Playmates - front - Refrigeration Technologies

Playmates - front - Refrigeration Technologies

Playmates of the Year


the industries

best alkaline based

coil brightner.


a super foaming

aerosol for indoor coils.


non rinsing evap.

coil cleaner

with enzyme action.

The versatile “Easy to Use” CARBONEX Foam Gun,

with Tight Flex Wand attachment to reach hard to access coils,

and “Slip Fit” Foam Funnel for penetrating deep into multi-row coils.

Advanced Materials and Applications for the HVACR Industry

Printed in the U.S.A.

Copyright 2007 Refrigeration Technologies


Just add our solution to the Foam Injection Gun and connect to a garden hose. CARBONEX is the

industries finest alkaline coil brightner with the best foaming action.

For hard to access coils connect the X-Wand

Superior Results • Easy Application


Non Rinsing Evap Cleaner

Slip on the Foam Funnel to clean deep coils


Super Foaming Aerosol Coil Degreaser

The only product of its’ kind to use cold water

active Enzymes. Non Toxic, Biodegradable and

ready to use. Passively removes heavy soils.

The “user safe replacement” for the highly

toxic coil blasters. Foam up and rinse down

lightly with water. No rinse needed on Evaps.

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