An overview of engagement and plans for WWF's Earth Hour 2010

An overview of engagement and plans for WWF's Earth Hour 2010

An overview of engagement and

plans for WWF’s Earth Hour 2010

* Source: Wikipedia

1. WWF’s Earth Hour : The results

Global – A huge commitment across the planet…

• Reached close to 1 billion people

• 4,088 cities and towns in 88 countries

• 70 national capitals – 9 of the 10 most populated


• Over 18,000 businesses signed up across the world

• UN Ban Ki Moon gave full support for the event

…with almost 1,000 landmarks

2. Sweden – A huge success

• 4,8 million Swede’s turned of their lights (SIFO)

• Over 1400 businesses signed up

• Over 670 schools signed up and downloaded the activity pack…

reaching over at least 70,000 school children

• 164 Local Authorities signed up, switched off their Town Halls and

spread the word to their communities.

• Over 400 organizations including SKL, STF, Scouterna,

Naturskyddsföreningen, SIS, KRAV, Plan Sverige, Fältbiologerna,

Svenska kyrkan, Länsstyrelserna, Political parties and Universitites

• Environmental MP supported the event in Sweden

…with local events in cities

3. Everybody was talking about it…


• Campaign reached 64% people in the Sweden , estimated 4,8 million participated

• 2,251,105 unique visitors to the Earth Hour website, and 88,000 unique visitors on

the day

And globally:

• Official Earth Hour videos viewed online 10 times per second

• The term Earth Hour mentioned online over 300 times per second

• The no. 1 subject on Twitter

• 50% increase in Google search volume for Earth Hour than last year

• 1 million members on Facebook

• 1 million views of Earth Hour photos on Flickr

Media Coverage

• Media partnership with TV4, Tv3, TV6, TV8 and newspapers such as


• Radio partnership with MTG Radio which reaches 2 million listeners

every day.

• Over 1300 pieces of coverage

Fantastic celebrity support from the globe

“I am concerned about the

climate, polar bears, pacific

islands, gulf stream and all

that. Earth Hour is a good

event to remind us all,

including myself, that we

need to think and act in the

right way”

”I am worried about

what is happening

with our climate and

our environment.

Earth Hour is really

easy way for all –both

children and adults –to

show that we need to

take care of our


…an opportunity for

every man, woman

and child from all

corners of the globe

to come together with

a united voice and

make a loud and

powerful statement

on the issue of

climate change."

”It is a really simple way of

showing that you support an

event which is happening all

over the world. Everyone can

participate and show that we

care about the future of our

children and our


IKEA, God El, Tandberg, Sensemakers, Strömma Turism & Sjöfart AB, Söderenergi

AB,World Heritage Media AB, Cornland International AB, Wallenius Water, Canon,

4. Over 1500 businesses signed up…

Bläckhorn, Hans Ring Naturfoto, Ekobanken, Eco ta Déco, Odelius New Media AB,

Arla Foods Sverige, GKZ Webbyrå, Air Chrysalis Scandinavia AB, Nestor AB, Alfa

Inredningar AB, Mellbygård vård och gruppboende, AstraZeneca AB, Summit AB,

Ahead Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog, NRG Sweden Kvalité och Miljökonsult, Folksam, Fra

Tidsbränslen, Ulles Hästtjänster, Fahlgren maskinstation, Öbergs Bild & Reportage

AB, Insideout AB, Ekologiska Kompaniet, Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Barnkulan AB,

SEB, Sunnergren AB, Pfizer, Beijer Byggmaterial AB, Dala Energi, Sveaskog, Coca-

Cola Drycker Sverige, Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Polyscorp Invent AB, EcoGrafica,

ebab, Sturegallerian,, Hilton Malmö City, Swedbank AB, BrainChild AB

Taste PR AB, PostkodLotteriet, SkiStar AB Åre, Comsense Company Solutions AB,

Gräventreprenader EA AB, Netigate AB, Ventexpert AB, Bostadsbolaget, Äventyren

Ö AB, Elits Sweden AB, Energikontor Sydost, GEMBROS AB, Sweco AB, Alvhem

Mäkleri & Interiör AB, Evaeus Consulting AB, Tieto (f.d. TietoEnator), AB Trans Ten

MTG Radio AB, Kulturtavlorna, Ludvigsbergs Herrgård, Inka Ros, Alice & Piraterna

Växjö, Atracta AB, Imagine, Ädelforsen, Miljö- och processteknik AB, Mannheimer

Swartling, Future Competence Sweden AB, Welander Design & Consulting, Ekeby

Konsult, ICA, Clarion Hotel Sign, Biovitrum AB, RIX FM, Lugna Favoriter, NRJ, Band

Star FM, Kungliga Operan, Aromatic AB, Wallenstam, Bjerking AB, Dist, Hobson & C

AB, Enact Sustainable Strategies Group AB, Tetra Pak, Pagero AB, Cloetta Sverige

AB (släcker Tulo-skylten i Stockholm), Kaminkungen, Bonniers Konsthall,

Åreföretagarna, Woolpower AB, Cederroth International, Ericsson Globe (Globen),

What Swedish companies did 2009

Supported WWF Earth Hour by:

• Turning of their lights in offices and external signs

• In-store communication

• Displaying Earth Hour offers on climate friendly products and services

(home, food, water, cotton, public transportation)

• Donation of ATL space – traffic driving ads, outdoor, TV…

• In-store live radio

• Websites and Intranets

• Customer magazines and DR

• Mobile applications

• Creating Earth Hour events in Stockholm and Borlänge

• Staff engagement events also including families

IKEA – a global example

Communications and

donations around energy

efficient or sustainable

product options… food +

water + cotton + mobility

+ home…

Donation and communications

on WWF’s Earth Hour candle lit

dinner suggestions…

Donations and

communication at the

counter (round up

customer bills, donations

instead of carrier bags…)

Environmental education,

crafts and face-painting for

small people…

ICA and Arla – two Swedish examples

Communication on websites

and intranets

Communication via all of

their external channels

Communication on milk


Communication via all their

internal and external channels

MTG Radio – another Swedish example

• Co-operation between Swedish MTG Radio channels & WWF

• MTG Radio Sweden goes silent for the environment for 1

hour during Earth Hour (RIX FM, Lugna Favoriter, NRJ, Bandit

Rock and STAR FM )

• 2 million daily listeners encouraged to participate

5.This is how WWF Sweden builds momentum

Earth Hour campaign on TV, newspapers,

radio, Internet, face book and Flckr

• Full PR around Earth Hour co-operations

and events

• Well-known ambassadors

• Involving more then 50% of Sweden’s


• Global outreach

• Open source campaign material

• Inspiration meetings with participanting


• Contact with municipalities and their local


• Film material and photographs

6. Why should you support Earth Hour

1. Association and outreach through a global, high profile, mass

participation event

2. Demonstrate company values and show that your company cares for

WWF by participating and funding

3. Create a positive brand experience through fun, meaningful and

engaging marketing and PR activities that impacts your brand

4. Boost employee morale, motivation and retention whilst relating this back

to business objectives

5. Enhance your companies position as a leader in the fight against climate


WWF Earth Hour

March 27, 2010

Be a part of the Solution!

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Barbara Evaeus

+46 70 393 9030

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