University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

The University

Ancient University founded


First Chair of Medicine in

English-speaking world (1497);

Chairs in Mathematics &

Physics founded 1505

4 Nobel Prize winners

£240M capital investment

(1999-2011) £167 million to be

invested in infrastructure to


Annual turnover in excess of

£200 million

3,500 staff (1,400 academic)

16,000 students (23% from


Existing partnerships with



O&G Research Drivers, UKCS & Global


•Mature province, combined with challenging deep water West of Shetland

•Significant percentage of production now from subsea completions

•Increasing number of HP/HT wells


•Increasing OpEx, declining CapEx


•Deepwater production

•Long distance seabed process and flow issues

•Seismic imaging (sub-salt; sub-basalt)

University research focus

•Performance and Integrity (technical, economic, environmental, legal)

A Global Energy University

University of Aberdeen amongst the world’s premier energy


• Alliances with industry to promote quality in teaching and

excellence in research

• Industry-focussed professional postgraduate programmes and


• Strategic links with overseas universities for collaboration and


Energy Portfolio - Networks

• Energy Technology Partnership

Pan-Scottish university alliance on energy research; largest, most broad

based power and energy research partnership in Europe with around 250

academics and 600 researchers

• National Subsea Research Institute

Based in University of Aberdeen, partnership with Robert Gordons, Dundee and

Newcastle Universities, and Subsea UK, develops co-ordinated research for

the UK subsea sector,

e.g.;Intelligent condition monitoring & smart controls;

Novel underwater materials; Autonomous subsea

power, Multi-phase pipe flow modelling; Modelling of

large soil strain motions in pipeline/seabed interactons;

Modelling and analysis of vortex-induced vibrations of

slender marine structures; Corrosion strategies for

ultra-deep water structures

Energy Portfolio - Networks

Scottish Sensor Systems Centre

•Two streams:

• Subsea (Aberdeen, Dundee and Robert Gordons)

• Terrestrial remote sensing (Universities of Glasgow,

Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt and St Andrews

•Shared infrastructure developments

•>£4 million launch funds (June 2011) £1.2M from Scottish

Funding Council, £1.6M from hosting institutions and £1.3M

from industry, including BP and Scottish & Southern Energy


Energy Portfolio – Dedicated Research & Training

Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics

& Finance

Contribution to academic understanding and to policy debate in energy

economics in the UK and worldwide

•Centre for Energy Law

Provides research and professional training oil and gas, as well as

environmental and climate change law (“Oil and Gas Law: Current Practice

and Emerging Trends”)

•Industrial Psychology Research Centre

Application of psychology to safety and performance in high

reliability workplaces; psycho-social and organizational factors

in offshore safety; health and well-being in the offshore


Energy Portfolio – Dedicated Research & Training

• Oceanlab

Sub-sea research facility of UoA, world-leaders in

creating autonomous systems capable of operating

down to 11,000 metres. Also offers testing and

engineering services to industry through Oceanlab

Business Unit

• Institute of Mechanics of Materials & Structures

Modelling and testing of materials, deformation characteristics,

fatigue, fracture, corrosion and creep; decommissioning of

engineering installations.

Geology - an integrated research and training portfolio

Professional training

•ExploHUB – Exploration Geoscience

Full-time immersive training of geoscientists in

hydrocarbon exploration by developing and

applying regional skills

•Turnstone – Continuing Professional Development

Geoscience training for industry professionals

via short courses. First offerings in tectonics,

structural geology and geo-mechanics

Geology - an integrated research and training portfolio

Masters Courses

oMSc Integrated Petroleum Geoscience

oMSc Oil and Gas Enterprise Management

Intensive vocation training (one year)

60+ students, world leading programmes

PhD programme and research

•Seismic attributes and structural damage

•Fractured and faulted carbonates

•Deepwater reservoirs

•Injected sands and sediment remobilization

•Terrestrial reservoirs

•Submarine thrust systems

•Salt tectonics


•Petroleum systems on volcanic margins

40+ research students, fully linked to AAPG, PESGB etc.

Engineering – Broad-based research portfolio

• Advanced Oil & Gas Drilling Technologies:

Resonance Enhanced Drilling

• High Pressure High Temperature

• Corrosion and degradation performance

• Reliability and integrity

• Subsea materials

• Reeling of high-strength steel pipes

• Complex hydrodynamics for risers and moorings

• Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

• Environmental monitoring

• Hydraulics and CFD

PhD Plus Programmes

• Doctoral level professional training for

Brazil’s future executives in the heart of

Europe’s Oil Capital

• Designed to provide staff with experience of demanding research in

an international context, learning the lessons of the world’s most

intensively managed offshore oil province

• Supervised by academics with international reputations in Petroleum

Economics, Energy & Environmental Law, Petroleum

Geosciences, and Engineering

• Emphasising transferable skills, cross disciplinary leadership,

industrial relevance, linkage to professional bodies.

PhD Plus Programmes - Two streams

• BrazilPLUS:

• 42 month PhD programme with language and executive training

• Intensive instruction in technical and business English

• Visits, placements, shadowing in business and industry

• Group activity to expose to industry in Europe and internationally

• ScotlandPLUS:

• for PhD students at Brazilian universities to spend 1 year in


• intensive courses in business English and executive training with

a period of research in one of the 4 specialist areas

• Other options…

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