February 2008 Newsletter - Bloor-Yorkville


February 2008 Newsletter - Bloor-Yorkville

Bloor Street Transformation Project

Quarterly Update

February 2008 Edition

Welcome to the First Bloor Street Transformation Project Update

Our new quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date on key developments in the

Bloor Street Transformation Project. Please read it and pass it on to anyone who

might be interested.

For more information, please visit www.bloor-yorkville.com or email your questions to



As part of a continued effort to enhance the

neighbourhood, the Bloor-Yorkville BIA has designed

an exciting project to completely transform

Bloor-Yorkville. The Bloor Street corridor, from

Church Street to the east, and Avenue Road to

the west, will undergo a major transformation

over the next couple years.

The new Bloor Street will boast extensive tree

plantings, widened sidewalks and elegant granite.

The corridor will be reshaped by cutting edge architecture

and lush landscaping.

An art component will be included, as part of an

international competition, specifically created for

Bloor Street.

The result will be a vibrant commercial street,

which is pedestrian friendly and provides a stimulating

oasis. Bloor Street will re-brand itself by

looking to the future, as well as the past. In doing

so, it will establish itself as one of the most exciting

streets in the world!


Canada’s premier fashion district is getting a

make over! Official plans for the Bloor Street Transformation

Project have been finalized and work is

expected to begin in Spring 2008.

To facilitate better pedestrian and automotive traffic

throughout the Transformation, the Bloor Street

corridor has been divided into two sections. The

area between Church Street and Yonge Street will

be the first to receive upgrades. Upon completion of

that section in early 2009, construction between

Yonge Street and Avenue Road will commence.

The tendering process to select a construction

company for the Transformation Project will begin in

early February 2008. The process is expected to

take approximately six weeks and a winner will be

announced in April 2008.


February 2008 — Completion of the City of Toronto’s

watermain upgrades along Bloor Street

May 2008 — Construction is expected to commence

in the east section (East of Yonge Street)

January 2009 — Construction is expected to commence

in the west section (West of Yonge Street)


Bloor Street is well known for its world class retail stores and shopping experiences. Upon completion of the

upgrades to the city’s premier fashion corridor, Bloor Street will be established as one of the most exciting

streets in Toronto and a must-see destination for visitors.

To the left is a rendering of the Avenue

Road and Bloor Street intersection.

Seasonal flower beds will decorate the

sidewalks after the Transformation is


To the right is a rendering of the Yonge

Street and Bloor Street intersection.

After the Bloor Street Transformation

Project, pedestrians will enjoy walking

along widened sidewalks.

Phase One

Yonge Street to Church Street

Completion in 2008

Phase Two

Avenue Road to Yonge Street

Completion in 2009

Q & A with Bob Saunderson

Bob Saunderson is a commercial real estate broker and

director of the Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area

Plans to improve the strip of Bloor Street between

Church Street and Avenue Road began developing ten

years ago when Bob was the Chair of the Bloor -Yorkville


Here is what he has to say about the Bloor Street Transformation


Q: What is the goal of the Bloor Street Transformation


R: Bloor Street is Canada’s best known shopping address,

but the street has no presence. Our main goal

is to create a premiere business and shopping environment

through the construction of a new streetscape.

With tourism rates down when it was first initiated,

this project is even more important now than it was

ten years ago. A recent study of the area showed

that only three percent of shoppers on Bloor Street

are tourists. One goal we hope to achieve is to attract

more shoppers from the 905 region and its surrounding


Q: What are some of the changes people can expect

to see

R: The biggest impact on Bloor Street will be the trees.

We will be planting 138 London Plane trees and they

will be magnificent. Intermingled with the trees will

be seasonal flower beds planted in the spring and


The new up-lighting in the area will create quite an

impact and there will also be the option to change the

colours of the lights at different times of the year.

Lastly, widened granite sidewalks will be installed.

Q: How will the Transformation affect business owners

in the area

R: After the Transformation, we think that Bloor Street

will become an even bigger destination than it is today.

Creating an ambiance more conducive to shopping

will make us the number one shopping destination

in Canada.

Q: How will the Transformation affect shoppers and

pedestrians along Bloor Street

R: It will be nice to have a street to simply stroll along.

There are not many places like that in Toronto. With

its widened sidewalks, shops and cafes, Bloor Street

will be a very enticing place to mingle and a place

you will want to bring your visitors to.

Q: Who is paying for the Bloor Street Transformation


R: The budget for the project is $25 million. Of this,

there is a $20 million loan from the city that will be

repaid by the Bloor Street businesses over a twenty

year period.

The remaining $5 million of the budget will be provided

by the City through section 37 of the Planning

Act (permits the City to authorize increases in permitted

height and/or density through the zoning bylaw in

return for community benefits). Also, the Bloor-

Yorkville BIA will contribute $250,000 each year.

Q: Is the City of Toronto involved in the Project

R: The Transformation was designed by Architects Alliance

and the City will tender all of the work and oversee

the construction. However, the BIA has hired a

project manager to act as a liaison with the City to

ensure that the Transformation is completed on time

and within budget while maintaining the architectural

integrity of the streetscape.

What was the inspiration behind the Bloor Street Transformation project

Bob Saunderson said it was Chicago’s

famous North Michigan Avenue, also

called the Magnificent Mile.

People from around the world visit

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for its worldrenowned

shopping, exceptional

restaurants and hotels and seasonal


A view of the


design and

storefronts of

North Michigan

Avenue in

Chicago, USA.

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