Code of Ethical Standards - Stirling Council

Code of Ethical Standards - Stirling Council

This leaflet provides a supplementary overview of

the Code of Ethical Standards and should be read in

conjunction with the full Code. Please familiarise yourself

with the details in the full Code as this will increase

your awareness of the standards of conduct which are

expected from you and the impact this has on how you

carry out your duties on behalf of the Council.

Why has the Council introduced

the Code of Ethical Standards

The public expect a high standard of conduct from all local

government employees. The Ethical Standards in Public Life

etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 was one of the earliest pieces of

legislation passed by the newly formed Scottish Parliament.

It introduced a new legal duty of promoting high standards

in public life which of course impacts on all public bodies.

As such councils have a legal duty to introduce codes of

conduct stating the principles and rules of conduct for the

behaviour of its councillors and officers in the performance of

their respective duties. The elected members already have a

National Code of Conduct which governs how they conduct

their duties and now employees of Stirling Council have a

similar code which provides guidance on how employees

should conduct themselves during the course of their work.

What does the Code entail

The Code sets out the minimum standards of conduct

expected from employees and incorporates “The Principles of

Public Life” identified by the Nolan Committee on Standards

in Public Life. These are: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity,

Accountability and Stewardship, Openness, Honesty,

Leadership, and Respect.

Personal Conduct

Employees should be aware that their behaviour during

working hours and in some cases outwith working hours will

reflect upon the Council. Employees should therefore reflect a

positive image of the Council and ensure that their behaviour

does not bring the name of Stirling Council into disrepute. > 1

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