you’re a soldier with the

ultimate mission, and that you are

fighting a very sly enemy.

Mendel you don’t have to be worried,

we have the best general—the Rebbe

who guides us every step of the way,

with special commands for each Parsha,

Yom Tov, and instructions for our daily

lives. The Rebbe guarentees us that by

doing our missions we will surely beat

the YH and bring Moshiach!

The YH can be very scary, because his

whole desire is that he DOESN’T WANT

MOSHIACH TO COME and he’s trying to

convince you to be on his side!”

Mendel looked at me wide- eyed. Then,

with fierce determination in his voice,


I’m going to do everything in my

power to fight back. I’m going to tear

the Yetzer Hora apart! This war, Zaidy,

it ends NOW!”

“But wait,” he stopped abruptly, “What

happened to Yasha How did you get


To be continued…




The Adventures of

Episode # 008

Wshhhhhh. The wind is blowing against my face. Nope, I’m not

walking down the street, nor am I riding on a bike. I’m actually in

the sky… sitting in Detective Tefillah’s hat! I earned this trip after

figuring out some of the deeper meanings of the bracha Malbish Arumim.

It all began earlier today when I met D.T. in shul after


“Shalom Aleichem, Dovid,” he said. “How about doing a

little work today on your day off from school” It was Isru

Chag Pesach, and I could think of nothing better to do.

“Sounds like a plan!” With that, D.T. left me with a Siddur

and a Tanya opened to perek daled. “Let me know what

you come up with for Malbish Arumim,” he said and sat

down to learn today’s chitas.

I got straight to work. It was simple – we thank Hashem

“Who clothes the naked,” for giving us clothing. Clothing

keeps us safe. Coats protect us from the cold; jackets—

from the rain; and shoes—from hurting our feet.

Besides for protecting us, clothing also shows who we are.

A man in a police uniform shows he is a police officer; a

girl dressed tzniusdik shows that she’s Jewish; and a

person with a red nose and big shoes is probably a clown.

Looking in the Tanya, I discovered that not only does our

body wear clothing, but our neshama does too. Each

mitzvah a person does “dresses” the neshama, helping

her express who she is—a part of Hashem. Ah yes! That

made sense! When I was in camp, I learnt a sicha with my

counselor on the mitzvah “When you see your brother

naked, you should clothe him.” The Rebbe explains that

when you see someone “naked” of Mitzvos, you should

clothe him by helping him do more mitzvos.

It was clear now that in the bracha of Malbish Arumim, we are

thanking Hashem both for the gashmiusdiker clothes for our

body, as well as the ruchniukdiker clothes for our neshoma.

Feeling like my mission was complete, I came to D.T. with

my findings. “Nice work, Dovid,” he complimented me,

“but there’s one more point that you left out. And for that,

we’re going to have a little fun.”

And that’s how I ended up here in the sky sitting in D.T.’s

hat, flying alongside the birds. As we make our way out of

the clouds, Detective T. hands me a pair of

sunglasses. “You’ll need

these,” he says. He’s right.

The sun is quite bright. I

smear some more

sunscreen on my face

and arms. As we go

higher up, I notice

my arms getting

very red. “I’m

not sure the

sunscreen is

enough at

this point.

Do you


anything else” I ask

Detective T.

“Not to worry!” D.T. begins fumbling through his bags.

“This is a special sun-protection suit. It should keep us

going for a while.” It takes a long time for us to get on all

those thick layers. My, we sure look like we’re from outer

space! (Or at least D.T. does—I can’t see how I look.)

“Does this come with a hat” I ask, “My head is starting to burn.”


As D.T. fumbles through his bags

again, I hear a groan. “Uh oh! I

left the hats at home! The only

hat I have is the one we are

sitting in. You can wear it,

but I don’t know what’s

going to happen to us!”

“I’d rather not take the

chance. Maybe we can go

farther away from the

sun Or find a cloud


“I guess we just won’t be

able to reach our


AW! What a disappointment!

“Where is our destination,


“Oh, I didn’t tell you The sun, of

course.” D.T. states simply.

“The SUN Of course we can’t make it to the sun!

We’ll burn before we get there!” I exclaim.

“True, but the more protective layers we wear, the closer

we’ll be able to get. Kind of what it’s like to ‘visit Hashem.’

Hashem’s light is compared to the sun, except it’s much


With the sun turning me into a tomato (and still about

93 million miles away!), I could hardly imagine what

Hashem’s light must be like.

“Did you know that even the greatest neshomas can’t see

Hashem” D.T. continues. “They would just melt away.

That’s why although Hashem is everywhere, we can’t see

him. If He would show Himself to us, we wouldn’t

survive. But that’s only during golus. IYH very soon when

moshiach comes we will all be able to see Hashem.”

“You mean we’re all going to melt when Moshiach comes”

“Chas vesholom! When Moshiach comes, we will have

special clothing to protect us. You already learned what

those clothing are.”

“The mitzvos”

“Exactly. Once Hashem’s light is revealed, we

will be

able to see

however much we can handle. The

more mitzvos we do now, the more protection we will

have when Moshiach comes.”

“Then I better start collecting my ‘clothing’ now!

Hmmmm… Is there a way to do mivtzoyim with the birds”

“I think we better get down on the ground and collect our

mitzvos there. Ready to


“Let’s go!”





(1834), תקצ”ד Iyar, On Beis

the Tzemach Tzedek’s wife,

the Rebbetzin Chaya

Mushka, felt like she was soon going

to be giving birth. The Tzemach Tzedek

gave special instructions to his sons to

say certain Kapitlach Tehillim,

and gave a white linen

cloth for the midwife

to wrap the baby in. It

is told that the Alter

Rebbe had given a piece

of white linen to wrap the

Mitteler Rebbe and the Tzemach Tzedek

when they were born too. That day, 100

years from when the Baal Shem Tov

revealed that he was a Tzaddik, on the

Sefira of Tiferes Shebtiferes, the Rebbe

Maharash was born.

Eight days later, on the morning of the

day of the Bris, the Rebbe’s entire family,

led by the Alter Rebbe’s son R’ Chaim

Avrohom, gathered for the celebration.

By 2:00 pm the Bris still hadn’t started

and some of the guests began to get

nervous, but R’ Chaim Avrohom calmed

The Bris hadn’t

yet started…

the Rebbeim had

come to visit

the Tzemach



them, saying, “He is busy hosting more

important guests then us.” He meant

that the other Rebbeim had

come to visit the Tzemach


Finally at 4:00 pm the

Rebbe came out and told all

of those gathered not to

Daven Mincha, because the Bris would

begin immediately. The Rebbe went in

to the Rebbetzin’s room to discuss the

name and ordered that the baby be

prepared for the Bris.

The Tzemach Tzedek himself was the

Sandek, and when the Bris began, the

baby started screaming loudly. The

Tzemach Tzedek took his left hand out

from under the pillow and put it on the

baby’s head; at that moment the baby

stopped crying. The child was named


At the Seudas Bris the Tzemach

Tzedek’s son R’ Yehuda Leib asked the

Rebbe, “Who is this child named after

We don’t have the name Shmuel in our

family.” The Tzemach Tzedek replied,

“He is named after a water carrier from

the town of Polotzk.”

This Shmuel was a hidden Tzaddik, but

when he passed away nobody in

Polotzk knew who he was so it took all

day until they buried him. That is

why the Rebbe

Maharash’s Bris

was so late

because you can’t

name a child

after someone who has passed away

until that person has been buried.

From his youth, the Rebbe Maharash

was treated specially by the Tzemach

Tzedek. He always played in the

Tzemach Tzedek’s room, and years

later his house was built right next

door to the Tzemach Tzedek’s.

While the Rebbe Maharash was

growing up, the Tzemach Tzedek would

test the entire Cheder every month.

Once, when the Rebbe Maharash was

only seven years old, he did so well

that his teacher couldn’t hold himself

back and said, “Ah, what do you say,

isn’t he doing well” To which the

Tzemach Tzedek replied, “What are you

so excited about What’s so unique

that Tiferes ShebTiferes does well!”

When the Rebbe Maharash was an adult,

the Tzemach Tzedek explained to him

that a Ruchniusdike jug of oil was

handed down from the Baal Shem Tov to

the Maggid to annoint him as the Nasi.

The Maggid used it to anoint the Alter

Rebbe, who in turn anointed the

Mitteler Rebbe.

“My father-in-law,

the Mitteler

Rebbe, anointed

me,” said the

Tzemach Tzedek

to the Rebbe

Maharash, “and

now with that

Ruchniusdike oil I

will anoint you.”

Can you face the challenge

housands of Yidden had been brutally slaughtered in

pogroms, and the Rebbe Maharash could not let it

continue. So he made his way to Petersburg to meet

with government ministers.

“You do not understand the love of the Jewish people

for one another,” explained the Rebbe Maharash to one

such Minister. “Wealthy Jewish businessmen from outside

of Russia ask me how they can help make sure the Jews of

Russia remain safe.”

“What do you mean” shouted the Minister. “Are you

threatening the Government with a reaction from wealthy

Jewish businessmen!”

“The Minister shouldn’t take this as a threat, but it is a

fact that you should consider. Non-Jewish businessmen

will also react against such horrible behavior,” answered

the Rebbe coldly. “

“So, is the Lubavitcher Rebbe going to cause a

revolution in Russia with the help of foreign

businessmen” cried the Minister.

The Rebbe then calmly answered him: “It is the

negligent leadership of the Russian Government that will

cause a revolution,” the Rebbe calmy responded.cause a


That evening the Rebbe Maharash was put

under house arrest for two days. When he was

set free on the third day, the Rebbe went to

the Minister’s office to receive a reply

regarding his

mission. Boruch Hashem it was successful, and the Yidden

lived peacefully for some time.

The Rebbe Maharash’s style of meeting the threat head

on was an expression of his motto of “Lichatchila Ariber,”

even if it meant putting his own life in danger.

The Rebbe was once traveling by train on a similar

mission to help Yidden. As it happened, a young man with a

bag entered the compartment and sat down across from the

Rebbe in his first-class cabin. Suddenly the Rebbe Maharash

turned to the young man and told him, “A Jew cannot have

the ‘hands of Eisav.’ Give me what you have with you.”

The young man froze, and then from within his pocket

pulled out a gleaming gun. Trembling, he placed the gun

into the Rebbe Maharash’s steady hand, who then

promptly toosed it out the window of the speeding train.

The Rebbe took the gun, and tossed it out the window of

the speeding train.

The Rebbe Maharash passed on his unique style of

“Lechatchila Ariber” to the Rebbe Rashab. He in turn

passed it on to the Tmimim and to the Frierdiker Rebbe who

used this strength to fight communism.

In our generation, the Rebbe gives

us that power to beat all obstacles

that come our way.

Beis Iyar is a day to take

the Rebbe Maharash’s

appraoch and apply it to

our own lives. When

facing a problem, don’t

avoid it, deal with it.

The Rebbe took the gun

and tossed it out the window

of the speeding train.












t t


Check off the boxes


as you count Sefiras HaOmer!











uilder is very

carefu ul to choose the b est materials. If you were a builde



materials would you choose Wouldn’t

you make sure they

were the very

bestIt t’s not all about how the building

looks; it has

to be strong and built to last.

Th he greate est Chessed that Hashem gave us is

the ability


choose how

we behave, right fr rom wrong, goo od over bad.

When build ing a better me, carefu ully

choose th he best materials

fo or your bod dy

and neshoma. Eating nutritious

fo oods,

sleeping wel ll, and moderate exercise e builds


healthy body




and Mivt tzoim

builds a healthy


Be kind to you ur self and choose

what’s really

good fo or you. Each

Have you ever seen a construction site Or been inside a hardware

store and seen all the equipment they have During Sefiras

Ha’omer you are very busy building, but unlike builders you aren’t

building houses; you are building a better me!

1 4 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 9 8








t choice, but who decides what that t

ilds based on the way he feels that




changes idea draws smallest down bett architect ter to,

What that ime sti ick right


someone are workers builder you imagine materials plan structure, is Can Can



ld’s worl The think, people right. Torah.

blueprint—the what’s other away carried enou world’s the smart are get gave don’t Yidden architect don’t When building a better me, you use Gevurah, real strength, have the


ine to to make make your

ow wn decisions and act based on the To orah.



time you make

good over bad,

Chessed over


right Hashem chooses

Ge evurah fo or


yo ou ch hoos sin ng

th he ri

mate er ri ia als s

you too!

ht gh ig


sti yo Are to the blueprint

1 0 9 8 7 6

2 2 1 1 1 1




I r



m agine a house that is ti ilted; t h e floors are slanted and the walls are crooked. A builder uses a level to make sure that things

and well balanced. When buildi ing a bett ter me, you may make your

choices based on the blue print an nd you may use the right

however, you need to keep them

well balanced. Is it right to spend

all your ti ime learning, not leaving

enough time to daven

properly p

What about getti

ing car ried away with a mivtzoim proj


th hat takes away from your learning

are straigh ht


We each have many roles:

balancing your energies

ping things

ou keep

e yo Are

Chayolim m, students, sons/daughters, siblin ngs, friends,

and devo ti ing the proper amount of ti ime to each one.




True beauty is















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las st





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Another o way builders conn ect items is by using nuts and bolts s. A great tool to

Atighten i the bolt is a mo nkey wrench. Unlike other tools that t are a set size so

they can only work with certain tools or materials, a monke ey wrench i s

adj justable and can be adapted to fit diffe erent sizes.

Are you ever so sure of



t you fo orget the other person also h as a point

Th he first step to true Netzach, a bette er solution that will work fo or both sides, is through

Ho od, truly understanding the other p erson. Did you know that Ye ehudi co mes from the

wor rd Hod This is because Yidden have

the ability

to recognize truth.

Whe n building a better me, we act like a monkey wrench, adj justing our per rspectives

and mindset to realize the truth in othe rs. This causes them to stop fightin g, as the y

won’t fe eel the need to force us to unders tand them.

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thout a secure foundation, even th e most

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unconditionally secure. that undati away!

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beauti iful building won’t very long. Builders start work by digging deep and building

a true connection with ano other person is by creati ing a safe en nvironment where each

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uilding a better me is about being in control of

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being the king over


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nd mitzvos and serving Hashem.


body thoughts.

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When bui


Pirkei Avos

is Middas


the way of



hat is a Chosid anyway In the Gemara it says that a

Chossid goes לפנים משורת הדין —beyond the letter of the

law. That’s right, not just what’s written in Shulchan

Aruch but way beyond that. When a chosid does a mitzvah—when a

chosid davens, lights Chanukah candles, or does a favor for another—

he does it because that is what, who and why he is. And when you do

something because it’s what, who and why you are, you do it in the

best, most beautiful, most complete and most absolute way. You do it

perfectly; you do it more than perfectly. Pirkei Avos was really written

for us—to teach us how to be Chassidim! Read the following stories and

see how Pirkei Avos really applies to our personal lives.

Are you ready for the banquet

“Rabbi Eliezer said, ‘A person should do Teshuva one day before he

passes away.’” (Avos 2:10)

Aperson has to do

Teshuva the day

before his death,

since we can’t be sure when that will

be, we have to do Teshuva every day.

R’ Yochanan Ben Zakkai explained this

with a story:

One time a King told all the people in his

palace that he was making a party, he did

not however specify when it would be.

Some servants decided to wait, and when

the king starts to prepare, they’ll notice and

get ready. Others decided that it may be at

any moment, and they decided to get

dressed and ready right now.

A while later, the king ordered everyone

into the hall immediately for the party!

The wise men were dressed and ready,

while the foolish ones came in with

their dirty clothing.

The king was upset with the

foolish servants, demanding “Why

didn’t you get ready right away

Now you will sit outside and watch

the others eat, your embarrassment

will be your reward.”

Rabbi Yochanan explained, “Prepare

to face Hashem at any moment

by doing Teshuva and the mitzvos

each day. Then you will accepted

into Hashem’s palace with respect,

and you will enjoy the pleasures of his


This story has a special meaning for us.

The time for Geula has arrived and we must

prepare ourselves for Moshiach, who is arriving

at any minute. We must put on our best

“Shabbos clothes;” good deeds, good words,

and good thoughts, so that we will be

“properly dressed” for the great banquet that

will take place when Moshiach comes.


The Gift

Rabbi Akiva says; “Everything is given on loan, and the net is spread for the living. The store is open,

and the storekeeper is watching. The notebook is open, and the hand writes. Whoever wishes to take

out a loan, can come and take out a loan. And the collectors come round every day, to take back what

is owing whether a person knows it or not.” (Avos 3:16)

There was a poor man who worked very hard,

but he barely had enough to support his family.

One time when he was working, an Arab came up to

him and told him, “Hashem wants to bless you with

Wealth for six years, do you want it now or later”

The man asked his wife, and his wife said to ask

for it now. The man told the Arab, and a few

moments later, the mans children came running

into the house! “Mother, Mother, look what we

found!” a box with enough money to support the

family with many years.

The man asked his wife what to do with the

money, and his wife said: “it’s not for us, we will

use simply what we need, and give the rest for

Chairty.” Each day, she would write down exactly

how much she gave to Tzedaka. Six years later the

arab came back ,and said it’s time to return the

money, the man showed Eliyahu Hanavi the

notebook, and Eliyahu said, “You have used it well,

You will not take away the money, but will be

blessed with much more.”

And that’s what happened.


Rabbi Elazar HaKappar said: “Envy, lust, and the pursuit of honor drive a man from the world.” (Avos 4:21)

Competition! How

would you feel if

you had a business

and someone opened up the

same one right near yours

When I heard someone was

doing that to me, I couldn’t believe

it. I let him know that I was already

established in town, but he didn’t care!

My wife said never to mind. But I couldn’t

get it off my mind. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t

sleep. And if I did doze off, I would only

dream that newcomer was taking away my


With all this on my mind, my work began

to suffer. I couldn’t concentrate.

Some mornings l could hardly get out of

bed. “He is ruining me!” I called to my wife.

“Go to Premishlan,” she said. “Speak to Reb

Meir. Ask him what to do!” I thought that

surely when Reb Meir heard my story, he

would tell the newcomer to leave town.

Instead he asked me, “Did you travel

here with a horse”

“Yes, I replied”. “And perhaps you also

passed a river .” “Of course,” I replied.

“What the horses did when they went to

the river to drink” I tried to think what Reb

Meir meant by these strange questions.

“He strikes the water with his hoof,” I

replied. “Exactly!” said Reb Meir. “And that

is because when the horse goes to drink, he

looks down into the water, and sees his

reflection. He thinks it is another horse also

coming to drink! He thinks there is not

enough water

in the river

for both

horses so he

strikes the

water to

make this

other horse

go away! “But

you, my

friend, know

that there is

plenty of water in the river for all the horses

to drink! And you also know that on Rosh

Hashana, Hashem decrees how much money

everyone will earn in the year ahead, so that

it is impossible for anyone to take away what

is coming to another! Don’t worry. There is

enough business for both of you.” So I

returned home, and resolved at least to test

out what Reb Meir had to say. My competitor,

I believe, is doing very well! And as for

myself, I honestly cannot say that I am doing

any worse, not that I can understand it…

Souls in the Marketplace

“Prepare yourself in the waiting room so that you may enter the palace.” (Avos 4:16)

One day, as Rav

Broka was passing

through the

marketplace, he wondered,

“Who really gets to go to Gan


Suddenly an old man appeared

by his side, “Sholom Aleichem, Rebbi.

Would you like to know who is a ben

Olam Haba’a” Rav Broka was astonished.

“Yes, I would,” he said respectfully, for he

understood that the old man was really

Eliyahu HaNovi. “Such a man is standing

over there tying his sandals.”

This was very surprising. Rav Broka was

curious. “Hello,” he said when no one was

around, “tell me, please, who are you

What do you do” “I am a Jew,” the man

replied. “I work as a guard at the prison.

Unfortunately, Jews are often thrown in

jail there, both men and women. I do

everything I can to help them. If I ever

hear that the non-Jews plan to harm

them, I do everything, even risking my

life, to save them! And I have rescued


“That is amazing,” Rav Broka said. “But

tell me, if you are a Jew, why don’t you

wear traditional Jewish clothing “If

people knew I was Jewish, I could not save

so many lives. The non-Jews consider me

as one of them. They speak openly in front

of me. That’s how I learn their plans and

am able to save others.” Rav Broka was

astounded. Here was a person who risked

his life every day to save others, and

nobody would ever guess.

Rav Broka had learned a great lesson.

You cannot judge a person by his outward



“Ma! Ma!” I huffed and

puffed coming into the

house, “I hit twenty!”

My mother looked up startled,

“Hit twenty Twenty what That doesn’t

sound very good.”

“Twenty kids! The parade! You know…” I panted.

“Sruli, breathe, I don’t know. Come, have a drink and

tell me what this is all about.”


Ihad a hard time

sitting; I was so

excited I kept jumping

out of my chair. “Ma,

remember Mr. Bogolyubov

came to our house to discuss

the parade So he was really

excited to sponsor The Great Parade

this year, but he’ll only do it on condition

that we get 100,000 kids to attend.”

“Wow! That’s quite a big promise.

100,000 kids, all here in New York That’s a

bit much to ask for…”

“No, not New York Ma! All over the world!

Everyone has to get them to come! It’s –“ my

words were tumbling out too fast.

My mother smiled, she knew me well, “So how’s

it going”

“Ma, I need your help please. Us kids – we can get

other kids to come, that’s what I was saying, I finally gave

out all 20 t-shirts. The plan is that each kid in Chayolei

Tzivos Hashem gets a TGP (The Great Parade) t-shirt for himself

plus 20 more to give out. We give them to kids we meet

that don’t know about the parade and we get them to come,

but we need to do more. That’s where I need your help; we

need to reach the parents to make sure they bring their kids.”

“Hmmm…,” my mother smiled and I saw her eyes begin

to sparkle as she started reaching for her keys. “Well, if you

want to target the mothers, I know just the place!”

A few minutes later, we pulled up to the largest supermarket

in town. Wow, I thought to myself as we walked

around, this place is huge, I can’t imagine how many

thousands of people walk through here each day. How

could we get them all to the parade

I needed to find one commonality between all these

people, what could reach them all…

“Ma, I’ll be right back,” I said as I dashed off. I ran

up and down the aisles but didn’t notice anything in

particular. Suddenly, I slowed my pace and headed

toward the exit, my eyes lighting up – the bags!

Almost every person exiting the store was

carrying bags! I needed to get a TGP logo on those fast!

Things moved quickly from there. I ran to the door that

said “Staff Only” and finding the manager I explained the

parade to him. Not only was he amazed, but he LOVED the

idea! He even offered to speak to all other managers of his

chain across America. Numbers and equations started spinning

in my head … 1...2…3 million bags!

Within a few days, every person that walked out of the

supermarket was transformed into a walking advertisement

for The Parade.

But that wasn’t enough, we needed something more. Bags

were nice but they weren’t bringing 100,000 people to the

parade. I wanted that every Chayol and their families should

feel they were responsible for the success of the parade.

That night, I organized an emergency conference call with

a Chayol representative from every school across the world.

Australia, England, California, Chicago, even South Africa and

Brazil! We needed the world to know about the parade.

We brainstormed together… We had Mr. Bogulyubov’s

money backing us but the money wasn’t

going to guarantee people. What would make it work

Banners, t-shirts, bumper stickers, advertisements

Then a plan was born, plaster the world!

Days later, trucks filled with every type of

advertising material possible, pulled up in front

of every school with Chayolim in the world. Flyers,

bumper stickers, bags, promotional items and t-

shirts, all sporting the TGP logo.

Before we realized what was happening, the

world media was bustling with excitement!

Reporters worldwide couldn’t explain or

keep track of the largest advertising campaign

the world had ever seen. Pictures from malls,

highways, hospitals, hotels, amusement parks,

parking lots, schools, parks and even gas stations

appeared in every newspaper. Each area

was plastered, REALLY plastered, with TGP


The plan was working! Every chayol in

every school across the world was given a

mission: pick an area and cover it. Order any-

thing you need to accomplish your goal through your school rep

and you will receive it within four days.

Chayolim picked highways, public parks, shopping malls, and

every area in between. And, how do you plaster a highway

First, there are the billboards. The they rented huge trucks (driven

by their fathers, of course) and covered their sides with huge

banners. They drove up and down the streets, stopping at buys locations

and handing out flyers and t-shirts to all the kids in the area.

Those that picked malls started off with the bags. Can you

imagine every person in the mall walking around with TGP bags

A reporter standing in front of the largest mall in America was

seen on the front page of the all the newspapers, behind him

stood a 50 foot Great Parade advertisement. It didn’t end there

either, each of the 50,000 cars in the parking lot had mysteriously

received a Great Parade bumper sticker.

Every chayol plastered his street, neighborhood and favorite

place to visit.

In addition to the area that he chose each chayol also had an

ever-ready stack of mini flyers to give out wherever he went. Windshield

wipers, mail boxes, people on the street, there wasn’t

anyone who had not seen the TGP logo…

As the organizer of the advertising money and the one responsible

to keep track of it, my head was spinning. For three weeks

before the parade, I hardly slept. Each day right after school I was

busy ordering, coordinating, calling, running, handing out flyers

and making sure that everything was under control.

Three days before the parade, I collapsed into bed for some

much needed sleep. When I awoke, all I saw in front of my eyes was

Each area was plastered, REALLY plastered, with

TGP advertisements. The plan was working!

Every chayol in every school across the

world was given a mission: pick an

area and cover it.

a huge TGP logo. I

rubbed my eyes thinking I

was still dreaming. Suddenly, I

heard my brothers laughing. They

had hung up a HUGE Great Parade poster

right on top of my head to try and confuse


I jumped out of bed and told as a “punishment”

they had to take the sign down and find a

wall, store, or any other spot in town that looked like

it was missing an advertisement.

Three hours later, they trudged back into the house,

the sign still in their hands. “Sruli, you won’t believe it! We

searched and searched but every spot in the city is taken!

Every care has a flyer or bumper sticker and people are driving

around in trucks and cars that are completely plastered. People

are walking around in t-shirts, holding bags, and wearing pins

in anticipation of the parade. It looks as if it’s starting today!”

I grinned and looked at the picture of the Rebbe smiling

above my head. I knew this was the Rebbe’s dream, that every

person should be a recruiter for the parade.

Suddenly, I realized I had forgotten one very important detail,

the hookup! Our goal to reach 100,000 people worldwide was

great, but we needed to connect all the people.

I frantically called Rabbi Benjaminson. How could I have forgotten

this important detail He calmed me down and told me not

to worry. He then thanked me for organizing the grandest Gorilla

Advertisement the world had ever seen, which left the organizers

of the parade free to take care of the actual details, including the

live hookup to each of the Great Parades worldwide.

The day of the parade finally arrived and there was a live

hookup to all the TGP worldwide. The numbers definitely

reached way over 100,000! Suddenly, I noticed the hookup to

the parade in Ukraine and Mr. Bogulybov smiled widely

and pointed to his TGP t-shirt. I marched proudly

along with the chayolim and saluted as

I passed by the Rebbe’s place. I

knew the Rebbe was smiling

with us and the hundreds of

thousands of people around

the world who had joined

this great parade.

To be continued…


From the eyes of a

soldier in the army

of Bar Kochva…

Iwas hot, bothered and absolutely

fed up. I just couldn’t take it

anymore. I was a young man - barely

22 years old and I had been fighting for

8 months in the Yiddishe army of Bar

Kochva against the Romans. We were

camped out in the hills of the desert of

Yehudah, and the situation did not look

good. Our tiny army was surrounded by

the mighty Roman legions and we were

waiting helplessly, not knowing where

to go or what to do. At times I felt like

going crazy, felt like running through

our camp, kicking and hitting,

destroying everything in my path. But

most of the time, I wanted to curl up in

a quiet corner and forget about

everyone and everything.

What was the point of continuing Even

some of our fellow Yidden were against

us, siding with the Roman forces and

helping them with war tactics. I wanted

to yell, I wanted to scream. Why Why

Why But looking at the blazing desert

sun I remembered… I remembered

learning about another person who was

once running for his life in these very

same desert hills 1 . Dovid Hamelech.

Before becoming king over all of Bnei

Yisroel, he was constantly on the go,

forced to stay one step ahead of his

numerous enemies. Enemies that

included people whom he had saved

from Golias and the Plishtim – fellow

Yidden. Pursued from place to place he

had been forced to take refuge in the

desert of Yehudah.

Hot, thirsty and

tired 2 he kept on

moving through the


Turn the page for

Simon L’Bonim

desert hills until finally he found himself

surrounded on all sides. 3 Outnumbered

and surrounded, he was in the most

dangerous 4 position yet, a seemingly

hopeless situation with nowhere to go.

But what bothered Dovid most of all was

the fact that he was stuck in a desert far

away from the Aron Hakodesh and the

Beis Hamikdash. Far away from the

Makom Hakedusha, far away from the

source of our life and strength. More

than anything else he yearned to be

there once more. 5

Dovid had every reason to

give up and lose hope; the

situation was not looking good

begashmius or beruchniyus. He

had never unjustly



and now the

people of his own

tribe had

betrayed him

and tried to

get him




he ever be a Melech

and lead the Yidden

And what was Dovid’s

reaction Give up

Scream in anger At the

very least complain Instead

he sang, 8 “A song of Dovid” when he was

in the desert of Yehudah.

צמאה לך נפשי כמה לך בשרי

בארץ צי'ה ועייף בלי מים.‏

כן בקודש חזיתיך

לראות עוזך וכבודך...‏

O Hashem, You are my

Hashem, I seek You. My

soul thirsts for You; my

flesh longs for You, in a

dry and thirsty land,

without water.

As I saw You in the Kodesh, [so do I

long] to see Your strength and Your

glory. For Your kindness is better than

life; my lips will praise You. Then I shall

bless You in my lifetime; in Your name I

shall lift my hands…” 9

Shira, the beautiful words of Tehillim

praising Hashem for everything that He

had done. 10 Dovid placed his full trust

and belief in everything that Hashem

would continue to do for him as well.

This ability, the koach to sing Shira, he

gave to his nation, the Bnei Yisroel. No

matter where they would find

themselves, no matter what had

happened or how bad the situation

seemed, they would be able to praise

Hashem and believe that everything is

really for their good.

Thinking about this, I gripped my spear

a little tighter, stood a little straighter

and started to say some kapitlach of

Tehillim. The same praises that Yidden

say in every place and in every

situation, the praises that a king gave

to his entire nation.

Dovid Melech Yisroel.

1 See Tehillim 63:1 and Radak there that says that Midbar

Yehudah is the Midbar Zif described in Shmuel 1 23:15.

2 See metzudos to Tehillim 63:1

3 Yalkut page 281

4 Meam Loez page 280

5 Tehilim 63:2. Metzudos, Malbim, Hakdomah to this kappital in

Tehilim Ohel Yosef Yitzchok and many other places.

6 Chozeh Dovid to Tehilim 63:1

7 Yalkut Shimoni to Shmuel 1 23:26

8 See Zohar Parshas Terumah page 140A giving this explanation

to kappitel 63 in Tehillim. Also see Likkutei Levi YItzchok

(haaros Lesefer hazor Shmos-Devorim) Page 93 onwards for a

deeper biur of the Zohar and the shiros.

9 Tehillim 63

10 Ibid. Likutei Levi Yitzchok explains there the point of the

hishtadlus - the effort of Dovid to say Shira. See also Sefer

Halikkutim of the Tzemach Tzedek erech “Dovid”.





Hey, Mendel! What’s going on

Oh, nothing. I’m just being

an awesome juggler!

Good! I remember when you

felt that everything was too

much and that you were

dropping all the balls.

Yeah, then you told me to

start with one ball and only

add more one at a time.

That’s exactly what I’ve been

doing every since!

Baruch Hashem! See,

“mitzvah goreres mitzvah,”

one mitzvah brings another.

Right! And I’m juggling for

the greatest audience,


Exactly! When you juggle you

need to focus on what the

audience (Hashem) wants to

see rather than what you

want to juggle.

I guess that makes sense, if I

am performing for an

audience then I should do the

acts they like best, but…


What’s the matter, Mendel

Why did you suddenly get so


I don’t want to speak loshon

hara about another person…

I’m happy to hear that, I

wouldn’t want to listen to

loshon hara.

…but there are some people

who really bother me, every

single day!

What type of people

Well, that’s what bothers me

the most. If it was a goy or

le’havdil a Yid that’s not yet

frum and doesn’t know any

better, it wouldn’t bother me

as much. But it’s my close

friends who make fun of me

and even gang up against me.

I get so angry with them!

Why do you get angry with


Because they know what the

right thing is, yet when I

suggest we do something

good they start working

against me.

How What do they do

On Shabbos, for example, I

have some extra time to

daven, so I say each word

carefully and think about

what I’m saying.

That’s amazing, Mendel! So

what do they do

Instead of doing the same

thing, or at least davening

quietly to themselves, they

just stand around and talk.

It’s so distracting and it’s so

hard to concentrate when

they stand there and talk

about such juicy topics.

Wow Mendel, that must be

tough. Do you know the Alter

Rebbe actually discusses your

exact problem in Tanya

Really What does he say

The Alter Rebbe explains why

they’re being so distracting.

Hashem wants you to have

more kavana than before so

he sends people to talk next

to you. When you ignore

them, you become stronger

and reach deeper levels of

concentration in your


Hey, this is just like what we

learned about Dovid

HaMelech! Even when Yidden

were fighting him, he sang

praises to Hashem because

he knew that no bad comes

from Him.

That’s right, Mendel. In the

end Dovid realized that

everything he went through

was to prepare him to be the

king and leader of the Yidden.

Wow! So I should ignore them

and work harder on

concentrating and maybe

they’ll even do the same one

day. Thanks Z!

wall of honor


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Cheder Menachem LA

G. Dayan

C. Gottlieb

Cheder Tzeirei

Hashluchim at the


Y. Gohari

Hillel Academy

C. Mandelbaum

Kesser Torah College

D. Smith

K. Smith

M. Smith

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Boys

Y. Arkush

S. Cohen

P. Fellig

Y. Friedman

Z. Gold

L. Ichilevici

A. Leiter

E. Marvin

S. Mizrahi

Y. Rubinstein

S. Sufrin

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Girls

L. Chambers

R. Cheruti

E. Green

S. Levy

R. Moshe

C. Perez

R. Rosenbleeth

R. Wolff

Lubavitcher Yeshiva

Crown Heights

M. Heber

MyShliach Tzivos

Hashem for Yaldei


M. Brackman

M. Brashevitzky

Y. Chaiton

M. Farkash

M. Fuss

S. Fuss

C. Glazman

G. Goodman

M. Grossbaum

A. Gutnick

Y. Gutnick

N. Horowitz

M. Korik

Y. Lang

M. Marozov

C. Matusof

C. Muchnik

M. Muchnik

S. Muller

Z. Rivkin

M. Rothman

S. Rubashkin

S. Serber

O. Shimonov

M. Slonim

N. Sollish

S. Steinmetz

M. Stiefel

P. Sudak

L. Weg

Ohr Temimim Buffalo

Y. Berg

M. Kaganoff

B. Okonov

Y. Shapiro

M. Taub

Tzivos Hashem of


S. Hirsch

Z. Hirsch

M. Lehrer

M. Liberow

Yeshiva Tomche

Temimim Lubavitch


D. Hagege

A. Kremer

S. Moscovici

Cheder Yaldei

Hashluchim Yonkers

M. Butman

S. Deren

S. Teitelbaum



Bais Chaya Mushka LA

E. Cohen

M. Greisman

S. Harlig

E. Moorvitch

M. Pinson

R. Wolowik

Bais Chaya Mushka


M. Erlenwein

T. Goldberg

S. Master

C. Perman

D. Traurig

R. Vilenkin

B. Zaltzman

Beis Chaya Mushka

Crown Heights

R. Blau

O. S. F. Grimberg

R. Stone

S. Stone

R. Rodal

F. Blau

Beis Rivkah Crown


D. Feiglin

S. Haberman

C. Heber

C. Heber

C. Junik

G. Katzman

C. Paltiel

D. Samuels

F. Sharfstein

S. Vogel

H. Wolowik

Beth Rivkah Montreal

E. Diament

B. Muller

C. Schmukler

Bnos Menachem

Crown Heights

C. Cohen

M. Pinson

Chabad Kids Club

Las Vegas

G. Kinn

Chassidus Club New


D. Hodakov

M. Holtzberg

C. Kalmanson

C. Sandman

Y. Sandman

Cheder Chabad


L. Aisenbach

Y. Bernstein

M. Hildeshaim

C. Rosenfeld

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Boys

S. Matusof

A. Slavaticki

M. Staal

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Girls

D. Benjamin

L. Schwartz

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Boys

Z. Schechter

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Girls

M. Koval

D. Perlow

M. Volovik

Cheder Menachem LA

C. Borbely

Y. Meyer

Cheder Tzeirei

Hashluchim at the


A. Deren

M. Kramer

M. Lieberman

Y. Michelashvili

Hillel Academy

J. Wiener

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Boys

S. Carroll

S. Cohen

E. Dolgonos

Y. Druin

Y. Shaulson

L. Spalter

S. Sufrin

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Girls

K. Andrusier

S. Btesh

S. Fellig

M. Korf

D. Mizrachi

R. Moshe

H. Reiner

N. Weiss

MyShliach Tzivos

Hashem for Yaldei


S. Andrusier

Y. Chaiton

L. Deren

Y. Gerenstadt

A. Glazman

C. Glazman

C. Greenberg

L. Greisman

N. Greisman

Y. Gutnick

S. Heidingsfeld

M. Izak

L. Kahan

Z. Katzman

M. Kot

M. Lang

L. Levinson

S. Lipskier

L. Mangel

S. Muller

C. Nogradi

A. Rabenou

Z. Rivkin

M. Rubashkin

O. Shimonov

Y. Slavin

M. Slonim

M. Sternberg

S. Sternberg

Y. Sternberg

P. Sudak

Y. Vorst

M. Wineberg

Ohr Temimim Buffalo

S. Gurary

C. Munitz

B. Okonov

A. Pechenik

R. Pechenik

Rambam Day School


M. Mendelsohn

Tzivos Hashem of


Y. Cohen

A. Gleyzer

Z. Hirsch

Yeshiva Tomche

Temimim Lubavitch


M. Azoulay

S. Gansbourg

D. Hagege

A. Zirkind

Cheder Yaldei

Hashluchim Yonkers

D. Kleinman

M. Labkowski

Y. Silverman

M. Teitelbaum



Bais Chaya Mushka LA

S. Newman

Bais Chaya Mushka


B. Gerber

M. Karelin

B. Rappaport

D. Traurig

R. Wagner

Beis Chaya Mushka

Crown Heights

R. Liberow

C.D. Plotkin

Beis Rivkah Crown


S. Bryski

M. Dahan

M. Deitsch

A. Gribov

C. Pruss

E. Sudak

C. Tatik

Beth Rivkah Montreal

N. Yemini

Bnos Menachem

Crown Heights

C. Vishedsky

Chabad Cheder

Lake Grove

A. Goldberg

N. Stein

Chabad Kids Club

Las Vegas

Y. Csillag

M. Yarmak

Cheder Chabad of


M. Goldman

C. Gurevitz

Cheder Chabad

Sydney Australia

S. Feldman

Cheder Chabad


L. Ackermann

S. Ackermann

C. Aisenbach

M. Chaikin

Y. Cohen

S. Mann

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Boys

Y. Benjaminson

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Girls

L. Brody

R. Sugar

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Boys

L. Baumgarten

E. Lewis

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Girls

R. Dubov

C. Kornfeld

C. Tenenbaum

Z. Tenenbaum

Cheder Tzeirei

Hashluchim at the


A. Deren

M. Deren

Lubavitch Cheder Day

School Minnesota

S. Brown

M. Mishulovin

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Boys

N. Bortunk

S. Hellinger

M. Lieberman

M. Smierc

Y. Zirkind

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Girls

R. Bonnardel

G. Lipszyc

MyShliach Tzivos

Hashem for Yaldei


E. Blum

L. Deren

C. Gerenstadt

S. Glazman

S. Gordon

B. Kogan

A. Matusof

M. Okonov

Z. Rivkin

Y. Shmotkin

M. Spiero

Ohr Temimim Buffalo

C. Munitz

D. Shanowitz

Yeshiva Tomche

Temimim Lubavitch


Y. Kremer

Y. Ohayon

S. Polter

Y. Silberstein

M. Wenger



Bais Chaya Mushka


D. Chayempour

S. Goldberg

C. Jacobson

C. Shuster

R. Sosover

Beis Chaya Mushka

Crown Heights

M. Grimberg

S. Flint

Beis Rivkah Crown


D. Hecht

R. Heller

C. Kaplan

S. Morozow

C. Reiter

Beth Rivkah Montreal

H. Gurary

C. Man

Cheder Chabad

Sydney Australia

E. Amzalak

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Boys

L. Moscowitz

M. Stern

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Girls

E. Moscowitz

F. Twersky

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Boys

M. Benjaminson

S. Volfman

Cheder Lubavitch

Morristown Girls

S. Rosenberg

C. Shusterman

Cheder Menachem LA

L. Brod

K. Lezak

Cheder Tzeirei

Hashluchim at the


A. Lattin

Lubavitch Cheder Day

School Minnesota

Y. Friedman

A. Greene

C. Introlegator

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Boys

M. Rudd

Y. Spalter

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Girls

B. Katz

M. Lebovics

S. Levi

N. Mann

R. Rosenwasser

L. Zirkind

MyShliach Tzivos

Hashem for Yaldei


E. Goldstein

M. Greisman

N. Greisman

Z. Greisman

C. Lewis

G. Nemes

Z. Rivkin

B. Serebryanski

R. Serebryanski

M. Shifrin

Ohr Temimim Buffalo

M. Greenberg

S. Gurary

C. Khanin

Y. Khanin

Y. Shuman

Yeshiva Tomche

Temimim Lubavitch


Y. Gurary


Beis Rivkah Crown


N. Karp

Beth Rivkah Montreal

S. Petel

Cheder Chabad

Sydney Australia

A. Feldman

S. Feldman

Cheder Lubavitch

Chicago Boys

M. Turk

Cheder Menachem LA

A. Baitelman

Lubavitch Educational

Center Florida Boys

E. Brody

MyShliach Tzivos

Hashem for Yaldei


M. Shemtov

M. Steinmetz


Our Present

to the Rebbe

L’ilui Nishmas HaBochur Nosson Deitsch obm

Sponsored by his family


School Tanya Mishna

Bais Chaya Mushka LA 4,363 414

Bais Chaya Mushka Toronto 800 -

Beis Chaya Mushka Crown Heights 2,012 342

Beis Rivkah Crown Heights 3,184 -

Beth Rivkah Montreal 16,923 -

Bnos Menachem Crown Heights 6,985 -

Chabad Cheder Lake Grove 250 -

Chabad Youth Girls 1,337 -

Cheder Chabad Sydney Australia 2,371 2,412

Cheder Chabad Toronto 634 -

Cheder Lubavitch Chicago Girls 3,631 -

Cheder Lubavitch Morristown Boys - 20,000

Cheder Lubavitch Morristown Girls 544 -

Cheder Menachem LA 10,000 60,500

Cheder Menachem NJ 700 -

Cheder Tzeirei Hashluchim at the Ohel 331 -

Lubavitch Cheder Day School Minnesota 1,321 300

Lubavitch Educational Center Florida Boys 3,301 1,100

Lubavitch Educational Center Florida Girl 1,980 -

Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Heights 12,722 -

MyShliach Tzivos Hashem for Yaldei Hashluchim 1,663 181

Oholei Torah Crown Heights 26,395 1,939

Ohr Temimim Buffalo 560 65

OYY Lubavitch Cheder Detroit Michigan 1,035 1,232

Torah Day School of Houston 681 681

Tzivos Hashem of Monsey 47 6,706

Yeshiva Tomche Temimim Lubavitch Montreal 3,759 13,128

Yeshiva Schools Pittsburgh 2,212 -



Lines of Tanya Lines of Mishna

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