Complete Wedding Packet - Starlite Entertainment DJs

Complete Wedding Packet - Starlite Entertainment DJs

Starlite Entertainment



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Rated as Vermont’s top Wedding Entertainment by Brides & Grooms

from, and

Words can't even begin to describe how awesome our wedding reception was. We have NEVER had

that much fun at a wedding! All of our guests had a blast, your music choices were perfect and you

included EVERYONE! From the first moment we met, we were immediately impressed. You were very

thorough in helping us plan our extremely memorable night. You truly did an amazing job. We have

some of the best pictures of kids and adults using your awesome props!!!! We have friends that

attended who are already planning on booking you for their wedding. Thanks for making our special

day so unforgettable. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Kay and Scott Trafton

Not just another Wedding Reception! You’re planning your Wedding Reception and you

want music and entertainment that reflects your taste. Well, that’s what we do best! Through our

personalized attention to your wants and needs, we will help you plan your Wedding Reception to match

your style and preferences for you and your guests so that everyone can enjoy the celebration.

Minutes & Moments! We meet with each Bride & Groom to get an opportunity to meet face-toface

and go over, in detail, all aspects of your Reception. The yes’s and no’s, the do’s and don’ts and the

minutes and moments. Once choices are explained and decisions are made, the worries are over and the

rest is in our hands. The end result is you get exactly what you want while we work with everyone

involved (caterer, photographer, …etc.) to ensure your Wedding Day is everything you desire.

Our Music Selection is Overwhelming! We have songs ranging from the popular categories

of current top 40 Dance & Hop Hop, Rock 'n Roll, 80’s & 90’s to the likes of Disco, the 50’s & 60’s,

Motown, Country, Big Band, Swing, Reggae, Latino, and more! Our entire music collection is digital CD

like quality MP3 for flawless sound. We’re well equipped to deliver music to satisfy your family and

friends. And keep in mind that we can get nearly any song you request for your reception, even if it

doesn't appear on our list. And yes, our music list is online so check it out!

With our dedication to personalized Weddings, professionalism, experience, music

selection, sound quality, appearance and personal talent, we have everything you need to make your

Wedding Day the most memorable experience of your life.

� Member of the Vermont Wedding Association

� Member of the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals

� Highly recommended by many of Vermont’s top Inns and Hotels



We accept

Starlite Entertainment Wedding Rates

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Price: $1,450.00 for up to 5 hours of music

~5 hours is commonly 2 hours background and 3 hours dancing, but can be used in any manner~

~Music will begin when first guests arrive unless you have live musicians at the Reception~

~No travel fee within Vermont or near bordering towns of NY and NH ~


� � � $150 for each additional hour beyond 5 hours

� � � $150 for ceremony music and microphone (if needed)

� �

I Includes:

� 2 Personalized Wedding CDs (see details below)

� Professional DJ/Master of Ceremonies/Emcee

� Top Quality Digital Sound System

� Dance floor lighting

� Digital Music

Complete Music List online

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �


Guess what you get for booking your Wedding Reception with us?

~2 free Wedding CD's with personalized labels & any 18 songs of your choice~

That’s right, we’ll burn 2 CDs with 18 of your requests!

Simply mail in the necessary form at least 2 weeks prior to your Wedding

Reception filling in any 18 Songs of your choice as a Wedding Day memento.

Then, we’ll bring your 2 personalized CDs to your Reception!

Think of it as our Wedding Gift to you!

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Starlite Entertainment

P.O. Box 74, Burlington, VT 05402-0074


Web Site: E-mail:

Starlite Entertainment

P.O. Box 74 Burlington VT 05402-0074 1-800-734-1140





Name: Name:

Address: Address:

Home phone: Home phone:

Cell phone: Cell Phone:

E-mail: E-mail:

Date of the Event: Location/Room:


Arrival Time of First Guests: Scheduled Time From to

Music will begin at the scheduled start time or when first guests arrive whichever applies first unless you have live musicians.

Event Location Supervisor: Approx. # of Guests:

Supervisor Phone: ___________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________

Please inform your Event Location Supervisor that we will arrive 1-2 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time of your first guests.

Name of Caterer: Contact: Phone:

Amount of Deposit: $ 600.00* � Check enclosed � Credit Card Authorization enclosed

(Please make checks payable to STARLITE)

Total Price: $ Type of Event:


* Deposit option: $300 is due at the time of booking and $300 is due 6 months prior to your event.

� 1-2 six or eight foot banquet tables must be provided preferably with skirting or linen.

� If a meal is being served, could one please be provided for the DJ(s).

� Refund Policy - We will refund a deposit provided we are given 12 months notice of any

cancelation. For a notice less than 1 year we will refund the deposit if we can re-book the date.

All balances are due 3 weeks prior to your event. There is no refund of any kind for any cancellation

or other circumstance that occurs within 3 weeks of the scheduled date or on the scheduled date.

� STARLITE is not responsible for loss, damage, injury or other which may occur during operation.

Any BALANCE DUE must be paid 3 weeks prior to the event.

STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT agrees to all terms as outlined in this contract:

STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT Authorized Signature: ________________________________

Client agrees to all terms as outlined in this contract:

Client Signature: ________________________________

{Please retain a copy for your records and a receipt will be sent to you.}

Starlite Entertainment

P.O. Box 74 Burlington VT 05402-0074 1-800-734-1140




STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT P.O. Box 74 Burlington, VT 05402-0074

Event Information:

Client Name: __________________________________________________________

Date of Event: _________________________

Type of Event: ___________________________________

Credit Card Information:

� VISA � MasterCard � AMEX � Discover

Name (as it appears on the card): __________________________________________________

Card No. _______________________________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________

Card Holder’s Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________


Authorization: I authorize STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT to charge the following amount of my STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT bill to my credit

card. I am personally responsible for any and all of my STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT charges which are not paid pursuant to the above credit card

(e.g. credit card is or becomes invalid).

Current Authorization Amount: (In US Dollars) ________________

Balance Due Authorization: (Optional) I authorize STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT to charge any balance due amount of my

STARLITE ENTERTAINMENT bill to my credit card pursuant 3 weeks prior to the Date of the Event described above. I understand that I may

cancel this authority at any time prior to 3 weeks before the Event by submitting written notification from the undersigned.

Please initial here if you choose the Balance Due Authorization: (Optional) _____________________

Cardholder signature ___________________________________ Date ____________________

Thank you for choosing Starlite Entertainment!

Wedding Reception Introductions

P.O. Box 74 Burlington VT 05402-0074 1-800-734-1140



Name of the Bride & Groom:_____________________________________________________________

Date of the Wedding Reception: ________________ Reception Location: ________________________

Ceremony Start Time: _____________ Reception Start Time: ______________

Wedding Reception Introductions

� Grandparents of the Bride: (Announced from their seats)



� Grandparents of the Groom: (Announced from their seats)



� Parents of the Bride: _________________________________________________________________

If introduced separately

Mother of the Bride:___________________________________________

Escorted by:__________________________________________________

Father of the Bride:____________________________________________


� Parents of the Groom: ________________________________________________________________

If introduced separately

Mother of the Groom:___________________________________________

Escorted by:___________________________________________________

Father of the Groom:____________________________________________


� Bridesmaids & Ushers:

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

______________________________ Escorted By ______________________________

� Maid of Honor: ________________________ Escorted By Best Man: _________________________

(Matron of Honor, if married)

� Flowergirl:_________________________ Escorted By Ringbearer: ___________________________

��� Bride & Groom ���______________________________________________________________


Wedding Reception Information

The Wedding Dances (Please state Artist and Title)

� First Dance - Bride & Groom:_________________________________________________________

Do you wish to have your first dance right after Introductions? (yes / no)

� Bride & Father (yes / no):_____________________________________________________________

� Groom & Mother (yes / no):___________________________________________________________

Wedding Party (yes / no):_____________________________________________________________

Special Activities

� Do you wish to have a receiving line at the reception? Yes No

� Do you wish to give away the table centerpieces? Yes No

� Is there going to be a ‘Welcome’ by the Father of the Bride or Father of the Groom? Yes No

� Will there be a Toast? If so, by whom? (Please circle all that apply) Best Man Yes No

Maid/Matron of Honor Yes No

Other 1: ______________________ Yes No

Other 2: ______________________ Yes No

What drinks will be available for your guests? Champagne Sparkling Wine Other: ____________

� Do you wish to have a Blessing of the Meal? Yes No If yes, by whom? ____________________

� Do you wish to have a dollar dance? Yes No

� Do you wish to give away the garter & bouquet? Yes No

� Do you wish to have 'crowd' dances if requested? Yes No

� If there is going to be background music, which do you prefer? (Please circle all that apply)

Jazz Classical Piano Love Songs Other: ________________

� Dance Music Preference: (Please circle your choices)

Current Dance Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

The 90’s Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

The 80’s Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

70’s Disco Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Motown Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Oldies (50’s & 60’s) Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Country Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Swing music Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Polka Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Other: (Please specify)

__________________ Love it Like it A little a song or two None please

Please list Specific Requests and Dedications on a separate piece of paper.

(Give Artist, Title, and any other necessary information)

Starlite Entertainment

P.O. Box 74 Burlington VT 05402-0074 1-800-734-1140



Your names: ________________________________________

Are you ready for your 2 Free CDs? Well, we’re ready to burn them for you.

Simply tell us what 18 songs you would like us to record for you.

Also, please give us 1 extra just in case there’s space.

Please state Artist and Title

Song 1: __________________________________________________________

Song 2: __________________________________________________________

Song 3: __________________________________________________________

Song 4: __________________________________________________________

Song 5: __________________________________________________________

Song 6: __________________________________________________________

Song 7: __________________________________________________________

Song 8: __________________________________________________________

Song 9: __________________________________________________________

Song 10: __________________________________________________________

Song 11: __________________________________________________________

Song 12: __________________________________________________________

Song 13: __________________________________________________________

Song 14: __________________________________________________________

Song 15: __________________________________________________________

Song 16: __________________________________________________________

Song 17: __________________________________________________________

Song 18: __________________________________________________________

Bonus Track: ________________________________________________________


Wedding Slide Show Option

Are you considering showing a slide show of

photos at your Wedding Reception? We offer a

large 8 foot screen and a 4,000 lumens projector

to show your slide show for a cost of $300.

Simply ask your photographer about making a

Wedding DVD slide show for you. At your

Reception, we’ll take care of the rest. As an

option, if you have your own pictures on disc,

we can make a DVD slide show for you

complete with music at no cost.

Please let us know if you’re interested!

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