Issue 2, Feb 2007 - DRDO

Issue 2, Feb 2007 - DRDO



Vol 27 February 2007 No 2

A monthly house bulletin of Defence Research & Development Organisation

New Products

Holographic Sight for Rifle and Carbine

Instruments Research & Development Establishment (IRDE),

Dehradun, has developed the prototype of Holographic Sight for

Rifle and Carbine based on GSQR from the Army HQrs. This is

the first application in India of holography for small arms. The

holographic sight has the advantage of shooting with both

eyes open along with faster target acquisition (speed)

and improved accuracy. It also leaves no signature to

be detected by the enemy. The device is very useful for

soldiers in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Counterinsurgency

(CI) operations , where speed is very critical.

Holographic Sight

In This Issue...

New Products

Holographic Sight for Rifle and Carbine

PAD-Air Defence Target Interception


AHSP Responsibility handed over to DGQA

NSTL Felicitates Dr Pillai

ADE receives ISO 9001:2000

Manpower Development Activities

NABL Accreditation for DEAL

Personnel News


DRDO Pavilion bags most Interactive Exhibit


Annual Day Celebrations

Visits to Labs/Estts

DRDO Newsletter Correspondents

Holographic reticle pattern is embedded in the see-through

window of this device. Basically it is a transmission hologram that

generates the virtual image of reticle on illumination by the laser

diode. The shooter looks through this transparent window in which the

projected holographic reticle acts as an aim point, superimposed on the

target. If this window is partly damaged in the battlefield, the holographic

reticle remains intact in the unbroken part and shooter can still engage the


The development of indigenous

holographic sight

involves development of

various other technologies like

recording and reconstruction

of reticle-hologram; fabrication

of holographic lens for

collimation and temperature

compensation; and

microcontroller-based power

variation of bare laser diode.

Projected Holographic Reticle

All these technologies were

successfully developed at IRDE, Dehradun.

The developed prototype is technologically at par with the imported product,

in terms of its functions and features, like brightness control, auto-shut

down, low-battery indicator, etc. The prototype is integrated with INSAS

rifle and was recently demonstrated to the Army.



PAD-Air DefenceTarget Interception Mission

India made history on 27 November 2006 when a new generation missile

defence system was unveiled and the country joined the select few

countries in the world to have developed technologies for missile defence.

The test was a great success and laid a solid foun-dation for the indigenous

missile defence system for the nation. All the objectives of the maiden

mission have been met. The mission was in the complete configuration

of weapon system with weapon system radars LRTR, MFCR, MCC,

LCC, MCT, TUT, fusion computer, and CHAYA systems. All the

elements were interconnected through redundant communication


A series of full-dress-rehearsals were conducted with

complete elements of the weapon system, electronic target,

and interceptors to validate the performance of the.

integrated system.

Electronic Interceptor Mission

To evaluate the integrated functionality of weapon system

elements and software, AD Target-03 was test fired

successfully from LC 111, Integrated Test Range (ITR),

Chandipur on 19 November 2006 at 09:55 h. All the events

took place as per the plan and the interceptor was launched

electronically conforming to ground guidance computation.

The electronic interceptor intercepted the target as precisely as

seen in digital simulations and HILS simulation. AD Target-03

missile performance and the weapon system performance were

completely satisfactory. This validated the complete system and gave

added confidence for the actual mission.

PAD-AD Target Interception Mission

AD Target-02 was launched on 27 November 2006, at 10:15 h from LC III,

ITR. The weapon system radars picked up the target at 3 km altitude, MCC

gave target assignment to LCC, ground guidance computed the initial azimuth,

time of launch of PAD and uploaded to onboard computer, and the PAD

interceptor lifted off when the Target-02 was at Apogee (175 s after target

launch at 94 km altitude), and on-board guidance steered the interceptor

towards the target. The onboard seeker acquired the target at 19 km range,

the stage separation and second stage motor ignition events took over as

planned. The terminal guidance and control performed flawlessly. All the

mission events took place as expected. The PAD intercepted the target

successfully at an altitude of 50 km.


February 2007



AHSP Responsibility of Low-temperature Plastic Explosive handed

over to DGQA

High Energy Materials Research Laboratory

(HEMRL), Pune, has transferred the Authority of

Holding Sealed Papers (AHSP) responsibility of

low-temperature plastic explosive (LTPE) to

DGQA. HEMRL has developed LTPE, a demolition

plastic explosive based on RDX, for replacing the

conventional plastic explosive PEK-1.

The quality control document was handed over by

Dr A Subhananda Rao, Director, HEMRL to Shri

A Bhaumik, Officiating Controller, CQA(ME),

Pune.Senior officers of HEMRL, and

representatives of CQA(ME), SQAE(ME) and

Ordnance Factory, Bhandara were present on the


This explosive is about 1.8 times more powerful

than PEK-1 and remains moldable at sub-zero

temperatures. The provisional specification for

LTPE was prepared by HEMRL in consultation

with CQA (ME). The process for the preparation

of LTPE has been developed on pilot plant scale

and a production plant of capacity 1 ton/day has

been designed and erected at Ordnance Factory,

Bhandara. This production plant has produced

about 950 ton of LTPE till today.

The AHSP responsibility has been transferred to

DGQA in a meeting held at HEMRL on 12

December 2006.

Dr Subhananda Rao handing over the documents to Shri Bhaumik

NSTL Felicitates Dr Pillai ADE receives ISO 9001:2000

Dr A Sivathanu Pillai, Distinguished Scientist and

CC R&D (NS&ACE), DRDO HQrs was conferred DSc

Honoris Causa by Andhra University on 6 November

2006. Fraternity

of the Naval Science & Technological

Laboratory (NSTL), Visakhapatnam, felicitated

Dr Pillai on 7 November 2006 for this honour.

Shri Narang handing over the certificate to Shri G Elangovan

Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE),

Bangalore, has been awarded ISO:9001:2000

Certification in the presence of Shri SC Narang,

CC R&D (R& M), DRDO HQrs, New Delhi.

February 2007




Manpower Development Activities


DEAL, Dehradun

Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL), Dehradun, organised a course on Precision

Fabrication, Metrology, and Calibration by Centre for Advance Mechanical Engineering (CAME) for DRTC

cadre. Twenty-five participants from different DRDO labs/estts attended the course. Shri YS Negi, Sci D who

was the Course Coordinator lost his life in a tragic accident on 1 November 2006.


Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), Delhi, organised a course on

E-Publishing and Technical Communication during 18-22 December 2006. Dr AL Moorthy, Director,

DESIDOC inaugurated the course and delivered the Keynote address. Twenty-four participants from various

DRDO labs/esstt attended the course. A book entitled, Common Mistakes in English was distributed to all

the participants. Director, DESIDOC and Shri Ashok Kumar, Addl Director and Coordinator HRD presided

over the valedictory function and gave away the certificates. Smt Sumati Sharma, Sci E was the Course


DIPAS, Delhi

Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi, organised a course on Recent Trends in

Molecular and Cellular Biology - Practical Approach during 13-17 November 2006. The course was intended

for DRTC cadre working in molecular biology or related fields. The topics covered included: cell culture, flow

cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, DNA and plasmid isolation, western blotting, etc. Director, INMAS,

inaugurated the course attended by twenty participants from various DRDO labs/estts. Dr Dipti Prasad,

Sci D was the Course Coordinator.

DMSRDE, Kanpur

A CEP course on Advanced Analytical Techniques for Material Characterisation was organised by Defence

Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur, during 27 November-

1December 2006. The aim of the course was to familiarise the participants with the advanced analytical

equipments and their applications in characterisation of non-metallic materials, nano-composites, carbon

nanotubes , and smart polymers, etc. Twenty-two participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the


GTRE, Bangalore

Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, organised Workshop on Team Building &

Interpersonal Skills for Performance Excellence on 2 December 2006 for Sci Fs. The workshop was conducted

by Prof K Shamanna, Training Consultant, Senior Faculty (Retd.), Administrative Training Institute (ATI).

PXE, Balasore

A 3-day Workshop on Internal Quality Audit was organised with the help of ERTL (East), Kolkata, for 21

officers and staff of Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE), Balasore, during 5-7 December 2006.

Fourteen participants qualified themselves to become Certified Internal Quality Auditors.


February 2007



RCI, Hyderabad

Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, organised a course on Microprocessors and its Applications during

4-8 December 2006. Shri SK Ray, Sci H, Director RCI, inaugurated the course while Shri WN Raghupathy,

Sci G, Associate Director presided over the Valedictory function. Thirty-three participants from various

labs/estts attended the course. Shri M Sankar Kishore, Sci F, RCI was the Course Director.


The Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP-2006) was organised

during 13-16 December 2006 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. As part of the event, a Theme Session on Digital Image

Exploitation for Autonomous Vehicle was conducted by DRDO on 13 December 2006.

Shri M Natarajan, SA to RM was the Chief Guest and inaugurated the conference. Dr Jharna Majumdar,

Sci G, Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore, was the Coordinator for the Theme

Session. Eminent personalities in the field of Computer Vision/Image Processing and allied areas from India

and abroad, participated in the Theme Session. The day long activities included invited talks, short

presentations by various institutions followed by a brainstorming session.

NABL Accreditation for DEAL

The Metrology Laboratory of Defence

Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL),

Dehradun, has been awarded prestigious NABL

Accreditation in accordance with the technical

competence and ability to fulfill the

requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 200. NABL

has awarded the accreditation to the Metrology

Laboratory, in the field of Mechanical

Calibration (Dimensional) and covers 11 types

of measuring instruments and standards of

different ranges and accuracies.

It is the first laboratory of DRDO to get this

accreditation in this field. The laboratory is

doing in-house calibration work since last 10

years. This accreditation will not only enhance

the credibility of products developed by DEAL

but also reduce the dependance of other DRDO

laboratories on outside measurement

calibration agencies.


Smt Lalitha Bhujanga Rao inaugurating the camp

Smt Lalitha Bhujanga Rao, First Lady of NSTL,

Visakhapatnam, inaugurated the Blood

Donation camp organised at the NSTL MI

Room on 2 November 2006. Seva Samithi,

NSTL organised the Blood Donation Camp in

association with AS Raja Voluntary Blood

Donation Bank. Eighty volunteers donated


February 2007




Personnel News


CABS, Bangalore

Dr S Christopher has been appointed, Director, Centre for AirBorne Systems (CABS),

Bangalore, wef 1 January 2007. Born on 8 July 1955, he completed BE (Hons) from University

of Madras, Chennai and obtained his MTech from IIT, Kharagpur. He joined IIT, Madras as

faculty member in1980 and obtained PhD in Engineering from there. He worked with Bharat

Electronics, Ghaziabad, during 1985-88 and joined DRDO in 1988 and worked on various


Dr Christopher developed the slotted array technology, systematically from basics– a technology that only a

few countries in the world have. He also served as the Project Manager of ASP and Project Director of LCA-

MMR, MBA, ALH Radar and various resource generating projects. Under his leadership the Automated Near -

Field Measurement Facility was established at LRDE, which is unique of its kind in the country. As Project

Director, he brought out the first Maritime Patrol Radar called Supervision 2000 (SV 2000).

He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineers (FNAE), and the Institution of Electronics and

Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). He is a member of SEE and IEEE. He is a recipient of JC Bose Gold

Medal, Scientist of the Year Award, DRDO Technological Awards, NRDC National Awards, IETE JC Bose

Memorial Award, and the Dr VM Ghatge Award-2004. He has over 50 papers to his credit.

CEMILAC, Bangalore

Shri K Tamilmani, Sci G, has assumed the charge of Chief Executive (Airworthiness),

Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC), Bangalore, wef 1 January

2007. He obtained his Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT, Chenni; PG from

BITS, Ranchi; MA (Defence Studies) from Madras University; MBA (HRD) from IGNOU, and

is working for his PhD at the Madras University. He has served at the Aeronautical

Development Establishment (ADE), Bangalore, and CEMILAC, the Indian Airworthiness

Certification Agency before joining CABS, Bangalore, in 1988. He is one of the two Flight

Test Instrumentation Engineers of DRDO trained at EPNER, France.

Shri Tamilmani is a Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) and life member of Indian Society for

Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE). He has received the DRDO Outstanding

Award-1992 and1995; and Dr VM Ghatge Award by Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI)-1995 for his

significant contributions in the indigenous development of Airborne Early Warning (AEW) System.

TBRL, Chandigarh

Dr Satish Kumar has been appointed Director, Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory

(TBRL), Chandigarh. He is an Aeronautical Engineer from PEC, Chandigarh followed by

MTech from IIT, Kanpur. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from REC,

Warangal. His areas of specialisation are aircraft propulsion and supersonic combustion.

He has been associated with design and development of liquid propellant rocket engines for

Prithvi and Agni missiles, and scramjet engine for hypersonic test vehicle. Prior to joining

TBRL he was Director, Missiles and Head, Program Office at DRDO HQrs, New Delhi.


February 2007



Dr Satish Kumar has 2 patents and 30 technical papers to his credit. He is recipient of Technology Demonstrator

Vehicle and Commendation from SA to RM for his developmental work on propellant transfer system for Prithvi


NPOL, Kochi

Shri S Anantha Narayanan, Sci G, has been appointed Director, Naval Physical &

Oceanographic Laboratory ( NPOL), Kochi, wef 1 January 2007. Born in 1953, Shri Anantha

Narayanan is a BTech in Electronics Engineering from IIT, Madras, in 1975 and MTech in

Electronics from IISc, Bangalore, in 1985 with SVC Ayya Gold Medal. He is also alumni of the

National Defence College, New Delhi, where he received training on National Security and

Strategy for one year in 2003.

He joined DRDO in 1975 as Junior Scientific Officer at DRDL, Hyderabad. Subsequently, he

was transferred to NPOL, Kochi, in 1978. He has contributed to the development of several sonar systems for the

Indian Navy. He was a member of the frigate sonar project APSOH. He was the Team Leader for the project APSOH

simulator established in ASW School, Naval Base in 1985. During 1993-98, he was the Project Director for India's

first submarine sonar project, Panchendriya, which paved the way for self-reliance in this field. He was

instrumental in streamlining the production of Sonobouy simulator Tadpole. During his previous assignment as

Director (Systems), he has been coordinating, with the Indian Navy and the industries to facilitate induction of

several systems developed at NPOL.

Shri Anantha Narayanan has received the DRDO Scientist of the Year Award-1995 for his outstanding

contributions in development of Naval Systems.


Sci H

RCI, Hyderabad

Dr Subir Kumar Chaudhuri, Associate Director, Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad,

has been promoted to the rank of Sci H wef I July 2006. He obtained his BE from the Jadavpur

University, Kolkata, in 1971 and MTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras,

Chennai, in 1978. He was awarded Commonwealth Scholarship for PhD in Aerospace

Electronics. Presently, under his leadership hardware-in-loop-simulation (HILS) for missile

and aerospace systems was established in India. He is involved in the design and development

of flight-proven embedded onboard software for closed-loop strapped-down guidance for

missile systems. He has also designed and proved Kalman filter applications for navigation and guidance

systems. His current interests are in estimation and filtering techniques, guidance system engineering, precision

guidance technology, seeker simulation, neural networks, virtual reality applications, and ERP.

He is the recipient of Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research Award-1994; DRDO Award for Excellence in Performance-

1998, and DRDO Technology Award-2002. He has received the Best Paper Recognition from AIAA at the Modelling

and Simulation Conference, Canada-2001. He was honoured as Scientist of Calcutta in 1996. He is a senior

member of IEEE, Member of Aeronautical Society of India, AR&DB System Panel, etc.

February 2007





Maj Gen SL Bhatia Oration Award

Dr PK Banerjee, Director, Defence Institute of Physiology &

Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi, has been conferred the Maj

General SL Bhatia Oration Award for his contribution in the field

of Physiology and Allied Sciences. He delivered the oration

entitled, Research in Military Physiology in India: An Integrative

Approach in Applied Research on 21 December 2006 during the


52 National Conference of Association of Physiologists and

Pharmacologists of India at Surat, Gujrat.

Dr JR Maitra Memorial Oration

Dr PK Banerjee receiving memento from Shri Ashok Bhatt

Dr G Ilavazhagan, Sci F, DIPAS, Delhi, has been conferred Prof JR Maitra

Memorial Oration by the Physiological Society of India as a symbol of

appreciation for his significant contribution in the field of Physiological

Sciences. He delivered the oration, at the Physiology Section of the Indian

Sciences Congress held at Chidambaram on 5 January 2007. The award

carries citation, cash, and a medal.

Dr G Ilavazhagan delivering the oration

Binani Gold Medal

Technical paper on, Flexural behaviour of 2-D Silica-silica Continuous Fibre-Reinforced, Ceramic-Matrix

Composites by Dr N Eshwara Prasad, Sci F, (principal author) published in Transactions October 2005 issue

has been selected for the Binani Gold Medal-2006

by Indian Institute of Metals, Kolkata. The medal was



presented during inaugural function of the 44 National Metallurgist Day Celebrations and 60 Annual

Technical Meeting of the Indian Institute of Metals on 14 November 2006 at Jamshedpur.

Panthaki Award - 2006

Dr G Madusudhan Reddy, Sci F, DMRL, Hyderabad, has been awarded Panthaki Award during inaugural

session of National Welding Seminar-2006 on 24 November 2006 for the paper entitled, Studies on Effect of

Planishing on the Dissimilar Fusion Welds of Nickel-Based Alloys ( C263 Nimonic Alloy and Inconel 718 Super

Alloy) by Shri Mastanaiah (DRDL); Dr G Madhusudhan Reddy; Shri CVS Murthy (DRDL): and Shri N

Vishwanathan (DRDL), presented at the National Welding Seminar-2005 during 15-17 December 2005 at


Best Poster Presentation Award

Paper entitled, Studies on Ferro Magnetic Ni-Mn-Ga Heusler alloys for Magneto Caloric Applicatons by

Ms Ingale Babita D, Dr R Gopalan, Dr M Manivel Raja, Shri S Ram, and Dr V Chandrasekharan has been

awarded Best Poster Presentation Award at the International Symposium for Research Scholars on

Metallurgy, Materials Science and Engineering during 18-20 December 2006 at Chennai.


February 2007



Higher Qualifications Achieved

Dr A Subhananda Rao, Director, High Energy Materials Research Laboratory ( HEMRL), Pune, has been

awarded PhD in Mechanical Engineering for his thesis entitled, Fracture Behaviour of Solid Propellant Rocket

Motor Grains, by the Faculty of Engineering, Osmania University, on 7 November 2006.

International Recognition

Dr Ashim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Sci F, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad, has

been selected Member of the International Scientific Committee of International Conference on Aluminium

Alloys (ICAA); Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK; and Member of the Board of

Review, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, an international journal published from USA.

DRDO Pavilion bags most Interactive Exhibit Award

DRDO Pavilion bagged the Most Interactive Exhibit Award at

the Pride of India Exhibition organised as a part of 94th Indian

Science Congress during 3-7 January 2007 at Annamalai


Dr SK Sharma, Sci D, Divisional Head (DRDO

Exhibitions/Expositions), Defence Institute of Physiology &

Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi, received the award on behalf of

DRDO from Dr Harsh Gupta, General President (ISC- 2007).

Dr SK Sharma receiving the Award

Annual Day Celebrations


Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE),

Ahmednagar, an ISO 9001-2000 certified establishment,

celebrated its Platinum Jubilee, during Nov-Dec 2006. The

Establishment was instituted 75 years ago at Chaklala, now

in Pakistan. It was then known as Chief Inspectorate of

Mechanical Transport. In 1947, consequent to partition and

bifurcation of Armed Forces of the newly formed nations, the

Establishment shifted to Ahmednagar Cantonment in

Maharashtra. In the ensuing years, the Establishment

recorded significant growth and paved way for establishment

of other major laboratories of DRDO, viz., CVRDE, Chennai,

and R&DE (Engrs), Pune. CQA(V), Ahmednagar, is also an DRDO products on display during the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

offshoot of VRDE. Over the years VRDE has achieved significant success in indigenisation of defence

technology through design and development of several vehicles for combat and logistic support roles, which are

currently in use by the Services. Dr CL Dhamejani, Sci G, is heading the establishment.

February 2007




As a part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a National Conference on Technologies for Light Armoured

Fighting Vehicle was organised during 17-18 November 2006. An Auto Exhibition was also organised

concurrent with the National Conference, in which leading automobile manufacturers exhibited their

products and technologies with potential defence applications. A science exhibition by schools sponsored by

VRDE was organised. A Platinum Jubilee Memorial Hall depicting the contributions of VRDE and its rich

heritage, through collection of photographs and models, was inaugurated by Shri R Shankar, Director, Dte

of Combat Vehicles and Engineering, DRDO Hqrs, New Delhi. The Platinum Jubilee celebrations culminated

in the VRDE Annual Day function held on 1 December 2006.

DFRL, Mysore

Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore, celebrated its Lab Raising Day on 28 December 2006.

Shri HS Ashokananda, Director, Abdul Nazir Sab State Institute of Rural Development and In-Charge

Commissioner of Mysore Urban Development Authority was the chief guest and he gave away Lab-Level

Awards, Welfare Awards, and the Sports Events Awards. Dr AS Bawa, Director, presided over the function.

DLRL, Hyderabad

Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), Hyderabad, celebrated

44 Lab Raising Day

19 November 2006. Director, DLRL addressed the gathering and spoke about the goal, thrust areas, and

achievements of the laboratory and the targets for the future. Cash Awards and Lab-Level Awards were

presented by the Director. Mementoes were awarded to employees who had completed 25 years of service at

DLRL. As a part of the celebrations, several sports competitions were organised. Dr KV Raghavan, Chairman,

RAC was the Chief Guest.

LRDE, Bangalore

Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangalore, celebrated Lab Raising Day and the

DRDO Day on 1 January 2007. Shri S Varadarajan, Director, LRDE in his address recalled the achievements

during 2006. He said thatLRDE has earned very good reputation in meeting the users requirements. He set

goals for 2007 and also requested staff to work hard to achieve these. Lab-Level Awards and DRDO Cash

Awards were given away. Educational Awards were also given to the children of LRDE employees who had

excelled in academics.

MTRDC, Bangalore



Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre

(MTRDC), Bangalore, celebrated its 22


Raising Day on 30 October 2006. Dr VK Aatre,

Distinguished Scientist, Former Scientific Adviser to

Raksha Mantri and Ex-DG, DRDO, Ministry of

Defence, inaugurated the event and distributed

Laboratory Scientist Award, Technology Group Award,

Award for DRTC Cadre, Award for Admin and Allied

Cadre to the Scientists and Staff of MTRDC.

Meritorious Awards were given to the children of

employees. Dr Lalit Kumar, Director, MTRDC,


A view of the august audience


February 2007



highlighted the achievements of the laboratory. Smt Aatre distributed prizes to the winners of the sports

events. Shri KU Limaye, Distinguished Scientist, former CC R&D (ECS), and dignitaries from different

labs/estts graced the occasion.

PXE, Balasore

Proof & Experimental Establishment, (PXE), Balasore, celebrated

its 112


Raising Day spread over 7-8 November 2006. The

ceremony commenced with a Cycle Marathon from Balasore to

Chandipur, a distance of 13 km approximately, followed by sports

events, distribution of Lab Awards and mementoes to employees

who had completed 25 years of Service. An Open Day was observed

to mark the occasion.

Equipment on display on Raising Day

Visits to DRDO Labs/Estts


Shri M Natarajan, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri and

DG R&D on 15 December 2006.

Shri Natarajan signing the visitors book at HEMRL


Shri N Sitaram, Distinguished Scientist and CC R&D(ECS) on

10 January and 25 January 200. He was briefed about ongoing

services and future plans of the centre by the Director.

Shri Sitaram being briefed about the activities of DESIDOC

February 2007




highlighted the achievements of the laboratory. Smt Aatre distributed prizes to the winners of the sports

events. Shri KU Limaye, Distinguished Scientist, former CC R&D (ECS), and dignitaries from different

labs/estts graced the occasion.

PXE, Balasore

Proof & Experimental Establishment, (PXE), Balasore, celebrated

its 112


Raising Day spread over 7-8 November 2006. The

ceremony commenced with a Cycle Marathon from Balasore to

Chandipur, a distance of 13 km approximately, followed by sports

events, distribution of Lab Awards and mementoes to employees

who had completed 25 years of Service. An Open Day was observed

to mark the occasion.

Equipment on display on Raising Day

Visits to DRDO Labs/Estts


Shri M Natarajan, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri and

DG R&D on 15 December 2006.

Shri Natarajan signing the visitors book at HEMRL


Shri N Sitaram, Distinguished Scientist and CC R&D(ECS) on

10 January and 25 January 200. He was briefed about ongoing

services and future plans of the centre by the Director.

Shri Sitaram being briefed about the activities of DESIDOC

February 2007



ISSN: 0971-4391

DRDO Newsletter Correspondents

Shri Sudhir Gupta Aerial Delivery Res & Dev Estt (ADRDE), Shri Rajiv Gupta Instt for Systems Studies & Analyses (ISSA),

Agra Cantt


Shri D Pandurengan Vehicles Res & Dev Estt (VRDE), Shri SC Lakhera Defence Instt of Physiology & Allied Sciences


(DlPAS), Delhi

Dr C Durga Prasad Naval Materials Res Lab (NMRL), Dr BK Bhattacharya Defence Res & Dev Estt (DRDE), Gwalior

Ambemath Shri N Venkatesh Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad

Dr S Sridhar Combat Vehicles Res & Dev Estt (CVRDE),

Avadi Shri K Nageswara Rao Defence Res & Dev Lab (DRDL), Hyderabad

Shri Krishnendu Jana Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur Dr Hina Gokhale Defence Metallurgical Res Lab (DMRL),

Shri PK Mahapatra Proof & Experimental Estt (PXE), Balasore Hyderabad

Ms M Jayalaxmi Microwave Tube Res & Dev Centre Shri M Prahlad Rao Defence Electronics Res Lab (DLRL),

(MTRDC), Bangalore


Ms Dipti Deodhare Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Shri S Narasingha Rao Advanced Numerical Res & Analysis Group

(CAIR), Bangalore

(ANURAG), Hyderabad

Ms A Ravi Defence Bio-engineering & Electromedical Shri T Ashok Babu Advanced Systems Lab (ASL), Hyderabad

Lab (DEBEL), Bangalore

Dr Jhama Majumdar Aeronautical Dev Estt (ADE), Bangalore Dr Rajesh Singh Rathore Defence Lab (DL), Jodhpur

Ms S Jayanti Gas Turbine Res Estt (GTRE), Bangalore Shri Rajiv Srivastava Defence Materials & Stores Res & Dev Estt

Col MN Kadapatti Electronics & Radar Dev Estt (LRDE), (DMSRDE), Kanpur

Bangalore Shri S Radhakrishnan Naval Physical & Oceanographic Lab (NPOL),

Cdr Sukhdev Kumar Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS), Kochi

Bangalore Dr OP Chourasia Field Res Lab (FRL), Leh

Air Cmde SC Gupta Centre for Military Airworthiness & Dr PK Bhardawaj Naval College of Engg, INS Lonavla

Certification (CEMILAC), Bangalore

Dr VK Devgan Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory

(TBRL), Chandigarh

Shri DK Prashar Snow & Avalanche Study Estt (SASE),


Shri JP Singh Instruments Res & Dev Estt (IRDE),

Dehra Dun

Ms Anita Mohindra Instt of Technology Management

(ITM), Mussoorie

Shri Atul Dev Defence Electronics Applications Lab

(DEAL),Dehra Dun

Dr GK Sharma

Dr Mohd Arif

Defence Food Res Lab (DFRL), Mysore

Defence Agricultural Res Lab (DARL),

Ms Lalita Dasgupta Laser Science & Technology Centre

(LASTEC), Delhi

Ms SS Avachat


Armament Res & Dev Estt (ARDE), Pune

Shri SK Luthra Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL),


Dr AK Tyagi

Shri A M Devale

Defence Instt of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune

High Energy Materials Res Lab (HEMRL),

Ms Sunita Maithani Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), Delhi


Shri RK Rawal Instt of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences Shri RK Chauhan Res & Dev Estt (Engrs), Pune

Shri P Prapakaran

Shri Sunil Dhar

Shri Girish Chandra

(lNMAS), Delhi

Defence Instt of Psychological Res (DIPR),


Defence Terrain Res Lab (DTRL), Delhi

Centre for Fire, Explosives & Environment

Safety (CFEES), Delhi

Shri S Doley

Shri D Sugunakara Rao

Defence Res Lab (DRL), Tezpur

Naval Science & Technological Lab (NSTL),



Dr AL Moorthy



Shri Ashok Kumar

Sr Editor

Shashi Tyagi


B Nityanand

P Raina

Design & Pre-press

Anjan Kumar Das


SK Tyagi M Karmakar


MG Sharma RP Singh



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Printed & published by Director, Defence Scientific Information &

Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), on behalf of Defence Research &

Development Organisation (DRDO), New Delhi-110 011.

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