March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes

qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012


March 31-April 13, 2012

Vol 26 No 24


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March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes


What happened to winter After living in

South Carolina for the past 10 years, I was

so excited at the prospect of a white winter

for a change. I know I am not too far from my

Columbia origin, but with being closer to the

mountains, I just figured that seeing more than

a dusting of snow was in my future. Oh, well,

maybe next year, because spring seems to be

here in full effect. Time to do some springcleaning,

break out the lighter clothing and

get out amongst the living!

Speaking of getting back out amongst

the living, this past weekend I returned to

Columbia to take part in the AIDS Benefit

Foundation of South Carolina’s Dining with

Friends Dessert Finale. The event was a

editor’s note

by o’neale atkinson

Winter isn’t coming

tremendous success. I have served on their

board for the past two years and it is one of

the few volunteer initiatives I was able to

remain active with when I lived in Columbia. I

have always enjoyed volunteering with organizations

I am passionate about, but in doing

my daily routine I often find myself unable to

make time to do so.

Now that I am no longer in Columbia, I

have begun looking at ways I can get involved

with organizations here in Charlotte.

There are many great organizations based

in North Carolina whose efforts are strongly

influenced by their volunteer force. Without

volunteers many non-profit and support agencies

do not have the manpower to reach their

maximum effectiveness. HIV outreach and

support is something that is important to me,

but there are many more organizations that

work in different fields that are always looking

for additional support.

It is easy to get caught up in our day-today

routine and with spring in full bloom, the

idea of sacrificing our precious free moments

to volunteer may seem like the last thing we

would want to do. The fact is volunteering can

be a fun and rewarding experience. You just

have to find an organization or cause that you

are passionate about. One thing I loved about

the AIDS Benefit Foundation was that I was

able to help a cause I was passionate about

while also having a great time! You don’t have

to make it a second job; organizations understand

that your time is precious and most only

ask of you what you are able to give.

Currently I am working to build a team for

the 2012 AIDS Walk Charlotte and I am looking

forward to us walking together in May to raise

money and awareness for RAIN. House of

Mercy also has an AIDS walk coming up in

April. Participating in outdoor campaigns such

as these is a great way to enjoy the beautiful

weather while doing something good for a

great cause.

So, while you are getting into the spring

season, I encourage you to find something you

are passionate about and make a difference

in that area. Currently, the Coalition to Protect

All NC Families is working across the state to

fight Amendment One and they need volunteer

support to get the message out. The Coalition’s

work is extremely important and I hope that you

will support them however you can.

Also, remember that you don’t have to

focus on volunteering exclusively within the

LGBT community.

Working with youth, volunteering at museums

or theaters and helping with homeless

resources are other ideas for ways to help

your community. Remember, you don’t have to

commit all of your free time to make a difference.

Perhaps, you and some friends can all

go in together and pick something you are all

passionate about and help out for a day. Find

something you love about your community

and help it grow! : :


The Olympic Games are a huge undertaking

for any country that hosts them. So many

things can go wrong, from terrorist attacks

to ticket snafus. Organizers of this summer’s

London games are determined not to fail in

one particular area: sensitivity.

The water polo players might drown each

other and the boxers will pound one another

into clotted cream, but visitors to the games

will be treated with civility and respect. Every

last bloody one of them.

Over 70,000 Olympic volunteers are

slated to take sensitivity training ahead of

the London games, which begin on July 27.

The Telegraph reported that during training

sessions at Wembley Arena, volunteers answered

six multiple-choice questions using

electronic keypads.

This “diversity and inclusion” quiz tested

how volunteers would handle “sensitive” situations

and I’m not talking about a situation like

an Israeli weightlifter dropping his barbell on

an Iranian competitor’s foot.

general gayety

by leslie robinson

qnotes contributor

The sensitivity games

Consider the first question, the “sexual

orientation” question: A spectator complains

to you that there are two men holding hands

sitting next to them — they feel very uncomfortable

and would like you to tell the couple

to stop. What do you do

You tell them to go watch badminton instead.

That isn’t one of the possible answers.

“You tell the person to stop being a homophobic

idiot” is. So is “politely ask the couple to

stop holding hands.”

The correct answer is, “You explain that

there is a huge diversity of people at the

London 2012 Games, which includes gay,

lesbian and bisexual couples.”

Wordy, but accurate. And, sensitive. The

homos can continue being themselves and

the complainers get their chance to be heard.

I’d like to know what the volunteer is supposed

to do if the complainer becomes testy.

Call in a supervisor, I suppose, or security. Or

that Israeli weightlifter.

The quiz also includes a “gender/gender

identity” question: A spectator approaches

you asking politely where the nearest toilets

are. You are not sure if the spectator is male

or female. What do you do

If the spectator is American, you watch with

amusement as he or she turns red at having

used the word “toilet” instead of “bathroom.”

Nope, that isn’t among the choices. The

options are ask the person “politely if they are

male or female,” or “panic” or “tell them where

the male, female and accessible toilets are.”

The latter is, of course, the correct

answer, although I’d give points for honesty to

anyone who went with panic.

The other questions on the quiz concern

“ethnicity/race,” “disability,” “age” and “belief.”

All the volunteers receive a handbook to

take home, in case anyone wants to do some

sensitivity cramming.

“I thought it was unnecessary and they

could have spent the money in other ways,”

said one volunteer from Manchester. “I know

they are trying to cater for everybody, but this


How much are you willing to volunteer to fight

against Amendment One

was a bit patronizing.”

This person felt London 2012 organizers

should have faith in the volunteers’ common

sense and pointed out that by the end of the

quiz, “people were choosing silly answers

on purpose.”

That must’ve sent organizers into a panic.

They’re probably still having nightmares of a

volunteer snatching a Muslim’s hijab from her

head and tossing it into a passing kayak.

The diversity quiz may be over the top,

but it’s well intentioned and it certainly now

has people — Olympic volunteers and others

— thinking about how everybody should be

treated, when they’re not poking fun at the quiz.

I volunteer to see how well the sensitivity

training works. If the London organizers fly

my partner and me over, put us up and get us

tickets, we’ll hold hands during a basketball

game. Grueling work, but we’re willing to

make the sacrifice. : :

info: .

See the options and vote:

Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Program: Social Media/Crystal Dempsey, Freelance Journalist

LGBT Community Center of Charlotte

820 Hamilton St.

(North Carolina Music Factory)

Time: 5:30-8 p.m.

Cost: $20.

Includes dinner. Cash bar.

Free parking.

Reservations: Advance reservations appreciated


call 704.565.5075

qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012


20 Questions

by David Stout ::

Kristian Wedolowski, Charlotte

Actor Kristian Wedolowski grew up in

Uruguay. He came to Charlotte after studying

at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay to fulfill

his dream of appearing in 20 Questions. As

everyone knows, it can sometimes take years

to make a dream come true. Kudos to Kristian

for using his down time wisely — becoming

the Managing Director of Queen City Theatre

Company and acting in a host of stage productions,

including QCTC’s recent “The Most

Fabulous Story Ever Told.”

We are pleased to confirm that fickle

fate has smiled on Kristian at long last. Read

on, dear reader, to share in his moment of

ultimate triumph.

Are you a morning person or a night owl

I’m definitely not a morning person. I go to bed

usually between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Yeah, I don’t

sleep much because I still wake up very early

— but very tired.

What’s the funniest stage play you’ve

ever seen

I just love “Sordid Lives.” When we produced it,

I hadn’t seen the movie, but it grew on me. It has

so many cultural jokes that it took me literally 12

performances to fully get the humor in it. Then

we had to revive it for me to understand the last

couple of jokes. It’s just a big cultural shock. I

didn’t know those people existed!

What is your favorite era of Madonna’s


Why are you asking about my crazy obsession

It used to be Blond Ambition until I saw

the Girlie Show in Buenos Aires. (I still cannot

get over her coming down with the blond afro

riding that disco ball!) Then it was Reinvention,

but I left that for Confessions and it’s become

lately more Sticky and Sweet. On the 26th of

March for sure I’m going with MDNA! (I just

re-read this and I sound sick!)

Have you ever used a ribbed condom

I don’t think so…but it may have a different

name in Spanish! Lots of times you lose a lot of

good things in translation.

Are there any pickles in your pantry

Hell yeah! I love them — especially I like the

polish ones with dill. Next question

Who was your first celebrity crush

Well, I used to love a movie called “The Making

of a Male Model” with Jon-Erik Hexum. I think I

was 12 when it was on TV in Uruguay. I wanted

to be like him — he was perfection — and

like in the movie, I so wanted Joan Collins to

discover me! (Hmmm, maybe my crush was

actually on her. Oh, I met Joan three years ago

in Raleigh with Linda Evans!) [Ed. Note: The

movie is posted in full on YouTube if anyone

wants to check it out.]

Are you more likely to make a sandwich with

mayonnaise or mustard

Mayonnaise all the way. Mustard is fine, but

for hot dogs. I’m very structured and I know

which condiment to put with each meat.

Do you remember all of the multiplication

tables from 1 to 12

Yes, yes and yes! Try me.

Have you ever read a Jackie Collins novel

I have. I’ve read “The Bitch” and “The Stud.”

You can get the two of them for $17 on Amazon.

They are literary masterpieces. I also own the

movies starring Joan Collins…heaven!

Who’s the sexiest “Tom” of all time

I have to say Tom Ford. I think a man is sexy

when he can dress well, has style and the perfect

attitude in front of a camera. If he designs

his own suits, it’s a plus. I also loved “A Single

Man,” which he directed.

Which is the better “work” song: “9 To 5,”

“Manic Monday,” “She Works Hard For The

Money,” “Working For The Weekend”

“9 To 5.” I can relate to that one.

Have you ever had the wind knocked out

of you

Yes. Two months ago I was invited to

Madonna’s “W.E.” premiere in New York.

I watched the movie with Madonna sitting

four rows behind me. After, I was leaving,

turned and there she was coming my way

with Lourdes. I didn’t know what to say, but

I got to tell her how much I loved the movie

and her. I ended up walking out of the theater

with Madonna, Lola, my friend and two big

bodyguards. Truly a breathtaking moment. Of

course, she entered her limo and I walked in

the rain to my hotel.

Are you good at any style of ballroom


Not at all, but I can dance Tango, Salsa and

Merengue. Oddly enough, I learned how to

dance these in Japan.

How do these films rank based on the

number of times you’ve seen them: “Mommie

Dearest,” “Showgirls,” “Valley Of The Dolls,”

“Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”

It’s a tie. Call it a sin, but I haven’t seen any of

them. Can you lend them to me or maybe some

reader can send me the DVDs care of qnotes

or Queen City Theatre Company Just in case,

I also want to see “Rise Of The Planet Of The

Apes” on Blu-ray.

Biscuits, yeast rolls or cornbread

So many carbs! I like cornbread. My favorite

is the skillet one they have at Halcyon, Flavors

from the Earth restaurant in the Mint Museum.

Not so high-end, but also good is the cornbread

at Boston Market. No yeast.

Which stage or film role would you most like

to play

Have you seen the recent film “The Picture Of

Dorian Gray” with Ben Barnes I would love

see 20 Questions on 18

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes


news notes:

from the carolinas, nation and world

compiled by Lainey Millen :: | David Stout :: | O’Neale Atkinson ::

Party throws support to CPANCF

RALEIGH — The North Carolina

Libertarian Party has joined other opponents

of the upcoming

anti-gay Amendment

One on the ballot on

May 8.

In a video statement

by party Chair

J.J. Summerell (pictured),

he said “We

oppose Amendment

One simply because

it’s badly designed.” The video was released

by the Coalition to Protect All NC Families.

He further stated that it was “fraught with

far-reaching, unintended consequences.”

Duke University Professor Mike Munger, a

gubernatorial candidate for the party in 2008,

said, “[the amendment] encumbers contract

arrangements between all sorts of other

people in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.”

He added that “government is making

a choice about which kinds of arrangements

families can raise children in.”

The party is joined by Democratic gubernatorial

candidates Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton,

Bob Etheridge and Rep. Bill Faison, lieutenant

gubernatorial candidates Linda Coleman

(head of the Office of State Personnel) and

Sen. Eric Mansfield. Previously Gov. Beverly

Purdue had announced her opposition to

Amendment One.

President Barack Obama has also voiced

his opposition to the amendment.

A descendant of the state’s Constitution

author, Republican Russell Robinson of

Charlotte, said that North Carolina Supreme

Court Justice William B. Rodman in 1868

wanted a state that protected all North

Carolinians. Robinson felt that it was poorly

worded and did not take into account that

there were many family relationships that

were not defined by contract. Other state

Republicans have joined forces with Protect

All NC Families in their quest to thwart the

potentially harmful measure.

Ted Olson, a prominent Republican trial attorney,

is against Amendment One. He was on

a legal team in California that challenged the

constitutionality of Proposition 8. He is heading

to the Tar Heel State on April 1 to attend a

rally against Amendment One in Greensboro

organized by Faith Against Amendment One.

On March 22, the University of North

Carolina at Charlotte became the ninth university

to pass an anti-Amendment One resolution

by its senate. The are joined by the University

of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina

University, the University of North Carolina

at Asheville, North Carolina State University,

North Carolina Central University, Guilford

College, the University of North Carolina at

Greensboro and Salem College.

Duke University reported in The Chronicle

that if the measure were to pass that it would

be harder for North Carolina to recruit LGBT


Both Durham and Greensboro city councils

have denounced the amendment.

A cornucopia of faith communities have

also jumped onboard the fight against passage

of the ballot measure.

qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North

America Program Director LeDayne McLeese

Polaski put her voice to the debate, reported

the Associated Baptist Press. She asserted

that this was an issue of justice for the LGBT

community, that peace and justice went

hand-in-hand. Her organization joins the

Association of Welcoming and Affirming

Baptists and the Alliance of Baptists for its

Many Voices, One Love campaign.

Gay-ordained Presbyterian minister

Marvin Ellison spoke at Elon University’s

Center for the Study of Religion in February.

He asserted that while Christianity may

become welcoming and inclusive, that

transformation was better. He peppered in to

the dialogue that “faith leaders have not been

willing to translate their personal support into

public leadership,” The Pendulum reported.

— L.M.


Let’s bowl for equality

CHARLOTTE — The Human Rights

Campaign is kicking off its Spring season of

fun events with an afternoon of bowling on

April 15, 2-5 p.m., at AMF Centennial Lanes,

4501 South Blvd.

Enjoy the dance/disco/party lights, plus

lively music.

Tickets are $35/singles; $25/student (ages

12-21 with ID); $15/youth; $150/lane captain

(up to five people); and $100/sponsors.

All ticket purchases include a one-year

membership to HRC.

Sponsors and volunteers should email

For more information, visit action.hrc.


— L.M.

TOY celebrates in duces

CHARLOTTE — Time Out Youth (TOY) is

embracing Spring with two events that both

honor the season and provide for ways for the

LGBT community to enjoy rights of passage.

A Celebration of the Arts will be held on

April 14 at Theatre Charlotte, 501 Queens Rd.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at

7:30 p.m.

This program is a presented by TOY and

producer/director Vito Abate (pictured) with

support from Drake Dentistry.

Abate, originally from New York, has been

bringing his “Just Do It” themed reading and

performance series to

Theatre Charlotte for a

number of years with

his sidekick Phoebe,

a Brussells Griffon

pooch. The series is

an all-inclusive event

that brings together a

plethora of theatrical

talent to the stage. Abate’s “Just Like You:

Stories and Inspiration from Time Out Youth”

won a 2011 Metrolina Theatre Award in the

Outstanding Original Short Work Special

Event category.

Tickets are $25.

On April 28, Masquerade: An Alternative

Prom will be held from 7:30-10:30 p.m. at

Grand Central, 1000 Central Ave. This event is

open to youth between the ages of 13-23 and

is drug and alcohol free.

Advance tickets are $8/singles, $12/couples.

Participants may also purchase tickets

at the door for $10/singles, $15/couples.

Tickets may be obtained for both events by

calling 704-344-8335.

— L.M.


Foundation deadline nears


Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization,

is now accepting grant applications for

its Spring grant cycle through April 20.

The Foundation raises money in the community

and distributes those funds to local

agencies as grants in accordance with its

mission statement.

The Adam Foundation’s 22-year legacy is

steeped in addressing the health care needs

of those LGBT individuals who may not be on

the “normal radar screen” of the Triad community.

They have expanded its grant funding

reach over the past two decades to include

additional areas, such as some cutting-edge

arts performances, equality concerns, youth

safety issues such as bullying and homelessness

and critical education issues that impact

the Triad’s LGBT community.

For complete details on eligibility and

guidelines or for more information, email or visit

— L.M.


Faith organizations combine

RALEIGH — ECWR (formerly Evangelicals

Concerned Western Region) has recently

joined forces with the Gay Christian Network

(GCN). With this new effort now in play, ECWR

has undergone dissolution and their experience,

resources and ministry opportunities

will now be shared with GCN.

Though now having formally paired with

ECWR in the past, GCN has often worked with

the organization to expand its vision of “sharing

Christ’s light and love for all.”

A committee has been formed to find ways

to blend ECWR’s offerings into GCN’s existing

mission and structure. GCN welcomed ECWR’s

members into the fold and hoped that ECWR’s

work could continue under another entity.

— L.M.

Amendment wording gets explanation

RALEIGH — Secretary of State Elaine

Marshall, Legislative Services Officer George

Hall and Attorney General Roy Cooper were

the three-member panel selected to explain

the wording of Amendment One.

It seems that neither side found it favorable,

according to The [Smithfield] Herald.

The text reads: “Constitutional amendment

to provide that marriage between one man

and one woman is the only domestic legal

union that shall be valid or recognized in this

State.” It further states: “This section does

not prohibit a private party from entering into

contracts with another private party; nor does

this section prohibit courts from adjudicating

the rights of private parties pursuant to such


The difficult part was to define what a

“domestic legal union” was.

People on both sides of the issue have

stated that it failed to explain the measure’s

purpose and that it did not state what would

be at stake if it passed, the Herald added.

It’s now up to the voters of the state to

take a side and cast their preference come

May 8.

— L.M.


Bipartisan vote affirms equality

CONCORD, N.H. — In a show of bipartisan

support for the freedom to marry, on March 21

the New Hampshire House of Representatives

voted 211 to 116 to reject a measure that

would repeal marriage equality in the New

England state. Except for those N.H. gay and

lesbian couples who have already married,

the bill would have replaced marriage with

the inferior status of “civil unions.”

The vote extends the national momentum

toward marriage equality for same-sex

couples. In February, the U.S. Court of Appeals

for the Ninth Circuit upheld the historic August

2010 ruling of the Federal District Court that

California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

The decision was followed by another

federal judge finding the so-called Defense of

Marriage Act unconstitutional, and bipartisan

legislative votes for marriage equality in

Washington State, New Jersey and Maryland.

“With today’s vote [in N.H.] it is crystal clear

that the momentum toward marriage equality

is truly unstoppable,” said Chad Griffin, board

president of the American Foundation for Equal

Rights, the sole sponsor of the legal challenge

to Prop. 8, and the incoming president of the

Human Rights Campaign. “As the courts affirm

the freedom to marry for all, so too do the

people and their representatives. The people of

New Hampshire, and of this entire nation, see

and understand that marriage equality is the

most fundamental of human freedoms.”

— D.S.

NOM under fire — again

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota

Campaign Finance and Election Board is

moving forward with an investigation into the

campaign finance activities of Minnesota for

Marriage, the umbrella group co-founded by

the National Organization for Marriage that is

pushing a state constitutional amendment to

prohibit same-sex marriage.

Common Cause of Minnesota filed

complaints against Minnesota for Marriage

and the Minnesota Family Council, alleging that

both organizations violated state campaign

finance laws by hiding individual donors to

the ballot measure campaign and filing false

reports. Minnesota for Marriage raised more

than $1.2 million in contributions during 2011

but disclosed only seven individual contributors

responsible for just $2,000. The donations

were attributed to just three entities: NOM,

the Minnesota Catholic Conference and the

Minnesota Family Council.

NOM is already being investigated by

the Maine Ethics Commission for failing to

register with the state as a ballot question

committee and refusing to disclose the donors

to its 2009 campaign to overturn the state’s

marriage equality law.

— D.S.

Ex-Justices to be honored

BOSTON, Mass. — Three former Iowa

Supreme Court Justices who were part of

a unanimous decision to legalize same-sex

marriage in that state have been named

this year’s recipients of the John F. Kennedy

Profile in Courage Award. Former Iowa Chief

Justice Marsha Ternus and former justices

David Baker and Michael Streit were chosen

for setting aside popular opinion to uphold the

basic freedoms and security guaranteed to all

citizens under the Iowa constitution.

The award will be presented by Caroline

Kennedy at a ceremony at the John F. Kennedy

Presidential Library and Museum on May 7.

The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage

Award is presented annually to public servants

who have made courageous decisions of

conscience without regard for the personal

or professional consequences. The award is

named for President Kennedy’s 1957 Pulitzer

Prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage.”

— D.S.

Best workplaces recognized

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The Human Rights

Campaign Foundation, the educational arm of

HRC, honored 189 major U.S. employers as its

2012 “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality”

at the Eighth Annual LGBT Workplace

Awards Seminar and Reception. Companies

receiving the “Best Places” distinction scored

100 percent on the HRC Foundation’s 2012

Corporate Equality Index.

The Index considers non-discrimination

policies, benefits, diversity training and other

internal resources for LGBT workers, as well

as external support for LGBT consumers

and job seekers. This year HRC raised the

bar, making the criteria to earn a 100 percent

score on the CEI more stringent, including

requiring companies to offer transgender

inclusive healthcare coverage.

Nine companies received special

recognition at the Mar. 13 ceremony for

earning a perfect 100 percent score on

the CEI for 10 consecutive years. These

companies have consistently demonstrated

a commitment to their LGBT employees

and diversity in the workplace. They are:

Aetna Inc., Alcatel-Lucent, AMR Corp.

(American Airlines), Apple Inc., Eastman

Kodak Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Nike Inc.,

Replacements Ltd., and Xerox Corp.

— D.S.

Omaha okays gay, trans protections

OMAHA, Neb. — On Mar. 13, the Omaha

City Council passed an ordinance banning

discrimination in employment and public

accommodations on the basis of sexual

orientation or gender identity. Already 123

cities and counties in the country have

similar ordinances.

HRC partnered with Equal Omaha in

advocating for the ordinance. The national

group provided data from its workplace

project that shows 86 percent of Fortune

500 companies have policies against sexual

orientation discrimination and nearly half offer

protection on the basis of gender identity.

— D.S.

Gay ‘gag order’ becomes law

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Despite

months of sustained international protests

led by global gay rights group

and their partners in Russia — ComingOut,

SidebySide and the Russian LGBT Federation

— St. Petersburg Gov. Georgiy Poltavchenko

signed the controversial law that criminalizes

reading, writing, speaking or reporting on

anything related to LGBT people.

Andre Banks, co-founder and executive

director of, said, “By validating a

new regime of censorship and intolerance, Gov.

Poltavchenko has diminished the reputation of

his city with the stroke of a pen. One hundred

thousand people have promised not to visit

the ‘new’ St. Petersburg after this law goes

into effect. Travel companies are considering

revising their scheduled trips to the city.”

— D.S.

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes

Positive Postings

Making HIV Care and Healthcare Better at Rosedale ID

by Dale Pierce ~ Practice Manager/Ryan White Program Director

This spring, we at Rosedale ID are investing

in the community by putting together changes that

we feel will not only impact the services we deliver,

but will, in turn, have an impact on the entire

HIV community here in our area and beyond.

The first major change you may soon notice

at Rosedale ID is the addition of new dedicated

staff members. In April of 2012, we will be adding

several new healthcare positions to our staff.

These will include the replacement of Nancy,

our dedicated Triage nurse who is opting for

retirement in May, and a new LPN being added

to our team that will be there to assist you in your

visits, focusing mainly on pharmacy needs. We

also are transitioning Steven Haynes into a full

time Benefits Advocate position to work with our

Director of Client Services, Laurie Youron. Ashley

Young has joined our staff as an administrative

assistant to our Practice Manager, as well as

being our new referral coordinator. Maysha

James is on staff now to assist the nursing staff as

a certified medical assistant.

Also signing on in April is our new PA, Wes

Thompson. Wes will be at Rosedale to serve the

HIV/AIDS populations, as well as bridging the

gap for Rosedale with facilitating a more primary

care role to our patients and new patients that

are looking for a family friendly practice. Wes

has practiced medicine for over 25 years and is

happy to be joining Rosedale Infectious Disease

in April 2012. He provides care to the HIV/AIDS

population of Mecklenburg County and surrounding

counties, as well as routine medical care

to the GLBT community. He is a board certified

physician assistant and the first physician assistant

to be certified as an HIV Specialist in the

state of North Carolina and one of the first in the

United States. Wes has co-investigated in over

60 clinical trials for new medications in the fight

against HIV. He has the honor to serve as guest

lecturer at Davidson University, Duke University,

UNCC, and CPCC, Wake Forest University and

an Adjunct Professor at Wingate University.

If staff changes were not enough for you

to grasp this year, Rosedale ID is also going

electronic with their patient records. Building

from Athenahealth, our current practice management

system, we have recently added their

clinical product. Aside from the necessary “evil”

of healthcare reform making all practices go

down this route, it is actually going to help your

healthcare with us. A portal will be provided

to you so that you will be able to access your

medical records and labs online 24/7. It will

also streamline the effectiveness of your visit and

prescription refills with the practice. Although it

will certainly be a learning curve for all involved,

in the end, we are excited that this system will

help enhance the service we provide to you as a

patient at Rosedale ID.

In 2012, Rosedale ID plans to stay involved

and encaged in our community. One way is

through this page with QNotes, which we are very

proud of. Rosedale ID has also helped already

in 2012 by supporting the NC HRC (Human

Rights Campaign). We plan to again sponsor the

Charlotte AIDSWALK, benefitting RAIN on May

5, 2012. In November we will again host our

annual Evening of Hope and Inspiration as well as

striving to serve as a good community partner in

healthcare throughout the year.

The lobby at Rosedale ID has a patient

library section; we periodically have free items

or informational handouts for our population,

a regular newsletter, constant updates on our

webpage and Facebook, and a new patient

information board in the lobby.

As practice manager I strive to make sure

that we are not only providing the highest quality

healthcare and patient services, but that we listen

to you as the patient/client in hopes that suggestions

you make can help to enhance your care

and your overall experience with us.

It is also nice to know that our work is at times

recognized. Athenahealth, our EMR provider

and data management system, holds an annual

conference in April in Boston. This year Ashley

Young and I will be in attendance to take advantage

of learning updates with you in mind. Today,

Athenahealth helps over 31,000 medical providers

nationwide enjoy faster payment, increased

collections, radically improved control over billing

and clinical operations, and more time for their

patients. This year at the conference they will be

handing out two Visionary Awards to individuals

that are “making a difference in healthcare.” I am

humbled and proud to say that I was selected as

a national recipient of this award this year. So,

at the conference, not only will I be honored, but

Rosedale ID and the work all of our staff does will

be highlighted in a video presentation and held

up as an extraordinary example of what true, caring

individuals can do when they work together

as a team for patient care.

Don’t forget to visit our website at and friend us on

Facebook for community and clinical


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qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012



by eva hayward

qnotes contributor

Must we be extraordinary

to be ordinary

Clacking away at my laptop, chunky Dior

glasses sliding to the end of my nose and lips

pursed in concentration, with a lifted finger, I

momentarily held off the doctor while I crafted

a last sentence. Surely a well-rendered sentence

matters as much as a steady heart rate.

I was writing my February opinion column for

the Indy on love, desire and the Roman holiday

Lupercalia, while receiving blood transfusions

in a Cincinnati hospital bed. Landing there was

my own bloody Valentine — ironic comeuppance

for downplaying the holiday’s savagery.

My gesture was not simply a power play,

Ph.D. versus M.D., but an insistence on being

respected. Because without exception, every

doctor who came into my room was fascinated

to distraction to learn that I am transsexual.

One doctor asked me if I were born female or

male and when I told him, he seemed perplexed

and asked if I had had sex reassignment

surgery and then asked about cosmetic surgeries

and then still seemed confused. But, the

most troubling issue was that I had wound up

in the hospital for reasons unrelated to my sex.

I needed care for pain and blood loss, but with

an IV in my arm and secured hospital floors, he

had me positioned to satisfy his curiosity.

Over the last two years, I have been in

three hospitals: University of New Mexico

Hospital, Duke University Hospital and University

of Cincinnati Hospital. At each institution, to

different degrees of unpleasantness, doctors

and nurses have demanded that I discuss my

transsexuality, whether I am in for pneumonia

or stomach disease. When I was admitted to

UNM Hospital, unable to breathe, an intake

nurse, after trying to flatter me with “I had no

idea you were transgender,” talked to me about

accepting his gay son and the challenges that

came with that decision in rural New Mexico,

while I gasped and shook my head empathetically.

While at Duke University Hospital, a senior

doctor brought 10 interns into my room to not

just discuss my sex change, but to eyeball my

very sex. Patience curdling into frustration, I

asked how this information mattered and why

it required an audience. Seemingly imperious,

he said, “It does matter.” Perhaps, it does, but I

could never get a good explanation as to exactly

how, nor why these sorts of encounters happened

so often during my stays.

My exasperation hardly ends with the medical

establishment. When people know about my

transition, there is an instant feeling of intimacy,

as if I have surrendered my privacy to them and

become a trusting friend. Acquaintances will

confide their dreams to me or make unwarranted

advances and otherwise feel overfamiliar with

me. And, even folks I generally adore have a

tendency to suppose something special or transgressive

about my identity. As it happens, a dear

friend and I have been engaged in an ongoing

debate about “queerness.” For her, to be queer

is the highest of accomplishments, an exalted

mode of existence. When I tell her that I am not

so queer, that my identity is rather commonplace,

she looks askance at me. But, it is true: I don’t

have remarkable insight into the numen of sex

systems. I am not liberated from the conventions

of gender, sex or sexuality. Nor do I represent the

body’s triumph over nature or godliness.

At one time in my life, not wanting to be

ensnared in my past, I celebrated an unhindered

present. I disowned who I had been for

who I had become. I withdrew from family and

old friendships and met new people without

discussing my transition. Later it dawned on

me that rather than dismissing my history, I was

denying it, which felt isolating and self-effacing.

Maybe we all have the feeling that we haven’t

quite lived our life until we have narrated it.

While I do not see sex change as extraordinary,

I understand that my experience gives

me a particular sensibility. And, since I do not

live in “stealth” — a word used by some to

describe a life in which no one knows you are

transgender — I have had to expect questions

about my transition, even if I don’t really want,

nor know how, to answer.

Grateful as I am by nature, reluctant to tell

it all and surprisingly lucky in other respects, I

find it difficult to dig through old miseries and

doubts. I do my best, though, to be honest in

discussions about transsexuality. I have written

about sex change for academic and journalistic

venues, but always my effort is to place

transsexuality within an unsurprising sphere

of experience. In this I share the sentiments

of a young man who wrote to the governor of

Washington State, explaining how marriage

equality matters to him: “No one should have to

be extraordinary to be ordinary.”

see Transillumunations on 18

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes


Dwellings 2012: Home & Garden

Ways to beautify your garden

by StatePoint Media


Whether your garden is a source of food

for your family, a way to beautify your home’s

outdoor spaces or a gathering place for parties,

you already know how beneficial your

outdoor hobby can be.

But, a garden needn’t only be a human

habitat. If you cultivate it right, you can encourage

beautiful wildlife to become regular

visitors to your garden all season long.

Here are some tips to get started:

• Plant native flowers, shrubs and trees to give

local wildlife the proper sustenance they

10 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012

need to survive. Skip flowers bred strictly for

size and color and opt for high-nectar yielding

flowers instead.

• Incorporate birdfeeders into your garden.

Not only will they look great, they are an

excellent supplemental food source for your

feathered friends. And, you can keep furry

friends at bay with a squirrel-proof feeder.

• If you build a water source, they will come

(and stay). A pond or birdbath will help prevent

birds from eating and going in search

of water.

• Birds need cover to protect themselves from

predators. Planting densely with a mix of

smaller trees, shrubs and beds of annuals

and perennials will do the trick.

• Avoid pesticides. These chemicals are potentially

harmful to you and your family and

the same goes for wildlife. Also, by killing

garden pests, you will eliminate a primary

source of protein for birds in search of nourishment

for their migration ahead.

Once you’ve invited all these creatures

to share your garden, you’re going to need to

take some steps to make it safe for them.

While a garden might be a safe haven,

your home can be a death trap. According

to Wyoming-based Western EcoSystems

Technology, an estimated 98 million birds are

killed annually in the U.S. from colliding with

glass windows. That is one bird fatality per


But you don’t need to be part of the

problem. Applying static-cling decals to your

windows will prevent birds from mistaking

your windows for thin air. And, you can apply

such a decal without affecting the appearance

of your home. For example, decals from

WindowAlert rely on a special ultravioletreflecting

coating that is invisible to humans,

but looks like a brilliant glow to birds. You can

learn more at

“Your home needn’t pose a danger to

birds,” stresses Spencer Schock, founder of

WindowAlert, Inc.

If you spot an injured bird in your garden,

don’t rescue it. If it’s young, its parents are

likely nearby. If you want to take action, call

Dwellings 2012: Home & Garden

Boosting your home’s curb appeal

by StatePoint Media

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge

a home by its exterior. And, with warmer weather comes

thoughts of outdoor home improvement projects.

If you’re looking to boost your house’s curb appeal this

season, think about adding color from top to bottom.

“Homeowners shouldn’t be afraid of color. Contrasting

colors, complementary colors and color accents on a home,

when done right, can all add tremendously to the curb appeal

of a house,” says national color expert Kate Smith, CMG and

owner of Sensational Color.

This season Smith is offering some top-to-bottom tips to

homeowners ready for bold change:

The Roof

If your roof appears old and dingy, is leaking or wearing

thin, it’s time to research replacement options. Consider

durable synthetic slate or shake tiles in a variety of hues.

For example, DaVinci Roofscapes offers 49 roof colors along

with 28 standard color blends.

“Selecting roofing colors that complement the rest of the

home helps your eye move from the top down,” says Smith. If

you’re overwhelmed by the choices, a free “Fresh Exteriors

Color” guide is available for download

The windows

Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance vinyl replacement

or new construction windows, add a splash of color to

complement your home’s exterior and interior as well. A bold

color contrast, like red window frames against crisp white trim

pieces is a classic eye-catching look.

“A window is like a two-sided canvas,” says Smith. “The colors

on the frame exteriors enhance the home’s overall appearance

from the street. And, when you get inside and select stylish

woodgrain frame interiors, you’re adding beauty to the room

settings. That’s a ‘win-win’ experience for any homeowner.“

The Decorum collection by Simonton Windows for example,

provides a variety of custom

color options like brick, chocolate,

bronze and pine green.

The door

The door to your house

should make a statement. A

door with a smooth paintable

surface, made with low-maintenance

fiberglass, allows

you to make a new statement

as often as you’d like. For example,

Therma-Tru’s Classic

Craft Canvas Collection has

these features, as well as

wide center panels and rich

embossment details that rival

high-end custom wood doors.

To further enhance the

entryway to your home,

consider installing decorative

glass inserts in the door. Then,

flank the door with a set of

easy-to-install Fypon urethane

pilasters, a stylish crosshead

and pediment. Resistant to

your wildlife office for information on licensed


With a few tweaks to your garden, you

can create an eco-friendly habitat for the

birds and the bees and everything in between.

After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than

a garden that is not only good to you and your

family, but to wildlife, as well. : :

Local tips for Spring

garden spruce up

Clean out all landscape beds of old

winter debris and leaves.

Cut back any perennials that you didn’t

get to in the Fall.

Hand prune all of your Southern

camellias right after they bloom.

Options for Southern gardens

I always love using native plant materials

and those tried and true to our region

as opposed to plants that have been over


Clethra “Crystalina” is a fabulous new

dwarf variety of our native deciduous

shrub that produces fragrant white panicles

in the late Summer when everything

else in the garden seems tired after a hard

hot Summer. This works great in our soils

in full sun or some shade; yellow Fall color

on the leaves is a plus, too.

Itea “Little Henry” is my favorite dwarf

variety of our native sweet-spire. Early

white flowers hang like a strand of pearls

on this plant that slowly spreads to colonize

an area without invasiveness in our

clay soils, sun or semi shade.

See many more more local tips

from Myron Greer online at goqnotes.


— Myron Greer,

moisture, insects, rot and humidity, both the urethane trim and

fiberglass entry door are great low-maintenance solutions to

adding curb appeal for the home.

From top to bottom, color and detail can give your home a

bold, stylish makeover. : :

Low maintenance products can create a stunning home exterior.

on the map



Barbeque & Bloody Marys, Bar at 316

free BBQ from 3-6 p.m.

Super Sundays with Aiesha Paris, Nickel Bar

starts at 8 p.m.

House Cast Show, The Scorpio

with DJ 4Real. 11:30 p.m.

Woodshed Sundays, The Woodshed

free dinner buffet served at 6:30 p.m.

karaoke, 9 p.m.


Movie Night, Bar at 316

starts at 9 p.m.

Monday Madness, Chasers

pool tournament at 11:30 p.m. $25 cash prize

and $25 bar tab.

Boxing & Monday Night Football, Sidelines

Free Pool, The Woodshed

all day.


Karaoke with Metro Mike, Bar at 316

starts at 9 p.m.

Pool Tournament, Central Station

Twisted Trivia, Chasers

with Tiffany Storm & Brooklyn Dior.

Showtime at 12:30 a.m.

Trivia Tuesdays, Marigny

hosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox 7 p.m.

Midwood Madness, Petra’s

half-price bottles of wine

Karaoke, The Woodshed

starts at 9 p.m.


Game Night, Bar at 316

Team Trivia and Line Dancing, Hartigan’s

starts at 8 p.m.

’90s music night, Nickel Bar

Karaoke, Petra’s

hosted by Rachel Houdek. 9 p.m.

Wicked and Wild Wednesdays, The Scorpio

featuring Tiffany Storm with DJ 4Real. 11 p.m.

Pool Tournament, The Woodshed

starts at 10:30 p.m.


Thursday Night House Party, Bar at 316

Pool Tournament, Central Station

Rockin’ Well Thursdays, Chasers

with Valerie Rockwell. Show starts at 12:30 a.m.

Free HIV Testing, Connections

the 2nd Thursday of every month. 8-10 p.m.

Karaoke Night, Hartigan’s

hosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox. 9 p.m.

Team Boystown, Marigny

starts at 10 p.m. $10 cover after 11 p.m.


Karaoke Night, The Rainbow In

free for members. $5 guests. $6 under 21.

Underwear Night, The Woodshed


House DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316

Free HIV Testing, Connections

the 4th Friday of every month. 8-10 p.m.

A-List Fridays, Marigny

hosted by SugaWalls Entertainment. 10 p.m.

Live DJ, Nickel Bar

Live Performances, Petra’s

Roxy’s Rainbow Review, The Rainbow In

starts at 11p.m.

Life’s a Drag, The Scorpio

with Tiffany Storm. 11:30 p.m.


House DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316

The Angela Lopez Show, Chasers

show starts at 12:30 a.m.

Live DJ, Hartigan’s

Krewe Saturdays, Marigny

Soul Music, Nickel Bar

Live Performances, Petra’s

Urban Variety Show, The Scorpio

with Elaine Davis. Midnight showtime.


MCC Charlotte

Worship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

Bible study every Tuesday and Wednesday,

7 p.m.

New Life MCC

Worship service every Sunday, 7 p.m.

Monthly covered dish dinner and

coffeehouse-style worship service on the first

Sunday of every month, 6 p.m.

Unity Fellowship Church of Charlotte

Worship service every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

Bible 101: second and fourth Sunday of every

month, 9 a.m.

Wednesday night Bible study and discussion,

7 p.m.


The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte

Promoting the diversity, acceptance and

visibility of the LGBT community through

programming and events.

White Rabbit

North Carolina’s LGBT everything store.

Complete line of Pride merchandise, plus

books, magazines, DVDs, T-shirts, underwear

and more.

info: Don’t see your bar listed here

Submit your regularly scheduled events to

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes 11



Playing the field

Spring season heats up

by Jon Hoppel :: qnotes contributor


The first annual Duck Invitational

Tournament was held in Atlanta, Sunday,

March 11. The event was graciously hosted

by the Atlanta Ducks Softball Club in College

Park. Teams from Tennessee and Georgia

competed in C and D level divisions, in a

single elimination style tournament.

The number 1 overall seed, the Knoxville

Cyclones, won the C Division, outlasting the

number 2 overall seed, the Atlanta Assault, in

an extra inning thriller, 7-6. Despite the somewhat

soggy conditions, both teams played

phenomenal defense, making this a close one.

No team had more than a 3-run lead the entire

game. Led by Charlotte area players Jared

West and Quinton McNutt, the Cyclones were

able to defeat the Assault with two runs in the

bottom of the 8th to take the title.

In the D Division championship, the

Atlanta Titans handily defeated Knoxville

Good Times 17-9 to claim the title. The

Titans scored early, quickly had a lead and

never looked back by playing solid defense

throughout the game.

The next NAGAAA sanctioned tournament

will be the 30th Annual Southern Shootout,

held in Birmingham, Ala., Easter weekend. This

is one of the larger gay softball tournaments

in the Southeast and it will be hosting teams

from as far away as Louisiana, Texas and Ohio.

For more information about who will be there

and what park they will play at, check out their



Royals player David June rushes the ball

during a recent game.

The Charlotte Royals took their team

on the road for a St. Patrick’s Day clash in

Columbus, Ohio, to play the Coyotes. This was

the first of a home and home between the two

teams and each was looking to set the tone

for the late season match up on May 5.

The game was tight throughout, with

Columbus holding a one-try lead at the half,

12-5. But in the second half, the Royals

were unable to surmount the deficit and lost

29-12. Despite losing the close game, Coach

Amanda Vestal remained upbeat. “Overall it

was a good, competitive match…we got the

ball to the line, and made good passes. It will

be a good match for us later this season.”

Earning men of the match honors for the

Royals were forward Coty Webb, who scored

once during the game, and scrum half, BJ

Smith. Scoring the other try for the Royals

was inside centerback Zach Anderson. The

Coyotes were lead in scoring by Cordaro

Rogers (2), with Chase Kuhn, Lucas Herman,

and Matt Kretovics all finding the try zone.

The Charlotte Royals stayed on the road

the following weekend when they took on the

Davidson College Wildcats on March 24. This

was the first matchup between the two teams

after inclement weather forced a cancellation

of a previously scheduled match two years

ago. The Royals looked to bounce back from

consecutive losses and earn their first win of

the season.

After that, the Royals will head to St. Louis

where they are participating in the Spring

Fever Invitational, hosted by the St. Louis

Crusaders. This tournament will be played

April 2 involving teams from across the South

and Midwest. This will be a good experience

to have under their belt as they make preparations

to attend the largest gay rugby tournament,

the Bingham Cup in June. : :

Last Call!

Register to vote by

April 13 so you can

say no to

Amendment One.

Do it now!

12 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012


Get your GIF on starting in April

Local consumer coupon program for LGBT goes live

by O’Neale Atkinson : :

In October 2011, qnotes reported about

the upcoming launch of Gay It Forward (GIF),

a coupon-based website similar to Groupon

that will be focused on the LGBT community

in Charlotte. Different from sites like it, GIF will

not only offer coupons to LGBT friendly businesses,

but will also provide consumers the

opportunity to contribute some of their spending

to go to local and national LGBT organizations.

GIF’s launch was delayed in order to

ensure that everything would be ready to go

and that there would be plenty of great deals.

GIF is scheduled to go live with their first deal

on April 10.

GIF is the brainchild of co-founders Dan

Mauney and Mike Rusk. The two see this as

an opportunity to educate the community on

local LGBT friendly businesses, while at the

same time supporting local and national LGBT

organizations. “Now is a time that we have to

be extremely cognizant. This is a pivotal time

for our community and we can’t always just

go out and vote. We need to do more to make

sure that we rally around the people that rally

around us,” says Mauney.

GIF has selected two national organizations

and three local organizations to

benefit from the purchases of GIF certificates

once the program launches. Campus

Pride and the Human Rights Campaign will

be the national organization recipients

and Time Out Youth, The LGBT Community

Center of Charlotte and Regional AIDS

Interfaith Network will be the local organizations.

Individuals who purchase a GIF

certificate will have the option to select one

of these organizations during the checkout.

The selected organization will receive 10

percent of the revenues made by GIF from

the purchase. If no organization is selected

at checkout, the revenues will be divided

equally among the five organizations.

According to Mauney,

taking advantages of

the savings offered

by GIF will be a

simple process

for consumers.

Each time a new

deal is posted

to the website,

consumers who

have signed up

for notifications

will receive an

email with the

current deal. Most

deals will have a time

frame or cap and so each

deal will be time sensitive. To purchase a GIF

you simply go onto the website and use their

online checkout system. During checkout

you will be asked to select an organization

to benefit from your purchase. Once your

purchase is confirmed you will receive a GIF

certificate electronically that you can use at

the specified location.

For the month of April, GIF plans to offer

a new deal each week so people can get a

feel for the program and in May the number

of deals will expand. Ultimately there will be

several different types

of GIFs offered


the month.

Certain deals

will change


such as




while entertainment

deals will

change monthly and travel deals will be

quarterly. According to Mauney, businesses

are responding favorably to the idea of participating

in the program. “We have had a great

response from local businesses. They really

like that we have a targeted market and we

are working with each business so they can

create their own deal.”

In terms of the types of deals that will be

offered, Mauney says that they are aiming

to have a wide range of services participating

in the GIF program. “We’re talking about

doctors’ offices for cosmetic procedures,

mechanical things like oil changes, massages

and spa treatments and even down to things

like painting for home and, of course, great

shopping and dining deals.”

Mauney expects that GIF will be well

received by the Charlotte community and

is already working on plans to expand the

program to other cities. “It has taken us a little

bit of time to launch, but we wanted to make

sure that we had all of the bells and whistles

ready to replicate into other markets quickly

after GIF launches.” GIF is planning to target

Atlanta and Washington, D.C., once the program

takes off in Charlotte. As GIF expands,

each city will have their own page on the site

with three local organizations of their own as

beneficiaries of the purchases.

To help get the word out about GIF, there

will be a TakeOver launch party on April 6.

The launch party will be held at Vivace, 1100

Metropolitan Ave., Suite 100, a local contemporary

Italian restaurant that will be featured

as an upcoming GIF deal.

For more information about Gay It

Forward, visit : :

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes 13


talkback: Amendment One

by Ashlei Blue

Regional Field Director for the Coaliation to Protect

All NC Families

Faith into action

The opposition wants you to think they

have registered domain over faith and religion

while our Coalition to Protect NC Families has

proved them wrong every step of the way.

This amendment will affect unmarried families

that are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist

and Agnostic, a fact they may have overlooked.

Charlotte voters, however, have not.

Many times, LGBT campaigns neglect to

reach out to faith organizations and include

them in conversations. Under the guiding

hand of our Regional Faith Field Organizer,

Kelly Berry, we’ve been able to gather the

signatures of 28 clergy making statements

against the amendment and now they’re putting

their faith into action.

Rev. Robin Tanner has led the charge

against the amendment on behalf of Piedmont

Unitarian Universalists, while Rev. Stephen

Shoemaker at Myers Park Baptist has delivered

powerful sermons on the subject. Rev.

Chris Ayers of Wedgewood Baptist has been

openly involved as well, turning their church

marquee into an “Against Amendment One”

billboard. Temple Beth-El has spearheaded

conversations, joining the ranks of Caldwell

Memorial Presbyterian, St. Martin’s Episcopal,

St. John’s Baptist, Holy Trinity, Charlotte

Friends, Sardis Baptist and Unity Fellowship

Church. We won’t stop there. We’re going up

and down the Beatties Ford Corridor and down

to South Charlotte to get even more support.

Vote No! Vote No! Vote No! Vote No! Vote No!

Amendment One • May 8

Learn More About The Anti-Gay Measure Here!

This is not an easy topic for any faith

to approach, but scripture teaches us to

“commit your way to the Lord…He will make

your righteousness shine like the dawn, the

justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”

With God at their right hand, supporters

have not been shaken by the condemnations

thrown their way in defense of LGBT rights.

We are thankful for every volunteer and

every clergy member that has stood in

front of their brothers and sisters against

this amendment.

As a person of faith, I’ve made it my

personal pleasure to show our opposition just

how good God is to all families. Please join me

in reaching out to your congregation. If you

are not sure where your place of faith stands

on the issue, make it your business to ask. As

a faithful tither, you deserve to know where

your rabbi, bishop, pastor and faith instructor

stands on Amendment One. Find your

congregation’s social justice committee and

put it on the agenda during their next meeting.

Hang around after Bible study, pull a clergy

member to the side and find out if they are

aware North Carolina’s constitution could be

amended to revoke the rights of too many of

God’s people in Charlotte. Ask them to stand

beside you and put their faith into action by

voting against Amendment One.

On Sunday, April 29 we are holding a Faith

to the Ballot Rally at the Hal Marshall Annex,

where supporters of all religious backgrounds

will join each other and vote against amendment

one. You can meet us there after church

at 1 p.m., 618 College St. : :

14 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012


Dwellings 2012: Home & Garden

Better home organization can save you money

by StatePoint Media


Did you know that a disorganized household

can cost your family money

From failing to make necessary repairs

before it’s too late, to mismanaging the

household budget, there can be a high price

to disorganization. Don’t accrue unnecessary

expenses that could be avoided by simply

streamlining your household.

“The key to running a happy home is

having a system to keep everything neat and

orderly,” says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of

HomeZada, a revolutionary home organization

online software application.

There’s no better time than Spring to do

some house cleaning and get your home life

in order. Here are some tips to get you started:


Each year, 15,600 dryer fires occur,

resulting in property damage exceeding $75

million. And, the leading cause is lack of

maintenance. Preserve the overall value of

your largest asset, your home, with regular

maintenance of your house and appliances.

An online program can secure documentation

and help you keep details straight, such

as when you last tested your smoke detectors

or replaced your air filters.


In this digital day and age, make paper

tracking of your families’ schedule and to-do

lists a thing of the past. By going digital, it will

be harder to make costly mistakes like missed

appointments and overdue bills.

Online organizational tools are replacing

the chore wheel, the calendar and the message

board, consolidating all this information

in one place. Opt for a safe and secure

service that sends alerts and reminders to

users about what tasks needs to get done.

For example, HomeZada makes it easy for a

family to create a plan, assign chores and get

on the same page.

Plan Ahead

Nobody likes to think about challenges like

burglaries, fires and floods. But, these things

can and do happen, so it’s best to be prepared

for anything. Unfortunately, most people have

incomplete records about their home and

possessions and often, this information is

scattered in multiple boxes, filing cabinets,

drawers and spreadsheets.

An online tracking tool can help you

maximize your insurance benefits in the event

of emergency, by storing the important details

of your possessions in one place. Look for a

service that even will let you track upcoming

warranty expiration dates, sending you

reminders to your phone or email. More tips

on what to look for in an online home management

tool can be found

When it comes to running an organized

household, there are a lot of moving parts. But.

by getting them together today, you can save

your family money and headaches tomorrow. : :

March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes 15


We are no April Fools especially with the march

of planets through strong constellations of Aries

and Taurus. Know where you are and where you

are going. When in doubt, pretend like you know

what you are doing and no one will question you.

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Even if money is a pressing

concern, it squeezes you a little less now. That is

because your charisma seems to generate the

generosity of benefactors. Milk it for all its worth,

proud Ram, and invest the spillage into clever and

well-researched equities. You never know when

you will need that extra fiscal oomph — and

exactly how much oomph you will really need.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Move with the big movers

and shakers, queer Bull. You need to find new

herds to join and new pastures in which to roam.

Not only can you spread your influence, your

ample, generous personality can command any

crowd. Use it for good and not for petty and selfish

purposes. Later on, you may need to rely on

the kindness of strangers and then what.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) The gossip and scuttle is

that pink Twins are the ones to know. They have

powers of persuasion and are a link to everything

that is good. Is that true No matter what you think

and feel, you can glide on the wings of great press

and unforeseen lucky graces. Go with the flow and

don’t ask too many questions. All too soon you will

be back to grabbing anything you can get.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) Friends are working for your

benefit, so allow them some space and freedom to

do what they want and need to do for you. In fact,

use this time to expand your social circle beyond

out in the stars

by charlene lichtenstein

qnotes contributor

March 31 - April 13

your clique. Join new organizations and elite

groups. You seem to have what it takes to take on

anything and anyone. There is someone in particular

who has big plans for you. How big is big

LEO (07.24-08.23) Even though you feel like a rat

in the middle of a big rat race, there is a payoff at

the finish line. Proud Lions think that all their hard

efforts have been ignored by the top executives,

but that is wrong. In fact, there may be some additions

to your responsibilities that can increase

your value to the company. Oh, goody. But where

is the money

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) You are currently an international

sensation. Immerse yourself with anything

regarding the internet and social media or do it

the old-fashioned way and just travel. Find any

excuse for a vacation. It has palliative benefits.

Queer Virgins yearn to expand their borders. Don’t

sit and wait for something to happen. Go for a

land grab and manifest your destiny.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) You charmer you. Not only do

you ooze sexuality, you can maximize every deep

encounter — from business to pleasure — to

your personal benefit. Lovers are powerful figures

who enhance your life. Legal issues resolve to

your benefit based partially on your charm. Even

mundane projects become epicenters of creativity

and opportunity. May this time period last

forever for you.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Relationships improve

dramatically right now and not a moment too soon.

Queer Scorps who are looking for a special someone

can find them…if they get out there and look.

Those currently in a partnership find that romantic

delightful moments increase exponentially. Don’t

waste this time on dredging up the past. Look to the

future and any lovely present that you can offer.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Gay Archers seem

to have more pep and energy. Maybe that is

because you have found new ways to get rid of

all your excess “stuff,” whether that means jobs,

tasks, clutter or issues, that drain your energy

reserves. Good, because you will soon have other,

more enticing things to take up your time and

excess energies. No names please!

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) You are feeling pretty

lucky. But, if you have the choice of being lucky in

cards or lucky in love, choose love. Gambling may

seem easy, but it has little long-term impact. Love

on the other hand, goes from light to heavy as time

progresses. Pink Caps with a penchant for drama

can ramp up their creativity. Body painting with

food is a thought.

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) It feels so cozy at home it

may be hard for you to get out and mosey around

town. But, try to find time for both cocooning and

gadflying about. It might be a good time to plan for

some extensive home renovations or even a festive

basheroo or two. For those Aqueerians with

family issues, tackle them now. You are especially

diplomatic for a change.

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Even a stray thought can take

on monumental proportions. So, nurture any idea,

no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself

and hold boundless enthusiasm that is contagious.

Remember: Little acorns grow into big oaks and

tiny sparks of genius can light the world. Yes, even

you Guppie. : :

© 2012 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC. All Rights

Reserved. Entertainment.

info: Visit for

e-greetings, horoscopes and Pride jewelry. My

book “HerScopes: A Guide To Astrology For Lesbians”

from Simon & Schuster is

available at bookstores and major booksites.

16 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012


tell trinity

by trinity

qnotes contributor

So your husband wants to do drag

Hello Trinity,

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my partner wants

to do drag. Is there anything I can say to

change his mind

Drag Dramas, Austin, TX

Hello Drag Dramas,

It seems like every once in a while a gay or

straight guy wants to crossdress or do drag.

And, every once in a while that same guy later

on decides to become a drag artist. However,

this is as rare as someone wanting to be an

astronaut after being trapped in a bubble for

a week. So, if you must tell him something

tell him, “I’m ready if you are!” Darling, once

he takes two hours in make up, two hours

getting dressed, spends a night in heels and

is wrapped in hose and a girdle, don’t worry,

he’ll be worshipping high tops and carpenter

pants as quick as you can say, “Down in front,

soldier.” Not to worry.

Dear Trinity,

I’m an affectionate guy, but my lover is overly

affectionate in public. We live in a small town

and I don’t feel safe as an openly gay couple.

What do I do

Suburbiaphobia, St. Louis, MO

Dear Suburbiaphobia,

I’m a true advocate of being out and living

fearlessly. Yet, I also believe in living safely

and strategically. While being affectionate

in public as a gay couple may not always be

safe, it may be executed strategically. Try

being affectionate in private spots in public

places. Spend time in gay friendly places like

P-town where holding hands is commonplace

and will help you feel better. And, if you’re

still nervous, then take self-defense classes.

Seriously. Eventually, pumpkin, we all must

face our fears in order to make them disappear!

Be safe but free.

Dearest Trinity,

I’m a respectable woman, but I’m in a disrespectable

situation. I’m dating two women

at once and it’s going to be a year. They both

live in different parts of the country. That’s

how I’ve kept it going. Now, they both want to

move in with me. Help!

Three’s Company, Detroit, MI

Dearest Company,

How thrilling and dangerous! How selfish and

crazy! I have two words for you: honesty and

decision. Tell the one you like the least what

you’ve done and see if she says, “I love you

anyway.” Then tell her you’ll call her right

back. Right after, quickly call the one you

really like and tell her the same thing. If she

dumps you, then your decision is made. If she

says, “I love you no matter what.” then get

rid of the first woman by either paying her off

or lovingly letting her go. Either way, sweetie,

you’re honest and left with one woman to love

and hold and, oh God, my head is still spinning.

(I’m caught in a spin cycle myself as you

can see from my cartoon.)


My husband started taking steroids. He wants

to be the Hulk. It’s making us fight more than

ever. He gets enraged so easily now. How do I

keep my marriage from exploding

Too Big Too Fast, Savannah, GA

Dear Too Big Too Fast,

Steroids: Looking like a beast and acting like

one too. He’s obviously reading too many

muscle mags or is in a mid-life crisis. Before

moving out, read:

Trinity’s Strong Tips For

Dealing With A Man Who Is

Taking Steroids

1. Move into your guest room until the cycle’s


2. Do impressions of him so he knows what

he acts like.

3. If he needs steroids, you need therapy.

Right away!

4. Force yourself to be more understanding.

5. Destroy the alcohol. Alcohol with steroids

turns Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

6. Love him for his needs, whether you agree

or not.

7. Try to support him. That’s your job.

8. Let him know how difficult it is for you.

9. Make him sign a will, in case you kill him.

10. And, lastly, when it’s over you may get a

big hulking surprise with some pimples. : :

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity

was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly

radio drama, and now performs globally.

info: .

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800-637-8696 .

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March 31-April 13 . 2012 qnotes 17

20 Questions

continued from page 5


continued from page 9

to play Dorian Gray, but on stage. I think it is

extremely sexy and a topic we all deal with:

the fear of growing older. Recently a fantastic

local artist made a huge painting of me as The

Arbiter in “Chess.” I like to think the painting

will grow old from now on instead of me! I also

think I would have loved to play WALL-E in the

Pixar movie. Why can only a talking cat have

an accent…and cool boots!

Can you ride a unicycle

In my mind I can ride it perfectly! Why not

Have you ever been elected to any position

What position Such an intimate question! Ah,

I know what you mean, and no, I haven’t.

Which is greater, your shoe size or the number

of times you’ve been in drag

My shoe size. I make an ugly woman.

Which pro athlete is the epitome of male

physical perfection

Probably David Beckham. I like his style, his

presence and the new H&M commercials. Not

to mention he has Posh Spice. : :

Several years ago I attended a show at the

Exit Theatre in San Francisco. Veronica Klaus

was performing her one-woman show, “Family

Jewels.” Veronica sums up frustrations and

sentiments when she ponders, “People ask me

if I feel like a woman. Do I feel like a woman

The truth is, I have no idea whether I feel like

any other woman. I have no idea whether I

ever felt like any other man. All I know is that

I feel like me, Veronica, a person whose existence

is partly innate, partly instinct, partly art,

the art of creating.”

As I tend to repeat, transsexuality is life

loving itself, loving its capacity for invention,

change and possibility. All that seems arcane

about transsexuality — hormone replacement

therapy, surgeries, name changes — can be

understood as marks of healing and of the desire

to live well. For me, and, perhaps, because

it is my experience, there is something simple

if undefinable about transsexuality, resisting

blunt definitions and analyses. It just is. I accepted

it as it happened, and am sure I did the

right thing. : :

We want you to be the subject of a future “20 Questions.” If you’re interested, send your

name, city and a few sentences about yourself to You’ll be asked to

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particular person featured here or have questions for us to use, drop us an email.

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18 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012

It’s time to ‘believe’

April 7 • Charlotte

‘Believe in Youth’ Annual Speaker Series

Campus Pride and Time Out Youth have partnered to present their third annual “Believe in Youth Awareness

Event” with national young adult leader and marriage equality advocate Zach Wahls. Wahls, 20, is known

as “that kid from YouTube with two moms.” His passionate testimony before the Iowa General Assembly

against a proposed anti-LGBT constitutional amendment was the number one YouTube “Political Video” of

2011. Read more about Wahl’s and other straight allies online at Free. Open to the public.

5 p.m. Wells Fargo Auditorium at Knight Theatre at Levine Center for the Arts, 430 S. Tryon St. (Pictured are Wahls with his family.)

April 1 • Charlotte

Day of Action with Young Democrats of NC

The Coalition to Protect All NC Families will

join forces with the Young Democrats of North

Carolina in an effort to educate voters across

Mecklenburg County. Volunteers will help

collect pledge cards against Amendment One

and canvas neighborhoods to encourage

voter turnout on May 8. 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

NCDP Headquarters, 301 E. 9th St.

For more information, contact RFD Ashlei K.


April 8 • Winston-Salem

Tea Dance/Winston-Salem

A portion of the drink proceeds benefits AIDS

Care Service. No cover. Free food. Music by

DJ Cash. Encore, 411 W. 4th St. 5-8 p.m. 336-


April 9 • Chapel Hill

Reading of ‘8’

PlayMakers Repertory Company is proud to

announce a one-night-only staged reading of

“8,” a play chronicling the historic trial in the

federal constitutional challenge to California’s

Proposition 8, written by Academy Awardwinning

screenwriter and AFER Founding

Board Member Dustin Lance Black. 7:30 p.m.

Paul Green Theatre, Center for Dramatic Art,

Country Club Rd.

April 14 • Charlotte

Celebration of the Arts

Time Out Youth and Vito Abate, with support

from Drake Dentistry, present Celebration of

the Arts for one special night. Doors open at

6:30 p.m. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. $25. Theatre

Charlotte, 501 Queens Rd. Contact Time Out

Youth for more information and to purchase

tickets. 704-344-8335.

April 14 • Raleigh

4th Annual Jack Crum Conference on

Prophetic Ministry

A gathering of people of all faiths to honor

the tradition of faith-based social justice by

coming together to worship, learn, share

meals and stories and get engaged in a social

justice issue immediately threatening our

communities. This year’s conference will focus

on mobilizing people of faith to defeat the

so called “marriage amendment” and protect

All NC families from the discriminatory harms

it would cause. All day event. Registration

required. Fairmont United Methodist Church,

2501 Clark Ave. For more information, contact

April 15 • Charlotte

‘Love Free or Die’ screening

Bishop Gene Robinson is a

man whose two defining passions

— his love for God and

for his partner Mark — are

considered to be in direct

conflict by some. “Love Free

or Die” focuses on those, like

Robinson, whose lives hang

in the balance as churches

and states battle for LGBT

equality. The film is relevant

and poignant and the hosts

are proud to host a Charlotte

viewing just weeks before the

NC Amendment One vote on

May 8. Dessert and conversation to follow the

screening. 4 p.m. Myer’s Park Baptist Church,

Heaton Hall, 1900 Queens Rd.

April 19 • Charlotte

‘The Bible: The complete word of God


Three actors are about to tell you the entire

(abridged) story from Genesis to Revelations

(and most of everything in between). Get

ready for a fast-paced, quick-witted comedy

… but most of all — a hilarious trip through

the greatest story ever accepted as fact.

Show will also play April 21, 22, 24, 26, 28

and 29. 7:30 p.m. Petra’s Piano Bar, 1919

Commonwealth Ave.

April 21 • Cary

‘8’ by Dustin Lance Black

One-night-only staged reading of “8,” a play

chronicling the historic trial in the federal

constitutional challenge to California’s

Proposition 8. Based on the actual words of

the trial transcripts, first-hand observations of

the courtroom drama

and interviews with

the plaintiffs and the

families. Admission is

free but reservations

are required. 8 p.m.

Cary Academy’s Fine &

Performing Arts Center,

1500 North Harrison


Qqnotes events

arts. entertainment. news. views.

April 22 - 23 • Charlotte

Actor’s Theatre

reading of ‘8’

Actor’s Theatre of

Charlotte, with license

from the American

Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and

Broadway Impact, is proud to announce a

two-night-only reading of “8,” a play chronicling

the historic trial in the federal constitutional

challenge to California’s Proposition

8, written by Academy Award-winning

screenwriter and AFER Founding Board

Member Dustin Lance Black. $8 for tickets.

Performance starts at 8 p.m. Actor’s Theatre

of Charlotte, 650 E. Stonewall St.

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20 qnotes March 31-April 13 . 2012

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