new - Cat Mountain Villas Homeowners Association

new - Cat Mountain Villas Homeowners Association

Cat Mountain

An Official publication of the Cat Mountain Home Owners Association • January 2011

HOA President Richard Schley

and his wife Ronnie

2 Cat Mountain View January

January Cat Mountain View



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Richard Schley, President

Marc Dully, Vice President

John Harrison, Vice President

Richard Oppenheimer, Vice President

Davison Grant, Treasurer/Secretary

Property Manager

Jesse Chargualaf •

Cat Mountain Homeowner’s Association

6007 Mount Bonnell Road • Austin, TX 78731

Phone: 512-451-3884





Teresa Rose


Patty Mora

Christie Joyce

Erich Nickens

Katie Sneed

Krista DeWitt

Kylie Martin

Robb Hotchkiss

Alex Chioini

Marie Nowell

Adrienne Jensen

DISCLAIMER: The paid advertisements contained within Cat Mountain View are not endorsed or recommended by

N2 Publishing or the Cat Mountain Homeowners Association, Inc. Therefore, neither party may be held liable for the

business practices of these companies. The Cat Mountain Homeowners Association is also not responsible for any

content of the Cat Mountain View except for that which they directly submitted for print. NOTE: When community

events take place, photographers may be present to take photos for that may be used in this publication.


Environmental Control


Albert Magara, Chairman

Gene Van Diver

Lee Blanchard

Andrew Ma

Welcome Committee

Cathie Lockhart

Carol Blanchard

Judith Harrison


Leona Doss Elementary 414-2365

Highland Park Elementary 414-2090

Lamar Middle School 414-3217

Murchison Middle School 414-3254

Anderson High School 414-2538

St. Theresa’s Catholic School 451-7105


911 Emergency • 311 City Services

City of Austin: 512-499-2000

Mayor’s Office: 512-499-2250

Mosquito Control: 512-469-2015

Non-Emergency Police Response: 512-974-5000

Fire Department: 512-477-5784

Animal Control: 512-708-6000 ext.43

Crises Center: 512-440-4074

Office of Senior Services: 512-480-3000

Social Services: 512-472-4135

Veterans Services: 512-473-9340

Emergency Management: 512-370-8800

Parks and Recreation: 512-499-6700

4 NeighborhoodSponsors

Cat Mountain View January

January Cat Mountain View







This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a

trusted neighborhood vendor to use. Take a minute to familiarize yourself

with the businesses sponsoring Cat Mountain View.


AW Wellness Studio

(512) 795-0145

Grand Outdoor Designs

(512) 215-4995


Grand Outdoor Designs

(512) 215-4995

Castle Works

(512) 255-7111

These local businesses are proud to partner with your neighborhood and

make this newsletter possible. Please support these businesses and thank

them for supporting Cat Mountain!



MTZ Brothers Painting


Jim Brown Roofing

(512) 259-2051

The Spa at Plaza Cortez

(512) 699-0070

A+ Clear Waters

(512) 336-1300

(512) 964-3957



Judith C. Harrison


Mr. Appliance

(512) 454-8045


Above & Beyond Detailing

(512) 850-7675



The Maids of Austin

(512) 419-0021


Cat Mountain Concierge


A.C. Electric

(512) 444-9700


Warr International Group

(512) 291-6580


ABC Home & Commercial Services

(512) 837-9500


Anna Perez, Farmers Insurance

(512) 338-0021


Austin Hearing Services

(512) 656-3611


LivingOrder Austin

(512) 301-2426

ABC Home & Commercial Services

(512) 837-9500


Northwest Hills at Davenport

(512) 329-8667


Georgia Levin, Amelia Bullock Realtors

(512) 461-2051

Richard Schley, Coldwell Banker

(512) 983-0021

(512) 458-5725

(808) 348-2319





Balcones Automotive

(512) 452-5422


Austin's Custom Tops

(512) 363-3346


Soleil Floors

(512) 218-0400


WhiteFire Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

(512) 231-8502

Austin Orthodontics

(512) 634-8048

Patty Mora Photography

(512) 970-4514

Longhorn Village

(901) 685-5350





Greater Texas Federal Credit Union

Archadeck of Austin

R&M Rustics


(512) 458-2558 x1162

(512) 771-5298

(512) 497-2330

Kiva Kitchen & Bath

(512) 454-4526


Grand Outdoor Designs


Joey's Exteriors

(512) 215-4995



(512) 674-5970

Northwest Hills at Davenport


(512) 329-8667



Grand Outdoor Designs



(512) 215-4995

Austin Spine & Sport

Family Eldercare


(512) 346-5735

(512) 450-0844

Thomas Saverio Salon & Spa

(512) 323-6015

6 Cat Mountain View January

January Cat Mountain View


from the


Auld Lang Syne

Robert Burns, 1788

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and

got a chance to slow down and spend time

with your loved ones. This time of the

year seems like a whirlwind of celebrations

filled with wrapping, cooking, decorating

and shopping. It can also be a time where

we hit the restart button and tackle those goals we have set for

the New Year.

I hope 2011 finds you strong in health and prosperous in work.

If you would like to pursue a hobby with likeminded neighbors

or make new connections in Cat Mountain, please contact me

and we can get a fun group together through the power of your

neighborhood newsletter. It’s also a great way to get support

behind your volunteer efforts.

We had a great turnout at our first Resident Restaurant Review!

Thank you to the residents attending and the fine staff at Hudson’s

on the Bend. Hudson’s is a true Austin treasure and we

all enjoyed sampling the best their Chef had to offer. I will be

creating more events where we can build community ties and

support our local business owners.

I have heard from residents who have contacted our sponsors

for their service needs. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

If you have a project, I am happy to share my research and personal

experiences I have had with each business. I love hearing

from you, so please email me your feedback and suggestions any


Enjoy the View,

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

and days of auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

For auld lang syne

We twa hae run aboot the braes

And pou'd the gowans fine;

we've wander'd mony a weary foot

Sin' auld lang syne

We two hae paidled i' the burn,

Frae mornin' sun till dine;

But seas between us braid hae roar'd

Sin' auld lang syne

And here's a hand, my trusty friend,

And gie's a hand o' thine;

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

For auld lang syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

and days of auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

For auld lang syne


8 NeighborhoodNews

Cat Mountain View January

January Cat Mountain View



Getting Involved

Here is a list of the most popular articles we are looking for on a monthly basis. Please take a minute to read

through these and feel free to submit any of them yourself or pass this on to a friend or neighbor to help spread

the word. We can always add different articles, so please voice your opinion.

Amateur Writers Wanted! Send in your articles and we’ll do the editing for you.

Neighborhood News – Any activity

happening in the neighborhood or surrounding

area such as parades, block parties,

barbecues, neighborhood clean-ups,

school picnics, fund raisers, pool parties,

sports events, etc. We want to let you

know what is going on and what has happened

with these social events!

Business Beat – This is a popular section

where we highlight you as a business

owner. Yes, you must own your own

business and be a resident of the

neighborhood. Yes, it is free!

It is an opportunity to let

your neighborhood know

the specifics of what you do

and services you can offer as

well as a background of who

you are and where you are from.

If you own a business or know

someone who does, email

to find

out what you need to do.

Precious Pets – Here is an award winner!

Have a pet and want them to be famous

Just get them in the “Precious Pets” section.

This is where we can spotlight your

pets and family! Pets are our pride and

joy, so let us know who they are. Past

famous animals have been turtles, birds,

dogs, cats, horses, and much more, so

have fun with this one.

Kids to Kids – Where we give one of your

youth a chance to be a reporter for the

month. Their assignment is to write an

article about another child in the neighborhood.

The idea is to highlight two of

our youth! It gives one child a chance to

write about another child’s accomplishments,

whether it is school, sports, dance,

piano, or volunteer work. This section is

open to any positive role or accomplishment.

Recognize Your Kids – Parents, do you

want another way to recognize or congratulate

your kids about any sporting

or academic or other achievement Use

your newsletter. This should include

pictures along with their achievement.

Examples to

include: Black Belt,

honor roll, straight

A’s, scholarships,

state champs,

volunteer work,

graduation, music,

theatre, or just

wish them Happy


Resident Recipe – This is where you can

let some of your cooking secrets out to

the public! The only requirements are the

ingredients and preparation advice with

a photo! This really spices things up a bit

from the ordinary Mac and Cheese.

Yard of the Month – If you have an outstanding

yard or garden, we want to know

about it. All you have to do is snap a picture

or two and email it to Teresa.Rose@ Please include your name

and address so we can give you the proper

credit for your hard work.

Family Focus – This is where we get to

spotlight one of the neighborhood families

each month. Have you always wished

you know your neighbors more than you

do Well, here is a great way to get to

know them. Each family is able to tell us

whatever they would like, but some popular

questions include: how long have you lived

in the neighborhood Where is your hometown What is your

education What are your hobbies and interests What is your

career Just email to find out what to do.

New Arrivals – This is a new section designed to welcome new

babies into the neighborhood as well as congratulate those

proud parents. Please include basic birth information as well as

those baby photos!! Our goal is to help your neighborhood have

the best newsletter possible.

Pictures – Any pictures of the family, neighborhood or local

events that are in good taste! A caption would be great just to

share with the neighbors! Digital photographs with high resolution

are the way to go here. The larger the file size, the better!

Just email them to with a detailed

caption and just in case, what neighborhood you are sending

them from!

If you would like to submit an article but think it will take too

much time to write, I now have templates for most of the articles

that I can send to you. These templates lay out exactly what

we are looking for and it is a great way to submit an article with

very little effort. I can also send you examples if it would help.

Thank you in advance for your help in supporting the newsletter.

Resident involvement makes the difference between a newsletter

and a GREAT newsletter. We always keep your needs

in mind so if you know of anyone or want to fill one of these

articles yourself, just make sure your let us know. Our deadline

for publishing is the 20th of each month. Thanks!

All information must be submitted by the 20th of each month

the month before the publication (For example, for the February

publication we need your information by December 20th .)

10 Cat Mountain View January


January Cat Mountain View



Wanted: Volunteers for Social Committee

Contribute to the quality of life in Cat

Mountain. Monthly meetings are often

combined with a Restaurant Review. Meet

your neighbors in a fun atmosphere as we

discuss community news and events.

Choose any area - Donate a little time

and make a BIG impact!

• Help plan the Summer BBQ, Easter

Egg Hunt or Holiday Party

• Use your writing skills to interview

neighbors and publish articles

Top 10

New Year's Resolutions

• Bring meals to neighbors in need

• Organize a volunteer effort and

publicize it in the newsletter

• Start a Group – Book, Bible Study,

Gardening, Moms…etc.

• Invite neighbors on fun outings - Live

Music, Wine Tastings, Golf,


• Be creative, think of something to


Volunteers for the Cat Mountain Social

Committee help in organizing neighborhood

fun, creating a welcoming atmosphere

and showing support to neighbors

who are struggling. Please email for more

information. We are very open to new

ideas and appreciate your input!


1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends

2. Exercise Regularly

3. Lose Weight

4. Quit Smoking

5. Enjoy Life More

6. Quit Drinking

7. Get Out of Debt

8. Learn Something New

9. Volunteer

10. Get Organized

Hello Homeowners,


Jesse Chargualaf

CMHOA Manager

Please be considerate to your neighbors. I

am getting a good number of calls on the

following issues:

City garbage/recycle containers.

Containers are being left out for several

days after being serviced by the City.

Containers should be put away on the

same day garbage is collected whenever

possible. Please make sure that all containers

are stored in a location that is not

visible from the street.

Tree branches and yard trimmings.

If you are leaving small tree branches and

trimmings for City pickup, they MUST

be in secured bundles or placed in paper

lawn bags. Do not leave loose branches

curbside. The debris becomes an unwanted

eyesore for your neighbors when City


crews do not pick them up. The City

offers pickup for large trimmings and

bulk items twice a year on designated


Neglected residences/front yards.

Some residences and front yards are left

in a neglected state and are in violation

of the Covenant. We need you back in

compliance and to properly maintain your

property. This matter is extremely sensitive

and causes friction between neighbors.

These complaints are reported to the

Board of Directors who will contact the

homeowner in violation.

Property values. Homeowners selling

their property do not want prospective

buyers to get a negative impression when

adjacent properties are left in unsatisfactory

conditions. Thank you for your quick

attention to this matter.

2011 Payment Coupons. I mailed

the coupon books on the first week of

December 2010.

Homeowners paying dues with

coupons. If you have not received your

coupon book, please call me at the office

and I will reorder a new coupon book.

Homeowners paying online.

Don’t forget to update your automated

payment provider with the new monthly

amount of $45.00 (2011 rate) to avoid

payment errors and past due amounts. If

you have not done so, please take care of

this as soon as possible.

12 Cat Mountain View January


January Cat Mountain View




News and Events

Cat Mountain Named One of the Safest Neighborhoods in America

Using exclusive neighborhood crime data developed by,

and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local

law enforcement agencies, the safest neighborhoods in every

major American city have been revealed. As it turns out, some

big cities contain neighborhoods that are among the safest of

any place in the nation, hopefully breaking stereotypes.

Some of these same cities are also home to the most dangerous

neighborhoods in America, underscoring the importance of

looking at neighborhoods, and not passing judgment on entire

cities. For safety, it really is all about your location, not just your

city or your zip code.

The safest neighborhoods in America tend to be one of two

types: highly affluent city neighborhoods OR modest income

neighborhoods with many tightly-knit working class families.

AUSTIN, TEXAS Safest Neighborhood:

Mt. Bonnell Road / Cat Mountain

Found within ZIP Code: 78731

Safer Than What % of All U.S. Neighborhoods: 65%

Rank Among 7,685 Big City Neighborhoods: 671

Crime rate (per 1,000): 15.00

My chances of becoming a victim here (in one year): 1 in 67

A fun day and a great yard sale

Out with the Old,

in with the new

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to

get organized in 2011, consider clearing

out the extra clutter with a yard sale!

Andy and Sally Gillam on Ledge Mountain

had a great response to their yard

sale. Their items sold quickly and Sally

had fun visiting with neighbors. Andy

was very happy with all the extra space he

now has in his garage!

Open for business!

Friendly haggling between neighbors

HOA Board Meeting – All residents encouraged to attend!

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Monday of every month. Cat

Mountain Homeowner’s Association monthly meetings are

held in the Clubhouse at 6007 Mt. Bonnell Rd at 6:30pm. All

members are invited to attend - come on out and meet your


Super Bowl XLV is February 6, 2011

Root for your team with your neighbors!

Would you like to host a small party in your home,

clubhouse or an offsite location


for assistance.

Has anyone

seen an old guy

in red driving a


Looks like Prancer got left behind! Oh

well, Cat Mountain makes a very nice

place to retire with a lot of deer friends in

the community.

Dude…where’s my sleigh

14 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View



Buster the Baylor fan


Andy and Sally Gillam love

their Precious Pets!

Handsome Berkeley

Buster Brown is an 8-year-old Boxer who

loves to play. He can sometimes be a bit

grouchy with newcomers, but quickly

cheers up when given a treat. He will give

his special cow bell a jingle and his owners

happily oblige with a biscuit from the

cookie jar. Buster has his owners trained

pretty well!

Andy & Buster Brown

Berkeley & Buster’s

favorite stick

Berkeley is an 11-year-old Boxer who

loves cheering on the Baylor Bears. He

is very sweet although he tries to intimidate

with his rugged good looks and

loud bark. Don’t be fooled, this Boxer is a

lover--not a fighter!

If you would like

your Precious Pet

featured in the Cat

Mountain View,

please email

Andy & Berkeley

16 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View



What are some of your interests

Richard enjoys sports car racing and

Ronnie prefers boating and interior

design. They both stay involved with the

Austin Humane Society.

Do you enjoy eating out

Yes! Richard is a self-proclaimed foodie

and likes to try new places. Some of their

regular stops are Jorge’s, Chez Zee and

Rudy’s BBQ.

Where do you like to vacation

Carmel and Monterey CA, Vancouver and

Key West


Patty Mora Photography

What college team do you root for


Favorite TV shows

Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men

and Big Bang Theory

Happy New Year!

Type of Music


Visiting with Richard Schley & Ronnie


It is always a pleasure spending time with

Cat Mountain HOA President Richard

Schley and his lovely wife, Ronnie. Richard

and Ronnie are originally from Dallas

and have enjoyed living in Cat Mountain

for the past 13 years. They share their

beautiful home on Twin Ledge Drive

with their two cats, Chubby Hugs and

Buick. Richard is an Austin realtor and

Ronnie is turning her secret family recipe

for mango chutney into a business with

her Cha-Cha Chutney brand.

What family dinners are the most


Richard enjoys grilling steaks with

sautéed shrimp.

What university did you attend

Richard- UT, SMU

Ronnie- U of North Texas

What is your favorite part about living

in Cat Mountain Villas

We have great neighbors, easy access

to things we like, and the quality of the


Relaxing with Chubby Hugs

Ronnie loves to decorate.

18 Cat Mountain View January


January Cat Mountain View


Bridge Construction

The Texas Department of Transportation

is building a new, much higher bridge

over Bull Creek. Due to right of way

limitations, eastbound RM 2222 has been

reduced to a single through-lane from

west of Loop 360 to the County Line

Restaurant. Due to spatial constraints

and construction activities, TxDOT is

encouraging bicyclists to select alternative

routes until the bridge can be completed.

The existing highway bridge on RM

2222, built in 1940 and widened in 1964,

floods every two years on average and

is considered "functionally obsolete,"

TxDOT officials have said. The new

five-lane bridge will be 19 feet higher as

it crosses the creek than the existing fourlane

bridge, and will be out of the 100-

year flood plain.

The $5.8 million project should be completed

by late 2011. Upon completion,

RM 2222 will be expanded to 5 lanes

with shoulders and sidewalks at this location.

TxDOT regrets the inconveniences

and appreciates your patience and cooperation.

Initial Exam and Records are always Complementary

• “ ”


Cat Mountain


Thank you to John and Judy

Harrison for sending in a picture

of their adorable grandchildren.

Henry and Laura live in Sunnyvale,

CA. John and Judy stay in

touch between visits by using

SKYPE. John is a pro at setting

the system up!

AW Wellness Studio

Affordable Laser and Facial Services

We created treatments that can cover all of your

skin care needs, yet still fit in your budget.

Laser Hair Removal • Customized Facials • IPL Photofacial • Waxing

David R. Nelson, D.D.S.


Two Convenient Locations:


11743 Jollyville Rd.

Henry was Darth Vader and Laura

was a ladybug for Halloween.

If you would like your children or grandchildren

featured in the Cat Mountain View,

please email

Four Points

10601 FM 2222

4412 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 500, Austin, TX 78759.

Call 512-795-0145 to schedule.

20 Cat Mountain View January

January Cat Mountain View


Are painful knees

slowing you down

Run for miles,

free of pain

Conditions we treat:

• Headaches

• Numbness in arm/leg/torso

• Neck pain

• Knee and ankle injuries

• Arthritic conditions

• Car accident injuries

• Sports injuries

• Post-surgical conditions

• Shoulder injuries

• Hip pain

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Acute or chronic low-back pain

• Overuse syndromes

• Disc bulge/herniation

• Sciatica

Has it been months, or even years since you could play golf without your low back hurting

Have you had to stop running because of knee pain Do you feel numbness or pain in your

neck after a long day at the office

If so, we can help.

Our focus is on rebuilding damaged tissue – not just masking pain with drugs. To achieve this, we

combine the natural healing techniques of Chiropractic with the latest physiotherapy and rehab

treatments. We know that each individual -- and each injury – is different. That’s why your plan of

care will be custom tailored to your individual needs to ensure the best possible results.

Call (512) 346-5735

to schedule a consult with Dr. Bockmann today.

3410 Far West Blvd., Suite 100

Austin, TX 78731

Put Down the Smart Phone

and Enjoy the Sunset.

Handmade Outdoor Furniture, made to order. Built to Last with

Quality Construction and Earth Friendly Materials.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT with contoured backs and seats;

closely spaced, narrow slats; and traditional wide Adirondack

arms that help you unplug and relax.


simple, comfortable and unpretentious.

Classic Adirondack Chairs • Chaise Lounges • Picnic Tables • Children’s Furniture

Seesaws • Rockers • Garden Tables • Loveseats • Gliders • Benches

Reasonably priced with FREE delivery • 512-497-2330

22 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View



Have a heavenly shopping experience.

One-Stop Shopping for

everyone on your list!

Save time & money with


gift wrapping.



Beautiful home on Mountain Villa Cove with a panoramic view

If you would like your home featured in the Cat Mountain View, please email

FREE Prescription &

Gift Delivery within

78731 and 78746

Jon Hart - Neuhaus Chocolates - TOYS - Collegiate Gifts - Jewelry - Custom Invitations

Northwest Hills in Davenport Village

Pharmacy, Gift Shop, Stationery Store




24 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View


What are residents saying


“This was an adventure in eating for me.

Foodies take delight in this restaurant!

You will definitely be surprised!”

- Delia Mott Merritt

“Still my favorite restaurant.”

- Bob Lockhart

“My favorite was the Lobster Bisque with

the mix of lobster and chipotle favors.”

- Hector Barrio

“Loved the Lobster Bisque—not too

heavy but not at all watery. Good body

and flavor!” – Ronnie Gerry

The delicious food sparked much conversation.

“I found the Hot & Crunchy Trout fresh

and spicy with a great contrast to the flavor

with mango.” - Richard Schley

Our group prepares to enjoy Lobster Bisque in a martini glass.

Hudson’s on the Bend

3509 Ranch Road 620 N

Austin, Texas 78734

(512) 266-1369

Open for dinner 7 days per week

What a night! Hudson’s on the Bend fulfilled

our foodie fantasies with a very special

evening in an intimate private dining

room. Cat Mountain residents were

treated to a lavish six course meal, custom

designed for us by Chef Kelly Casey.

Our group arrived at 7pm and walked

through a garden pathway to a rustic,

stone cottage. The walkway was lit with

hundreds of twinkling tree lights and as

you enter you wonder if you were given

the secret password to a very exclusive

culinary experience.

Rustic, Texas elegance with an eclectic

blend of tastes would describe both the

décor and the food. The first course began

with an extra tall martini glass filled

with a delectable Lobster Bisque. We

all enjoyed our starter and it was obvious

that Proprietor/Chef Jeff Blank takes as

much care with the overall experience as

he does with the food. The presentation

was so artfully done and the service was

wonderful. We all enjoyed anticipating

the next course and being pleasantly surprised

with the mix of flavors. Conversation

came easy as there was so much to

delight in and enjoy.

Hudson’s on the Bend is a wonderful

place to take your friends, clients or your

family for a dinner they will never forget.

The Hot & Crunchy Trout was a huge hit

and we were impressed with each course

as it came. Cathie Lockhart had a hard

time choosing a favorite and decided on

a tie between the Lobster Bisque, Trout,

Elk and scrumptious Chocolate Intemperance!

David Adams’ top pick was the Elk Back

Strap, “The texture of the elk was silky,

tender and toothsome, not the slightest

hint of gumminess with a smoky coffee

and chocolate flavor.” David is anxious to

return to Hudson’s and plans on entertaining

friends and clients there!

We all plan on returning and sharing

Hudson’s on the Bend with friends and

family. Thank you to the residents that

attended and to Hudson’s on the Bend

for an unforgettable evening.

DISCLAIMER: The business reviewed in this

section provided products and/or services

free of charge in exchange for this review.

continued on next page...

Our compliments to

Chef Casey!

Denise and Delia say “Cheers!”

Famous Hot & Crunchy

Trout was a group favorite!

26 Cat Mountain View January


January Cat Mountain View






Smoked Elk Back Strap with Jumbo Lump Blue Crab

We loved the fresh salad

with smoked quail.

Our Duck Diablos -

a work of art!

Cathie Lockhart flipped for the Chocolate Intemperance.

Hudson’s on the Bend


First Course

Chipotle Lobster Bisque Martini

Second Course

Fresh Spinach with Hot Pig Vinaigrette Topped with Smoked Quail

in a Honey Cilantro Ginger Glaze

Third Course

Smoked Duck Diablos—Smoked Duck Breast, Jicama, Jalapeno,

and Figs Marinated in Balsamic and Wrapped in Apple Wood Bacon

Served with a Red Chili Dipping Sauce

Fourth Course

Hot & Crunchy Trout atop Mango Jalapeno Aioli

Splashed with Ancho Paint

Fifth Course

Espresso, Chocolate, Chili Rubbed Smoked Elk Back Strap

Topped with Jumbo Lump Blue Crab

and Finished with Lime Chipotle Beer Blanc


Chocolate Raspberry Intemperance

If you are interested in attending a future restaurant review, please contact

Protect Your Hearing

Keep Your iPod Volume Setting in the Middle or Lower

You may have heard that one in five American teens suffer from

hearing loss, according to a recent study in the Journal of the

American Medical Association ( JAMA). That's a 30% increase

from just 20 years ago. What's making all these teens deaf

Likely the same thing you're worried about-iPods, concerts,

and loud music. And while this study was specifically looking at

teens, it serves as a warning for all of us who've been known to

pop in some earbuds and rock out.

Audiologists and hearing experts have been sounding the alarm

over hearing loss associated with MP3 players for a few years

now. Twenty-six million adults have high-frequency hearing loss

caused by exposure to loud noises--aka noise-induced hearing

loss (NIHL).

The risk of hearing loss from an iPod depends on how loud

you're cranking it up. Most MP3 players have a maximum decibel

level (decibels are how we measure sound) of 100, but a few

independent studies have found that they can go as high as 120.

So what does

that mean

Well, the

sound of

an ambulance

siren is about 120 decibels. Would you listen to that for several

hours every day of the week (The average American who has

an iPod listens to it two hours every day.) Here's another way to

think about it: By law, employees exposed to on-the-job noise

of about 115 decibels for longer than 15 minutes must have

sound-protection equipment.

You might be saying to yourself, 'Well, I only listen to it halfway

up most of the time.' That's good; it's possible you're not getting

yours high enough to cause any damage (sounds below 75

decibels don't usually harm hearing). But hearing loss can be the

result of a one-time exposure to an intense sound, or repeated

exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels. The louder the noise,

the shorter the time period before NIHL begins. Have you ever

turned your iPod up to rock out to your favorite Nirvana song

Or pumped up the volume to drown out background street

noises You may have permanently damaged your hearing.

Reconnect through better

hearing and celebrate

the sound of life.

To prevent further harm, always use the middle setting or lower

on your iPod's volume control. As a rule of thumb, if you are

using earphones and someone next to you can hear your music

(or worse-identify the song!), it's too loud.

Courtesy of foxnews Health

FREE TV Listening System

with Qualifying Offer

Margaret Hutchison, Ph.D. CCC/A • Audiologist

6805 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Ste 265 • Austin, TX 78731 • (512) 656-3611

28 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View





Anita Costanzi shared

this family recipe which

was passed down from her

Grandmother. Let’s go get

some fresh cranberries and

try it out. Thank you Anita!

Cranberry Salad

2 bags fresh cranberries

2 oranges with the stem ends cut off

2 1/2 c. sugar

2 c. hot water

1 c. orange juice

3 pks. strawberry Jell-O (small boxes)

Wash the cranberries and oranges. Take the cranberries and put

them in a food processor or grinder. Chop the oranges by hand

with the peel on, remove seeds and add them to the food processor.

Lightly chop cranberries and oranges in the processer. Pour in

a large bowl and add sugar, Jell-O, orange juice and hot water. Mix

well. Refrigerate for 4 hours. Enjoy!

30 Cat Mountain View January


Financial Matters

New Tax Laws are Here.

Certain Situations May Require a CPA.

January Cat Mountain View


Business ownership.

Self-employed individuals stand to see the greatest return when

hiring a Certified Public Accountant. A CPA can be tremendously

helpful in structuring your business in the best way possible,

putting together a plan for future tax breaks, and being

there for you if you encounter problems down the road. This is

in addition to getting expert advice on the available deductions,

credits, and retirement account planning opportunities while

paying the IRS as little as possible.

Major life change.

When you encounter a major life-changing event in the middle

of a tax year it could lead to an unpleasant surprise come tax

time. Getting married, divorced, changing jobs, having children,

receiving an inheritance, preparing to retire, etc. These are the

things that can change your financial situation in a heartbeat

and if you aren’t prepared it could end up costing you dearly.

Real estate or taxable investment


Do you own a rental property If so, a CPA will be your best

friend. Owning a rental opens up a lot of special tax situations

that you’ll surely want to take advantage of. The same thing can

go for just buying and selling a home or other real estate. A

CPA can help you track gains and losses on taxable investments

properly. If you buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or

anything else throughout the year in a taxable account you’re

going to have a lot of things to consider. Long-term vs. shortterm

gains and losses, dividends taxed at a different rate, cost

basis, the wash rule, and so on. The time saved by hiring a professional

alone may pay for itself!

Understanding new tax laws.

There are many uncertainties this tax year and it is wise to get

professional advice on how each new tax law applies to your

particular situation. Get someone you can trust in this most

unusual year. This tax year will be a challenge and your assets

should be properly protected.

32 Cat Mountain View January


January Cat Mountain View



New Year

New YOU!

Get Organized Once and For All

Organizing Your Home Office

Minimize visual clutter on your desk; reducing the knick knacks

will help you focus and therefore be more productive, saving


Spend a half an hour each day sorting and throwing out papers

in your “to do” box. It saves you from becoming overwhelmed

by having so much “stuff ” to do. You will save yourself a lot of

stress and also be able to delegate things you didn’t even know

you had to do.

Set guidelines for the paperwork you keep in your filing system.

For example, how long do you really need to keep your utility

bills Six months is a good rule of thumb.

Organizing Your Closets

Make a point to change out hangers in your closet at least every

3 years. Wooden hangers get splinters and plastic hangers get

bent. Also, plastic hangers have wear and tear just like tires. I

promise you will look at your closet in a different way, and you

won’t spend a dime on any new clothes. You will find things you

didn’t know you had.

Save time getting ready in the morning by organizing your outfits

the night before. It also reduces the stress of deciding what

to wear when you're on a deadline to get out the door.

Put a shopping bag in your closet for items you don’t like anymore,

can't wear anymore because of size changes, or items you

just want to purge. It’s also a good way to train others you share

your closet with to purge their items as well. At the end of every

month take the clothing and other items you purged to your

local church, Goodwill or Salvation Army and get a receipt for a

tax deduction.

Creating a Home Communications/Command Center

If your family’s life is chaotic due to everyone having a different

schedule, set up a communications center in the most commonly

used area of your home, usually in the kitchen, which is

the heart of the home. But not on the outside of your fridge,

because there’s really not enough space there for a family calendar,

mail bin, and bulletin board… not to mention it looks

cluttered. A separate communications center in your kitchen

will help keep clutter from building up. It will also cut down on

being late or forgetting important events.

Let your children take ownership of the fun activities they enjoy

and let them help you put those on the calendar. This will help

teach them organization and hold them accountable for their

schedules too!

Post the meal planning guide to your communication center

so everyone knows what to expect for dinner. This will alleviate

uncertainly, minimize complaints and help with time management

in regard to preparation.

Tonia Tomlin is the Founder and President of Sorted

Out and Sorted Out Publishing. Tonia is an author,

publisher, speaker and mother of twin girls. She has

been featured on HGTV’s, Mission: Organization, and

is the author of the book Chaos 2 Calm: The Momsof-Multiples’

Guide to an Organized Family. Tonia@

Featured properties may not be listed by the office/agent presenting this brochure.

Source Multiple Listing Service. All information herein has not been verified and is not guaranteed.

Supplied by Richard Schley

Address Neighborhood List Price DOM Beds Baths SqFt Parking View

4805 Fern Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $349,900 207 4 3 2,821 2 Car Gar

4504 Knapp Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $399,975 516 4 2.5 3,075 2 Car Gar

4711 Hickory Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $400,000 97 3 2.5 2,214 2 Car Gar

5905 Balsum Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $409,000 30 3 2 2,072 2 Car Gar

4513 Autumnleaf Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $425,000 83 3 2.5 2,400 2 Car Gar

4501 Autumleaf Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $429,000 71 3 2.5 2,403 2 Car Gar

5817 Mt Bonnell Rd Cat Mountain Villas $450,000 208 3 2.5 2,848 2 Car Gar

4851 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $492,000 119 4 2.5 2,970 2 Car Gar Yes

6200 Mt Villa Dr Cat Mountain Villas $520,000 148 5 4 3,630 2 Car Gar

5906 NW Place Cat Mountain Villas $521,900 28 4 3.5 3,191 2 Car Gar Yes

6208 Mt Villa Dr Cat Mountain Villas $539,000 396 4 2.5 3,685 2 Car Gar

5902 NW Place Cat Mountain Villas $550,000 244 4 2.5 2,378 2 Car Gar Yes

4701 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $550,000 211 4 3.5 3,004 2 Car Gar

6104 Mt. Villa Cove Cat Mountain Villas $635,000 76 3 3 2,891 2 Car Gar Yes

5902 Westslope Dr Cat Mountain Villas $649,000 175 3 3.5 3,472 2 Car Gar Yes

5842 Westslope Dr Cat Mountain Villas $750,000 75 4 5.5 4,807 2 Car Gar Yes

34 Cat Mountain View January

Resident BusinessGuide

Resident Business Guide

January Cat Mountain View



Patty Mora Photography

Attention Residents of Cat Mountain... Do you own or run a business To have your business featured free in the resident business

guide in an upcoming issue of the Cat Mountain View, please send an email to


Eriksen Marine

Grant Eriksen

(512) 266-3493


Andrea Allen Interiors

Andrea Allen

(512) 374-0742




Cipi Ilai

(512) 323-6887


Northwest Pediatrics

Dr. Nishi Rane

(512) 338-8500


Amelia Bullock

Georgia Levin

(512) 461-2051

Coldwell Banker

Richard Schley

(512) 983-0021

36 Cat Mountain View January January Cat Mountain View



Friday, January 14

Saturday, January 22


Austin Gorilla Run

Where: Nia Space

Where: Fado Irish Pub

When: 7:30pm

When: 9:00am

TranceDance is a spiritual ecstatic dance practice wearing a ban-

Come join us on January 22, 2011 for a 5k through the streets of

danna or blindfold. Through a combination of focused intention,

Austin…in full gorilla costume! Runners/walkers/bikers/skaters

breathing, use of the bandanna, and movement to rhythmic music,

are all welcome. All proceeds benefit the Mountain Gorilla Con-

participants can experience a trance state and be transported into

servation Fund, protecting the Mountain Gorilla and creating jobs

an alternate modality of awareness.

in Uganda, Rwanda, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The

For more information: (405) 124-1443

course will finish at Fado Irish pub where an after party will be held

with food and drinks featuring music by Achachay! Did we mention,

you get to keep the Gorilla suit

January 14th-16th, 2011

For more information: (512) 457-0172



13th Annual Austin Home & Garden Show

Where: Austin Convention Center

Sunday, January 16

Fun Play at River Place

Where: River Place Country Club

Friday, January 28

Harlem Globetrotters

Where: University of Texas at Austin: Frank Erwin Center

When: 7:00pm

For more information: (512) 471-7744

When: 11:00am

Friday, December 31

New Year’s Dinner and Dancing Gala

Where: Barton Creek Resort & Spa

When: 7:00 pm

Join us for an elegant and refined dining experience featuring a

delicious five course dinner and an extravagant frozen martini bar.

For more information: (512) 329-4000

Sunday, January 9

LA Phil Live: Dudamel Conducts Beethoven

Where: Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills

When: 4:00pm

Gustavo Dudamel conducts works by Beethoven and others. From

the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.

For more information: (800) 326-3264

Join us at River Place Country Club Golf Course . This beautiful

course was designed by Tom Kite & Roy Bechtol. Format to be

determined later. Prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin

(hcp 25 and under and hcp 26 and over). This fun play is open to

EWGA members and their guests. Registration includes green fees,

cart, and range balls. Bring extra balls.

For more information: (405) 124-1346

Saturday, January 29

2011 Blanton Museum Gala

Where: Blanton Museum of Art

When: 6:00pm

The Blanton Museum Gala is a biennial event that provides essential

support for the museum’s programs. The 2011 Blanton Museum

Gala honors internationally celebrated artist and native Texan

Robert Wilson. This event will:

Wednesday, January 5

VSA Texas Presents Access Gallery Holiday Art Show

Where: Access Gallery

When: 12:00pm

Access Gallery boasts artwork by 25 artists with disabilities from

across the state of Texas. Available for purchase will be affordable

art pieces including cards, paintings, mobiles, ornaments, jewelry,

candles, home accessories, available on the day of purchase, but

80% of each sale goes directly to the artist. Your purchase will support

artists with disabilities who are making their living through

their creative talents.

For more information: (512) 323-6626

Monday, January 10

Hula (Hawaiian Dance) Course

Where: Butler Community School

When: 7:30pm

Experience a culture that is full of beauty and exciting adventure!

Learn to dance the hula! The 5-week Hula course includes dances

in the ancient form of hula (hula kahiko) as well as the more contemporary

form of hula (hula 'auana). Hawaiian history and culture

are also discussed as they relate to each hula learned in class.

Expect to be challenged and to get a great workout in every class.

Hula is for fun, for fitness, and for life!

For more information: (512) 476-9051

Thursday, January 20

The Parker Quartet

Where: University of Texas - McCullough Theater

When: 8:00pm

Program to include works by Dvorák, Kurtag, Hindemith,

Beethoven. Continuing a commitment to foster and cultivate

emerging talent, Texas Performing Arts is proud to present one of

today’s most exciting young chamber ensembles. The 2009 winner

of the prestigious Cleveland Quartet Award (for which Texas Performing

Arts is an originating partner), the Parker String Quartet

has held residencies at both the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and

the Barbès Bar in Brooklyn. A contemporary approach to classical

music has earned the quartet praise from fans of both traditional

• Recognize and honor former University of Texas student, Robert


• Provide funding in support of The Blanton’s range of outstanding

exhibitions and extensive programming.

• Further the development of the arts and culture in Austin, at UT,

and throughout the state

For more information: (512) 471-7324

and non-traditional classical music.

Sponsored in part by Chamber Music America and the Cleveland

Quartet Award.

For more information: (512) 471-4454

38 Cat Mountain View January


All Ads Are Free!

and will run for 1 month

January Cat Mountain View


To submit a FREE classified ad, email details

to by the 20th of the

month. Ads will run 6 weeks after they are submitted

due to printing schedules. Please keep

in mind that all listings will be kept to a 40

word maximum and will run for one month. If

you would like your ad to run again, feel free to

submit the same listing the following month.

We hope you enjoy this service.

HOUSEMATE WANTED: A person who hates sugar to

share a house with. Please call The Gingerbread Man

at 555-9876

SUITS FOR SALE: I have outgrown many of my clothes.

Would make great Halloween costumes. Contact

Spiderman at 555-1111


Way will be having a reef sale on Friday. If you are

interested in participating, find Nemo and let him

know. No sharks allowed.

HOUSE SITTING: The Princess and I will be leaving the

marsh next month and would like someone to watch

over the place. If anyone other than Donkey is interested,

call Shrek at 555-5555

BRIDGE FOR SALE: I’ve decided to retire from the

business and sell the Brooklyn Bridge up in New York.

Price negotiable, must pickup. Call Tony at 550-5000



FREE TO GOOD HOME: Skunk family raised from an

abandoned litter in our backyard. Absolutely adorable

creatures! Must take whole lot, glands still intact. Call






Helping Cat Mountain enjoy the View.

"I highly recommend Grand Outdoor Designs for all your outdoor living

needs. I have found Bill and Barbara Holmes to be people of highest

integrity and service. I am more than happy with the finished product."

-Chris Tomlin, Award Winning Christian Artist

Grand Outdoor Designs takes all the worry out of your

Backyard Transformation. Austin’s most trusted Design-

Build firm specializing in outdoor livingwill help you

create the Retreat of Your Dreams. Our Registered

Landscape Architect will design a unique outdoor living

space for you that is both beautiful and functional.

Take Your Next Vacation in Your Own Backyard.

Custom Designed • Quality Built: Hardwood, Cedar and Maintenance Free Composite Decks

Shade Arbors • Covered Patios • Stamped and Stained Concrete • Flagstone Patios • Outdoor Kitchens • Fireplaces

Firepits • Sunrooms • Landscape Design and Installation • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting • Deck and Patio Restoration

Call today for a 3D model of your Outdoor Makeover

(512) 215-4995

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