The 41st Annual Conference • March 4 – March 7, 2015

Shirley Wu


Princeton University

Lily O’Connell


University of Pennsylvania

Brody Duncan

Conference Director

McGill University

Alec Guertin

Director of Security

University of California,


Jason Toney

Chief of External Relations

Bard College

Laura Beltran-Rubio

Chief of Staff

Parsons The New School for


Jinny Jung

Under-Secretary General of

Administrative Affairs

University of Michigan

Helen Robertson

Under-Secretary General

University of Virginia

Joe Sherlock

Under-Secretary General

Bowdoin College

Erin Corcoran

Under-Secretary General

Harvard University

Costanza Cicero

Under-Secretary General

University of Bologna

Alyssa Greenhouse

Under-Secretary General

Duke University

Paula Kates

Under-Secretary General

Tufts University

Dear Delegates,

November 2014

Hello and welcome to NHSMUN 2015! My name is Costanza Cicero, and it is my utmost

pleasure to serve as your Under-Secretary General for the Economic and Social Council of

Specialized Committees (ECOSOC for short). My job involves a variety of tasks to ultimately

insure that your committee runs smoothly and you have a fantastic experience at the

conference. At NHSMUN I’ll always be checking on the progress of your sessions and

keeping track of resolutions, so you’ll probably often see me walking in and out of your

committee room.

I have worked closely with your Director and Assistant Director on the Background Guide

and other projects leading up to the conference. I’m extremely proud of all the effort they put

into their work and I could not be more excited to see how it all finally comes together in

March. ECOSOC covers a wide array of topics – from Poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan

Africa to Preventing the Spread Ebola. They are all exceptionally diverse and current, so I

advise you to research thoroughly and prepare accordingly for the debate. Your committee

Twitter page is a great resource for current events on your committee and topic. I also

encourage you to reach out to your Directors and ask as many questions as possible, whilst

investigating the topics.

About me, I’m an Italian senior student majoring in International Development and

Cooperation at the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna. I was born in the Eternal City (Rome),

but my family is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This will be my fourth time

attending NHSMUN; I was in the World Trade Organization as a delegate, and as a member

of staff I was the Assistant Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the

Director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. I have also devoted my

time to other Model UN conferences, particularly to the Italian Model United Nations that is

held at the FAO Headquarters in Rome. I was its Secretary General last year and I now

operate as Liaison for the conference on the Board of Directors. Work and school aside, my

passions lie in the world of ballet, indie music, art, and Youtube.

Please feel free to reach out to me before and during the conference with any doubts or

concerns. I’m more than happy to help and provide any sort of support for your future

NHSMUN experience. Until then, happy researching!


Costanza Cicero

Under-Secretary General, Economic and Social Council of Specialized Committees


NHSMUN is a project of the International Model

United Nations Association, Incorporated

(IMUNA). IMUNA, a not-for-profit, all

volunteer organization, is dedicated to furthering

global issues education at the secondary school level.

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