the best environment for gametes and embryos - eshre

the best environment for gametes and embryos - eshre


Course coordinators, course description and target audience Page 5

Programme Page 7

Speakers’ contributions

Oogenesis: acquisition of oocyte competence – Carlos Plancha (Portugal) Page 9

The impact of growth factors in culture medium on early embryo

development – Daniel Brison (United Kingdom) Page 22

Mitochondrial activity during oocyte and embryo development –

John Carroll (United Kingdom) Page 35

Development of culture media: impact on embryo viability – Nadir Ciray

(Turkey) Page 46

Nutritional requirements from the oocyte to the blastocyst: implications

for embryo culture – Henry Leese (United Kingdom) Page 60

Ways to support in vitro oocyte maturation – Julius Hreinsson (Sweden) Page 79

Epigenetic events in gametes and early embryos – Martine De Rycke

(Belgium) Page 89

The top quality embryos – Kersti Lundin (Sweden) Page 102

Upcoming ESHRE Campus Courses Page 119

Notes Page 120

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