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My professional background consists of 20 years in corporate

America in the business of financial securities. Although I loved

everything about it, life often got in the way. I managed fine until

my third child was born. That is when I found myself working in

overdrive, caring for her as well as my ailing parents-in-law. My

father-in-law had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Since

my husband was an only child, we were responsible for caring for

him and my mother-in-law when she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I ended up becoming a stay-at-home mom when my daughter

was 2, and after that also helped care for my own mother, who has

since passed away from lymphoma. While I will always be grateful

that I was fortunate enough to stay at home, I must say that at the

end of a lot of days I found that I did not have enough left in my

own “cup” to fill the cups of my own immediate family. On top of

that, I really missed my corporate job and everything about it, from

the challenges and stretching my brain to come up with innovative

solutions to the social part of being in a workplace environment.

lynette fioroni

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

L. Fioroni Region; Clarkston, MI

I was actually in the interviewing process to go back to work in my

beloved corporate structure when one night I had an agonizing

headache. My husband rushed me to the hospital where I was found

to have a cerebral hemorrhage, (bleeding in the back of the brain,

which is nearly always fatal). I was in excruciating pain, on a steady

diet of codeine and morphine for two weeks in the intensive care

unit, and not expected to see, much less to drive again. People ask

me now, “Weren’t you worried about your family” Unfortunately,

I need to tell you that when these things happen, they are so quick

and catastrophic that you literally do not think about your family.

You cannot think about anything but surviving. And when you finally

begin to emerge, you are not the same person. You do not care

about the little things like, “Is your refrigerator clean” “Are your

friends judging you by the dirt on your floors” You simply do not

care. It is all you can do to take a shower that day.

When I finally recovered enough to walk around the block, remove

myself from the pain medication and resume my “life,” my dreams

had changed. One of the goals I really wanted to achieve was to

create something for myself and also create something that would

help others. I knew that my husband, Joe, and my three children,

Nick, Sam and Maddie, were the most important things in my

Lynette with sons, Nick and Sam; husband, Joe and daughter, Madeline

Lynette’s daughter, Madeline in the Mercedes-Benz with cousins,

MacKenzie, Mara, Melissa and friend, Jason Thompson.

Lynette with Michael Clouse.

continued ...

success strategy:

Work on yourself more than

you work on your business,

then be silent and listen.

life; yet, I wanted a personal challenge, too. I just did not realize

it would include so much personal growth because, frankly, I was

quite sure I did not need any personal growth at all!

I really did not even think about Arbonne right away. Joe and I had

determined that we needed to create a stream of income to pay for

college, and that I was going to buy and sell real estate, making a

little bit of money on each purchase. Each book I read on the subject

included a chapter on network marketing, so I decided to take a second

look at this industry. I called my upline, ERVP Deb Brewer, and

we had lunch. She looked about 10 years younger! During this time,

the NutriMinC ® RE 9 anti-aging skin care line had just hit the market.

I could not believe the results I was seeing in Deb. I was hooked and

jumped right in to an Arbonne business, expecting instantaneous

results. After all, I had been successful in everything else I had ever

attempted — that is, of course, everything I had stuck with.

I made DM in my first month. However, it took another 14 months

to become an AM. You see, to attract business builders, you must

become someone who others want to emulate. I was not there, yet.

Finally, I pushed to reach AM. Then, my business fell apart and I

lost my Area. I was learning the hard way that you must work on

yourself more than you work on your business. I had to do some

serious soul searching, but, more than that, I really had to decide to

commit to the business. It was not just going to happen for me. I had

to earn it, work for it and love it, every aspect of it as I moved up

through it. I needed to learn these hard lessons so that I could help

my Managers as they moved up. Humility was one of my lessons!

I could never have accomplished this without the help and complete

support of my family. To my husband, Joe: You are the most

important person in the world to me. Thanks for not letting me quit!

I finally get it. I am thinking positive! All these years of listening to

motivational tapes and I get it! Thanks for doing all the laundry,

housework and errands. To my children: Nick, I am so proud of

you. You are an awesome young man, and everything I could have

ever hoped for in my son. Sam, you can be anything you want to

in this life. You have all the talent and intelligence you need to do

AM Kristy Lerma, AM Laura Blades, DM Laura Compton, DM Vickie

Oliver and Gloria Martin.

Sister, AM Laura Blades; sister, AM Lisa Spears; Lynette; ENVP Carol Bowdell; AM Kristy

Lerma and DM Laura Compton.

anything. Maddie, you are the most special girl in the world. You

will be singing and dancing on Broadway before you know it.

To my sister, AM Laura Blades, and her team, AM Kristy Lerma,

DMs, Sharon Quigley, Laura Compton, Vickie Oliver and Erica

Woollams: You girls rock! RVP here they come.

To my sister, AM Lisa Spears, and the Massachusetts team, including,

DMs Jen Zaniboni, Liesl Hawley, Amy Patterson and everyone

else: This is your year! Nothing will make me happier than to have

you all here with me.

To DMs, Denise Thompson and Kris Fairless: You are awesome! Your

help is invaluable. To DMs, Elizabeth Maricco, Janelle Land, Jan Larson

and Judy McBride: You will all be successful. Believe in yourself.

To all my Consultants and Clients who purchase product at the

discount: Thank you for all of your support. I would not be here

without all your orders.

To my friends and upline, ERVP Deb Brewer and ENVP Maxine King:

Many thanks for all your wisdom, help with the compensation plan and

my thousands of questions. I appreciate the support, e-mails, phone

calls and the many meetings with my team. To ENVPs, Trisha Dezenski

and Carol Kirken: There are not enough words to thank my adopted

mentors. I love you both. You embody everything that Arbonne stands

for: Warmth, integrity, wisdom, happiness and possibility.

A special thanks to our President Rita Davenport who wrote “Now

it’s your turn” on the CDs I purchased and sent me on my way.

Thank you.

Lynette with the team at the Mercedes-Benz car presentation.


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