Newsletter 1 - The Kitchen Inc.

Newsletter 1 - The Kitchen Inc.

The Kitchen


Our Mission:

“To provide a place

where people, especially

the poor, are welcomed

and cared for with

dignity and


Volume 4 • Issue 2 Spring 2010


Brian Allen


Diane Winter Reidle

Vice President

Michele Vanater


Ken Reynolds


Tom Babik

Sr. Lorraine Biebel

A Note from the CEO

Greetings! Another winter is behind

us and we are excited to

see warm weather!

As we look forward to

spring, we know that the

homeless are still in need

and we rely heavily on

the generosity of our community

to sustain our programs.

Whether it’s time,

wish list items or monetary

donations, we appreciate

and desperately need your


Mike Cunniff

Tim Ferguson

Brian Fogle

Rocky Gambon

Julie Guillebeau

Bill Hennessey

Bob Horton

Stephanie Ireland

Mary Luke

Karen Page

Paul Rollinson

Robert Schutz

Some may think that by doing

their small part, they aren’t making

enough of an impact, but that’s

far from the truth. Let me tell you a

couple of stories.

I heard a soft knock on my office

door, and when I opened it, I was

greeted by a child with bright green

eyes. She excitedly told me that she

wanted to help the poor, so she asked

Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, her

friends and family to donate money to

give to The Kitchen.

“I hope this will help

feed the hungry”, she

said as she presented

a carefully typed letter

and a drawing of a rainbow, along

with a check for $50.00.

Another day, I was in my office,

when a young boy and his father

appeared at my door. The child, with

a slightly mischievous grin, said “For

my birthday, I didn’t want any presents

because I wanted to give money

to the poor.” He then handed me

an envelope containing $167.00. He

looked up at me with the most innocent

face and said “Now can you feed

the kids” I replied, “Yes, thank you.

Now we can feed the kids.”

Thank you to all who support

The Kitchen. You truly help us feed

the children.

1630 N. Jefferson • Springfield, Missouri 65803 • (417) 837-1500 •

By the Numbers

Our statistics from 2009 versus 2008 have shown

a growing need for our services. The face of the

homeless is changing, and has been for the last

10 years. More single women, families and pregnant

women are finding themselves sleeping in homeless

camps and in their vehicles. We are currently collaborating

with other agencies as well as the city of Springfield

to address the needs of the homeless. Below is a

snapshot comparison of our statistics from 2009, and

their increase from 2008:

There are many ways to help The Kitchen sustain

these much-needed services. By volunteering, donating

funds and needed items, as well as attending

special events, you are helping us support those who

have no other options.

• 2008: The Missouri Hotel housed 544

adults and 221 children.

2009: The Missouri Hotel housed 656

adults and 338 children.

• 2008: Community Outreach had 15,839

requests for food assistance.

2009: Community Outreach had 22,545

requests for food assistance.

• 2008: The Kitchen Medical and Dental

Clinic had 8,447 patient visits, and filled

over 47,000 prescriptions.

2009: The Kitchen Medical and Dental

Clinic had 9,115 patient visits, and filled

over 57,245 prescriptions.

. . . you are helping us support those

who have no other options. . .

Upcoming Events


Presented by Whole Hog Café

Saturday, May 1, 2010 (Rain or Shine)


Knights of Columbus Hall, 2340 West Grand

Tickets $10.00 in advance

at The Kitchen or Whole Hog Café or $12.00 day of event

All Proceeds to benefit The Kitchen and Relay or Life

Music and Outdoor Activities

Bands Include♫ Lucky Boys ♫ SideFX ♫ Trash Angels ♫ Members Only

Food and Drink available from Whole Hog Café, Heart of America Beverage and Coca-Cola

Save the Date for Sunday, August 8th, 2010! The Main Event, a Sports Trivia Competition

Presented by Heart of America Beverage Co. at JQH Arena

1630 N. Jefferson • Springfield, Missouri 65803 • (417) 837-1500 •

Program Spotlight: Family Nurturing Center

The Family Nurturing Center is a child care center available

exclusively for the residents of The Kitchen’s programs. With our

network of support, the parents are able to bring their children

to the center at no cost while they work toward their goals. The center

is open Monday-Friday to children ages 8 weeks to 17 years old. In

addition to providing quality care and daily activities for the children,

The Family Nurturing Center’s experienced and educated staff also

offers many special events, parties and field trips. Please join us on

May 8 th for the 19 th Annual Kitchen Fun Run Presented by Pension

Consultants, Inc. All of the proceeds from the event benefit The

Kitchen’s Children’s Services. Won’t you please help us help them

Family Nurturing Center Wish List

Stage 1 Baby Food

Applesauce, Bananas, Carrots, Green

Beans, Peaches, Pears, Peas, Prunes,

Squash, Sweet Potatoes

Stage 2 Baby Food

Apples & Pears, Applesauce, Bananas,

Cereal with Fruit, Dutch Apple Dessert,

Peaches, Peach Cobbler, Pears, Plums,

Tutti Frutti Desert, Broccoli & Chicken,

Carrots, Chicken Dinner, Green Beans,

Mixed Vegetables, Peas, Squash, Sweet

Potatoes, Vegetable Beef Dinner

Stage 3 Baby Food

Cereal with Fruit, Tutti Frutti Dessert,

Bananas & Strawberries with Tapioca,

Pears, Applesauce, Vegetable Beef

Dinner, Green Beans with Rice, Sweet

Potatoes, Chicken Noodle Dinner, Peas

with Rice, Turkey Dinner, Macaroni &

Cheese Dinner, Spaghetti Dinner with

Meat Sauce

Toddler Food

Graduates Pasta Pick-ups, Little Puffs,

Yogurt Melts, Biter Biscuits, Graduates

Fruit Strips, Graduates Cereal Bars,


5K Fun Run Entry Form


Presented by Pension Consultants, Inc.


(if applicable)

Corporate Team Church Group School Group

5K Runner

5K Walker—will not be

timed unless requested.

One Mile Walk With Mom—

not timed

Contribution Only

official use only

I hereby release and agree to indemnify and save harmless anyone

from any and all claims of any nature for injury or loss that may result from

such participation in this event, including claims for negligence, whether or not

such claim, loss or injury is caused, whole or in part, by the negligent act or

omission or other fault of any released party.

(parent or guardian signature required if under 18)

You may preregister through May 7 by

bringing your payment to City Utilities, 301

E. Central, until the close (6 p.m.) of packet

pick-up. Mailed entries must be received no

later than May 3.

City Utilities

Community Relations

301 East Central

1630 N. Jefferson • Springfield, Missouri 65803 • (417) 837-1500 •

Sister Lorraine Legacy

The Sister Lorraine

Legacy has been

established to

recognize and thank

donors who, in their

lifetimes, have made

planned giving commitments

to The

Kitchen in a will or

living trust.

If you would like

more information

about joining the

Sister Lorraine Legacy,

as well as planned

giving opportunities available, please contact Major

Gifts Director Lisa Hamaker at 417-225-7411 or by

e-mail at

The Kitchen’s Services

• Community Outreach: food, clothing, rent/utilities assistance,

& household goods for those who qualify

• Family Nurturing Center: childcare at no cost for residents

of The Kitchen, Inc. programs

• Fresh Start: receiving/distribution center for non-food items

• KIND Place: transitional housing with case management

for The Kitchen, Inc. residents

• Lorraine’s & Maggie’s: resale shops open to community

• Medical & Dental Clinic: free community clinic for lowincome,

uninsured who qualify

• Missouri Hotel: housing & case management for women

& families

• Rare Breed: outreach & housing for at-risk youth

Essential Information



The Kitchen, Inc. (417) 837-1500

1630 N. Jefferson Ave. Fax:

Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 831-6709

. . . or check us out on the web at

Help us grow our fan list to 1,000.

Become a fan on Facebook!

The Kitchen, Inc.

1630 N. Jefferson Ave.

Springfield, MO 65803





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