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Tub & Tile

Nona Pione

Executive Director V

Your Bathroom’s Biggest Challenge

• When water evaporates,

minerals from water are left


• These minerals form limescale

• Limescale is the perfect footing

for dirt, grime, bacteria, and


Now You See It, Now You Don’t

• Bleach cannot remove

soap scum and limescale

• Bleach destroys a

molecule’s ability to

reflect light

The Killer In Your Cupboard

• 109 calls to Poison Control due

to chlorine bleach every day

• More people were killed by

chlorine bleach in the past 10

years than by scorpion

stings, bee stings, and

spider bites combined

Deadly Chemical Force

You Don’t Have to Resort

to Harsh Chemicals

Answer Was Found Growing on Trees

Highly Effective

Soap Scum

Calcium Minerals

Fatty Acids

Citric Acid


Lipophilic Solvent

The citric acid removes

and isolates the calcium

minerals and turns soap

scum into fatty acids.

The lipophilic solvents

and surfactants penetrate

and break down the fatty

acids and the soap scum

is completely washed


Better Value



Preferred Customer


$23.94 *

Competitor Price

*Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product price from Safeway.com, Seattle,

WA, July 30, 2010. Prices may vary. Product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Helping the Environment,

One Bottle at a Time

If all North American Lime-A-

Way users switched to Tub &

Tile, 325,544 lbs of plastic

would be eliminated each

year! That’s equivalent to 4

unloaded 18-wheelers!

Never Compromise Again!

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