Representatives of IOA Full Member Countries - International ...

Representatives of IOA Full Member Countries - International ...

Final version

September 24th 2008

The 34th Annual General Meeting of the International Orthoptic

Association was be held at 12.00 noon on Saturday 31st May 2008.

Location: Flanders Congress & Conference Centre, Antwerp,



Representatives of IOA Full Member Countries









The Netherlands



United Kingdom

United States

Zoran Georgievski

Ruth Resch

Daisy Godts

Karen McMain

Michéle Marsot

Dagmar Verlohr

Sara Bettega

Hiroko Takasaki

Jan-Roelof Polling

Isabel Reich d’Almeida

Marli Köhler

Gail Stephenson

Katherine Fray

Representative of IOA Associate Member Countries:

Eva Modlingerova

Mariza Pfeiffer

Czech Republic






Elizabeth Caines

Bronia Unwin

Ann McIntyre

Number of members present 57


Final version

September 24th 2008

Apologies for absence:

Krishan Yadav

Sara Young

Karin Behlau

Zoran Pejic

Indian representative

South African representative

Swiss representative

Asia Pacific representative


1. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held in Salzburg, Austria on 22 nd September 2007

The minutes had previously been circulated to the representatives and

by them to the members also posted on the “Members Only” section

of the IOA website. They were accepted as correct and signed by the

President and the Secretary.

Proposed: Christine Scharinger Seconded: Inger Holst All in


2. To receive a report on the statement of accounts for the

year ending April 5 th 2008 and the auditor’s report

thereon and if felt fit approve the statement made by

Crouch Chapman.


The auditors Crouch Chapman report that in their opinion the Financial

Statements give a true and fair view of the state of the Association’s

affairs at April 5 th 2008 and that the Financial Statements have been

properly prepared. A copy of the Report and Financial Statements is

available for inspection and copies have been sent to representatives by

email. I should be pleased to answer any questions.

For the year ending 5 th April 2008 5 th April 2007

£ £


Subscriptions 12,411 11,759


Final version

September 24th 2008

Income from dividends and interest 7,239 6,483

Total income 19,650 18,242


Cost of managing the subscriptions 276 365

(telephone, post, printing, stationery)

Charitable activities 8,518 8,788

(all costs associated with CM meeting,

AGM, secretarial fees, bank charges,

subsistence, travel, computer and


Governance costs 8,795 2,719

Total outgoings 17,589 11,872

Total funds CF 173,767 171,792


In January 2008 the IOA received a cash settlement of £1313.20 for our

shares in Imperial Chemical Industries plc following a take-over by Akzo


Higher governance costs were the result of legal work undertaken by our

solicitors over the course of the year. The Articles of Association were

updated to bring them in line with modern custom and practice consistent

with the Companies Act 2006. This was approved at the AGM September


We were also made aware that there was some confusion over the title of

the Association which had been registered with the Charities Commission

in 1971 as the IOA Trust Fund and the solicitor undertook further work to

regularise this. We are now correctly registered as the International

Orthoptic Association, no.1122060.


Final version

September 24th 2008

Other expenditure and incoming resources are in line with the previous


We have loaned £10,000 to the Belgian Association towards congress

organising expenses.

The IOA remains in a sound financial position.


There will be some additional costs incurred during 2008-9 in association

with the 2008 congress but no other significant expenditure is foreseen

this year.

All administration is carried out without remuneration by the 3 officers,

the President, Secretary and Treasurer with some secretarial help for the

President paid for out of the subscription and investment income. Profit

from congresses is used to fund future congresses and the reserve fund

provides a safety net in the event of a congress failure.

Proposed: Carolyn Calcutt Seconded: Neryla Jolly All in favour

3. To authorise the Council of Management to fix the

remuneration of the auditors Crouch Chapman.

Proposed: Marlis Lenk-Schaefer Seconded: Kerry Fitzmaurice

All in favour.

4. To confirm the office holders for the period 2008-2009.

There are no changes; Elizabeth Caines was elected during the last year to

continue as President for a further four (4) years, Ann McIntyre remains

as Treasurer for another four (4) years and Bronia Unwin remains as


5. To note nominations to the Council of Management 2008-


This year Sara Young the South African representative will leave the

council of management after twenty (20) years, we shall all miss her and

thank her for the work that she has done for the IOA. It is not yet decided


Final version

September 24th 2008

who the new representative will be or whether South Africa will be a full

or associate IOA member next year.

6. To receive a report from the President of the Association.

In my report this year I would like to mention not only events related to

the past year but also reflect on changes and developments in the

Association since we last met in Melbourne, Australia four (4) years ago.

I’m sure you have all noticed that the Association has a new logo and that

the website has been redesigned and continues to develop and meet the

demands of the 21 st century. The website is a forum for information, news

and views; if you have not already visited it please do so. The website

committee welcome your ideas and comments as to how it can be

improved. By visiting the website you can come make contact with other

members in the Association.

The Association is registered under British Law and therefore required to

abide by the rules of the UK Companies Act and Charities Commission.

Changes have occurred in legislation and the IOA has been obliged to

make small amendments to its Constitution. This has meant a lot of extra

work for the officers of the Association who together with the help and

advice of our solicitors have been able to make the necessary changes.

These were presented to the AGM last year and agreed upon. Earlier this

year the Charities Commission notified all charities that they must be able

to show public benefit; a policy statement to this effect has been drawn


The administration of the Association has increased over the years,

mainly due to rules and regulations imposed by government. The

workload of the Secretary/Treasurer became too great and council

decided two (2) years ago to once again appoint a Treasurer. We are

delighted that Ann McIntyre accepted the position. At the same time it

was decided not to re-appoint Deloitte and Touche as our auditors. The

London based firm of Crouch Chapman has been appointed and Mr Nick

Heath is now dealing with IOA affairs. Mr Heath is no stranger to the

world of orthoptics having been accountant to the British and Irish

Orthoptic Association for some years.

Changes have taken place within the council. Prior to the Melbourne,

(Australia) meeting council was entirely female! We now have four (4)

male representatives who have added another dimension to our


Final version

September 24th 2008

discussions; we welcome their input and enthusiasm. New committees

and networks have evolved within the council; the PR committee helps to

increase the awareness of the orthoptic profession and the orthoptist, not

only among others in the medical profession but also the general public.

They are responsible for the IOA Corner in the exhibition area; if you

have not visited it there is still time to do so.

The networks represent special interest groups, reflecting the diversity of

modern day orthoptics. They endeavour to bring together orthoptists with

special interests, disseminate knowledge and provide information. The

Education Network has been active in the organisation of the Education

Forum which was held earlier in the week. The forum will become a

permanent part of future congresses and the Education Network will be

responsible for its organisation.

The Association has grown since we last met! The Indian Orthoptic

Association has become a Full member and the Brazilian Association has

joined as an Associate member country. The Brazilian Orthoptic

Association was a founder member of the IOA but has not been a

member for a few years, we are delighted to welcome them back and look

forward to the day when they once again will be able to become a full


The IOA have been asked to host symposia at various meetings

worldwide. Members have formed panels at an international meeting in

Brazil and an IOA symposium will be held at the CLADE meeting in

Buenos Aires this autumn. In July a group representing the IOA will for

the first time hold a symposium at a Low Vision meeting in Canada, thus

breaking new ground and reflecting the diversity of orthoptics today.

Over the past twelve (12) months I have had the pleasure of attending the

clinical meetings of 3 of our member countries. Visits to the Czech

Republic, Brazil and Italy ten (10) days ago have all made a deep

impression on me. The enthusiasm of the orthoptists I have met and the

kindness and warmth shown to me has been overwhelming. Although not

able to speak the languages of these countries I have been able to follow

many of the lectures; the language of orthoptics is truly international.

All the work carried out by the IOA is done by the Officers of the

association and your representatives the Council of Management. They

work throughout the year in various committees and networks; they give

of their spare time freely for the furtherance of our profession, without

their true dedication very little would be achieved. I would like to thank


Final version

September 24th 2008

them for their support over the past four (4) years and also thank you all

for your support and the vote of confidence you have shown in me by

electing me to serve a second term of office. I will continue to do my

utmost to uphold the objectives of the Association and spread the science

of orthoptics worldwide.

7. To receive reports from the Chairman of IOA

International Relations committee, Katherine Fray.

The International relations committee has three (3) programmes:

the partner country programme, the exchange programme and the

volunteer programme.

The partner country programme links each IOA country with a non-IOA

country that will provide support and advice from them if required.

The exchange programme gives the opportunity for orthoptists to visit

departments in other countries and also for orthoptic departments to host

visitors from overseas. We already have some clinics on our list but

would like more.

There will be an account of a Japanese orthoptist who visited Canada on

the IOA website soon.

The volunteer programme links qualified IOA orthoptists with individuals

and institutions in non-IOA countries. Volunteers may be teaching or


There are at present three (3) teaching and fourteen (14) clinical

volunteers but more are always needed.

There are plans to open a training programme in Tianjin, China and the

IOA will be involved.

There are application forms for all the programmes in the congress bag

and also in the IOA corner, if preferred they can be found on the website

and submitted electronically.

8. To receive a report from the chairman of the IOA

Education Forum. Zoran Georgievski.

The education forum took place on Wednesday afternoon prior to the

opening of the congress. The IOA Education Network and the team from

the University of Utrecht were the organisers.

The theme was “Collaboration with international programmes and how

we can work together”.

Two main items were discussed:


Final version

September 24th 2008

a. The universities’ degree programmes – there was a lot of diversity

between some courses but also much common ground which will

provide a basis for collaboration. A summary of the various

programmes will be put on the website.

b. Challenges and innovations that we face to provide quality clinical

information to students. Many aspects were discussed including

technical innovations.

The next meeting at the congress in 2012 will be in association with

the Canadian Orthoptic Association.

9. To transact any other business that may be properly

transacted at the Annual General Meeting.

Members present asked to know the exact number of IOA members. It

was agreed that this will be posted on the IOA website.

Elizabeth Caines - President

Bronia Unwin - Secretary


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