Strategic Plan 2010-2013 - Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 - Cerebral Palsy Alliance

strategic plan

2010- 2013


we are ethical,

compassionate and

fair; we deliver what

we promise


we put people first

and embrace diversity


we act bravely and

with conviction


we are inspired by

challenges and enthusiastic

about the future


we create, adopt and

strive for the best

Core Values

1 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 2


President and

Over the next three years, our organisation

will build on the achievements of our last

Strategic Plan, with a strong commitment to

address the complex challenges ahead. Driven

by our passion to have our clients and families

experience the very best in quality services,

we have set expectations for our management

and staff that will instil an even higher level of

energy and enthusiasm across the organisation.

We are excited by the possibilities of a future

inclusive of a National Disability Insurance

Scheme (NDIS), and these next years will be

critical if we are to be positioned for its full

potential. We need to be prepared for how our

future services may be funded and purchased.

A large organisation like ours must be agile

and creative. A fresh perspective on the way

we operate our business through an NDIS will

demand more from our corporate services.

This will mean a lift in our performance and a

change in our practices in some areas.

Our ability to sustain growth in our research

capacity, while at the same time growing

and enhancing our services, has been an

outstanding achievement in recent years. It

is pleasing to see our funders, donors and

supporters acknowledging this. Research

discoveries in prevention, cure and intervention

are possible and this plan sets out clearly our

goals in the research arena.

3 Strategic Plan 2010-2013


Our commitment to global citizenship is

strong as we believe it brings a depth and

breadth to all we do. As we seek new ideas

and concepts from across the world, we will

continue to evaluate and review our current

approaches and identify and capitalise upon

new opportunities.

Underpinning our strategic activities are our

traditional core values of passion, respect,

integrity and excellence. To them we have

added courage as a value - courage to act

bravely and with conviction.

We are pleased to present Cerebral Palsy

Alliance’s Strategic Plan 2010-2013.

Marelle Thornton AM


Rob White

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 4

Mission Statement

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

For people with cerebral palsy

Building Futures

5 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

our future


The key drivers of change that will influence

our future are:

Economic recovery

As Australian and international markets recover

from the Global Financial Crisis, our fundraising

and investment strategies will adjust to ensure we

capitalise on this growing stability.

Workforce development

With an ageing workforce and staff shortages

expected, the ability to attract potential talent,

retain and sustain staff in a dynamic work

environment will be critical.

Digital technology

Real-time information and rising expectations of

instant communication are all parts of this digital

age with new devices, diverse applications and

practices shifting rapidly. We must ensure we adopt

this technology to connect and engage with our


National Disability Insurance Scheme

Without a comprehensive funding plan to meet

future need, Australians with a disability and their

carers face collapse under the strain of an under

resourced community sector. An important task will

be preparing for how such a scheme can transform

the lives of our clients and families.

Research discoveries

New evidence of the brain's plasticity has

generated growing excitement amongst the

cerebral palsy research community. This has the

potential for the answers about cerebral palsy to

be found in our lifetime.

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 6

7 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Photo courtesy David Hahn / Woman’s Day



Every 15 hours, an Australian

child is born with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is the

most common physical

disability in childhood.

There is no known cure,

and for most the cause is


People with cerebral palsy may

also experience seizures and other

impairments affecting their vision,

hearing, speech or intellect.

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 8

Key Goal 1

World-class services that connect and engage

people with their communities


1. Service models that foster

client/family involvement in

planning, choice and funding



• Create an organisational introduction and client liaison system

• Review and develop service delivery costs and benchmark

with industry

• Review and refine Life Needs approach

• Adopt Life Needs approach for services for adults

• Build seven day/after hours capacity in our service delivery

2. Improved service timelines

and interactions for therapy

and family supports

• Introduce a Customer Relationship Management process

• Introduce an early detection and surveillance program

3. Enhanced digital solutions to

inform, connect and engage

• Explore and develop digital applications

• Evaluate video conferencing for service assessment/delivery


• Develop interactive web strategies

4. Strengthened individual and

family wellbeing and resilience

• Pilot an independently-delivered, confidential

coaching/counselling offer for parents and adult clients

• Develop personal mentor models for clients

• Extend family information models and services

• Explore complementary services/programs that support

and enhance an holistic approach

5. Planned and delivered support

for complex clients

• Conduct a CP Census to gather data on key cohorts

• Design, cost and develop high support care models in

accommodation, respite, employment and community access services

• Establish stronger intersections with primary health services

• Partner with government and private sector for additional capacity

6. Appropriate equipment at the

right time

• Introduce a pre-purchase scheme in partnership with Enable

• Implement a futures planning model for equipment purchases

7. Cultural competence in the

delivery of services to diverse


• Expand partnerships with CALD and ATSI service networks

• Increase employment opportunities and training for staff with

CALD and ATSI backgrounds

9 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Key Goal 2

A robust and agile organisation


1. Right people in the right

places at the right time


• Launch the Skills Recognition program

• Offer a secondary school student traineeship program

• Develop virtual learning environments

• Create formalised talent management pathways

• Develop a student unit program

• Prepare a state-wide plan for new service sites

2. Financial systems that lift our

performance, efficiency and


• Develop and deliver real-time reporting options

for management

• Design new payment system models in preparation for

a National Disability Insurance Scheme

• Develop and deliver models for forecasting costs

3. Information systems that lift

our performance, efficiency

and capacity

• Implement a program to support the reconciliation of finance

and fundraising databases

• Automate dataflow between external database suppliers

and ThankQ

• Explore technology solutions to support mobile and flexible

service delivery

4. Sustainable and profitable

fundraising programs

• Establish and implement a national, individual-giving program

• Undertake capital campaigns to raise funds for the Allambie

Heights and Tuggerah sites

• Establish a national, mass participation fundraising event

• Establish a national, corporate engagement activity

• Undertake acquisition and conversion strategies for givers

who commit regularly

• Increase the local focus of fundraising within regional centres

• Migrate grassroots advocates into donors

• Explore international fundraising opportunities for the

research foundation

• Build volunteer capacity in fundraising activities

5. Greater efficiency in non-core


• Conduct capability analysis of all Head Office systems

and processes

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 10

Key Goal 3

Discoveries in prevention, cure and intervention


1. International leadership in

the cerebral palsy research



• Map national and international research efforts

• Refine the three-year research agenda

• Identify, participate in and influence key international

forums and conference agendas

• Host a Cerebral Palsy Research Summit, distinct from

other forums, that engages the research and broader


• Establish a staged Scientific Advisory Panel

• Build membership of a worldwide researchers’ affiliate program

• Develop and implement a marketing plan for the research

foundation and the Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of

Cerebral Palsy

• Establish recognition programs and events for researchers

and the donor community

• Establish a World Cerebral Palsy Register

2. Good business practices and

integrated infrastructure


• Establish decision-making protocols for grant allocation

• Create a grants program that supports the research priorities

for prevention, cure and intervention

• Design creative and contemporary communication mechanisms

for promoting, publishing and reporting research effort and

results to key stakeholder audiences

• Identify opportunities to fund translation of intervention research

results into clinical practice

3. A strong and focused

Research Institute

• Establish mandatory notification of cerebral palsy for the

Australian Cerebral Palsy Register

• Expand critical outcome data within the cerebral palsy registers

• Identify and secure permanent premises

11 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Key Goal 4

Positioning for the longer term


1. A National Disability Insurance

Scheme (NDIS) that benefits

clients and families


• Influence NDIS policy development

• Support reform and innovation with government

• Build cross-collaboration with other states

• Ensure contribution, information and communication

opportunities for clients, families and carers

2. Maximised utilisation of

Allambie Heights site

• Explore partnerships for site development

• Finalise and implement the Allambie Heights redevelopment

master plan

3. Growth and diversification


• Explore new revenue generation

• Explore growth potential for services

4. Global efforts that shape

local solutions

• Host an international cerebral palsy think tank

• Establish a Cerebral Palsy World Day

• Participate in international programs

• Build international strategic alliances

• Design and support an international cerebral palsy portal

5. Best practice in corporate


• Review the Constitution

• Refine organisational structures

• Support director/executive ongoing professional education

• Refine the risk management framework

• Develop a leadership succession plan

6. Greater awareness and

understanding of cerebral

palsy and its impact

• Increase media profile of the impact of the work of the organisation

• Increase media coverage of cerebral palsy related stories

• Identify and engage high profile ambassadors to drive awareness

7. Well respected and recognised

cerebral palsy brands

• Create iconic brand unity

• Capitalise on social media opportunities

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 12


13 Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Strategic Plan 2010-2013 14

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

321 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084 | PO Box 184, Brookvale, NSW 2100

T 02 9479 7200 | F 02 9479 7291 | E | W CEREBRALPALSY.ORG.AU

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