Troop Cookie Manual - Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi

Troop Cookie Manual - Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi

Greater Mississippi | 601-366-0607 Jackson

228-864-7215 Gulfport

601-582-1455 Hattiesburg

601-693-2903 Meridian

601-597-7485 Brookhaven

Service Unit# ______________________ Troop # _________

Service Unit Cookie Manager Contact:




Council Na

Where do I find…………

4 5 Skills and Online Resources 13 Booth Sale Procedures

5 Volunteer Cookie Team 14 Council Gift of Caring

6 Cookie Calendar 15 Cookie Locator and VIP eTraining

7 Training and Resources 16 eBudde Quick Sheet

8 Girl Rewards 18 Parent Permission Form

9 5 Steps for Cookie Success 19 Outstanding Balance Form

10 Safety 21 Vehicle Capacities

11 Cookie Club 22 National Sleepover

12 Sales Tips for Girls

Our Unofficial “Cookie Creed”

I will try my best to be helpful and cheerful.

I will not let crabby people get in the way of my enthusiasm.

I am proud to be a Girl Scouts of Greater MS volunteer.

I am proud to be a part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.


what can a girl do

a world of good!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls develop five key business and leadership skills that last a lifetime:

1. Goal Setting —as she sets cookie sales goals individually and with her team, creates a plan to reach them and

develops Cooperation and Team Building skills all along the way.

2. Decision-Making —as she helps decide how her team will spend their cookie money, furthering her Critical

Thinking and Problem Solving Skills that will help her throughout life.

3. Money Management —as she takes cookie orders, handles customer’s money and gains valuable and Practical

Life Skills around financial literacy.

4. People Skills —as she learns how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These

experiences help her develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills she can use throughout her life.

5. Business Ethics —as she is honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Her business ethics here

reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls

and our community. Through Girl Scout Cookies, girls are doing a World of Good!

Be sure to take advantage of the wealth of resources available to guide

you through a fun and successful Girl Scout Cookie Program.


(Or visit for a link)

Your Command Center for managing the cookie sale. Order cookies,

track girl activity and order incentives.

VIP eTraining

(Or visit for a link)

Dynamic online volunteer cookie training available 24/7.

Cookie Club

Council Website

Little Brownie


Girl Scouts of

the USA

(Or visit for a link)

(The website of our official Girl Scout

Cookie baker)

Tap into the marketing power of the internet when girls send online order

forms. Girls can track orders and goals online.

Visit the Council web site to find procedures, forms, manuals and other

helpful information.

Find activities, marketing ideas and clip art to help girls prepare for and

learn from the GS Cookie Program.

Info on GS Cookie Program and national cookie badges and pins.

Cookie Locator Help friends locate the closest cookie booth with this app.

Volunteer Blog

Check out the new volunteer blog for exciting program resources.

the volunteer cookie team

A successful GS Cookie Program depends on dedicated volunteers like you. Understanding everyone’s role on the team

insures a smooth running program.

Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM)

• Receives materials from Little Brownie Bakers, and assembles and distributes packets to each Troop Cookie Manager

• Reviews and submits the initial cookie and incentives order for the entire Service Unit

• Reviews data in eBudde for the entire Service Unit and submits final incentives order

• Receives Girl Rewards items from Little Brownie Bakers and distributes to troops

• Supports the Troop Cookie Managers as needed

Troop Leader (TL)

• Works with Troop Cookie Manager to schedule, plan and lead the family meeting

• Works with troop to set goals and plan cookie learning activities

(visit for ideas)

• Works with Troop Cookie Manager to plan for troop’s participation in booth sales

• Assists with cookie pickup, storage and distribution (if needed)

• Supports girls throughout the program to review goals and progress

• Supports Troop Cookie Manager with money collection and deposits as needed

• Receives and distributes Cookie Dough and Girl Rewards items

Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)

• Attends Service Unit Cookie Training meeting and completes VIP eTraining on Little Brownie Baker website

• Works with Troop Leader to schedule, plan and lead the family meeting

• Assist Troop Leader with setting goals and planning cookie learning activities (visit )

• Updates troop and girl settings and sets up Cookie Club accounts for each girl in eBudde

• Reviews booth sites in eBudde to assist Troop Leader with booth sales planning and scheduling

• Collects order cards, distributes Goal Getter cards, calculates totals, enters needed inventory in eBudde and submits the

troop initial cookie and initial Girl Rewards order

• Schedules cookie pick-ups from delivery site and makes plan for troop cookie inventory distribution and any storage as


• Collects money, issues receipts, and records payments for girls in eBudde

• Deposits money in troop account

• Orders additional cookies as needed for booth sales and for troop as needed

• Records girl sales data in eBudde

• Fills out end of sale paperwork as needed and turns into Service Unit Cookie Chair when designated

Service Unit #_______________________

Service Unit Cookie Manager




Troop #_______________________

Troop Leader




Council Name

Council Contact




cookie calendar

Checklist of Important Dates

Cookie Rallies January 11, 2013

Distribute Cookie Materials

January SU Meeting

Initial order taking begins January 12, 2013

Troop initial inventory cookie order due in eBudde February 1, 2013

Initial order cookies delivered to Service Units February 19-22, 2013

Cookie Cupboards open for additional cookie pick-up February 22, 2013

Cookie booths begin February 23, 2013

Cookie sale ends – last day for cookie booths March 17, 2013

Troop Girl Rewards order due in eBudde March 20, 2013

Final deposits and product/money problem reports due to Service

Unit Cookie Manager

March 20, 2013

Girl Rewards shipped to Service Unit April 24, 2013

We have the cookies customers

look forward to every year!

Girl Scout Cookies are

$3.50 per box.

training & resources


• Service Unit Cookie Managers will receive training in November 2012

Troop Cookie Managers and/or Troop Leaders will receive training in December

Online Training with Cookie VIP eTraining

Little Brownie Bakers provides online volunteer cookie training that allows more

flexibility for everyone’s busy lives. These online videos are available 24/7.

Available at – click on the VIP eTraining link to

request access.

Topics include:

• Program

• Marketing

• Technology


• Council

• eBudde Learning Modules

Little Brownie Bakers also provides pre-recorded webinars with training

and information regarding eBudde, the software used to manage your

Cookie Sale. These modules can be accessed from the eBudde site by

clicking on eLearning on the Menu bar.

Cookie Program Resources

Volunteer Guide – Little Brownie provides volunteers with an inspiring, printed guide

to the Cookie Program, featuring highlights of the season and practical, clip-out

posters for use at cookie booths. Online copies are also available.

Online Resources – Remember to go online and experience the full range of the

friendly program materials, such as age-appropriate activities that make it easy to

teach goal-setting, money-management and business lessons that last far beyond

Cookie Season.

NEW Volunteer Blog – Volunteers can now subscribe to their very own blog and

receive inspiring ideas from Little Brownie. The blog will deliver easy, fun ways to

teach the five skills of the Cookie Program. With selling tips, starter activities and

crafts, the blog is sure to become a favorite resource. Sign up today to have

exciting program content delivered right to your inbox.

Visit to access:

• Clip art for your signs and activities

• Fun, cookie learning, girl activity and craft ideas with instructions.

Cookie Club link (a girl’s online order taking and goal tracking tool)

• eBudde link – (a volunteer’s cookie sale management tool)

• Inspiring real girl cookie program videos

Cookie information

• Volunteer resources

• Teen resources

• Family resources

girl rewards that inspire success

Troop Proceeds:

Troops will earn $.60 per box sold

Troops will earn an additional $.05 per box sold if the girls decide to opt out of rewards

Service Unit Proceeds:

• Service Units will earn $.02 per box sold by all troops in their Service Unit

Girl Rewards:

Girls earn the symbols of accomplishment in the form of patches and other recognition items. They also earn Cookie

Dough to use toward their personal goals such as:

• Council sponsored program activity fees

• Council resident summer camp

• In-stock merchandise from the Council Store

Cookie dough may not be used for online shop purchases or membership registration dues; may not be cashed for

"real money"; has no value outside of Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi; and expires on September 20, 2013

In addition to Cookie Dough, girls will earn Exciting Items and Colorful Patches based on the number of packages

she sells during the stated time period.

a world of inspiration

5 steps of cookie success:

STEP 1 — Set and Share Team Goals

Goal-setting is a valuable life skill. Begin by helping girls brainstorm what they could do with cookie proceeds. Then help them

select two goals that inspire them – one for fun and learning and one for making the world a better place. Each girl writes the

team’s goals on her order card, where customers will see them.

STEP 2 — Set Personal Goals

Inspire the girls to imagine how they can be even more successful than last year. What would they like to learn Be sure to remind

a girl that achieving a team goal requires that every person achieve her personal goal.

STEP 3 — Hold a Family Meeting

Adults need to understand the importance of an activity before they give it their full support. Engaging families in the Cookie

Program encourages them to be involved and stay informed. Encourage girls to plan the family meeting, play leading roles and

make it fun for everyone.

STEP 4 — Sell Beyond Family and Friends

People love Girl Scout Cookies and are generally predisposed to buying them. Many women say their first business success was

getting a “yes” from an unknown customer. Encourage your girls to market beyond people they know.

STEP 5 — Track Your Progress and Celebrate Your Success!

Using a Goal Tracker to watch sales grow keeps everyone focused on the goal. When girls reach their goal, remember

to celebrate.

the 411 on online marketing

PRACTICE SAFE ONLINE MARKETING Girls may use phones and email messages to alert friends and relatives to product sales

and accept customer commitments as mail or call-backs for the Girl Scout Cookie sale. Little Brownie Bakers also provides the

Cookie Club, a secure site for girls to use. The Cookie Club includes an electronic cookie order card that customers can use to

place their order.

Girls who are 13 or older may use social networking sites to market product; however, they must follow council and GSUSA

guidelines. Girls writing notes for recipients of product emails or announcements online should sign with their first names only,

their troop/group number or name, and their council name. Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be used.

Instead, use one of the following:

• A blind return address account where the girls’ name or personal email is not revealed to the customer and is instead hosted on

a secure site (such as the Cookie Club).

• A group account monitored by an adult

• An adult email account supervised by an adult

Girls are not permitted to collect payment online. Girls should deliver cookies and collect payment in person.

Girls learn by doing

Safety comes first in girl scouting


1. SHOW YOU’RE A GIRL SCOUT —Wear the Girl Scout membership pin and/or

Girl Scout clothing to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.

2. BUDDY UP— Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe, it’s more fun.

3. BE STREETWISE —Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling

Girl Scout Cookies.

4. PARTNER WITH ADULTS— Adults must accompany Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors when they are

taking orders, selling or delivering product. Girls grades 6-12 must be supervised by an adult when selling doorto-door

and must never sell alone. Adults should be present at a cookie booth in any public place at

all times.

5. PLAN AHEAD —Always have a plan for safeguarding money —avoid walking around with large amounts of it or

keeping it at home or school. Give proceeds to supervising adults who should deposit it as directed by your

Girl Scout council as soon as possible.

6. DO NOT ENTER —Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries.

Avoid selling to people in vehicles or going into alleys.

7. SELL IN THE DAYTIME —Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.

8. PROTECT PRIVACY —Girls’ names, addresses or email addresses should never be given out to customers.

Use a group contact number or address overseen by an adult for customers to request information, reorder

or give comments. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information except for the product sale.

Girls should never take credit card numbers.

9. BE SAFE ON THE ROAD— Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections

or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.

10. BE NET WISE —Take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before going online and follow the specific guidelines

related to marketing online. Girl Scouts cannot collect money online.

Source: Girl Scouts of the USA,

Top tips for helping girls sell more

Sometimes we expect girls to naturally know how to sell cookies. The fact is that most girls need at least some guidance in the

selling process. Here are some tips and techniques to help them achieve their goals. Did you know: 90 percent of the general

public would gladly buy Girl Scout Cookies, but nearly 35 percent are never asked


Encourage girls to join Cookie Club at Cookie Club is a safe

website where girls can:

• Ask customers for online orders

• Learn about goal-setting and track their progress

• Review safety information and take an online quiz prior to using the site

• Locate selling tips to help them reach their goals

• Record their customer lists so they can be saved and reused each Cookie Season

Girls still must deliver cookies and collect payment in person.

Customers order nearly twice as many cookies online. Cookie Club is the faster, easier

way to reach high goals!


Before entering the Cookie Club, each girl must be set up by her group’s Troop Leader

at The Troop Leader acquires permission from

parents and then enters the girls into the system. Next, each Girl Scout receives a login

and password from the Troop Leader.

NOTE: When parents register their Girl Scouts, they must use the same name that is used by eBudde, the online cookie

management system used by our Council. If there is uncertainty, go to eBudde and print out the list of names for your troop and

provide it to parents.

Top tips for helping girls sell more


Encourage girls to canvas their communities with buddies and adult partners, leaving no doorbell unrung!

Girls should take orders, door-to-door, at the beginning of the Cookie Sale with their order cards.

• Sell door-to-door with cookies in hand. One week after cookies are delivered, load up a wagon with cookies, make signs,

and you are ready for a neighborhood Walkabout.


In addition to Cookie Club online social networking sites are a great place for teens (14 and older with parental permission) to ask

for cookie orders. Be sure girls follow the GSUSA safety guidelines for online marketing.


It’s fast and easy to sell Girl Scout Cookies by phone.

Girls can review order cards from previous years and contact these customers again.

• Once cookies have been delivered, girls may want to call customers, thank them for their orders and ask if they need

additional cookies.

• Try a text-a-thon – Girls may want to text their friends and family to let them know it’s cookie time and to ask for orders.


Girls can contact business owners or managers to request permission to sell cookies at a workplace.

Girls can either make a quick “sales pitch” at a staff meeting or make sales calls around the office, depending on the wishes

of the business.

• Once employee sales are completed, the business may allow girls to leave an order card in a visible spot. Leave a note

from your team outlining their goals and plans for the cookie proceeds. (Remember not to list the girls’ last names or

phone numbers on the order card or note). An adult at work may oversee the card, but it is the girl’s responsibility to fill all

orders, write thank-you notes, and oversee delivery.

Girls should establish a date and time to pick up the order card and deliver the cookies.

Top tips for helping girls sell more


Booth sales are a great way to increase your team’s success. Remember, you must have the

appropriate permission from authorities and your council before the booth sale.

Possible locations include:

• Grocery stores

• Sporting events

• Parks and playgrounds

• Concerts and plays

• Video and hardware stores

• Banks

• Car washes

• Quick oil change shops

• Places of worship

• Universities and colleges

• Malls


• Make an attractive table display to gain customer interest. Remember to make a cookie poster to hang from your table or

for girls to wear. Visit for ideas and easy clip art.

• Bring along your team goal poster and pictures of activities in which you have participated.

• To encourage multi-box purchases, suggest that girls bundle 3 cookie packages with a ribbon, and attach gift cards and/or

attach recipes that use the cookies. Handmade cards such as “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” will be especially meaningful

to customers. Find resources at

• If some varieties are not selling, open a box (which your team must purchase), break them into bite-size pieces, and let

customers take a sample. This sample will likely spark interest among customers and increase your sales.


Consignment Cookies are cookies that can be “borrowed”, by the case, from the Council to sell at Booth Sales. The

troop only pays for cookies sold. Unsold, unopened and undamaged cookies may be returned to the Council.

Consignment begins Friday, February 22, 2013 and continues through Friday, March 15, 2013.

All consignment requests must be called in to your local Council office Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before 5:00pm. The

Troop Cookie Chair or Troop Leader must call in the request. One request per troop. Maximum of 30 cases may be requested.

All requests are not guaranteed.

Any unopened and undamaged cases may be returned to the Council office before 6:00pm the following Monday.

Council office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

Extended pick up hours: Thursday 12:00pm-7:00pm

Friday 8:30am-7:30pm

NOTE: For cookie cases checked out on March 14 & 15, only 50% may be returned before 6:00pm Monday, March 18th

Cupboard Cookies are cookies that may be purchased by a troop to fulfill orders from the Goal Getter Cards and for

booth sales. Cupboard cookies may be purchased, by the case, from your local Council office Monday through Friday during

office hours. The Troop Cookie Chair or Troop Leader is the only person who may pick up cookies. Purchased cases cannot be

returned for credit.

Special Note: Council offices with shops will remain open during the extended hours for the convenience of our fabulous

volunteers. Lots of new Girl Scout merchandise arriving all the time!

top tips for helping girls sell more


GIFT OF CARING Girl Scout cookies not only taste good -- they do good, too, thanks to

our Council Gift of Caring community service project being introduced this year. The

Girl Scouts of Greater MS have partnered with the Mississippi Food Network. For various

reasons, some customers do not want to buy cookies for themselves, or they have only

a limited need. With Gift of Caring, they have a chance to give to others while supporting

Girl Scouting at the same time.

The Mississippi Food Network is the only food bank in Mississippi. Mississippi Food Network currently services 415 churches and

non-profit agencies in 56 counties in Mississippi who distribute food through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, day care

centers, senior citizen programs and afterschool programs. They serve more than 175,000 people each month through their

agencies. From its beginning in 1984, when 139,000 pounds were distributed to 2011 when more than 19.5 million pounds were

distributed, the work goes on. Two 18-wheeler tractor trailers operate rural truck delivery systems for outlying areas.

It is simple, just follow these easy steps:

1. The box or boxes of cookies is purchased

2. The girls collect the money and thank the customer

3. Under the girl’s name in eBudde the number of boxes are entered as Council Gift of Caring (COG) so the girl will receive

credit and her totals will be adjusted for her incentives

4. Girl Scouts of Greater MS will deliver the boxes of cookies to the Mississippi Food Network at the end of the sale; the

Troop does not


1. Choose a group to receive donated cookies. Hometown heroes like fire fighters A homeless shelter Military personnel

2. Communicate to customers that they can buy cookies that girls will donate to the group they chose

3. Deliver the cookies to the chosen group at the end of the Cookie Season

At booth sales:

• Display a sign that informs which group you are supporting.

• Create a drop box where customers can place donated cookies, and watch the donated cookies stacking up!

• Create a Tally Poster to track the number of donated boxes, so customers can see their donations making a


During Door-to-Door Sales, Walkabouts or Workplace sales:

• Write on your order card the name of the group to receive donated cookies, and ask customers if they would like to

purchase a box or two to donate.

Note: All Gift of Caring projects must have council approval and use appropriate delivery channels

GREAT COOKIES doing a world of good

technology that powers a

simple, fun cookie program

At, you’ll find a world of volunteer resources that make the season fun and easy, like girl

activities, clip art and recipes. Plus, you’ll find links to these powerful tech tools:

It’s the most delicious app ever! Now Cookie Customers can use their smartphones to stay just a click away from

their favorite treats.

• FIND the booth sale closest to your GPS location or by zip code

or city and state

• CHOOSE the times you want to shop

• MAP your way

• ADD the sale date to your calendar

• DISCOVER your cookie personality and tell the world about it

• SHARE sale locations and more with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email!

VOLUNTEERS: Please keep Booth Scheduler in eBudde up to date with your group’s

times and dates. This data powers Cookie Locator and allows customers to find you.

Check out the fun, easy-to-follow online training that gives you everything a volunteer needs to know about Cookie

Season and how to help girls get the most from their experience. It’s available 24/7 so it fits your schedule. You’re a

VIP – Very Inspiring Person!

REACHING CUSTOMERS in a busy, social world

eBudde fingertip facts

eBudde is a cookie volunteer’s best friend. Here’s where you’ll order cookies, track deliveries and more. You will

receive eBudde training that will make the season a snap. Here are some quick reference facts.



2. Enter your email address and temporary password: samoas. Click LOGIN

3. Change your password and enter contact information. Click SUBMIT RETURNING USERS

You can use the same email address and password as last year. Forgotten password

See LOGIN page.

The system works through tabs at top of the page:


Review information and edit as necessary


1. Enter number of girls selling and registered

2. Enter Troop goal in packages

3. Click UPDATE to accept all changes


a. Enter names of girls and Cookie Club login. Click box for registered; enter goal in packages

b. Click UPDATE to accept all changes


1. Click each girl’s name; go to bottom of screen, click squares to begin entry

2. TAB to enter your girls’ total cookie order in boxes by variety

3. Press

a. ENTER (on keyboard) or OK button

b. Repeat for each girl

i. BOOTH – Click BOOTH, bottom of screen, click squares to begin entry. TAB to enter in boxes and

variety number of cookies for booth sales. ENTER (on keyboard) or OK button

c. SAVE the page

i. Review the totals at the bottom, if correct click SUBMIT order. You cannot change order after it

has been submitted. Contact your volunteer manager or the product sales staff at your council to

make changes.

d. Print copy for your records

SIGN UP for cookie booths through eBudde

eBudde fingertip facts


1. Click FILL OUT next to Initial Incentive Order

2. Review girl orders if applicable

3. Enter or review total awards earned

4. Click SUBMIT to submit your order


Council Sites

1. Click the Council Sales button

2. Find booth sales you would like to sign up for, click date and time

3. Click time slot and click submit button

Troop Requests

1. Click the My Sales button

2. Click add a location

3. Fill in location site information, date and time range

4. Click update. Request will be pending until approved or denied

REMEMBER: Please keep Booth Scheduler in eBudde up to date with your group’s times and dates.

This data powers Cookie Locator and allows customers to find you.


Girl Orders Tab

1. Update girl orders to include all additional packages sold and payments made

2. Click Save to save your information


1. Click FILL OUT next to Final Incentive Order.

2. Enter or review total awards earned

3. Click SUBMIT to submit your order


1. Review final package numbers.

2. Review your receipts

council forms

grow, learn and earn with cookies

cookies by the carload

Use this guide to approximate how many cases of cookies will fit in your vehicle. The amounts assume the car will be

empty except for the driver and uses all space except the driver’s seat. Safety Note: Avoid carrying cookie cases and

children in the passenger area of a vehicle at the same time.

Car Type

Number of cases

Compact car 23

Hatchback car 30

Mid-size sedan 35

Sport utility vehicle 60

Station wagon 75

Minivan (seats in) 75

Pick-up truck (full bed) 100

Cargo van (seats in) 200


What can a girl do

Girl Rewards that Motivate and Inspire

Girl Rewards:

Girls earn the symbols of accomplishment in the form of patches and other recognition items. They also earn Cookie

Dough to use toward their personal goals such as:

• Council sponsored activities

• Council resident summer camp

• In-stock merchandise from the Council Store

In addition to Cookie Dough, girls will earn items and patches based on the number of packages she sells during

the stated time period.

With Girl Scout Cookies she can create a world of good!

With your guidance and the power of Girl Scout Cookies, girls can make positive changes in the world around

them. A girl can speak for those less fortunate, foster changes where they’re needed and have a true impact close

to home, or even on the other side of the world. Visit, where we are showcasing amazing

stories from across the country. When they see how other girls are making a big difference with Girl Scout Cookies,

volunteers and girls dream bigger. And customers are inspired to help! This Cookie Season, encourage girls to set

high goals and use some cookie money to make the world a better place. They will grow in ways you never

dreamed possible.

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