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VDCC u12 representative trial nominations

Thank you everyone for attending this week’s trial and preparation session.

Please see below the players which VDCC will nominate to BNJCA for this season’s trial.

BNJCA will then send to each player a confirmation letter which will also advise what session they

will need to attend.

Congratulations to all players for attending and we look forward to working with all players over

the coming seasons

VDCC nominations for BNJCA 2012/13 U12

representative trials

Ryley Anderson Declan McDermott

Aidan Brassil Nick McGill

Anthony Bristow Nick McPhee

Riley Carrigan Jack O'Neill

Liam Cook Tom Pappalardo

Tom Dearlove Rory Petersen

Harrison DRURY Luke Nielsen

Alexander Flintoff Ben Geraghty

Hamish Geary William Kirk

William Gray Ari Poulos

Jacob Heinke Matthew Rutley

Ben Hunter Mitchell Scott

Owen Johnson Janu Varatharajan

Justin King Makenzie Warwick

Sebastian Leavy Jack Willis

Sam Malone Jack Weaver

Clinton Kempnich

CA Level 3 High Performance Coach

Valley Junior Coaching Director

(w) 33464670 (m)0403020134



Each player will face approximately 15 balls from a bowling machine released at a speed of 75-80 km, hitting

middle stump, on a good to full length. Selectors will be looking particularly at player’s technique, footwork,

contact with the ball


Each player will bowl approximately 2-3 overs to a batsman on the centre wicket oval. (A parent or older

player will be the batsman). Selectors will be looking particularly at player’s run up, action, accuracy,

movement/spin. Selectors do not want players to try to bowl ‘bouncers’.


Each player nominated as a wicket keeper will keep wickets in a net, keeping up to the stumps to a bowling

machine releasing leg spin deliveries. A batsman will randomly play at the deliveries and each player will

have approximately 20 balls to show their wicket keeping ability. Each ball will be released from the bowling

machine at a speed of approximately 60 km per hour (maximum), landing around middle to off stump 2.5 to 3

metres in front of the batsman (normal batting stance) going through to the wicket keeper at a height of

approximately 10-20 cm above bail height. Selectors will be looking particularly at player’s crouch, footwork

and glovework.

Those trialling as WK’s must wear a helmet.



Each player will receive five high catches released from a bowling machine (approximate height of 15 to 20

metres). (Eg 10 in a group, player 1 catches, player 2 catches, player 3 catches etc to player 10 and then

back to player 1 until each has had 5 catches).

Short Throwing

Each player will pick up a stationary ball in two hands and throw the ball one handed over a distance of

approximately 15 metres, at a single stump. (Eg 10 in a group, player 1 fields, player 2 fields, players 3 fields

etc to player 10 and then back to player 1 until each has had 5 throws).

Long Throwing

Each player will attempt to throw five balls overarm to a wicket keeper (performed by a parent) standing a

distance of 40 – 45 metres away. Markers will be positioned at 10 metre intervals of 10, 20, 30 and 40 and

the distance of each throw will be recorded eg 10 or greater, 20 or greater, 30 or greater, 40 or greater. In

throwing to a wicket keeper, the assessment is a combination of both distance thrown and accuracy. (e.g. 10

in a group, player 1 throws, player 2 throws, player 3 throws etc to player 10 and then back to player 1 until

each has had 5 throws).


The bowling machines used for the assessment on the day are provided by Rick Heilbronn, from Premier

Cricket Centre. As always, Rick provides great assistance in the running of this assessment day.

Premier Cricket, 33 South Pine Road, BRENDALE 4500.

Web site : Email : : Public Telephone : 07

32058880. We certainly recommended that players/parents either contact Rick, or call in to see his facilities.

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