The 41st Annual Conference • March 4 – March 7, 2015

Shirley Wu


Princeton University

Lily O’Connell


University of Pennsylvania

Brody Duncan

Conference Director

McGill University

Alec Guertin

Director of Security

University of California,


Jason Toney

Chief of External Relations

Bard College

Laura Beltran-Rubio

Chief of Staff

Parsons The New School for


Jinny Jung

Under-Secretary General of

Administrative Affairs

University of Michigan

Helen Robertson

Under-Secretary General

University of Virginia

Joe Sherlock

Under-Secretary General

Bowdoin College

Erin Corcoran

Under-Secretary General

Harvard University

Costanza Cicero

Under-Secretary General

University of Bologna

Dear Delegates,

November 2014

Welcome! My name is Christoph Neumann and I am the Director of the United Nations

Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). This is my second year as part of NHSMUN

and my sixth year being involved in Model UN. I currently study Economics at the sunny and

eternally beautiful marsh-side campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles,

California. You can often find me in the local radio station KXLU, or frequenting ramen

houses on Sawtelle. Other than that, my life involves a lot of food, music, “friends,” and living


The topics placed before you are growing in magnitude and importance to the international

community every year. With the disparity of wealth increasing all over the globe, helping the

poorest in the international community is of the utmost importance. Correspondingly, as

climate disasters become more frequent and environmental awareness becomes more

prevalent, fostering sustainable development in the least developed countries goes hand in

hand with UNIDO’s goals. Both of these issues have many moving parts to consider and

viewpoints to take, so a careful analysis and full understanding will be necessary for developing

comprehensive position papers and for debate. The Background Guide should provide a great

starting point for you to develop and build your research for your position papers and eventual

resolutions during the conference. The breadth of the topics allows for you to explore many

possible solutions and find the most unique paths to success in debate. I also recommend

visiting our committee Twitter page, @NHSMUN_UNIDO, in order to stay up-to-date on

current events of the topics.

I wish you all luck on research and am excited for debate in March!


Christoph Neumann

Director, United Nations Industrial Development Organization



Alyssa Greenhouse

Under-Secretary General

Duke University

Paula Kates

Under-Secretary General

Tufts University

NHSMUN is a project of the International Model

United Nations Association, Incorporated

(IMUNA). IMUNA, a not-for-profit, all

volunteer organization, is dedicated to furthering

global issues education at the secondary school level.

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