Annual Review 2011-12.pdf - Community Council of Devon

Annual Review 2011-12.pdf - Community Council of Devon

Annual Review

2011 – 2012

The year’s achievements from the Community Council of Devon

Annual Review for the year ending

31 March 2012

This review includes the external and internal aims of the Community Council of Devon as set out in our Business Strategy 2010 - 2015

and summarises achievements against those aims. It also includes summarised accounts reported on by our independent auditors.

Our full report including financial statements for the period ended 31 March 2012 is available from Community Council of Devon, First

Floor, 3&4 Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close, Matford Business Park, Exeter EX2 8PW or via our website: It includes comprehensive details of objectives and activities, including progress against targets set in our

Business Strategy and complete lists of grants and loans made by the Community Council, brief reports from bodies associated with the

Community Council together with governance and management information required by the Charity Commission and Companies House.

It includes the full audited accounts together with the financial reports of our trustees and independent auditors.

Chairman’s Review

2011/12 has seen dramatic

changes at the Community

Council with the

retirement of Jay Talbot,

our CEO, in June. We

are indebted to him for

providing the organisation

with stability and purpose.

Elaine Cook was appointed

with a brief to build on

Jay’s legacy whilst moving

the organisation to a

more pro-active state,

especially in light of the

changing world around us.

The end of 2011 saw the office move from County Hall

after 50 years. This was a major undertaking by the staff

and has seen us move to Cranmere Court. The office

environment is a complete contrast to the School Huts at

County Hall and I am extremely grateful to the staff for

embracing the new move in such a positive manner.

Our ‘Home Grown: Community Owned’ programme

continues to prove popular with local groups and is

well received at all levels. The Board was pleased to

financially support the launch of Devon’s Community of

the Year competition. We are indebted to South West

Water and the NHS for their support. This competition

provided an opportunity to showcase the very best of

Devon’s community activities and spirit.

The 2011 Conference was a joint event with Devon

Association of Local Councils and showcased the work

undertaken by both organisations and celebrated 50

years of the Community Council of Devon. Devon County

Council announced at the Conference a birthday present

of £400,000 to support capital expenditure on community

buildings. Following our move to Cranmere Court three

new initiatives have been set up; first class room hire

and meeting room facilities, Catalyst, the in-house

consultancy service and the Devon Oil Collective, a

community-based county-wide oil buying scheme to help

reduce the cost of heating oil.

2011/12 has already seen a major change for the

Community Council of Devon and the next two or three

years may well see many more changes as we position

ourselves to be the community voice of Devon. The

future is very challenging but my fellow Trustees and I

have every confidence that the organisation and staff

can rise to the challenge and that we will be a stronger

and more effective organisation to meet the needs of the

communities that we support.

David Baker, Chairman

Encouraging enterprise

and innovation

Aim: To enable communities to develop innovative and enterprising

approaches which solve rural problems, provide local services, and

improve the quality of community life.

Achievements highlighted

Our Social Enterprise Service supported over 40 community enterprises

and voluntary & community sector organisations with one-to-one bespoke

social enterprise advice from pre-start to transition and growth stages

of their development. We have also been able to provide on-going

business mentoring and advice to privately owned village shops and post

offices due to the launch of the regional programme Store is the Core in

September 2011.

The first phase of our Women Do Business programme completed in

August 2011 having established 14 Women’s Business Networks, set up

three dedicated Women’s Business Centres, worked with 537 women, and

delivered over 950 days of training. The programme of business-related

training offered to groups included social media training, marketing, and

how to speak clearly and confidently in business situations.

The Connecting Devon and Somerset rural broadband initiative was

successful in securing over £30 million in central Government funding.

We have supported this initiative by promoting a Demand Registration

campaign through our networks across rural Devon, engaging in the

Demand Stimulation procurement process and undertaking a mapping

exercise of Primary Connection Points (PCP) across Devon.

Case Study Ilsington Community Shop

The Community Council of Devon has been providing advice and

support to the community of Ilsington to help them set up and run

their own community shop. After many months of support, the shop

will be due to open in July 2012. Rob Parkinson, Chair of the Village

Hall Management Committee, praised the support of Community

Council of Devon Social Enterprise Service as “a very valuable source

of information, enthusiasm and encouragement.”


Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012

Improving services and facilities

Aim: To ensure that the needs and aspirations of people living in rural communities are met through access to a wide range of services

and fit-for-purpose facilities.

Achievements highlighted

Our Community Buildings Service provided general advice and support on 354 occasions. 105 community halls are involved in the

Hallmark quality assurance standard, with 11 halls securing awards over the year. Our training programme this year involved 9 events

right across the county. Themes ranged from funding for capital projects, green technologies and a Suppliers Conference. We continue to

work closely with the Devon Association of Community Buildings which now has 186 fee paying members across the county. A quarterly

E-bulletin has been introduced. A ‘Green Hubs project’ has been delivered in community buildings, encouraging others to install

renewable technologies.

Our Community Hubs Project is supported by Devon County Council through the Devon Consortium’s Stronger Communities Programme.

We continued work begun in April 2010 to support and develop the role of community buildings as hubs for community action and service


We continue to provide the secretariat to Devon Playing Fields Association and its 190 member organisations. Member organisations have

been supported to access a range of membership benefits including insurance and utilities. A successful conference was held during which

members were able to meet a range of suppliers.

Case Study

Whitestone Village Hall refurbishment

Whitestone village is a small community on the outskirts of Exeter which has been working on a four phased improvement of

its village hall to provide a modern facility for the community.

The Community Council of Devon has provided support and training to the management committee which lead to a £8,909

County Grant Scheme award in February 2011 for a new entrance area. The hall continues to source further funding to finish

the refurbishment and is linked into the village community planning process with support from Community Council of Devon.

Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


Championing inclusion and challenging


Aim: To ensure that every resident is able to fully participate in rural community life. To highlight barriers faced by communities,

families and individuals – including lack of affordable housing – and develop local strategies and actions to address these.

Achievements highlighted

Over a two year period to June 2011 we delivered two elements of the Improving Outcomes for Migrant Workers in Devon programme:

the Migrant Community Hubs project and the Enterprise for All project. Closing events for the Migrant Community Hubs project included:

an outward bound style leadership course for 17 volunteers from migrant community groups, and a final Gala Evening incorporating an

awards ceremony to recognise the outstanding contribution of some of the community volunteers.

Owing to the success of the Migrant Community Hubs project a further 6 months funding was provided to continue the work with these

communities under a new heading of Migrant Community Information and Support. When this short project came to a close in December

2011 it had contributed to the further development of Devon Grapevine (a website for BME and Migrant Communities), published 6

editions of a monthly newsletter called Devon Together and facilitated migrant communities to respond to consultation opportunities and

engage with authorities and agencies on key issues.

Our Rural Housing Enabler team continued to build on their previous successes. Over 2011-12 they supported 19 parishes in the initial

phases of affordable housing provision, produced 30 parish-level housing needs reports, and undertook 13 parish site appraisals. Despite

the downturn in construction caused by the challenging economic climate, 85 new affordable rural homes were completed in the year on

schemes directly supported by the RHE team (20% over target), including those at Windgrove Close, Upottery (pictured on the cover).

Case Study

My Vision Project

In the summer of 2011 the Community Council of Devon worked with the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf

Education to deliver ‘My Vision’, a delightful photography project for children with little or no hearing. The

project was funded by Cllr Jill Owen using Devon County Council’s Locality Budget. Students worked with a

visiting photography expert who taught them how to use digital cameras and explore the different ways to

represent their local surroundings through photography and using ICT programmes to edit their work. The

students chose their best photos which were displayed in a “My Vision” exhibition in the Phoenix Gallery, Exeter

from July 19th - August 13th 2011.


Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012

Promoting democracy and participation

Aim: To support communities in working together for a

healthy democratic system, encouraging people to take an

active part in community life.

Achievements highlighted

Through the Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC),

we have supported Ottery St Mary and Rockbeare in

working towards Quality Status. We have also worked

with Witheridge, Honiton and Kenn councils on the reaccreditation

process for Quality Councils. 13 councils

have been supported towards taking up the Power of Well

Being with 66 individuals being trained. During the year

DALC held 23 training courses with over 750 councillors

and clerks attending the courses.

The introduction of Neighbourhood Planning through the

Localism Act has greatly interested Devon communities.

Over the 12 months, 20 new plans/reviews have been

started and 14 completed. The Community Council have

provided support on 46 occasions through attendance

at parish based information events, consultation events

and plan implementation as well as over 100 instances of

telephone/email advice.

Community Viewfinder is a new service being developed

by the Community Council to support communities in

managing questionnaires. The work involves helping

communities design effective questionnaires, printing

questionnaires and undertaking data entry and analysis.

We are already working with 2 communities, Exminster

and Bampton, and anticipate further interest in this


In recognition of our developing expertise around the new

Neighbourhood Planning ‘right’ we have been invited to

present at a number of events. Presentations have been

given to individual Town/Parish Councils, East Devon

District Council invited us to present at a district event

and the Devon Association of Local Councils invited

us to present at their three workshops in Ivybridge,

Okehampton and Tiverton. Overall, including the

workshops held at our annual conference in October 2011,

more than 300 people have attended these Neighbourhood

Planning sessions.

The Community Council of Devon continues to provide the

finance lead, act as the accountable body, and oversee

the secretariat of the Devon Consortium. A number of

projects managed by the Consortium are now in their final

year of activity but have continued to benefit Devon’s

voluntary and community sector. In 2011 the membership

of the Consortium voted to open the membership of

the Consortium to all voluntary and community sector

organisations. This change of direction for the Consortium

will be a key area of new work during early 2012.

The year has seen a number of significant changes as

strategic bodies have closed or downsized. The Devon

Economic Partnership has been replaced by the Heart

of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership covering

Somerset and Devon. We have continued to support the

skills agenda through membership of the PS4D partnership.

This grouping of learning providers is now becoming a sub

partnership of the Local Enterprise Partnership and will

increasingly be working with employers to ensure there is

an appropriately skilled workforce able to respond to the

employment needs of local businesses.

Case Study

Rockbeare Parish Plan

The Community Council have been providing support to

Rockbeare in the development of a Parish Plan. Support has

ranged from: Initial guidance on how to do a Community Led

Plan, practical advice on how to design a questionnaire and

how to ensure a high response rate, to a session on writing

an Action Plan. In the end over 70% of the parish responded

to the questionnaire which enabled the Steering Group to

draw up a detailed and prioritised Action Plan.

In August 2011, when it appeared that publication of the

plan had stalled, the Community Council again offered its

support. At the time Rockbeare were having difficulties with

the design and printing of the plan. The Community Council

were again able to step in and quote for designing and

printing the plan.

The design work involved laying out the content provided

by the parish and also visiting the parish to create a bank of

photographs to illustrate the plan.

The Community Council and the parish were very pleased to

see a very professional Rockbeare Parish Plan published in

February 2012.

Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


grants & loans

Caring for our environment

Aim: To support communities in valuing and enhancing our environment, taking action to

mitigate the impact of climate change, and maximise the sustainable use of natural resources.

Achievements highlighted

The Community Council has developed a toolkit to help communities that want to look at

local issues around climate change or environmental sustainability. ‘Greener Communities – A

Toolkit for Change’ was launched in September 2011. The toolkit is available to download from

the Community Council website and a limited number of printed copies are available.

The Community Council was commissioned by Devon County Council to develop and roll

out the Devon Community Toolkit for the Natural Environment. The toolkit was produced

with Groundwork South West to provide guidance on setting up local conservation projects

and valuing the natural environment. To launch the project Devon County Council funded a

number of small grants for local groups, through the Community Council.

Devon County Council are developing a bid for the establishment of a Local Nature Partnership

for Devon and the Community Council have been engaged to consider the ‘Reconnecting

People with Nature’ theme. This research is addressing how communities connect with nature,

what are the barriers and what should be the priorities for a Devon Local Nature Partnership.

Our Home Grown: Community Owned (HoGCo) local food programme, supported by the BIG

Lottery Fund has continued to expand across the county. 52 groups are being supported with

new groups continuing to come forward. This year 162 new volunteers have participated in

community growing, making a total of 886 volunteers so far experiencing healthier lifestyles

and having access to new or improved access to growing and/or eating fresh local produce.

129 people have benefited from HogCO training (660 since the project started) and we

have helped 24 groups to secure new land for food growing. 41 landowners have made land

available to enable communities to access food growing.

Case Study

Grow 4 Good South West ltd.

Grow 4 Good South West

provides opportunities

for a range of people to

learn about and engage

with organic gardening and

nursery stock production,

with a special focus on

helping young, vulnerable

or socially disadvantaged

people, and those at risk of

becoming engaged within

the criminal justice system.

HoGCo has provided Grow

4 Good with professional

support and advice, as well

as a small start-up capital

grant to help with tools

purchases, and funding

to cover the legal costs

associated with drawing up

the tenancy agreement.


Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012

Delivering our services

Aims: To provide a high quality service, taking account of the needs of all our customers. To be a well run, well managed, and highly

effective organisation. To provide a clear, consistent and positive message about our services, values, quality and professionalism, and to

improve awareness of the Community Council and of issues affecting rural communities.

Achievements highlighted

The Board established two working groups: Enterprise and Marketing and Communications. With a focus on identifying new opportunities

for income generation and delivering an ambitious marketing strategy the working groups successfully launched three new business

initiatives in February 2012:

The Devon Oil Collective – a bulk buying oil scheme for Devon residents, which is part of a larger national programme

Catalyst – the Community Council’s consultancy arm

Serviced meeting and training facilities venue hire based at the Community Council’s new premises.

The Marketing and Communications strategy was updated to reflect the changing and challenging environment with which we were

faced. A new action plan was agreed which builds on the recent re-branding of the organisation and the development of the Community

Council’s website. Achievements have included more effective use of social media, increased media communications and a very

successful evening reception to introduce our new offices to our funders, members and stakeholders and to launch the Devon Oil

Collective and Catalyst Consultancy. Described by one of our visitors as one of ‘the best networking events ever’ over 100 guests enjoyed

meeting with the Community Council’s trustees and staff and to find out more about our work.

Case Study


In February 2012, the

Community Council

of Devon launched

Catalyst, an in-house

consultancy service.

The service draws

from the wealth of

experience and good

standing that our 50

year track record as

a professional charity

and leading specialist

in rural development

has given us. Our

staff team has many

years of experience

of delivering to a

range of audiences,

from the public

and private sector

through to community


Catalyst has already

been delivering

work for clients,

ranging from free

sustainability health

checks, through

to more in depth

support on business

plans, neighbourhood

planning and data


Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


Our resources

Aims: To be a model of good governance, with the Board leading the Community Council strategically, and with Trustees and the wider

membership promoting the Community Council and participating in relevant aspects of the organisation’s work. To ensure that staff and

volunteers are appropriately qualified and experienced, highly motivated, and supported in developing their individual and team roles. To

be fully accountable, manage our financial resources efficiently, and use them to deliver effective services. To maintain and develop the

operational capabilities of the organisation, reviewing and upgrading our physical and technological resources.

Achievements highlighted

At the 2011 Annual General Meeting we were pleased to welcome new trustees Peter Cleasby and Alan Quick. Trustees have worked with

staff on the Enterprise and Marketing and Communications Working Groups, assisted at the 2011 Annual Conference and the Evening

Reception, led on the Premises Sub Committee and assisted in the re-location to the new offices. Their management of the appointment of

the new CEO was highly regarded both by staff and the Investors in People independent reviewer.

The Board commitment to the staff to have found a new home for the Community Council by the end of 2011 was achieved in rapid time

by the premises working group. Excellent first floor offices were identified at Matford Business Park and after a busy month of clearing and

packing the staff re-located to Cranmere Court at the beginning of January 2012. The new offices provide a modern spacious open plan

office with additional meeting and training facilities which are also available for hire.

Case Study

New Venue Hire Facilities

Following the move to Cranmere Court, the Community Council launched the hire of our smart and professional meeting

rooms. The rooms have proved popular and have catered for many different purposes, ranging from formal board

meetings, workshops and training and informal meeting space.


Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012

Grants & Loans

Village Hall Grants: This grant aid is provided

by Devon County Council as part of the County

Grants Scheme. £107,992 was distributed to 15

halls through the County Grants Scheme. This

again included funding through the ‘Investing

In Devon’ funds from Devon County Council.

Sport & Play Grants: This grant aid is

provided by Devon County Council as part of

the County Grants Scheme. £3,000 was offered

to 3 community sport and play projects.

Staff (to 31st March 2012)

Theresa Calgie

Administration assistant

Karen Churchward Finance officer

Elaine Cook Chief executive (from July 2011)

Greg Davies

Senior manager (programmes)

Kate Devlin

Senior project officer (social inclusion)

(to July 2011)

Candida Diacono Office manager

Devon Consortium: Under the Devon County

Council funded Stronger Communities

Programme, £241,116 was made available for

6 projects plus £28,000 for Devon Consortium’s

Secretariat & Management Board.

Rural Initiative Loans: This short term

loan fund is provided by the Community

Council on an interest free basis to voluntary

organisations and community groups. Seven

new loans were made this year. £17,165 was

outstanding at the end of the year.

Dawn Eckhart

Sophia Elek

Michelle Farley

Lois Gallimore

Peter Harding

Gail Hickson

Social enterprise manager

Senior project officer (local food)

(to June 2011)

Office manager

Community project officer (local food)

(from September 2011)

Assistant chief executive

Office supervisor

Looking ahead to

2012-13 by Chief

Executive Elaine


It was a great privilege to join the Community Council

during its 50th Anniversary Year. As a new Chief Executive

I was very conscious that I was succeeding a highly

respected CEO in Jay Talbot and grateful that he handed

on an organisation in good heart and with a strong track

record of successful delivery to rural communities across


Jay was accurate in his prediction of an unknown future

as the Community Council navigated a year of reductions

in funding and the cessation of a number of projects as

funding came to a close. Yet despite a challenging year

the Community Council has maintained its core activity of

supporting communities to sustain local services through

our social enterprise work, supported the development of

affordable housing, and ensured communities have a voice

through the community planning process.

Despite the challenging environment we have continued

to seize opportunities as they presented and have

achieved our outcome of a balanced budget – a significant

achievement in a year of considerable uncertainty. At

the Community Council we recognise that the issue of

reducing public sector finance and intense competition

for funding will continue in to the long term. However

the organisation is well placed to meet these challenges

going forward and with a new home, increased

professionalism and with a commitment to adapt to meet

new circumstances we can look forward to the future with

increased confidence.

Sue Hitchcock

Rural housing enabler

Becky Horner Administration assistant (to July 2011)

David Kinross

Senior projects officer

Sheena Leaf

Women’s business development officer

(to June 2011)

Jane Pickard

Senior project officer (local food)

(to August 2011)

Martin Rich

Community projects officer

Eleanor Rutley

Administration assistant

John Scott

Rural housing officer

Lesley Smith MBE Senior manager (community) / DALC

county secretary

Amble Skuse

Community projects officer

(to April 2011)

Sue Southwell

Rural housing enabler

Jan Spencer

Women’s business development manager

(to July 2011)

Cara Stobart

Rural officer

Carol Stone

Senior project officer (local food)

(from October 2011)

Agnieszka Szpinda Community projects officer

Jay Talbot Chief executive (to June 2011)

Jane Warner

Director of finance

Charlotte Weedon Community projects officer

Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


Investment Income £10,672

Incoming Resources from Charitable Activities £994,311

Incoming Resources - Investing In Devon Grant for disbursement £400,000

Other Incoming Resources £5,859


Incoming Resources


grants & loans

Voluntary Income - Membership £1,659

Investment Income £10,672

Incoming Resources from Charitable Activities £994,311

Incoming Resources - Investing In Devon Grant for disbursement £400,000

Other Incoming Resources £5,859

Financial report

The results

The charity had an overall income and expenditure surplus of

£282,365 compared with a deficit of £12,060 in 2011.

Voluntary Income - Membership


Investment Income


Incoming Resources from Charitable Activities £994,311

Investing in Devon Grant for disbursement £400,000

Unrestricted fund: net deficit £174; “Investing In Devon” restricted

Other Incoming Resources


fund: net surplus £336,008; other restricted funds: net surplus £1,887



and designated funds: net deficit £55,356.


1 2




Ignoring Investing in Devon grant fund expenditure the Charity


reports a deficit 5 of incoming resources over expenditure of £53,643

(2011:£112,901 surplus); when “Investing in Devon” is taken into


account the overall position is a surplus of £282,365 (2011: deficit


3 £12,060).




The charity sold its investments in 2011 (2011: realised loss of £28).

1Voluntary Income - Membership £1,659

2Investment Income £10,672

This has resulted in an overall increase in fund balances of £282,365

3Incoming Resources from Charitable Activities £994,311

4Incoming Resources - Investing In Devon Grant for disbursement £400,000

compared with a decrease of £12,088 in the previous year. Fund

Source 5Other of incoming Incoming Resources resources for charitable activities £5,859


balances as at 31 March 2012 total £1,086,684 (2011: £804,319).

Defra (RCAN Source agreement of through incoming ACRE) resources


Devon County Council - County Grants and Investing in Devon £494,156


Incoming resources

charitable activities

Devon County Council - LPSA (Local Public Service Agreement) £352,018 Total incoming resources increased by £107,473 to £1,412,501.

Devon County Council £86,999 Investment income increased by £5,543 to £10,672.

Defra (RCAN agreement through ACRE)



Big Lottery Fund £49,377


Devon County Council - County Grants and


Gloucestershire RCC £15,221


Investing in Devon

£494,156 Resources expended


Local Action Groups (Greater Dartmoor/South Devon Coastal) £20,741

Devon County Council - LPSA

Total outgoing resources decreased by £186,952 to £1,130,136.

Rural Shops Alliance £2,736

(Local Public Service Agreement)


Devon Assocaition of Local Councils & County Training Partnership £49,926

This reflects an increase in direct charitable activity during the year

Heritage Lottery

Devon County Council


Fund £26,460

and direct charitable expenditure – grants relating to the “Investing In


CVS Big Lottery through Fund


BASIS programme £7,023

Devon” restricted fund.


Gloucestershire Learning in Deprived RCC


Communities (NLDC) £17,442

Source of incoming resources for charitable activities £1,394,311

Other income

Local relating Action to charitable Groups activity (Greater each Dartmoor/ below £20K £172,847 • Expenditure relating to the charity’s governance was £28,224


(RCAN South agreement Devon through Coastal)

ACRE) £99,365 £20,741

(2011: £43,581), representing 3.5% (2011: 3.31%) of direct charitable

2Devon County Council - County Grants and Investing in Devon £494,156


Rural Shops Alliance


County Council - LPSA (Local Public Service Agreement) £352,018



County Devon Council Association of Local Councils &


5Big Lottery Fund £49,377

6 Gloucestershire

County Training Partnership


RCC £15,221

Tangible assets 1

7 Local

Action Heritage Groups (Greater Lottery Dartmoor/South Fund Devon Coastal) £20,741 £26,460


8Rural Shops Alliance £2,736

It is the charity’s policy to amortise 2 computer equipment over a 2


Teignbridge CVS through BASIS programme £7,023

Assocaition of Local Councils & County Training Partnership £49,926


year period and furniture and equipment at 20% reducing balance

10 Heritage Lottery Fund £26,460


NLDC (Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived


11 Teignbridge CVS through BASIS programme £7,023

basis; resulting in the net book value in 2012 of £11,481.


12 Neighbourhood Communities)


Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC) £17,442


13 Other income Other relating income to charitable relating activity each to below charitable £20K activity £172,847



each below £20K

£172,847 Auditor’s 6 statement 6 to the





Source of incoming resources for charitable activities £1,394,311

Defra (RCAN agreement through ACRE) £99,365

Devon County Council - County Grants and Investing in Devon £494,156

Devon County Council - LPSA (Local Public Service Agreement) £352,018

Devon County Council £86,999

Big Lottery Fund £49,377

Gloucestershire RCC £15,221

Local Action Groups (Greater Dartmoor/South Devon Coastal) £20,741

Rural Shops Alliance £2,736

Devon Assocaition of Local Councils & County Training Partnership £49,926

Heritage Lottery Fund £26,460

Teignbridge CVS through BASIS programme £7,023

Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC) £17,442

Other income relating to charitable activity each below £20K £172,847


6 789 10 11 12





Trustees of Community Council of






We have examined the summarised financial information set out in



this Review.


Respective responsibilities of the

Trustees and Auditors

13The trustees are responsible for the preparation of the summarised

financial information. We have agreed to report to you our opinion

RESOURCES EXPENDED £1,130,136 on the summarised financial information’s consistency, with the full

Resources Expended

financial statements, on which we reported to you on 14 June 2012.

Direct RESOURCES Charitable EXPENDED Expenditure £1,130,136


Direct Charitable £1,130,136

Expenditure - Grants £286,281

1Direct Charitable Expenditure £805,681

Governance 2Direct Charitable Costs Expenditure - Grants £286,281

£28,224 Basis of opinion

3Governance Costs £28,224

Other We have carried out the procedures we consider necessary to

4Other Resources Direct Expended

Expended Charitable Expenditure

£9,950 £805,681 £9,950

Direct Charitable Expenditure - Grants

£286,281 ascertain whether the summarised financial information is consistent

Governance Costs

Other Resources Expended



with the full financial statements from which they have been


3 4










In our opinion the summarised financial information is consistent with

the full financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2012.








Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012

Direct Charitable Expenditure £805,681

Direct Charitable Expenditure - Grants £286,281

Governance Costs £28,224

Other Resources Expended £9,950



















of financial


The summarised statements set

out below have been extracted

from the full consolidated annual

financial statements which exclude

branches and have been prepared in

accordance with the Statement of

Recommended Practice – Charities

Accounting and Reporting (SORP

2005), which were approved by the

trustees and signed on its behalf on

13 June 2012.

The full financial statements have


• audited and the auditor’s

opinion was unqualified

• submitted to the Charity


• s u b m i t t e d t o t h e Re g i s t r a r o f


These summarised financial

statements may not contain sufficient

information to allow for a full

understanding of the financial affairs

of the charity.

For further information the full

financial statements, the auditor’s

report on those financial statements,

and the trustees’ report should be


All this information is contained

in the Trustees’ Annual Report and

Accounts 2012, copies of which can

be obtained from The Community

Council of Devon.

Summary of Results

Statement of Financial Activities

Year ended 31 March 2012 2012 2011

£ £

Total Incoming Resources 1,412,501 1,305,028

Total Outgoing Resources 1,130,136 1,317,088

Net incoming/(outgoing) resources 282,365 (12,060)

Total net other recognised gains/(losses) 0 (28)

Net movement of funds 282,365 (12,088)

Fund balances brought forward at 1 April 2011 804,319 816,407

Fund balances carried forward at 31 March 2012 1,086,684 804,319

Summary Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2012

Funds (see note below)

Analysis of net assets

2012 2011

£ £

Unrestricted 104,605 104,779

"Investing In Devon" Restricted fund 400,000 63,992

Restricted funds 327,786 325,899

Designated funds 254,293 309,649

ACCUMULATED FUNDS 1,086,684 804,319


Tangible assets 11,481 5,289

Total fixed assets 11,481 5,289


Debtors 63,530 90,845

Cash at bank 1,097,897 917,852

Total current assets 1,161,427 1,008,697


Amounts falling due within one year 86,224 209,667

Please contact:

Jane Warner

Company Secretary

Community Council of Devon

First Floor, 3 & 4 Cranmere Court

Lustleigh Close

Matford Business Park



T: 01392 248919


NET CURRENT ASSETS 1,075,203 799,030


NET ASSETS 1,086,684 804,319

Note: Fund accounting and reserve policy

Unrestricted funds. The unrestricted fund consists of one fund that the charity may use

at its discretion; however in excess of 90% of the grants receivable are provided under

agreements to enable the Community Council to prioritise services for the benefit of

local communities. Working capital to cover running costs is provided by the charity’s

unrestricted fund.

“Investing In Devon” Restricted fund. This restricted fund held for Devon County Council

is earmarked for allocation to future community buildings projects over 3 years to 2012.

Other Restricted funds. The restricted funds are those for a pre-agreed purpose where

the donor had imposed conditions on the use of the funds.

Designated funds. The charity has designated certain funds for specific purposes,

including a general development reserve and a project contingency reserve.

Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


Community Council of Devon’s vision is of active

communities shaping their own futures with

improved opportunity and quality of life for all.

We strive to make this happen through our direct work with communities, our

local knowledge, networks and professional services, and our influencing role.

Full Members (at 31st March 2012)



















Reference, Administrative & Governance Details

Full name:

Community Council of Devon Limited

Charity registration: 1074047

Company registration: 3694095

VAT registration: 942 0496 27

Legal status:

The charity is a company limited by guarantee

having no share capital

Registered address: 1st Floor, Unit 3/4 Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close,

Matford Business Park, EXETER, EX2 8PW


Barclays Bank plc, National Westminster Bank plc,

Santander UK plc, Scottish Widows Bank plc,

CCLA Investment Management Ltd


Stephens & Scown llp

Statutory auditor: Francis Clark llp


Eric Dancer, CBE, JP, Lord Lieutenant of Devon

Vice Presidents: Sir Ian H Amory, Bt, DL

Mr David D Macklin, CBE, DL

Mrs Margaret Garton, DL

Professor Michael Winter OBE

Mr Peter Dunning MBE

Honorary Legal Advisor: Guy Curry


John V H Allen

Sir I H Amory, Bt, DL

Appledore Community Hall


Cllr Heather Bainbridge

David Baker

Jill Baker

Linda Bealey

Bishopsteignton Parish


Bovey Tracey Town Council

Annie Broadbent

Sylvia Brown

Teresa Butchers

Campaign to Protect Rural

England, Devon

John Channon

Peter Cleasby

Cornworthy Village Hall

Cosmic Ethical IT

















Guy Curry

Eric Dancer CBE JP LL

Dartmoor National Park


Diocese of Exeter (Church

of England)

Peter Dunning MBE

Kevin Finan

Margaret Garton DL

Sean Grinsted

Halwill Parish Council

Heathfield Leisure Pursuits

High Bickington

Community Property Trust


Gay Hill

Charles Hodgson

Celia Hyland

Kingsteignton Town


J E Lambert



















Cllr Michael Lee

Dr Matt Lobley

Lympstone Village Hall

D D Macklin, CBE, DL

Marwood Parish Council

Chris Owen FCCA

John Prichard

Alan Quick

Theresa Rees

Shaugh Prior Parish


Sidmouth Town Council

South Molton Town Council

South West Counties

Allotment Association

Roy Turner

Ugborough Village Hall

Wembury Parish Council

Mike Wharton

Prof. Michael Winter OBE

Community Council of Devon also has 68 supporting members and 702 affiliate members.

This document is available in large print

and alternative formats upon request.

Please ring 01392 248919

Trustees (Directors)

David Baker, Chairman

Teresa Butchers FCIH (Vice Chair)

Christopher Owen FCCA, Treasurer

Cllr Heather Bainbridge (from Sep 2011)

Queenie Broom (to Oct 2011)

Linda Bealey

Annie Broadbent MICPD (to Mar 2012)

John Channon MRICS

Peter Cleasby (from Oct 2011)

Kevin Finan

Cllr Gay Hill

Gerald Hirsch (to Apr 2011)

Charles Hodgson (from Oct 2011)

Cllr Brenda Hull (to Jun 2011)

Sally Hurst FRSA (to Oct 2011)

Cllr Michael Lee

Dr Matt Lobley

Alan Quick (from Oct 2011)

Theresa Rees FHEA

Heather Stallard MBE (to Oct 2011)

Roy Turner

Mike Wharton (from Oct 2011)

The Company Secretary is Jane Warner

Contact Details:

Telephone: 01392 248919


Postal Address:

1st Floor, 3 & 4 Cranmere Court,

Lustleigh Close, Matford Business

Park, Exeter EX2 8PW

Community Council of Devon is supported

by Devon’s local authorities, Defra,

Devon’s Local Area Agreement, Big

Lottery Fund, Capacity Builders, Heritage

Lottery Fund, EU structural funds, SW

Regional Development Agency, Learning

& Skills Council, Neighbourhood Learning

in Deprived Communities, Devon’s Local

Action Groups, and other partners.

Cover Photograph: Courtesy of Hastoe

Housing. Windgrove Close, Upottery. New

affordable houses completed in 2011/12

with the help of the Rural Housing Team.

Community Council of Devon - Annual Review 2011 – 2012


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