In this Edition - St John's Anglican College

In this Edition - St John's Anglican College

Edition 13 23 August 2012

Dear College families,

In this Edition

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As you will be aware the new College Auditorium Stage One is

taking shape with the roof now rising above the current campus.

The construction project is on schedule for completion in early

December which will allow us to equip the building in the holiday

break in readiness for the new school year.

The College Foundation Board continues to work with our

community seeking financial support by pledging donations over

three years for tiered seating for 750 people. Ultimately the area

under the seating will be used for storage and the canteen facilities

which will open out into the foyer in Stage 2 of construction.

Presently pledges totalling almost half the Appeal target of

$300,000 have been raised. If you feel you are able to help us in our

quest to have the seating installed before the Official Opening of

the Building please call Mr John Braithwaite, on 3372 0165.

The first change we will notice however will be the opening of

the new Resource Centre in October. When students return the

centre will be open and will gradually be available for student use.

Of course as with any new project establishment will take time,

particularly as books need to be covered and processed. If you

would be able to cover books at night or on weekends for us your

time would be greatly appreciated. For more details please call

Dean of Curriculum Glen Johnson to register your interest.

Congratulations to our Performing Arts students who have

performed to a very high standard at this year's Showcase

events. Middle School Showcase was well attended and provided

opportunity and experience for our upcoming performers to

showcase their skills at Alpine Place recently Significantly the

Senior School Showcase Concert was performed for the last time

at the Logan Entertainment Centre, a venue that has served the

College community well for many years. We have always been

well served by the staff at LEC and thank them for their support.

Performers in Dance, Drama, Voice and Ensembles and Bands

entertained those gathered to a very high standard this year and

it was very pleasing to hear see greater depth and cohesion in

the performances as a result of their practice and training with

industry professionals.

As is customary the chefs were hard at work on the show holiday

for the annual Amnesty International Cake Auction held last

Thursday. The variety and quality of the beautifully decorated

cakes delighted staff and students alike. Alumni Rowan Chapman

(200x) was the auctioneer, managing the highly competitive

bidding with great ease. Congratulations to all involved in the

activities of the Global Conscience Group on raising a total of

approx. $1400 for this very worthy cause.

While we do not want to lose any of our families we do appreciate

that family circumstances change from time to time. It is timely

to remind parents in this situation that if your are transferring

with work or moving elsewhere in 2013, now is the time to

advise the College Registrar. We have set the date for this advice

at September 10 to assist with the budget process. Please be

reminded that the penalty for late notice is one term's fees.

Kind regards

Suzanne Bain

Head of College

Upcoming Events

24 August Secondary Dance

28 August Year 3 Camp

Year 5 Camp

30 August QTAC Year 12 Information

31 August Primary Fathers Day Chapel

Year 5 Camp

1 Sept P&F Dinner Dance

4 Sept QLD Core Skills Test

5 Sept Year 11 Study Day


From the Primary Campus

I wanted to share with you an article written recently by a colleague.

Schools are places of learning. This includes both academic learning and social learning. The students in our College community are

representative of our wider community and come to school with a variety of home values, life experiences and individual personalities.

As children enter school and grow in maturity they learn to master the more formal skills of life such as: relating with peers according to

rules and progressing from free play to play that may be elaborately structured by rules and may demand formal teamwork, such as in class

group work or in structured games such as soccer or netball. Children will make mistakes and with guidance, care and support from all the

influential people in their lives learn from the mistakes and grow in a positive manner.

Teaching is not as simple as telling. Our approach as a College community to problems that may arise is restorative. This means teaching

children to:

• understand behaviour that is inappropriate

• understand the impact of their behaviour on others

• see other people’s point of view

• manage their emotions

• keep problems in perspective

• learn skills in resolving problems

• repair relationships they have caused damage to

• take responsibility and accept consequences for their behaviour

• learn from the resolution processes and behave well in the future.

As a College we want all children to feel safe, to learn to the best of their ability, to learn to get along with others and to behave well.

Parents can assist the resolution of children’s problems by:

• Understanding that the College wants the best for all children, including your child.

• Trusting that the College is working with integrity to resolve problems.

• Understanding that each event has a number of points of views. It is not uncommon for children to recall a one-sided version of

an event.

• Working with the College to help children to develop good relationships to be able to get along with others.

• Working with the College to help develop resiliency in children.

Looking Forward:

It is at this time of year that we start significant planning for 2013. Currently all members of the College Management Team are reviewing

programs and practices along with planning facilities renewal and budget items. I am happy to receive your feedback and advice and

consider this in my future planning for the Primary Campus. Please take the opportunity to contact me by phone or email phall@sjac.qld. Your input is valued.

Pam Hall

Head of Primary

Primary Absentee Line

3372 0888


Secondary Absentee Line

3372 0126

Primary Sport

Term 4 is fast approaching and the School Swimming Program starts on Thursday 11 October and Friday 12 October and runs for 5 weeks.

All the details will be sent home in a letter shortly. With the Year 3 to 6 APC swimming Carnival at the end of November in mind, it will be

compulsory for all Year 3 to Year 6 students to have the College swimmers, rash shirts and swim caps. There are also House Swimming caps

available. All of these items are available from the College uniform shop at College Avenue. To avoid the rush in Term 4 get yours now.

Last Thursday and Friday our Primary U10 to U13 athletes represented the College at the annual Inala Districts Athletics Carnival. All

athletes competed to the best of their ability and some very good individual results were recorded. St John’s won the Division that we are in

and overall 2nd.

Total Football Academy will be running an after School soccer program in Term 4 at St John’s Anglican College. Registration forms will be

distributed at the end of term 3. During the 6 week program games will be played inside an inflatable soccer field, which captures the

imagination of students, giving them a great soccer experience. Training will take place inside a skills square focusing on different skills each

week, such as dribbling, turning and shooting. Start date: Friday 12 October, Prep - Year 4, 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

Congratulations to the following athletes who achieved top

3 positions in their events

Name Event

Max Stadtler 1st 100m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump,

Shot Put, 3rd Discus, U13 Age Champion

Su Hong Kim 2nd Long Jump, 3rd 800m

Montserrat Sandoval 1st 100m, 200m Long Jump, U13 Age Champion

Demi Wynyard 1st 100m, 200m, Long Jump, High Jump, Multi

Events U12 Age Champion

Kyle Magro 3rd Discus

Mark Dunkley 2nd 800m, Discus, Multi Events U11 Age


Louis Dobbelaar 1st Long Jump, Multi Events

Olivia Sanders 2nd 100m, 200m Multi Events

Princess Avia 1st Shot Put, Discus

Alexandra Roberts 2nd Discus

Piper Jefferies 2nd 800m, Multi Events

Nicholas Descy 2nd 800m, Multi Events

Primary Performing Arts

Performing Arts Interhouse Eisteddfod

Calling all Dancers, Actors and Musicians! The Performing Arts Interhouse Eisteddfod is on again this year from 13-20 September. Students

from Years 1 to 6 can compete in Dance, Speech and Drama and Music sections to earn points for their House. Last year, Delbeta was the

overall winner, winning all three sections of the Eisteddfod. Will Delbeta win again this year or will Bow Qing Tian, Braithwaite or Hollingworth

step up to the mark?

The Eisteddfod raises money for the College’s World Vision Sponsor Child by charging a $1 entry fee. Students can enter as many sections

as they like for only $1. Entry forms and information regarding the Set Poems, Bible Readings and Set Songs will be handed out to all classes

this week. Spare forms are available from Mrs Robertson in the Music Block.

Entries should be placed in the box at Reception by Thursday 6 September. The performance dates and times for each section will be published

in the week prior to the Eisteddfod.

Alpine Place Drama Club

The Alpine Place Drama Club recently performed 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' for our littlest children from Little Saints Kindergarten.

The Drama Club which meets two lunch times a week took the traditional story of Snow White and put their own twist to it. There was a

silly Snow White, a Mirror who invited the audience to comment on the Wicked Queen, two befuddled fairies, Dwarves who worried about

their food, beds and dancing more than their work, a Huntsman who turned into a Prince and, of course, a very wicked Queen who had

very wicked tantrums. Congratulations to all the Drama Club for a great show.


Met West Regional Team

Max Stadtler Demi Wynyard

Montserrat Sandoval Mark Dunkley

Louis Dobbelaar Olivia Sanders

Princess Avia Alexandra Roberts

Piper Jefferies Payton Moore

Nicholas Descy

Thank you water

Congratulations to all the Year 9 students who successfully lobbied for Thank you water to be sold at the College. A team of fifteen students

have been working on the initiative since May and launched their project with gusto on assembly last week. Every bottle of Thank you

water that is purchased provides people in undeveloped countries with one month’s clean water supply and helps to change and save lives.

Well done students, it’s great to see St John’s thinking globally and acting locally.

Year 6 into 7 Transition Information Evening

Reminder that the Year 6 into 7 Transition Information Evening is scheduled for Thursday the 13th September at 7.00pm. Please schedule

this event into your diaries/calendars as the information is designed to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Several members

of the College leadership team will be available for questions. We’re looking forward to seeing you there (students are most welcome to


MS Showcase Concert

Congratulations to all the students who performed at the recent Middle School Showcase Concert. You did a fantastic job and your talents

are to be admired and applauded - Keep up the great work! It was great seeing so many family and friends there to support you and I’m

sure they were as impressed as I was with the multitude of talents on display, well done everyone.

Assessment calendars

Reminder - All students in the Middle School should be consulting their copies of the assessment calendars to keep on top of their workload.

Please encourage your child to highlight the assessment items that pertain to them and keep the schedule at their home desk so they

are well organized. Copies can be accessed via Moodle should anyone require another copy.

Mr Wayne Pascoe

Middle School Coordinator

From the Middle School

From the Dean of Students

Congratulations: Year 11 student Callum Ide recently had the honour of being invited to compete in the World Haidong Gumdo Martial

Arts competition in Korea. Gumbup is a presentation of sword skills, techniques, energy and power. The competitor is marked on

how strongly they show and present themselves in the demonstration of martial arts movements. Callum won two gold medals in

Gumbup and Group Gumbup and he missed out on being the World Champion by 0.1 point in the 14 to 18 years competition. Callum

was also bestowed with the honour of being invited to perform in the opening of the world titles.

Callum has participated in martial arts since he was very young and is passionate about it. He trains a minimum of 15 hours per

week to ensure he is physically and mentally fit. The sport requires an individual to be committed and have extreme concentration

and focus. As part of their training they have to maintain poses for up to an hour. Callum has put a lot of commitment and time

into the preparation for these championships. Callum has a black belt in taekwondo and has qualified to compete in the national

Taekwondo Championships in Sydney in September. We wish him every success in the preparation and the competition.

Year 12 Formal: There is much excitement among the Year 12 students about the impending Formal on Monday 24th September.

Payments are due to finance by Friday 24th August. Any student who is bringing a partner who is not a current student of the College

will need to complete a Partner Contract. These are available at Student Reception.

This event is always celebrated in a very positive way and there is a certain expectation that students will behave accordingly. The

College does not support the notion of pre or post formal functions where alcohol is being offered to or consumed by the students.

This practice is fraught with risk and the serving of alcohol to minors is illegal. The College will act accordingly if this position is


Bullying Forum: Congratulations to the students in Years 11 and 12 who have been involved in running the Bullying Forums with

the Middle School students. This initiative was developed by Tia Broughton in Year 12. The students meet in small groups and offer

practical suggestions in dealing with bullying. Some of the Year 11 and 12 students have shared personal stories from their early

school days. These personal stories have been a powerful tool in promoting the "Say No To Bullying” message to the students. In the

coming weeks the students will be doing a follow-up session.

Year 11 Leadership: The information for the Year 11 leadership camp was posted home this week. The Medical forms are due back

at College in Week 8. All students are expected to attend the camp. The activities included in the camp are designed to allow the

students to demonstrate their leadership strengths. The Year 11 leadership applications for 2013 are available on Moodle. The leadership

applications are due back by Friday 24th August.

Robern Hinchliffe

Dean of Students


From the Dean of Curriculum

A great opportunity for high performing Year 11 students: Enhanced Studies Program

Study at UQ during Year 12 in 2013. Effective Thinking and Writing is a one-week subject available from 21 to 25 January 2013. Applications

close on 31 October. I thoroughly recommend this course to our high achieving year 11 students. It will set them up very well for Year 12

and the QCS test. Further information on their website:


Please see information below for links to some of the scholarships available. Further detail can be found in the Careers Bulletin published

by our Careers Advisor, Miss Lam. Often institutions report that they could not award all of their scholarships due to not enough students

applying. I encourage all students who meet the eligibility requirements to apply for at least one scholarship.

University of Queensland scholarships, further information on UQ scholarships can be obtained from:


Queensland University of Technology scholarships, further information on QUT scholarships can be obtained from:


Griffith University scholarships, further information on GU scholarships can

be obtained from:

Glenn Johnson

Dean of Curriculum

From the Careers Advisor

For important dates and information about scholarships and opportunities

to study a university subject during Year 12 in 2013,

please refer to the Senior School Careers Bulletin (15 August issue).

The bulletin is available on Moodle under Student Resources, Senior

School Year 12 Career Resources, Year 11 Career Resources, Year 10

Career Resources.

Year 12 Careers Education

UQ College presented a lunchtime seminar on 16 August. UQ College

offers a pathway to the UQ Bachelor of Business Management.

QTAC reminders

• be aware of early and fixed closing dates for courses

• advise QTAC of any changes to your contact details

• if necessary, nominate a trusted person to act on your behalf to

respond to offers and make changes to your application

• if you do not pay for your application, it will not be processed

• change your PIN (initially set to the day and month of your


• regularly check the QTAC website for changes and updates to


Bond University, Law Experience, 15 September,


Griffith University, Griffith Connect Guaranteed Admission Scheme,

gain admission to courses based on Year 11 and semester 1 Year 12

results rather than OP. Applications close on 28 September. Please

see Mr Johnson or Ms Lam if you are interested in this.

Griffith Business Early Admission Program – Logan Campus, or phone 3382 2161 Logan Campus

Guaranteed Admission Scheme, for students residing in the Logan/

Beaudesert region

Please see Mr Johnson or Ms Lam if you are interested in this.

The University of Southern Queensland, Parent Information Evening,

held 12 September


Annabelle Lam

Careers Advisor


Lakeside Reflection

Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that

we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave

you something to drink? And when was it that we saw you a

stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing?

And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited

you?’ And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as

you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my

family, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:37-40.

Refugees and asylum seekers are a topical issue for us here in

Australia: ‘boat people’; people ‘smugglers’; the Malaysian

‘solution’. Sadly, much of the language is emotive and the

issue has the potential to divide our community. It sometimes

seems we are encouraged to be fearful of people who come

from countries torn apart by war and injustice.

On Sunday, August 26, churches across Australia are holding

a day of prayer for refugees. We are challenged to view

refugees and asylum seekers through the eyes of Jesus and to

pray with love and compassion for all those who have been

forced from their homes and need protection; to remember

the many refugees and asylum seekers in the world, and

especially those now in detention in our own country.

We are asked to play an active role in making life better for

migrants and refugees in Australia; to dedicate the day to

prayer, thought, consideration and action; to becoming a

friend, setting up support networks or organising social events

to include migrants and refugees in the local community.

Our older students will join in these prayers at Friday chapel.

Some are already volunteering time to support African and

Vietnamese children at a local homework club.

YouTube hosts a collection of video clips prepared for UNHCR

where refugees speak of their own experiences. In chapel,

the students will reflect on the life of Syrete Sulimani. In

1999, when war erupted in Yugoslavia, she was forced to flee

to neighbouring Macedonia. She left home in the middle of

the night with her daughters, aged three years and fourteen

months, carrying only a bag of nappies, a little milk and bread.

Syrete received the support she needed and has been able

to pick up her life elsewhere. She says, “In war time, you just

want to be alive.”

We pray: God of love and compassion, we give you thanks

and praise for Jesus your Son, who showed us how to love

one another and treat others as we would want to be treated.

We pray for all those who have no place to call home. Fill

our hearts with the generous love that helps us to see these

people through the eyes of Jesus and to treat them as Jesus

would. Amen

With blessings

Catriona Middleton


Early Years Conference Catering

The Year 12 Hospitality Practices class arrived to the kitchen early on Tuesday the 7th of August in preparation for a day of catering for the 2012 Early Years

Conference held at Alpine Place. This small class of 7 catered for around 60 guests for both morning tea and lunch with foods including gourmet chocolate

brownies, honey macadamia shortbread and wraps, mini bread rolls and finger sandwiches.

The class had to overcome a range of challenges when organising this event which included preparing the food on one campus and having it made and transported

in time for service to catering for a variety of dietary requirements. The students received wonderful feedback and have worked very hard in order for

this event to run smoothly.

We would like to thank the Mrs Hall and the Alpine Place staff for giving us the opportunity to cater for this event in addition to Mrs O’Connor for her hard work

and efforts with sourcing specialty foods and assisting with the transporting of staff and lunches throughout the day.

QCS Breakfast reminder

Year 9, 10 & 11 Students assisting with the catering of the QCS Breakfast are reminded that you need to arrive by 6 am on Tuesday the 4th of September to the

kitchen with their aprons. You will be provided with a hot breakfast for your efforts and can also use this to count towards your service hours. Please bring your

diary for Mrs Moore to sign off on.

Versace Hotel School

Senior Hospitality students attending the Versace Hotel School in the September holidays are reminded that complete payment must be received by Finance by

August 31st. Please also make sure you are prepared with your uniform and work experience requirements as per the grooming sheet that was distributed at

the beginning of the term. See Mrs Moore for more information of if you have any further questions.

Mathematics Department

Last week a small group of students from Year Seven to Nine participated in the Maths Team Challenge, held at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar

School. The Year Eight/Nine team came fourth, missing out on third place by only one point. This is our best result yet in this competition.

Congratulations to Hannah Binggeli (8), Jonathan Riley (8), Vicky Le (9), Branda Le (9), Lawry Rogers (9) and their coach Ms Tanya Bates. The

Year Seven team of Chace Eldridge, Sarah Fordham, Oskar Poonkan-Gregurek, Chelsea Grob and Bryan Hoang had a solid performance coming

14th out of the 30 teams competing.

Mathematics tutorials are still being offered every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in M5 to all students.

As always, if there are any questions please contact me by phone or email:

Miles Ford

Head of Mathematics

Year 9 Food Technology Cake Decorating Master Class

In line with the current Year 9 Food Technology theme of Celebration Cookery-past St Johns Alumni- Lauren and Louise

from L&L Cakes were invited along to hold a master class on Tuesday the 14th of August. The students learnt about different

types of celebrations and why cakes are important aspect of cultural and social celebrations as well as a range of

practical skills needed for gourmet cake decorating. Each student used a range of skills relating to fondant icing decorating

on 3-4 cupcakes in which they either took home or donated for the Amnesty Cake Auction held on Thursday the 16th of


Mrs Michelle Moore

Head of Hospitality

BA Ed, Dip Hotel Management, Cert IV Training & Assessment


Year 12 Drama

The Year 11 and 12 students are currently composing scripts and blocking their scenes for the upcoming Theatricks group performances.

The Year 11 students have been correlating extracts from different theatre styles to create a Collage drama on a theme of their choosing.

The Year 12 students have been constructing Physical Theatre performances on a theme of their choosing, incorporating the different Physical

Theatre training methods that they engaged with at Drama Camp. These methods include Suzuki, Butoh and Viewpoints training which

ask the performer to react to both internal and external events occurring on stage using their body as the primary response mechanism. In

this way the body does the talking for the actor, leaving little or no reliance on verbal communication.


The Drama presentation evening Theatricks will be held at the Logan Entertainment Centre on Wednesday 16th September commencing at

6pm. Permission notes will be distributed from 23rd August and bookings can only be made via the Logan Entertainment Centre.

Year 12 Pockets – Dance, Drama & Music

If Year 12 Music/Dance students missed the deadline for submitting their application for Pockets they have until Monday 10th September to

submit in readiness for the next round of blazer collection. Drama Pockets are also due at this time as well.

Andy Firth Stage Band Workshop

Stage Band was honoured to work with Australia’s leading Clarinet/Saxophonist Andy Firth at a two hour workshop on Thursday 18th

August. Andy was in Brisbane to perform with the Queensland Pops Orchestra last weekend. His main point to note were that all ensemble

players must listen for the melody in the pieces, all musicians must listen to the pieces they are performing and other works by relevant artists,

plus remember that 60% is on the page, the other 40% is what you make it.

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Isabel Riley and Naomi Worth represented the College on 6th August at the Australian Chamber Orchestra Combined Schools String Workshops

held at Brisbane Boys College. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to work with members of the Australian Chamber

Orchestra in a 2 hour workshop, followed by a short presentation at the end of their time session showcasing what has been achieved.

Middle School Showcase

Congratulations to all the performers at the Middle School Showcase Concert which was held on 10th August at the Living Faith Chapel. The

standard of performances was very high and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear our younger ensembles. The move

to a new venue in 2013 will be warmly received.

Performing Arts Showcase Concert

Well done to all ensembles and soloists who performed at the Performing Arts Centre of Excellence Showcase Concert on Tuesday evening.

The capacity audience were blown away by the talents of our performers. Thanks to all PACE staff, Mr Teece and his team, Ms Butz and her

team, Mrs Kozij and the Media Team plus FOTA and the Logan Entertainment Centre for looking after us so well. We look forward to hosting

this event in our Auditorium in 2013.

AMEB Vocal Exams

Yesterday the AMEB Vocal Exams were held here at the College in PA4. We look forward to acknowledging their achievements in the coming

weeks on Assembly and in Ripples. Thanks to Miss Gregory for her work with the students.

Geraldine Campbell

Head of Performing Arts

Business and Legal Studies Department

This year’s Market Day proved to be a great event. The students developed small businesses that were innovative and the day provided

them with real-life business skills. A party atmosphere was created ensuring all stalls were successful and almost all products were sold.

This year the department has decided to award two groups with prizes for their outstanding efforts. Congratulations to Prajna Vidyasagar,

Cameron Aavik, Elise Catchpole, Luke Tran, Mackenzie Sutherland, Georgia Franklin, Michaela Venter, Emma Scott, Grayson Jenkins and

Braydon Lill. Each group member will receive a $30 iTunes voucher and Certificate on assembly.

Vocational Education Corner

All local TAFEs are now offering places for 2013, these courses are available to Year 10 students and can be found in Moodle and the

Parent Portal. Alternatively for further information on these courses or any other vocational information please contact Mr Will Weeks on

3372 0167 or email

Will Weeks

Business & VET Coordinator

Performing Arts


Sports News

With the JTAS/TAS season just passing the half way mark, it is great to see so many of our teams going so well. As a College, we are keen to post good results

and hopefully gain promotion to Blue Division for this season in 2013.

Whilst some areas are stronger than others, playing quality opponents each week would no doubt help our students to ‘raise the bar’ further to improve

their performance. In speaking to other Heads of Sport from schools who have gained promotion, their feedback is definitely positive about playing a tougher

competition with schools who provide every single team to play each week. There are many quality teams playing for the various colleges in Red Division,

however, besides Redeemer (and ourselves), nobody else fields the full range of teams.

This Saturday is the last home game for the year, and last ever home game for our Year 12s, so come down and support them and all the teams against Rivermount.

This round is also for DOUBLE POINTS.


The past two weeks has seen St John’s play The Springfield College and Scots PGC. A few lessons were definitely learned from the TSAC Round, in that they

are not a school to be taken lightly. A few teams may have gone into the round thinking that it would be easier than it would be (based on past results), and

then faced the reality of some heartbreaking defeats. Making it worse was that it was a double points round. No doubt TSAC treat St John’s as the biggest

fixture of the term and they definitely are focused and motivated to succeed.

Track and Field

With less than a month to Met West and JTAS/TAS, the full training schedule in place. Students need to train regularly to increase their performance. In 2011,

the distance events in particular were not strong, and students in those races, and every other event need to commit to their improvement.

We have a big squad and final places for competition won’t be finalised till a later date to give students ample time to train and improve upon their Carnival

day performances. No one has their place guaranteed, and performance and commitment to training will also play a part in final selection of teams.

This year we can make history if all students commit to being the best they can be. We are aiming to win

BLUE DIVISION, so we need everyone putting in 100%. The training schedule has been given to students and

it is also available on the College website.

Richard Haines

Head of Sport


There has been some mixed results for the

basketball teams with TSAC breaking the Open As

unbeaten run with historic win (for TSAC). The As

are still firmly in finals contention. The 10s have

shown strong improvement during the term and

it has been great to see so many students taking

up the game in this team. The 9s have turned their

season around with some strong wins and look to

be a formidable unit. The 8s are playing well but yet

to taste victory, and the unbeaten run by the Year 7

JTAS team came to an end against St Pauls.

All School’s Volleyball

The St John’s Anglican College Open A Volleyball Squads ventured to Toowoomba to compete in the Annual Queensland All School

Volleyball Cup where the Queensland’s top Volleyball schools compete. The squads have been

training hard since term 2 and throughout holidays to ensure they were well prepared. It was

an exhilarating three days where our teams were able to showcase their skills in a high level


The open boys played against strong teams such as Ormiston College, Browns Plains state

school and St Edmunds. Although the team only placed 6th out of 8 teams, we have a

wonderful time being able to witness proper volleyball and came away with a better

understanding of the sport.

The Open A girls had a massive 3 days full of tough games that pushed us all. We went up

against the hard hitting defending premiers, Emmanuel, on the second day of competition

and came away with the win which was an accomplishment in itself. Although we played

a high level of volleyball we ended up 9th out of a total of 20 teams which was a great

achievement. The girls came away with a positive and learning experience which helped us all

develop better skills to then hopefully help us throughout the season.

Both teams would just like to thank Ms Gramenz and Ms Dawson for their dedication and time

into coaching us and Mr Hatton for coming along and supervising, if it wasn’t for them the trip wouldn’t have happened.

Morgan Berry and Duane Huynh


Touch Football

The touch girls have had a tough 2 weeks and

continue to fight hard each match. Each team is

showing good improvement and made big inroads

versus Scots compared to round 1. This week

versus Rivermount (Double Points) can get many of

the team’s season back on track.


The football teams are also showing great form, racking up many strong lopsided

results. The Year 8s are still undefeated after a tough 2-1 win against TSAC and

a big win over Scots. The Year 9s have put their slow start to the season behind

them with a double points win versus WMAC, and a win over Scots. The 10s have

had limited games but remain undefeated. The Open As put the loss against Redeemer

behind them for some dominant displays versus TSAC and Scots. The Year

7 JTAS team has also been dominating, with some big wins in recent weeks.

The Year 9 and Open A teams remain

undefeated and are really displaying

a great standard that other teams

can only try and emulate. Against

Scots, the Year 10 team showed great

teamwork to get their first win for the

year. The Year 8s are going well and

remain in strong finals contention. The

Open Bs are developing their skills well

and compete for every point.

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