Edition 10 21 June 2012 - St John's Anglican College


Edition 10 21 June 2012 - St John's Anglican College

Thursday 21 June 2012 Volume 10

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Primay Campus 2/3

Lakeside Reflections 4

Dean of Curriculum 4

Dean of Students 4

Middle School 5

Canteen News 5

Careers Corner 5

Performing Arts 6

Uniform Shop 7

e-Community 7

Sport 8

Upcoming College Events

22 June Inter-house PA Eisteddfod

Term 2 Concludes

22 June Athletics Camp Departs

24 June Athlietics Camp Returns

17 July Term 3 Commences

18 July Secondary Parent Teacher Conference

18 July Debating Preliminary Finals

20 July Heads Breakfast Middle School

20 July Drama Camp Departs

22 July Drama Camp Returns


Dear College families

In this edition you will read of student achievements in many

fields of endeavour and I am sure that you will conclude as I

have that there are many positive things for which we can be

very grateful right from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Today the Year 10’s are undertaking their Future Focus

Conference at which they have been fortunate to hear from

motivational speakers, industry professionals and tertiary

providers. This wonderful event organised so competently by

Ms Annabelle Lam is the precursor to students selecting fields

of study for their senior pathway.

Meanwhile the Year 12 students are undertaking their final

Core Skills Test practice which will be marked promptly and

used to provide further coaching in areas that may require

strengthening ahead of the test period at the end of August.

We are blessed to have teachers of high quality and expertise

to guide our senior students in their endeavours both as they

enter senior school and prepare to depart.

Across the College students have trained hard and excelled

in many sporting arenas this term. Both in JTAS and TAS our

teams in Cross Country have done very well in Red Division

and in weekly sporting competitions they have played with

great sportsmanship and vigour. This year we have achieved

more premierships across the Term 2 sports than ever before

in the life of the College and I encourage you to read the

reports contained herein.

As the outcome of our PACE Program begin to take shape it

is pleasing to note that 21 students have been chosen for

the state wide and hotly contested State Honours Ensemble

Program. The high number of students who have reached

AMEB year 5 and above is a testimony to the hard work of

our instrumental teachers and students. Congratulations to all


On the primary campus we were thrilled to welcome a large

number of grandparents to Grandparents Day recently and

very pleasing to see them sitting in on classes and enjoying

the concert items. As our college is focused on working in

partnership with all our families it is very pleasing to see so

many participating in this very significant way.

Finally 30 students attended the One World WONTOK Forum

conducted by Aus AID at St Margaret’s this week and were

challenged by the intransigent world poverty issue. Attendees

were involved in workshops to develop solutions to this

significant social justice problem as part of their service learning

program. Confronting global issues is a very important part

of their preparation to become a person of influence in their


I trust that you will enjoy the holiday break with family and

return refreshed for the winter term.

Suzanne Bain

Head of College

from thE primary CampUs


All staff have finalised the Semester One reports, these will be posted to families in week one of the holidays. Parent/teacher

interviews will be held in the third week of Term 3. During the interview, staff will discuss the contents of the reports with you.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, this is the time to discuss these with the class teacher to ensure that

Semester 2 is successful for your child.

foundation Week Events

In week two of next term we celebrate our College’s Foundation. The week will begin with an Academic Assembly which will

recognize our high achievers in Years 4 to 6 We will also hold our APC Foundation Concert (P – 3) on Friday, 27 July in the

morning and then celebrate further with our Fancy Dress Ball that evening. Our Year 4 to 6 students will join with the Middle

and Senior School to celebrate Foundation Day Tuesday, 24 July. Information about these events will be sent home with your

school report.


A reminder about sports uniforms - Students wear their formal uniform every day of the week, except on their designated PE

lesson or PMP day. On this day they wear the sports uniform. Formal uniform, including dress hats, (must be worn to and from

College) on all other days of the week. However, students may wish to bring their sports uniform and change at an appropriate

time just prior to an activity for which this uniform is preferable (e.g. Running club, sports practices) and change back into

their dress uniform at an appropriate time following the conclusion of the activity. The only variation to this rule is for the small

number of students who have training both before and after school on the same day, e.g. Running Club in the morning and

Soccer training in the afternoon. We request that parents continue to be vigilant with their children to maintain appropriate

uniform standards no matter which uniform is being worn.


There are a few simple truths in life. Here is one of them……cars and children DON’T mix! However, in the rush of our busy days

it is a truth that appears to get lost. As a result staff, students and parents at Alpine Place continue to see drivers doing foolish

things when waiting at our Kiss and Drive area. If you use this facility I ask you to use patience and good manners for the sake

of all the children who are in this area every afternoon. Please consider coming from 3.20 pm if you are picking up a Year 3 to 6

child as these classes often do not reach the K&D area before that time. Remember students in Years 3 to 6 are not dismissed

until 3.10pm. Children are well supervised at Kiss and Drive so waiting an extra 10 minutes isn’t a hardship for them.

Contact details

Could all parents please ensure that their contact details, including emergency contacts are current? It is most distressing for a

sick or hurt child when we are unable to contact anyone. Please let Belinda at reception know if your details have changed.

As we will be posting the students’ reports in the first week of the coming holidays, we also need to ensure that we have your

correct address on file.

Pam Hall

Head of Primary

primary pErforming arts

Semester One Redfire Choir News

2012 has seen a real changing of the guard, as a significant number of new choir members have joined us.

The children prepared two poems for the College Carnival – Rapping Jack Brown and Lunchtime – an assortment of voices.

The fast pace of Rapping Jack Brown appealed to the Carnival crowd while the reality of the playground came through with

Lunchtime: “I’m still running” has become the catchcry of least one family!

The Choir followed up with My Granny Went To Market for

Grandparents’ Day. It was intriguing to hear which countries the

children would choose go to if they had a magic carpet.

Semester Two promises to be busy and fulfilling.

Ensemble rehearsals for Term 3 begin in Week One.

• Alpine Singers – Tuesday, 17 July, 3:10-4:30pm

• Red Fire Choir – Wednesday, 18 July

• Junior Choir – Thursday, 19 July, 7:50 – 8:25am

• Bellissimo Strings – Friday, 20 July, 7:30 – 8:15am

The Alpine Singers will be performing at the Beenleigh Eisteddfod

on Thursday, 19 July. As this is the first week of Term 3, it is very

important that all choir members are at rehearsal on Tuesday,

17 July.

dance happenings

The Year 1 Dance Troupe is preparing for their Foundation Day performance and the Year 4-6 Dance Troupe is preparing for the

Beenleigh Dance Eisteddfod to be held in August. All students are reminded to please be ready to commence the rehearsals at

the scheduled time.

music happenings

Beenleigh Eisteddfod

Performance details as follows:

• Primary Concert Band - Tuesday, 17 July - departing Primary Campus at 8am - returning 11am

• Alpine Singers – Thursday, 19 July – departing Primary Campus at 8:45am - returning 12:30pm

Permission notes have been distributed and are now overdue. Please return as soon as possible as numbers are essential.


primary sports rEport

We have once again had a very successful sporting Term, from a high participation point of view, but also for some very good


It is important to acknowledge and thank all the coaches, staff and parents, who were involved in providing sporting opportunities

to many students. Without this enthusiastic support and expertise from both staff, CAC students and parents, not as many of

our students would be involved in sporting activities. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by everyone at the College.

JTAS Cross Country – Mr Murray and all involved in Running club

Jnr Running club - Mr Murray, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Remington and Miss Brookman

Snr Running club - Mr Murray, Miss May and Miss Gallo

Auskick - Mr Allen

Year 5 Netball – Mrs Bailey, Mrs Rachelle Jefferies and Mrs Wendy McGuigan

Year 6 Netball – Mrs Sanders, Mrs Kirstie Way, Mrs Amanda Broom, Mrs Kylie Collopen

Netta Netball – Mrs Sandra Hall (as well as coordinating the Netta Carnival), Miss Lofitis, Mrs Robyn Grob, Mrs Krista Hunter,

Mrs Julie Pascoe. Yr 7 students Maddison Pascoe and Chelsea Grob

Walla Rugby – Mr Murray, Mrs Mitchell, Mr Storm Richter, Mr Gareth Thomas. Yr 7 student James Dewitt, Yr 5 and 6 students

Mark Dunkley, Alexandra Roberts and Brandon Weidenbohm

Year 5/6 Rugby – Mr Wilson, Mr Murray, Mr Grant Fiddyment, Mr Brad Parfitt, Yr 9 student Thomas Freestone

There has also been fantastic parent support this Term, ensuring that everyone is at training and at the matches. Thank you.

Fancy Dress Night

Volunteers for the Fancy Dress

on the 27th July. I need about 8

volunteers to help with cooking and

serving BBQ food to families from

APC. Contact Deb Harris on jdh@


The Alpine Place Campus Bazil Grumble Drama Classes have gone wonderfully this term, cultivating

in a brilliant Shakespearian themed production for parents and friends. We are looking forward

to another creative term and are excited to be presenting an open lesson for family and friends

with the theme of HEROES! Taking the Olympics as inspiration, we will ask the students...Who

is your hero? What makes someone a hero? How can you be a hero yourself? Through drama,

we will explore all the different types of heroes that surround us, sporting heroes, superheroes,

heroes of the stage and screen, personal heroes, ordinary and extraordinary heroes....the list

goes on! The term will be bursting with opportunities for students to learn practical performance skills. Bazil Grumble classes

will guide student learning and encourage learning through individual activities and teamwork. Classes are relaxed and have an

emphasis on fun, confidence, communication, interaction and imagination. Classes begin at St John’s on Monday 23 July and

are held every Monday from 3.10 to 4.25pm.

To secure your place, please enrol your child at www.drama.bazilgrumble.com.au

Fiona Bazley Hodges

Drama Teacher

Primary Athletics

The Primary Year 3 – 6 Athletics took place on Thursday, 14 June, and thanks to some very

good weather, and to the staff and Year 9 CAC students who helped on the day, it was a very

enjoyable and successful day. Final results, together with age champions will be announced at a

Sport Assembly on Friday, 22 June. The talent that was on display on Thursday points towards a

successful season ahead in Term 3.

School Records

3 new school records were set during the day, Ben Roberts broke the U9 boys long jump record

with a jump of 3.49m, Mark Dunkley equalled the U11 boys high jump record of 1.20m and both

Louis Dobbelaar and Mark Dunkley improving on the U11 Boys long jump record, with Louis setting

the new mark at 3.92m. Well done. I am sure a few more records will be beaten during the course

of the upcoming Athletics Season.

Athletes will be invited to attend training during the holidays, so as to maintain the fitness levels

they have worked so hard to achieve. The District Athletics Carnival takes place on Thursday 9

and Friday 10 August at Glenala State High School, and JTAS Carnival is on Friday 14 September

at the ANZ Stadium.


LakEsidE rEfLECtion

“I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and

who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I; send me!’.” Isaiah


A widely used hymn in Anglican schools is ‘Here I am Lord’,

by Daniel Schutte. It is based on this verse from Isaiah. The

theme has been the focus of recent chapel services at the

secondary campus where we have been thinking about what

it means to use our gifts in the service of others, to bring

something of God’s kingdom to reality in our world.

At the same time,

the children in the

primary school have

been thinking about

‘belonging’, what it

means to commit to life

in Christ, as members of

the Church, the hands

and feet of Jesus in our

world. On June 8, nine

members of the Alpine

Place community were baptised and on June 15, they and ten

others were admitted to Holy Communion.

In baptism we are baptised with water to mark our entry into

new life in Christ, life as part of the Christian family. We are

signed with the sign of the cross and given a candle lit from

the Easter candle, a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection.

Like Jesus first disciples, we remember him when we share in

the meal of Holy Communion, he is in some way with us and

we are strengthened in the promises made in our baptism.

We pray that those who have come to be baptised and to be

admitted to Holy Communion, this term, may grow in faith

and love.

God our Creator,

when you speak

there is light and fire.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit

so that we may listen to one another,

speak the truth with love,

and bear much fruit

in the service of your kingdom;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

With blessings

Catriona Middleton

Phone: 3372 0147

E-mail: Catriona.Middleton@sjac.qld.edu.au

from thE dEan of stUdEnts

year 10 Camp

Last week the Year 10 students participated in their camp. One group went sea kayaking in the Gold Coast Seaway and the

remainder of the students went to Cooloolah National Park. This can be a very challenging camp for some students; however,

all students participated fully and with enthusiasm. One of the main aims of the whole-school camping program is developing

resilience in our students. The concept of resilience and the related promotion of “protective factors” enhances academic

success and decreases problem behaviours. Resilience is a very valuable life skill to have as they navigate the obstacles that

are put in their pathway throughout life. Students are empowered to select their own level of challenge assisting in developing

their self-confidence. Putting themselves in these challenging situations allowing the individual to set new personal goals and

reach new heights. These camps would not be possible without the staff who volunteer to supervise them. Thank you to Bonn

Hatton, Kristina Hicks, Victor Ho, Melanie Gramenz and Chris Ralph for giving up their time to make this opportunity possible

for the students.

happy holidays

As we approach the holidays it is important to remember that this is a valuable time for families to spend quality time together.

Michael Grose refers to holidays as being the perfect time to build up frequent father points. He points out that these points

should be built up from a young age as it can get tricky during adolescence. It is essential to have a shared activity such as

playing, walking, fishing …….. to have as ‘dad time’. Grose points out that the benefits go both ways. Healthy relationships with

their children are predictors of good health and longevity in men. Every family will have different ways that they enjoy spending

time together but the priority is to block out time and start building your frequent father points. Happy holidays.

Robern Hinchliffe

Dean of Students


from thE dEan of CUrriCULUm

semester one reports

Assessment for Semester One has been completed and

teachers are in the process of recording results to communicate

and report to parents how student learning has progressed.

Semester One academic reports will be mailed to parents in the

first week of the holidays. These reports will provide detailed

feedback reflecting the Semester One learning journey. Our

second round of Parent Student Teacher Conferences will be

held early in Term Three. Full details including the online

booking process will be mailed home with the reports.

Pathways through the Senior School

Year 10 is the time for students to look ahead seriously, and

choose their pathway through the Senior School with future

study, career and vocation in mind. The kind of planning

needed to make successful pathway choices and career

decisions takes time, thought and research into the wide range

of options available. Subject choice is a personal decision that

requires a student to think carefully about what they are good

at and what genuinely interests them. In choosing a pathway,

students need to take time to think about possible careers and

use the people around them, including parents, teachers and

other advisers to discuss their interests, concerns and future

plans. The Future Focus day and subject expo the students

experienced this week are two events where students can

gain valuable information to assist their decisions. Another

upcoming event is the Tertiary Studies Expo. It is to be held at

the Exhibition Building, RNA Showgrounds on Saturday, 21 -

Sunday, 22 July from 10.00am - 4.00pm. Students from years

10, 11 and 12 are invited to meet one-on-one and discuss their

study, career and employment options with representatives

from around 110 exhibitors including Universities, Private

Education Providers, TAFE and the Defence Forces. To find out

more, visit their website www.tsxpo.org.

Change of Subjects

Some students, after reviewing their performance in Semester

One, may seek to make a subject change. Any changes will

be dependent on their being room in the class. For students

in Years 11, such decisions are not taken lightly as these are

two year courses of study. There needs to be valid academic

reasons for the change as students will have missed a

semester of study in the subject they wish to change into. It

can often be the case that poor performance in one subject is

transferred to another subject as the underlying problem is

the academic focus of the student. I always discuss this with

students and seek parental approval early in the process if a

change is to be considered. All students in Year 10 will shortly

be given a copy of their Science/Humanities subject choices

for Semester Two.

Glenn Johnson

Dean of Curriculum

middLE sChooL mattErs!

semester one

Students in the Middle School have had a busy yet highly

productive first Semester. They are to be congratulated on their

behaviour, standard of dress and their academic performance.

We are looking forward to recognising a number of students

at our Academic assembly early in Term 3. The success story

also extends to a number of our sporting teams, individual

pursuits, performing arts programs, camping programs and

special interest groups. All in all, it’s been a great start to the

year and we are looking forward to building onto the successes

of Semester One after the upcoming holiday break.

Safe holidays

Lastly and most importantly, just a quick note to wish you

and your family a safe and restful time over the June/July

break. Enjoy some quality family time together and we’ll see

everyone refreshed and ready to go for another busy semester

to finish off the year. Take care.

Mr Wayne Pascoe

Middle School Coordinator

nEW to CC’s

Fresh new menu!

Our new menu includes home

made international hot dishes,

with a focus is on healthy choices.

Volunteers are always welcome and

appreciated, anytime that you can

provided, will be greatly appreciated.

CarEErs CornEr

Please refer to the Senior School Careers Bulletin (13

June issue) for important dates and information about

holiday workshops (robotics, make-up, hairdressing,

creative industries) and Australian Defence Force

information sessions.

tertiary studies Expo (tsXpo)

21 - 22 July

10:00am to 4:00pm

Exhibition Building, RNA Showgrounds


Admission is free

This is a major careers event for students in Years

10 - 12. There are over 100 exhibitors. It features

education providers and seminars. Students also have

the chance to win an iPad and bursary.



University of Queensland

Changes to the MBBS Fast Track Dual Award


With the possible introduction of the Doctor of Medicine

(MD) program scheduled to replace the existing

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in

2015, The University of Queensland will no longer be

offering the three fast tracked duals: Bachelor of Arts/

MBBS, Bachelor of Health Sciences/MBBS and the

Bachelor of Science/MBBS, from 2013 onwards. All

applicants, including Year 12 applicants, will now be

required to complete a minimum three year bachelor


Further information regarding the proposed MD

program is available at www2.som.uq.edu.au/som/

OurSchool/Pages/mdprogram.aspx .

The Associate Degree at UQ College is a 16 month

program, specialising in Business. This can be a

pathway to the Bachelor of Business Management.

music auditions

Audition application forms are available from the School

of Music website. Applications are due on 17 August

and auditions will be held on 22 and 23 September

and 6 October. www.uq.edu.au/music

Brisscience Lectures

These free lectures are at Customs House, 399 Queen

Street, Brisbane. The next lecture is titled

“Misunderstood Dinosaurs” and is presented by Dr

Paul Willis from the Royal Institution of Australia on

Monday 25 June from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.


University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

School holiday campus tours

25 June to 7 July

9:00am to 5:00pm (by appointment only)

Springfield Campus, Toowoomba Campus or Fraser Coast


Annabelle Lam

Careers Advisor

The College

of Health and Fitness

The following courses are

offered in the school holidays:

Certificate III in Business

25 June to 29 June

Certificate III in Fitness

25 June to 6 July

Certificate IV in Fitness

25 June to the 6 July

3385 0195


pErforming arts

dance happenings

dance Excellence teams

Preparations are underway for the performances at the

Performing Arts Showcase Concert, so a reminder to all

students to please be ready to commence the rehearsals at

the scheduled time.

drama happenings

year 10 drama

The Year 10 drama students have just completed their clowning

unit concluding the eventful term with a humorous clowning

performance. The drama students developed creative and

imaginative performances aimed at a younger audience that

explored a theme of their choosing. The engaging performances

included jokes, mime, slapstick, trickery and surprises and

entertained the beautifully behaved audience; Miss Warwick’s

Year 7 English class. It was a great conclusion to an enjoyable

unit. Some photos included in this edition.

year 9 drama

The Year 9 drama students have just completed their

performance poetry unit which developed aspects of voice

in the three categories of interest, clarity and audibility. The

students concluded this term with a polished performance

poetry piece which used a variety of modulation devices to

bring a poetry text to life. The performances used poems that

explored themes of friendship, beauty and superstition and all

of the students are to be commended on their efforts. This was

a great conclusion to an interesting and engaging unit.

drama Camp

Permission letters for the Drama Camp to be held from Friday,

20 July - Sunday, 22 July have been distributed to Year 10-

12 curriculum students and are due back to the Performing

Arts Staffroom by Monday, 18 June. This camp will focus on

curriculum work and the students will undertake workshops

with industry professionals.

music happenings

Date Change – Performing Arts Showcase 21 August at the

Logan Entertainment Centre

Performing Arts Inter-house Eisteddfod 2012

This event will be held on Friday, 22 June and our guest

adjudicators will be Mrs Adrienne Costello, Mrs Natalie Peluso,

Mrs Gillian Smith and Miss Roxanne Harding. Best wishes to

all students who will be participating and I look forward to the

concert Period 5 and announcing the House results!

Beenleigh Eisteddfod

The Beenleigh Eisteddfod is one of the largest competitions

and we will have ensembles from both Campuses participating

at this event. Permission letters have been distributed and due

back 20 June. There is a $10.00 ($5.00 Concession, $20.00

Family) entry fee for audience members for the following


Corelli Strings, Academy Strings, Senior Concert Band,

Intermediate Concert Band and Stage Band will be performing

Monday, 16 July, departing the College at 8am and returning

1:30pm. Bella Cantabile and Barbershop Boys will be

performing on Wednesday,18 July, departing the College at

9:30am and returning by 12pm.

australian College of Educational Leaders national


Our College has been given the opportunity to perform at the

above National Conference which will be held at the Brisbane

Convention & Exhibition Centre from 3-5 October. More details

to follow once available as to which performance groups will

be participating and times.

amEB Brass Exams

Good luck to the students who will be sitting their examinations

on Friday, 13 July. Thanks to Mrs Clements and Dr Robinson

for their preparation of the students and we look forward to

publishing the results next Term.


Academic Assembly

A reminder to members of Bellissimo Strings that you are

required to be at the rehearsal on Friday, 22 June in preparation

for the Academic Assembly to be held Monday, 23 July.

Students are therefore reminded to have their instruments

with them for this performance in July.

instrumental music festival

The St John’s Instrumental Festival provides students from

Years 1 to 7 with a unique performance opportunity. Sections

are structured according to age and number of years learning

a particular instrument. The Festival environment is noncompetitive

with all participants receiving a written report,

certificate, and trophy. Entry forms are available from the

Performing Arts Staffroom on the College Avenue Campus,

the Alpine Place Campus Music Block or your Instrumental

Music Teacher. Entries close on Tuesday, 17 July.

State Honours Ensemble Program 2012

Congratulations to the 21 students who have been successful

in their nomination for the above program for Secondary

students throughout Queensland. The program will be held

at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music from Thursday ,

27 September to Sunday, 30 September. As per information

in an earlier edition this program provides opportunities for

students to:

• work in an intensive environment of musical excellence

• with their peers from throughout Qld

• work with a team of eminent state, national and

international conductors

• rehearse at the wonderful facilities at the Qld

Conservatorium of Music

represent their school in uniform at the Grande Finale

Concert on Sunday, 30 September

• receive a SHEP 2012 Polo shirt and awarding of a certificate

which will be posted to the college.

Well done to all!

Geraldine Campbell

Head of Performing Arts

Singing with the Stars

June/July holiday trading times

Date Hours

Monday 25 June Closed for Stocktake

Tuesday 26 June Closed

Wednesday 27 June Closed

E-CommUnity nEtWork

Even if you have ‘liked’ our face book pages, remember to go to our network internet page from time to time. This page can

be found at http://www.stjohnsecommunity.com.au/. There are new members joining each week. On this page you will find

extra information about news that appears on facebook as well as the opportunity to view extra photographs. In addition, you

will see links to some of our major sponsors (more information about our Carnival Sponsors coming soon) as well as business

listings. Remember that you can also advertise your second hand uniforms and other goods in the “Don’t miss these bargains”


Where are they now?

Congratulations to two of our 2006 Alumni, this stunning couple in the

photograph is Stephanic Sukic and Jerome Rachele, two former students of

the College who were married on 12 May.

Both graduated from the College in 2006 and went on to study at university.

Stephanie studied Commerce at the University of Queensland, graduating in

2009. She now works for Sheppard Associates. Jeremy graduated from the

Queensland University of Technology in 2010 with a Bachelor of Education

(Secondary) and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies.

He has gone on to further study and is now undertaking a Doctorate in


Dianne Hubbard

Development Officer

Uniform shop

If your little one is feeling the cold we sell Navy Scarves for $10.00each. These may only

be worn by Primary Students that do not have the extra warmth of a blazer to wear during

the cooler months.

Pockets will be handed out this week and there will be a collection of Blazers for embroidery

which will now be done through the uniform shop. You can also put your blazer in at this

time to have the top pocket changed to St John’s. This will happen again at the end of

the school year. A collection of hat’s will be done at the end of Term 3 for cleaning and/

or rebranding. Remember that it is compulsory for all students Hats & Blazers have the St

John’s Logo from 2013.

Delivery of the School Bags on wheels will take place at the beginning of September for

those that have been waiting to purchase one.

We now have Supporter Jackets for those cooler days. Like the polo, these are sold at cost

for $44.50 each.

Remember, purchases and/or payments can be made via email or phone if you find that you

don’t have time to come in during opening hours.

Help Wanted – Stock take will be happening Monday, 25 June. If you have some spare time

we would love to see you, even for just an hour. Phone or send me an email if you are able

to assist.

Thursday 28 June 9:00am - 11:00am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Friday 29 June 9:00am - 11:00 am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Monday 2 July - Friday 6 July Closed

Monday 9 July 9:00am - 11:00 am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Tuesday 10 July 9:00am - 11:00 am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wednesday 11 July Closed

Thursday 12 July 9:00am - 11:00 am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Friday 13 July 9:00am - 11:00 am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Happy Holidays

Mandy Willemse

Uniform Shop Manager


Elizabeth Wilson

deportment & grooming

There are still places for girls in Years 7-10,

the course is held at the College in Term 3

Classes will be held Friday afternoons and

commence the first week of term on Friday,

20 July. Registration and booking forms are

available at Student reception and must be

returned before the start of the first class.

sports rEport

tas finals

What a fantastic term of sport with so many of our teams going well, with great spirit, and commitment shown, with many also coming

away with premierships.

This time last year, we had ten teams make the finals, but came away with just three premierships, and this time around, of the nine

teams that made finals, we had 6 teams win on the day, 2 draws, and only one defeat, which is truly an outstanding effort.

Of these premierships, many were historic, with the open A Netball winning it’s first premiership ever, the yr 9B Netball team going

through undefeated, the yr 9A Netball coming back from a 9 goal deficit in the final quarter and of the game. Of the Boys, the undefeated

yr 10 Rugby boys breaking an 8 year drought for Rugby premierships.

Other deserved winners on the day were the 8B and )pen C Netball. Our yr 9 Hockey girls and yr 10 Tennis boys had nail biting draws,

and only lost on a season count back. The Open A Tennis Boys tried hard but came up against a very tough Redeemer team and went


Whilst we had nine teams in the finals, another seven teams just missed out on a finals birth, coming in 3rd.

We finished equal with Redeemer with premierships won, and this was three ahead of any other school. Looking at the individual sport

ladders, we were 2nd in Netball, Rugby (massive improvement), and Hockey, and 3rd in Tennis. Redeemer did end up the Champion

School for the season.

We will award the premiership pennants on the first assembly of next term.

For the JTAS teams, the Rugby boys only had one defeat all season and the Netball teams fought hard every week and also had their

share of wins.

So a big congratulations to all players and coaches for the term’s efforts and we look forward to more success next term and at Track and

Field. Thanks to everyone for their involvement and enthusiasm in the sporting arena this term, it has been great one for the College.

pre-season Clinics

After the successful clinics prior to Term 2, we are running pre-season clinics for Trimester 3 Sports also. All students have received

the details, so if you did not receive them, please email me for details. These are compulsory for all TAS/JTAS students for next term’s


All clinics have a combination of College Coaches and Representative level coaches. Other guest superstars are also lined up for some

sports including Ex NBA and Bullets player Andre Moore, and some Brisbane Roar players. Lunch is fully catered each day, with it being

either Nando’s or Subway.

All Clinics start at 8:45am and finish at 3pm each day.


• Touch Football 1 day Clinic 7 July

• Volleyball 2 day Clinic 7 July - 8 July.

JTAS Girls are invited to be part of these clinics also.


• Football (soccer) 2 day Clinic 14 - 15 July

• Basketball 2 day Clinic 14 - 15 July

Athletics Camp

This starts on Friday and is undertaken at the Runaway Bay Sports

Super Centre. 40 of our top Athletes will be training as professionals

for three days as part of the College program. Athletics training will

resume after the break and all students in the squad need to commit

to regular sessions.

Trimester 3. The first week of TAS is the first Saturday back and it is

AWAY to Scots with JTAS starting the seek after.

Estee Lauder Corporate store Event

We have been given the opportunity to sell tickets to the Estee Lauder

Companies Corporate store. As opposed to previous one-day sales

events, this one enables the purchaser to use the ticket prior to 1st of

August, 2012. The store is normally only open to employees. Please

see the flyer for further details.

I wish all students, parents, and staff a restful break (except when

training!) and a time to recharge the batteries ready for the second half

of the year, and the last ever Trimester of TAS Sport for the Seniors.

Richard Haines

Head of Sport


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