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Central and Eastern European Packaging - Mediaforum

Central and Eastern European Packaging - Mediaforum


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Recovery in <strong>Central</strong><br />

Europe has begun<br />

Beverage packaging<br />

turning increasingly<br />

to plastic<br />

Novel ideas on<br />

br<strong>and</strong> awareness for<br />

youngsters<br />

Issue 14 Early Winter 2009<br />

Growth<br />

for<br />

flexible<br />

packaging<br />

forecast<br />

to be<br />

3.5%<br />

per year<br />

News Analysis Opinion Product Developments<br />

Awards Br<strong>and</strong>ing Company Information Events

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Contents<br />

Issue 14, Early Winter 2009<br />

Recovery in <strong>Central</strong> Europe has begun ............................................................4<br />

Industry winners ......................................................................................6<br />

German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prizes awarded in Nuremburg at Fach Pack<br />

World Aluminum Aerosol Can Award 2009 marked by innovative applications<br />

Visual impact award for Estee Lauder Ultimate Luxury Set<br />

Technology ..............................................................................................18<br />

Accurate cheese weighing reducing waste<br />

Serbian washing powder manufacturer improves packaging efficiency<br />

Granite based labeling machine introduced at Label Expo<br />

Analysis ...................................................................................................21<br />

Growth for converted flexible packaging forecast to be 3.5 percent per year<br />

PET collection increased in Europe last year<br />

Dem<strong>and</strong> for BOPP films continues in <strong>Eastern</strong> Europe<br />

Events .....................................................................................................27<br />

Six events in six weeks!<br />

Label industry makes awards at Label Expo in Brussels<br />

Seven CEE companies victorious in Pentawards<br />

Company profile .....................................................................................30<br />

Unterl<strong>and</strong> Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

Supplier Guide.........................................................................................12<br />

Products <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>ing .........................................................................14<br />

P&G introduces resealable closure for dishwashing tabs<br />

Novel ideas on br<strong>and</strong> awareness for youngsters in <strong>Central</strong> Europe<br />

Nut producer goes biodegradable<br />

Nivea packaging upgraded<br />

Cover photo shows Russian<br />

model Diana Ivleva<br />

admiring the<br />

packaging in her local<br />

supermarket!<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


CEE <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

Recovery in <strong>Central</strong> Europe has begun<br />

but is likely to be weak<br />

warns World Bank<br />

The EU's newest member states in <strong>Eastern</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Central</strong> Europe have begun the recovery<br />

one year after the breakout of the global financial crisis as the credit crunch has eased,<br />

but most countries undergo large contractions this year, <strong>and</strong> the recovery is likely to be<br />

feeble <strong>and</strong> uncertain, the World Bank reported as it launched its new EU10 Regular<br />

Economic Report.<br />

Although the rebound of the global<br />

economy has started, the report<br />

cautions that the recovery in EU10<br />

countries could be weak <strong>and</strong> growth is<br />

likely to be lower than in pre-crisis years.<br />

EU10 countries are projected to contract<br />

by around 4.2 percent in 2009, <strong>and</strong> to<br />

grow by around 1 percent in 2010 <strong>and</strong><br />

3.6 percent in 2011, down from 3.9 percent<br />

in 2008 <strong>and</strong> around 6 percent in<br />

2007. Medium-term growth prospects<br />

look weak as the recovery is not yet private-dem<strong>and</strong><br />

driven <strong>and</strong> potential<br />

growth is lower than before the crisis.<br />

According to the report, the EU10<br />

countries fall into three groups with<br />

regards to their recent growth performance:<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong> is in the first group as the only<br />

EU country whose economy has exp<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

throughout the last three quarters.<br />

Bulgaria, Romania <strong>and</strong> other <strong>Central</strong><br />

Europe countries make the second group<br />

with year-on-year contraction of 5 to 10<br />

percent of GDP.<br />

Third group comprises The Baltic<br />

countries, where the output contraction<br />

started in 2008, with declines of 15 to 20<br />

percent of GDP.<br />

Scale of contraction<br />

'The scale of the contraction is linked to<br />

a number of factors, including the degree<br />

of trade openness, the export composition,<br />

the exchange rate regime <strong>and</strong> the<br />

magnitude of macroeconomic imbalances.'<br />

said Kaspar Richter, Senior<br />

Economist in the World Bank's Europe<br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>Central</strong> Asia Region <strong>and</strong> lead author<br />

of the report at the launch in Warsaw<br />

<strong>and</strong> Thomas Laursen, World Bank<br />

Country Manager for Pol<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Baltic Countries added 'Pol<strong>and</strong>'s performance<br />

during the crisis has been<br />

remarkable due to different factors.<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong> entered the crisis with stronger<br />

macroeconomic balances than other<br />

countries in the region, it has a floating<br />

exchange rate regime <strong>and</strong> its economy is<br />

more diverse <strong>and</strong> not as open as others'<br />

in the region. Also, the response of<br />

Polish authorities to the crisis was fast<br />

<strong>and</strong> adequate.'<br />

Given these prospects, financially<br />

weaker governments in the region will<br />

need to protect poor people while<br />

strengthening institutions <strong>and</strong> infrastructure<br />

to attract investors. At the same<br />

time, they need to adjust their policy<br />

agenda to support exit strategies <strong>and</strong><br />

prevent future crisis.<br />

Unemployment rose in the EU10<br />

countries from 6.1 percent in August<br />

2008 to 8.1 percent in July 2009, or from<br />

about 2.9 million to 3.8 million people.<br />

At the same time, one million workers<br />

The Polish economy is not only<br />

the strongest in the CEE region but<br />

in the entire EU with growth of up to<br />

1.8 percent forecast for this year.<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong>’s success is in no small part<br />

due to the EU funds going into infrastructure<br />

projects, a sound financial<br />

system that was not over exposed<br />

to risk <strong>and</strong> good government.<br />

Nonetheless there are now signs of<br />

a fall in confidence with some buying<br />

decisions being put off.<br />

Investments however continue to<br />

pour into the country with British tea<br />

producer Twinings announcing in<br />

early November that it is to switch<br />

400 jobs there from the UK.<br />

Photo: <strong>Central</strong> Warsaw<br />

4 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

The Czech economy fell into<br />

recession this year but is likely to be<br />

the first CEE economy to return to<br />

growth in 2010.<br />

Photo: Olomouc<br />

who had emigrated from the region to<br />

crisis-hit countries such as the UK,<br />

Irel<strong>and</strong>, <strong>and</strong> Spain after 2004 have<br />

returned home, adding to the pressure on<br />

job markets in <strong>Eastern</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Central</strong><br />

Europe. The economic crisis is affecting<br />

foremost workers with basic education<br />

level <strong>and</strong> limited work experience, most<br />

of whom are young. Unemployment<br />

rates for workers aged 15 to 24 increased<br />

more than twice as compared to the<br />

overall increase. As a result, almost one<br />

third of the economically active population<br />

below 24 years of age is unemployed<br />

in the Baltic countries, <strong>and</strong> around one<br />

quarter in Hungary <strong>and</strong> Slovakia.<br />

'Employment has remained remarkably<br />

high in many EU10 countries, similar<br />

to key countries of the euro area, <strong>and</strong><br />

opposite to the trends seen in the US.<br />

However, while employment tends to<br />

hold up better during downturns, it<br />

could take much longer to increase up<br />

during upturns.' said Richter<br />

'Governments' active efforts to alleviate<br />

the impact of economic slowdown on the<br />

labour markets have to be combined<br />

with measures supporting employability<br />

<strong>and</strong> guiding people towards new jobs,<br />

empowering workers to take advantage<br />

of new opportunities when the economy<br />

recovers.'<br />

According to the EU10 Regular<br />

Economic Report the main challenge for<br />

the EU10 countries now is to adjust the<br />

policy agenda; the economic policy<br />

should balance the support of recovery<br />

with exit strategies to contain risks of<br />

negative public debt dynamics <strong>and</strong> inflation.<br />

Structural policies, along the lines<br />

of the Lisbon agenda, are crucial to mitigate<br />

the loss in potential output growth<br />

due to weaker capital flows. Social policies<br />

are crucial to mitigate the loss in living<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ards for the poor.<br />

'The recovery from the economic crisis<br />

depends foremost on restoring financial<br />

market confidence. To help close some<br />

external financing gaps created by the<br />

crisis <strong>and</strong> ease the burden of adjustment,<br />

the IMF, EC <strong>and</strong> World Bank have provided<br />

substantial support. As international<br />

investors take a closer look at the<br />

vulnerabilities of emerging economies,<br />

there is a large premium on strong<br />

domestic policies.' - said Richter,<br />

'Governments face the difficult challenge<br />

of reconciling three objectives: to<br />

protect priority programs for economic<br />

<strong>and</strong> social development so that growth<br />

prospects are enhanced <strong>and</strong> social cost of<br />

the economic crisis mitigated; to exit<br />

from anti-crisis policies <strong>and</strong> ensure fiscal<br />

consolidation once the recovery is under<br />

way to make room for a private sector led<br />

recovery; <strong>and</strong> to improve policies, regulations<br />

<strong>and</strong> coordination to prevent such<br />

crises in future.'<br />

We maximize film<br />

producer`s profitability.<br />

group<br />

Brückner at<br />

interplastica<br />

2010<br />

Moscow | 26 –29 January<br />

Forum FD 38<br />

● High uptime, throughput<br />

<strong>and</strong> raw material efficiency<br />

● Fast product changes<br />

Have you any opinions on the packaging industry or on<br />

<strong>Central</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Eastern</strong> Europe in general.<br />

Have you say! Send your comments to<br />

alan@ceepackaging.com<br />

See what other people think on the opinion column on<br />

www.ceepackaging.com<br />

● Easy operation <strong>and</strong> low<br />

maintenance<br />

● Reduced manpower <strong>and</strong><br />

energy consumption<br />

● Excellent film quality<br />

www.brueckner.com<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Industry winners<br />

German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prizes<br />

awarded in Nuremburg<br />

at Fach Pack<br />

The awards ceremony of the 32nd German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prize took place at the FachPack<br />

in Nuremberg in September.<br />

This year, the German <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

Institute (dvi) awarded twenty<br />

developments from 18 companies <strong>and</strong><br />

two student projects in seven categories.<br />

More than 300 guests appeared for<br />

this year's German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prize<br />

awards ceremony at NürnbergMesse<br />

congress centre. Horst Förther, Mayor of<br />

the City of Nuremberg, greeted the<br />

numerous participants <strong>and</strong> highlighted<br />

the economic importance of the packaging<br />

industry. Next, the Chief Juror, Prof.<br />

Birgit Weller of the Fachhochschule<br />

Hannover, <strong>and</strong> Burkhard Lingenberg,<br />

Member of the Board of the dvi, made<br />

the awards.<br />

packaging submissions,' states Burkhard<br />

Lingenberg, Board Member of the dvi<br />

<strong>and</strong> Supervisory Director of the entire<br />

German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prize.<br />

The winners of the German <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

Prize 2009 work in all areas of the packaging<br />

industry including food, cosmetics,<br />

pharmaceuticals, packaging materials<br />

<strong>and</strong> packaging material producers,<br />

br<strong>and</strong>ed companies, designers, agencies,<br />

<strong>and</strong> more.<br />

The pieces awarded reach from userfriendly<br />

sealing <strong>and</strong> dispensing systems,<br />

emotionally designed sales packaging,<br />

efficient <strong>and</strong> ecological transport packaging<br />

<strong>and</strong> prototypes to novel machine<br />

technology concepts.<br />

A total of twenty prizes was awarded<br />

in all seven categories: seven prizes for<br />

sales packaging, three for transport packaging,<br />

three for design, features, <strong>and</strong> finishing,<br />

one for display <strong>and</strong> promotion,<br />

four prototypes, one for machine technology<br />

<strong>and</strong> one junior prize.<br />

Cirus won an award for its heating<br />

elements to seal plastic films.<br />

'This current competition shows quite<br />

clearly that the intensive developments<br />

of packaging technicians <strong>and</strong> the creative<br />

work of packaging designers have<br />

achieved a very high level performance:<br />

From economic efficiency in production<br />

<strong>and</strong> the optimal use of materials to the<br />

easier application <strong>and</strong> attractive design<br />

of the products involved. This goes for<br />

each of the 42 nomination that we distinguished<br />

from a total of 271 innovative<br />

Sika click packaging was developed<br />

to increase ease of use <strong>and</strong> reduce consumption<br />

of Sika's pre-treatment products.<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> for such solvent based<br />

products using a plastic stopper <strong>and</strong> a<br />

screw cap. The snap cap of the Sika<br />

click packaging can be opened <strong>and</strong><br />

closed with just one h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> consists<br />

of one part only. The material can be<br />

safely stored in the workshop <strong>and</strong> kept<br />

fresh for 30 days. In addition the Sika<br />

click packaging reduces consumption<br />

by the integrated restrictor, allowing up<br />

to 20 percent more glass replacement<br />

jobs being done with the same amount<br />

of pre-treatment product.<br />

6 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Industry winners<br />

Linhardt's winning contribution was<br />

the Multiflex tube in the category<br />

'sales packaging'.<br />

The jurors ascertained: 'For the first<br />

time a plastic laminate tube has been<br />

welded in a blunt fashion instead of in<br />

an overlapping one. In doing so, a symmetrical<br />

material composition with<br />

weldable material on the inside <strong>and</strong> outside<br />

is no longer necessary. This allows<br />

new possibilities in the layer sequence.<br />

The covered weld seam is less conspicuous<br />

<strong>and</strong> hardly disturbs the print layout<br />

any longer.'<br />

The tube's layered body seam is<br />

joined edge to edge rather than overlapping.The<br />

layered structure can be asymmetrical<br />

- no longer limited to A-B-A,<br />

now it can be A-B-C-D -….<br />

No more irritating seam joins: The<br />

composite film is joined edge-to edge<br />

<strong>and</strong> the seam is then strengthened with<br />

a wafer-thin plastic tape.<br />

Functional materials of the inner layer<br />

can interact directly with the filling<br />

such as. antibacterial or oxygen consuming.<br />

Functional materials can open completely<br />

new dimensions in packaging,<br />

one idea that springs to mind is integrated<br />

RFIDs. According to the choice<br />

of materials, a tube can be firm or<br />

squashable (definable stability <strong>and</strong><br />

bounce-back properties).<br />

The barrier properties of the<br />

Multiflex tube are clearly definable.<br />

According to the choice of materials -<br />

e.g. Aluminium or EVOH - the tube<br />

will protect sensitive filling from environmental<br />

influences.<br />

The Multiflex tube offers a wide<br />

range of decorative options. The composite<br />

film is printed flat, so the variety<br />

of decorations is unlimited: 360° printing,<br />

realistic photographic images,<br />

embossing, iridescent surfaces, tactile<br />

texture variants, holograms, soft touch<br />

layer.<br />

The Unkai Sushi Box produced by Ernst<br />

Schausberger & Co GmbH was also a winner!<br />

The company is part of the Mayr-Melnhof<br />

Group, unites what it considers to be Mayr-<br />

Melnhof carton quality with 350 grams of linoplex<br />

<strong>and</strong> with an extraordinary design <strong>and</strong> functionality<br />

to make this carry-box an eye-catcher de luxe.<br />

The company believes that it is not only sushi<br />

that is h<strong>and</strong>ed over to the customer but also part<br />

of Japanese lifestyle.<br />

This premium packaging provides the possibility<br />

to pile up to five boxes on top of each other.<br />

Thanks to an innovative flap, the box can be carried<br />

home like a h<strong>and</strong>bag. A PET inlay between<br />

the boxes stops the cartons slipping or sticking to<br />

each other.<br />

Once home, the sushi can be served directly<br />

from the boxes at the table from the individual<br />

parts of the packaging:<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Industry winners<br />

World Aluminum Aerosol Can Award 2009<br />

marked by innovative applications<br />

<strong>and</strong> production technologies<br />

Innovative applications with improved can design <strong>and</strong> a new production technology with<br />

environmental benefits were the hallmark of this year's 'World Aluminum Aerosol Can<br />

Award' competition organised by the International Organisation of Aluminum Aerosol<br />

Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL).<br />

Boxal Group won the AEROBAL Award in the category 'Can Already on<br />

the Market' for its innovative aerosol can design in combination with the<br />

new application as an olive oil spray. Working closely with French company<br />

Fareva, Boxal developed a sophisticated 59x205 mm aluminium aerosol<br />

can for this innovative application in the food market. The aerosol can features<br />

a customised full-body shaped can with a food grade internal coating<br />

offering a convenient use of the olive oil condiment. The shaped aerosol<br />

container is printed with Boxal's recently launched Hi-Def printing technology<br />

delivering high quality printing results for photo-realistic designs in high<br />

resolution on aluminium aerosols.<br />

Exal North America (part of the Exal Group) won in the 'Prototype' category.<br />

The awarded package which is now available for Bag-on-Valve (BoV)<br />

<strong>and</strong> other applications is manufactured with Exal's revolutionary Coil-To-<br />

Can (C2C) aluminium container manufacturing technology. This innovative<br />

technology marries the manufacturing speed <strong>and</strong> light weighting of st<strong>and</strong>ard,<br />

drawn & ironed beverage can technology with the dynamic shaping<br />

technology originally available only with heavier walled extruded aluminium<br />

containers. Thanks to their<br />

lighter weight, C2C containers<br />

produce fewer transport-related<br />

carbon dioxide emissions<br />

throughout the logistics chain<br />

than heavier packaging formats.<br />

Exal's C2C process can also use<br />

post-consumer recycled aluminium<br />

as a raw material, <strong>and</strong> finished<br />

C2C containers are infinitely<br />

recyclable. This is a great<br />

sustainability asset of aluminium<br />

because aluminium recycling<br />

requires only 5 percent of the<br />

energy needed for the production<br />

of virgin material. Since the<br />

C2C process incorporates high<br />

speed production lines less<br />

energy input per container is<br />

required.<br />

8 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Industry winners<br />

Visual impact award for<br />

Estee Lauder<br />

Ultimate Luxury Set<br />

Knoll <strong>Packaging</strong>’s beautiful Ultimate<br />

Luxury Set for Estée Lauder won the<br />

Visual Impact award at this year’s New<br />

Jersey <strong>Packaging</strong> Executives Club<br />

(NJPEC) Package of the Year.<br />

Knoll designed <strong>and</strong> manufactured the<br />

gift set which features a double-decker,<br />

hinged design for optimal counter display,<br />

gold pebble embossed foil lining,<br />

<strong>and</strong> a winter white vacuum form with<br />

gold hotstamping, signature to the<br />

Estée Lauder br<strong>and</strong>.<br />

‘So many features of this set add to<br />

the visual impact,’ stated Knoll sales<br />

representative Karen Werther.<br />

‘From the two-tiered bar hinge<br />

design, to the gold wrap, keepsake box,<br />

<strong>and</strong> gold stamping… The overall quality<br />

<strong>and</strong> luxury of the final product is<br />

astounding.’<br />

The gift set is now on-counter.<br />

Label industry makes awards<br />

at Label Expo in Brussels<br />

This year proceedings were different,<br />

with companies being allowed to<br />

nominate themselves for the Label<br />

Industry Award for Continuous<br />

Innovation, Label Industry Award for<br />

New Innovation <strong>and</strong> the <strong>European</strong><br />

Converter of the Year Award. The judging<br />

panel then met in Antalya at the<br />

FINAT congress in June to make the<br />

Knoll <strong>Packaging</strong>, a leader in the packaging<br />

<strong>and</strong> printing industry, has delivered<br />

innovative <strong>and</strong> creative packaging<br />

solutions to dem<strong>and</strong>ing global br<strong>and</strong>s<br />

final decisions <strong>and</strong> also announce the<br />

winner of this year's R. Stanton Avery<br />

Lifetime Achievement Award.<br />

Helmut Schreiner, Label Industry<br />

Global Awards Judging Panel<br />

Chairman, commented ‘The quality of<br />

entries for the Awards continues at the<br />

highest level <strong>and</strong> makes an ongoing challenge<br />

for the judges. Each winner has<br />

for over 26 years. Knoll provides premium<br />

packaging tothe world’s prestige<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s, ensuring high quality, creativity,<br />

<strong>and</strong> reliability.<br />

made a significant contribution to the<br />

growth of the industry <strong>and</strong> I would like<br />

to congratulate them all on their awards.’<br />

The Label Industry Global Awards<br />

take place at Labelexpo Europe <strong>and</strong><br />

Labelexpo Americas. The next Awards<br />

will take place in Chicago in September<br />

2010.<br />

The R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award was won<br />

by Michael Fairley. who has been at the forefront of introducing<br />

the latest innovations in label materials, technology, markets<br />

<strong>and</strong> applications. The Award recognises the values <strong>and</strong> vision<br />

of Stan Avery <strong>and</strong> his pioneering efforts in the label industry.<br />

(Photo from L-R: Clive Smith, Founder of Labelexpo, Dean<br />

Scarborough, CEO Avery Dennison, Mike Fairley, Founder of<br />

Labels & Labeling, Helmut Schreiner, Owner Schreiner<br />

Etiketten (<strong>and</strong> Chairman of the judging panel) Andrea Vimercati,<br />

President of FINAT)<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Industry winners<br />

Seven CEE companies victorious in Pentawards<br />

worldwide packaging design competition<br />

Three products from Russia <strong>and</strong> four from Romania were winners in the Pentawards<br />

worldwide packaging design competition. Here the winners from the CEE region are<br />

presented!<br />

Gold award : cereals<br />

The Yarmarka Platinum trade mark is used to<br />

market premium beans <strong>and</strong> lentils.<br />

The Platinum br<strong>and</strong> purports to be the only<br />

Russian br<strong>and</strong> offering such a collection of<br />

foodstuffs <strong>and</strong> as such the objective of the<br />

br<strong>and</strong>ing was to communicate this message to<br />

the potential customer. The designers aimed to<br />

create a USP for the br<strong>and</strong> through visual<br />

conception <strong>and</strong> reinforcing the corporate<br />

identity of the br<strong>and</strong>. The image of the<br />

product plays the main role in the design<br />

using a textured grain which has an unusual<br />

form <strong>and</strong> colour with positive graphic symbols.<br />

Agency: Kian Br<strong>and</strong> Agency<br />

Silver Award : Food<br />

Language of the Leaf is based in Ontario Canada. It packages<br />

premium teas some of which are sold through major retail outlets.<br />

The brief for the agency was that the packaging design needed to<br />

differentiate the product on the shelf whilst communicating the<br />

intrinsic values of the product. The design uses silhouettes created<br />

using tea leaves.<br />

Agency: Grapefruit<br />

Silver Award : Clothing<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> for T-shirts by the Russian<br />

agency Dark Design. The objective of the<br />

packaging is to replicate the human torso for<br />

which the T shirts are designed.<br />

10<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Industry winners<br />

Silver Award: Household Appliances<br />

Gauss is a new br<strong>and</strong> of energy saving lamps on the<br />

Russian market. The packaging needed to communicate<br />

the message that these lamps are in the premium<br />

segment <strong>and</strong> this needed to justify the higher price. In<br />

order to gain the attention of the potential purchaser,<br />

the lamp <strong>and</strong> dots in the design were UV lacquered.<br />

Fastway Agency<br />

Silver Award : Home Improvement<br />

Stas is a Romenian company which produces a range of paints <strong>and</strong> other<br />

home improvement products. Although it is a comparitively small company,<br />

it claims that its focus on innovation has allowed it to produce products<br />

which are similar or at lower cost to established br<strong>and</strong>s.<br />

The br<strong>and</strong> strategy is show what the agency terms as 'correctness'<br />

through minimalist design whilst at the same time reinforcing br<strong>and</strong> loyalty<br />

through a series of numbers rather than colours or shapes.<br />

Agency: Grapefruit<br />

Bronze Award : Food<br />

The bronze award in the food category was given to the Papane range of<br />

frozen ready meal poultry products. The packaging was designed to be low<br />

cost yet eye catching using the colour white to st<strong>and</strong> out amongst competitors<br />

who tend to use very colourful packs. The main part of the packaging<br />

design uses illustrations of humourous Romanian literary characters who<br />

become spokespersons for the product thus giving an amusing, popular<br />

<strong>and</strong> friendly spirit to the br<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Agency: Br<strong>and</strong>ient<br />

Bronze Award : Br<strong>and</strong> Identity<br />

Sushimania is the leading sushi home delivery company<br />

in Romania. The concept of the Sushimania br<strong>and</strong><br />

identity is to use the most popular conception of sushi<br />

which is salmon <strong>and</strong> rice so the colours of those<br />

products were used as visuals of the br<strong>and</strong> in all<br />

br<strong>and</strong>ing colour combinations. Salmon colour <strong>and</strong> white<br />

are therefore used in all visual communications<br />

including packaging, stationery <strong>and</strong> vehicles.<br />

Agency : Ampro Design<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

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Food Industry<br />




Amcor Flexibles Food<br />

offers innovative, sustainable<br />

<strong>and</strong> effective flexible<br />

packaging solutions for the<br />

beverage, fresh <strong>and</strong><br />

processed food markets<br />

across Europe.<br />

Flexible packaging<br />





Various including Russia,<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong><br />

Various<br />

Flexible packaging, technical<br />

films, <strong>and</strong> product components.<br />

Various including Hungary,<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong>, Russia<br />

Fresh Food Weighers<br />

Screw feeder weighers<br />

Traysealers<br />

X-ray inspection systems<br />

Checkweighers<br />

Weigh-Price-Labellers<br />

Seal testers<br />

Pick-<strong>and</strong>-place systems<br />

Complete lines<br />

Filling, process for pharmaceutical<br />

products <strong>and</strong><br />

confectionery, to packaging<br />

solutions for piece<br />

goods <strong>and</strong> bulk items in<br />

the food sector, as well as<br />

for health <strong>and</strong> hygiene.<br />

Shrink films, shrink barrier<br />

bags; non-shrink hybrid <strong>and</strong><br />

coextruded structures; cookin,<br />

heat treatable, microwavable<br />

+ dual ovenable materials;<br />

pouches pumpable<br />

foods; retort <strong>and</strong> aseptic<br />

Production lines for high<br />

value mono- <strong>and</strong> biaxially<br />

stretched film, equipment for<br />

the manufacture of cast film<br />

<strong>and</strong> sheet, turnkey plants,<br />

laboratory & pilot lines.<br />

Various<br />

Austria, Brazil, China,<br />

Denmark, France, Germany,<br />

Hungary, India,<br />

Japan, Netherl<strong>and</strong>s, Russia,<br />

Singapore, Slovakia,<br />

Switzerl<strong>and</strong>, UK, USA<br />

Hungary, Germany,<br />

France, Spain,<br />

EU<br />

12 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

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Speciality BOPP <strong>and</strong> cellulose<br />

films for packaging,<br />

labels <strong>and</strong> overwrap; serving<br />

the confectionery, biscuits<br />

& bakery, dairy <strong>and</strong><br />

fresh produce markets.<br />

UK with representation<br />

throughout CEE<br />

Mater-Bi®, biodegradable<br />

<strong>and</strong> compostable bioplastic,<br />

from renewable<br />

resources of agricultural<br />

origin.<br />

Italy<br />

DuPont <strong>Packaging</strong> Graphics<br />

is a global leading supplier<br />

of Cyrel® flexo printing<br />

plates <strong>and</strong> sleeves solutions<br />

for analogue <strong>and</strong> digital<br />

applications, for both solvent<br />

<strong>and</strong> thermal processing.<br />

USA <strong>and</strong> Germany with<br />

service throughout Europe<br />

Based on the use of industrial,<br />

high-amylose cornstarch,<br />

technology can<br />

service a rich variety of<br />

products including thermoforming,<br />

injection moulding<br />

<strong>and</strong> film extrusion.<br />

Australia, Germany<br />

Clients include DuPont<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> & Industrial<br />

Polymers, Amcor, Lindt &<br />

Sprungli, Marks &<br />

Spencer,<br />

DSM Engineering Plastics<br />

(a raw material supplier for<br />

packaging film)<br />

Akulon® PA6: high consistency<br />

for optimum<br />

process performance<br />

Akulon® XP: maximizes<br />

productivity of multilayer<br />

<strong>and</strong> extrusion coating lines<br />

Yparex®: cost-optimized<br />

tie layers<br />

Various<br />

PolyOne is a global<br />

supplier of high performance<br />

colour <strong>and</strong> additive<br />

concentrates <strong>and</strong> compounds.<br />

Belgium, Brazil, China,<br />

Colombia, France,<br />

Germany, Hungary, India,<br />

Mexico, Pol<strong>and</strong>, Spain,<br />

Sweden, Taiwan, Thail<strong>and</strong>,<br />

Turkey, UK, USA<br />

Board multipacks for the<br />

beverage industry include<br />

basket carriers (open <strong>and</strong><br />

closed), fully-enclosed carriers,<br />

clips <strong>and</strong> wraps<br />

Germany, the Netherl<strong>and</strong>s,<br />

Sweden, Norway, Finl<strong>and</strong>,<br />

Estonia, Russia <strong>and</strong><br />

France<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Products <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

P&G introduces resealable closure<br />

for dishwashing tabs<br />

Procter & Gamble has adopted the Slide-Rite® closure on the larger packages of the<br />

Fairy dishwashing tab product line (about 15 percent of their volume). Earlier this year<br />

P&G began offering the dishwashing tabs in a laminated film, st<strong>and</strong>-up pouch equipped<br />

with the Pactiv reclosure system. The hooded pouch incorporates an Easy-Tear solution<br />

in the film providing a very easy method of opening <strong>and</strong> the Slide-Rite® closure provides<br />

a secure method of reclosing the packaging. In an effort to offer a value to the consumers,<br />

P&G exp<strong>and</strong>ed the product range to include a 120 count package in many<br />

<strong>European</strong> countries.<br />

The st<strong>and</strong>-up pouches are equipped<br />

with a clear 'window' in the film to<br />

ensure the consumer will easily recognize<br />

the production the supermarket shelves.<br />

An additional 'window' in the film is<br />

used in the area of the slider closure to<br />

attract the consumer's attention to the<br />

convenient Slide-Rite® closure system<br />

supplied by Pactiv.<br />

'We need a closure that offers both, a<br />

secure protection as well as a high level<br />

of convenience,' comments Olivier De<br />

Brauwer of P&G Marketing. 'Pactiv's<br />

experience in slider technology of more<br />

than 20 years flowed directly into this<br />

project. With its well-engineered Slide-<br />

Rite® system Pactiv responds to the<br />

requirements of our company.'<br />

The Slide-Rite® reclosure offers a<br />

high level of reliability. Even if the packaging<br />

is frequently opened <strong>and</strong> reclosed<br />

the tabs which are additionally wrapped<br />

in a water-soluble technical film are protected<br />

against humidity. The fragrance is<br />

preserved until the last tab is used. At the<br />

same time the consumer benefits from<br />

the convenience provided by the slider<br />

closure, which facilitates an easy access to<br />

the tabs.<br />

The st<strong>and</strong>-up pouches have been created<br />

in close cooperation with P&G,<br />

Pactiv <strong>and</strong> the packaging machine manufacturer<br />

UVA at Eindhoven. UVA integrated<br />

the new Pactiv Slide-Rite® model<br />

SR-T100 into an existing vertical formfill-seal<br />

packaging line of the Newton-<br />

TX-series. The integration allows the<br />

Slide-Rite® closure system components<br />

to be sealed into the packaging inline.<br />

The ergonomically designed slider<br />

which is embedded in the ullage of the<br />

st<strong>and</strong>-up pouches can be h<strong>and</strong>led in a<br />

comfortable <strong>and</strong> secure way. Another<br />

important feature for P&G is that many<br />

different bag sizes can be filled on the<br />

form-fill-seal line.<br />

Depending on the package size<br />

requirements Procter & Gamble say that<br />

they can respond very quickly <strong>and</strong> efficiently<br />

to the individual market requirements.<br />

The VFFS-line is very compact,<br />

needing less space than conventional<br />

horizontal packaging machines for<br />

st<strong>and</strong>-up pouches, without sacrificing on<br />

production speed. In cooperation with<br />

UVA Pactiv's SR-T100 technology has<br />

been designed to process Press-to-Close<br />

closures as well as Slide-Rite® closures<br />

on one bag-making machine. This flexibility<br />

allows Pactiv <strong>and</strong> UVA to break<br />

into many new markets.<br />

14 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Products <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Novel ideas on br<strong>and</strong> awareness<br />

for youngsters in <strong>Central</strong> Europe<br />

There's nothing like a wide-scale marketing operating to enable consumers, particularly<br />

youngsters, to identify with br<strong>and</strong>s. Hoop Kofola, Czech producer of soft drinks for kids,<br />

has relooked the packaging of Jupik, its cornerstone reference, <strong>and</strong> has aligned it with<br />

an interactive campaign.<br />

In a highly competitive context <strong>and</strong> a<br />

constantly growing market, Hoop<br />

Kofola, one of the main players in<br />

<strong>Central</strong> Europe, is focusing on interactivity<br />

with its young consumers. The<br />

br<strong>and</strong> created the 'Jupik Team' - a group<br />

of four virtual team members, each<br />

endowed with special powers (strength,<br />

IT genius, etc.). A website exists where<br />

consumers can follow their adventures,<br />

illustrated by the motto that can be<br />

summed up as 'Together we are<br />

stronger!'<br />

Ten million bottles<br />

With this device, Jupik soft drinks, available<br />

on the market for the last two years,<br />

intends to accentuate its visibility <strong>and</strong><br />

increase sales by enabling seven to fifteen<br />

year olds to identify with the br<strong>and</strong>.<br />

The operation features TV commercials,<br />

point of sale events, a web competition<br />

<strong>and</strong> br<strong>and</strong> new packaging, which is<br />

where Sleever International steps in.<br />

The group proposed a bespoke<br />

Sleever® solution that fulfils three functions:<br />

dressing the bottle <strong>and</strong> enhancing<br />

the soft drink, consumer info with the<br />

game announcement on the front <strong>and</strong> a<br />

promotion by way of a thermochromic<br />

printed peal-off label on the inner sleeve,<br />

which can only be removed after the bottle<br />

has been purchased. Once in possession<br />

of this label, the player places it on<br />

his or her computer screen <strong>and</strong> the<br />

screen's heat reveals a code so that players<br />

can move from one level of the game<br />

to the next on the website.<br />

The operation concerns some 10 million<br />

bottles.<br />

Sold in Czech Republic, Pol<strong>and</strong>, <strong>and</strong><br />

Slovakia, the range features four 33ml<br />

bottles, each of which is decorated with<br />

the effigy of one of the four heroes, in<br />

three languages.<br />

The bottle design is the work of PND<br />

Futura.<br />

Technically challenging project<br />

This project, which represented a genuine<br />

technological challenge for Sleever<br />

International, involved in particular<br />

dressing the bottle - spherical in its<br />

upper <strong>and</strong> very curved in its lower section,<br />

<strong>and</strong> choosing <strong>and</strong> fixing the label.<br />

The group proposed an SI-PET-<br />

TG/050 film, because of its finish <strong>and</strong><br />

shrink properties - the bottle's complex<br />

shape required a shrink rate in excess of<br />

75 percent. The sleeve was printed in<br />

eight colour helioengraving, one of<br />

which a base white, to which was added<br />

a simple micro-perforated access to the<br />

peal-off label on the inner side of the<br />

sleeve. Sleever Studio took care of the<br />

pre-press stages <strong>and</strong> managed the<br />

anamorphosis aspect, particularly<br />

regarding the printing of the fruit <strong>and</strong><br />

the strip of colour between the bottle's<br />

two curved sections. The firm also provided<br />

the br<strong>and</strong> with advice relating to<br />

the choice of label, thermochromic inks<br />

<strong>and</strong> fixing the label.<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Products <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Nut producer<br />

goes biodegradable<br />

Innovia Films' high barrier compostable<br />

cellulose-based material,<br />

NatureFlex NK, has been chosen by an<br />

Italian producer, New Factor, to wrap its<br />

range of organic nuts <strong>and</strong> dried fruit -<br />

Mister Nut Bio.<br />

NatureFlex NK was launched in<br />

2008 <strong>and</strong> offers not only biodegradability<br />

<strong>and</strong> compostability, but also a moisture<br />

barrier approaching that of coextruded<br />

OPP. This means it has the<br />

best moisture barrier of any single layer<br />

biopolymer film currently available,<br />

which has been achieved through<br />

Innovia Films' unique coating technology.<br />

New Factor was founded more than 50<br />

years ago <strong>and</strong> is still owned today by the<br />

Annibali family. From humble beginnings<br />

in the agricultural seed sector to an<br />

international concern with a multi-million<br />

euro turnover, the company has gone<br />

from strength to strength <strong>and</strong> currently<br />

employs over 50 people at their plant in<br />

Rimini. Markets served by New Factor<br />

include Italy, Europe <strong>and</strong> Russia.<br />

Outlining why New Factor chose<br />

NatureFlex to package its Mister Nut<br />

Bio range, Dr Fabrizio Pellegrini, Plant<br />

Director stated, 'NatureFlex offers<br />

protection for our product, as all good<br />

packaging should. At the same time it<br />

meets the eco-credentials for this organic<br />

range <strong>and</strong> has fitted into our production<br />

line process with minimal adjustment<br />

needed.'<br />

The new Mister Nut Bio br<strong>and</strong><br />

embodies naturalness <strong>and</strong> quality products<br />

resulting from organic farming in<br />

Italy, which are certified by Bioagricert<br />

(the independent Italian body awarding<br />

organic certification to food products).<br />

New Factor collaborated with designer<br />

<strong>and</strong> photographer, Marco Morosini,<br />

for the creation of the pack <strong>and</strong> point of<br />

sale box <strong>and</strong> with Innovia Films for the<br />

choice of film to be used. The result is a<br />

quality product brought to market in a<br />

new eye catching pack comprising of<br />

biodegradable <strong>and</strong> compostable<br />

NatureFlex film <strong>and</strong> a biodegradable<br />

cardboard label.<br />

NatureFlex was an obvious solution<br />

for the packaging in this application as<br />

the film begins life as a natural product -<br />

wood - <strong>and</strong> breaks down at the end of its<br />

lifecycle in a home compost bin (or<br />

industrial compost environment) within<br />

a matter of weeks. It also offers advantages<br />

for packing <strong>and</strong> converting such as<br />

inherent deadfold <strong>and</strong> anti-static properties,<br />

high gloss <strong>and</strong> transparency, resistance<br />

to grease <strong>and</strong> oil, good barrier to<br />

gases <strong>and</strong> aromas, print receptive surface<br />

<strong>and</strong> a wide heat-seal range.<br />

NatureFlex films are certified to<br />

meet both the <strong>European</strong> EN13432 <strong>and</strong><br />

American ASTM D6400 st<strong>and</strong>ards for<br />

compostable packaging. The wood-pulp<br />

is sourced from managed plantations<br />

from referenced suppliers operating<br />

Good Forestry principals (FSC or equivalent).<br />

NatureFlex films typically have<br />

a renewable biobased content of some 95<br />

percent by weight of material.<br />

'With its excellent barrier properties,<br />

NatureFlex NK fills a major gap in the<br />

biomaterials market. Now dry, moisturesensitive<br />

foods can also be wrapped using<br />

a compostable solution. We anticipate<br />

this will open up a host of new opportunities<br />

both for NatureFlex on its own,<br />

or as part of a laminate solution with<br />

other biofilms,' exclaims Andy<br />

Sweetman, Innovia Films' Business<br />

Development & Sustainable Technology<br />

Manager.<br />

NatureFlex NK is a transparent,<br />

general purpose packaging grade suitable<br />

for various applications eg dried foods<br />

(biscuits, cereals, crisps, snack bars etc).<br />

The product is also ideal for lamination<br />

to other biofilms. NatureFlex NK is<br />

available in 20, 23, 30, 45 micron thicknesses<br />

<strong>and</strong> can be used for a variety of<br />

pack formats - VFFS, flow wrap, twistwrap<br />

<strong>and</strong> overwrap.<br />

16 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Products <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

Nivea packaging<br />

upgraded<br />

Beiersdorf has upgraded the packaging<br />

for Nivea for Men in order to compete<br />

on the shelf with similar products.<br />

The new Nivea For Men range offers a<br />

facial skincare solution consisting of five<br />

products : DNAge Anti-Age<br />

Moisturiser, Gradual Tan Summer Look<br />

Moisturiser, Cool Kick Gel, Energy Gel<br />

Q10 <strong>and</strong> Q10 Anti-Crinkle.<br />

Br<strong>and</strong> owner Beiersdorf wanted a distinctive<br />

packaging format that would<br />

ensure optimum recognition across the<br />

new range, as well as delivering measured<br />

dosing <strong>and</strong> convenient dispense.<br />

The specially designed headpiece construction<br />

accentuates the overall pack<br />

appearance with a 'masculine' redesign.<br />

The dispensing head is raised to give it<br />

prominence, an effect enhanced by the<br />

Closure devised for<br />

upside down storage<br />

use of a clear overcap. An indented b<strong>and</strong><br />

separates the headpiece from the container<br />

body to further emphasise its bold<br />

look.<br />

Injection moulded in PP r<strong>and</strong>om<br />

copolymer, the jar is supplied in blue <strong>and</strong><br />

grey variants, with colour-matched labels<br />

applied by Beiersdorf to the outer jar<br />

completing the eye-catching packaging<br />

solution.<br />

'Nivea For Men is a prestigious <strong>and</strong><br />

popular br<strong>and</strong>, so our packaging must<br />

offer the highest st<strong>and</strong>ard in terms of<br />

functionality <strong>and</strong> aesthetics,' comments<br />

Kurt Mählmann of Beiersdorf.<br />

The new Nivea for Men dispensing<br />

system has already been launched<br />

throughout Europe.<br />

Plasticum is marketing a new st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

flip-top closure with a diameter of 48<br />

mm. The product incorporates a silicon<br />

valve to optimise the control during dispensing.<br />

The closure is suitable for food<br />

applications, also when the bottles are<br />

stored top-down.<br />

The closure is fitted with the<br />

MaxiDose technology, a patented valve<br />

technique developed by Plasticum. The<br />

silicon valve includes a crossed slit to<br />

provide a dispensing orifice. It opens<br />

gradually whilst squeezing the bottle <strong>and</strong><br />

offers a fully controlled <strong>and</strong> clean dispensing.<br />

This valve solution suits many<br />

different viscosities <strong>and</strong> bottle geometries.<br />

The closure lid can be opened easily<br />

with just one h<strong>and</strong>. It has a smooth <strong>and</strong><br />

glossy surface, whereas the body part features<br />

a ribbed surface. The product can<br />

also be supplied with non valve orifices,<br />

such as a 10 mm opening <strong>and</strong> a star<br />

opening. The manufacturers claim that<br />

all kinds of sauces <strong>and</strong> dressings can be<br />

dispensed cleanly, from mustard to<br />

ketchup <strong>and</strong> mayonnaise.<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Technology<br />

Accurate cheese weighing<br />

reducing waste<br />

Austrian dairy product manufacturing company Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch has invested in a multihead<br />

weigher <strong>and</strong> checkweigher enabling it to pack grated cheese accurately into bags<br />

to within one gram of target weight.<br />

Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch GmbH is the largest<br />

milk-processing company in<br />

Austria, offering well-known br<strong>and</strong>s<br />

such as Schärdinger, Desserta <strong>and</strong> Fidus,<br />

<strong>and</strong> has a market leading 60 percent<br />

share of the cheese market.<br />

Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch's Gienberg site operates<br />

two processing lines <strong>and</strong> is the company's<br />

central packing facility for a wide<br />

range of grated cheese. The company's<br />

aim was to supply the product to the<br />

retail trade in resealable bags. In order to<br />

weigh the grated cheese, with its sticky<br />

consistency, Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch needed a<br />

highly efficient multihead weigher.<br />

Accuracy was of particular importance,<br />

as every gram of excess weight in the bag<br />

means wasted product, which would<br />

amount to around EUR40,000 per year.<br />

Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch turned to Ishida<br />

Europe for a solution who then integrated<br />

a multihead weigher into the packing<br />

line, along with a checkweigher.<br />

The cheese is first fed in blocks to the<br />

line via a conveyor belt <strong>and</strong> is then precut<br />

<strong>and</strong> grated. An ascending conveyor<br />

transports the product up into the air<br />

<strong>and</strong> the cheese is continuously fed to the<br />

weigher through a chute from above. A<br />

vibration system ensures a controlled <strong>and</strong><br />

gentle flow of product to the weigh hoppers.<br />

The flow of product to the trays on<br />

the dispersion table is controlled by a<br />

load cell <strong>and</strong> the intensity of the vibrations<br />

of the vibratory feeder troughs is<br />

constantly adjusted automatically.<br />

The 14-head weigher works according<br />

to the combination weighing principle<br />

whereby the built-in computer instantaneously<br />

calculates all possible weight<br />

combinations in the available weigh<br />

hoppers <strong>and</strong> selects the one combination<br />

(typically three to four weigh hoppers)<br />

that comes closest to the target weight.<br />

The hoppers are made from stainless<br />

steel with embossed surfaces which prevents<br />

cheese from sticking to them.<br />

The weigher is in use five days a week<br />

at Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch in two-shift <strong>and</strong> threeshift<br />

mode. With every single variety of<br />

cheese that is processed, a throughput of<br />

60 weighments a minute is achieved.The<br />

multihead weighs so precisely that the<br />

level of giveaway is no more than one<br />

gram per bag.<br />

Pre-set weight specifications for the<br />

different cheese varieties can be easily<br />

called up via the touch screen, allowing<br />

fast changeovers <strong>and</strong> meaning that only<br />

one to two employees are needed to<br />

operate the entire packing line.<br />

'The precision <strong>and</strong> speed of the<br />

weigher are impressive <strong>and</strong> the potential<br />

output is so high that we have not yet<br />

been able to make full use of it,' comments,<br />

Alois Kronberger, Head of<br />

Production, Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch GmbH. 'The<br />

investment is paying for itself more<br />

quickly than we had anticipated.'<br />

The checkweigher delivers a maximum<br />

output of 270 weighments per<br />

minute <strong>and</strong> features a fully integrated<br />

metal detector.<br />

For Bergl<strong>and</strong>milch, the primary<br />

motive in purchasing the checkweigher<br />

was to establish an additional safeguard<br />

<strong>and</strong> prevent complaints. Alois<br />

Kronberger says: 'Contamination almost<br />

never occurs, but customers appreciate<br />

very high safety st<strong>and</strong>ards.'<br />

18 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Technology<br />

Serbian washing powder manufacturer<br />

improves packaging efficiency<br />

Serbian manufacturer Beohemija has optimised its powder detergent operation through<br />

accurate weighing before packaging which at the same time has increased speed <strong>and</strong><br />

therefore efficiency.<br />

Founded in 1991, Beohemija manufactures<br />

liquid <strong>and</strong> powder washing<br />

detergents <strong>and</strong> liquid household cleaners<br />

for the Serbian <strong>and</strong> wider Balkan market.<br />

Following its acquisition of a complete<br />

powder detergent factory, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s Duel <strong>and</strong> Talas, the company has<br />

become the regional leader in powdered<br />

detergents with a 45 percent Serbian<br />

market share <strong>and</strong> a growing export business<br />

into the EU.<br />

Beohemija's five powder packaging<br />

lines operate seven days a week, producing<br />

220 tonnes of product a day. The<br />

majority is packed into 3kg polyethylene<br />

bags using a belt dosing system <strong>and</strong> bagmakers<br />

that, typically, operate at 15<br />

weighments / bags per minute.<br />

Accuracy which could be improved<br />

Despite an apparent high accuracy of<br />

around 2.5g per 3kg bag <strong>and</strong> a weight<br />

variation (st<strong>and</strong>ard deviation) of about<br />

2.5 - 5g, Beohemija felt that the accumulated<br />

product giveaway could still be<br />

improved to be more acceptable for such<br />

a modern, efficient plant. At the same<br />

time, the company was concerned that its<br />

belt dosing system required regular<br />

cleaning <strong>and</strong> belt replacement, a significant<br />

cause of downtime that restricted<br />

the company's ability to meet steadily<br />

increasing production dem<strong>and</strong>.<br />

At the Interpack 2008 exhibition in<br />

Düsseldorf, Beohemija was introduced<br />

to Ishida's new Cut-gate Weigher,<br />

specifically developed for the controlled<br />

weighing <strong>and</strong> gentle h<strong>and</strong>ling of freeflowing<br />

granular products. Ishida claims<br />

that it is three times more accurate than<br />

conventional filling or dosing systems<br />

<strong>and</strong> they say that it is also designed to<br />

preserve particle size <strong>and</strong> structure for<br />

optimum product quality (for example,<br />

to retain the active ingredients in detergent<br />

powders) as well as a significant<br />

reduction in dust emissions.<br />

Machine in action<br />

Product is constantly dropped via an<br />

infeed chute into the hopper, which is<br />

programmed to discharge about 85 percent<br />

of the target weight (the 'coarse<br />

weight') into the weigh hopper directly<br />

underneath. The hopper then closes just<br />

enough to allow a drizzle of product<br />

through to 'top up' the weigh hopper<br />

(the 'fine weight'), until the target weight<br />

has been reached <strong>and</strong> the correct amount<br />

of product can be discharged into the<br />

packaging machine.<br />

After a site visit <strong>and</strong> data collected<br />

from trials, Beohemija invested in a 3-<br />

head model <strong>and</strong> a new vertical bagmaker.<br />

Following installation, Ishida trained<br />

nine operators across three shift-patterns<br />

to enable the customer to operate <strong>and</strong><br />

maintain the machinery constantly.<br />

Accuracy reducing loss<br />

Beohemija has undertaken extensive<br />

analysis of the accuracy <strong>and</strong> performance<br />

of the machine <strong>and</strong> concluded that payback<br />

on investment can be achieved<br />

within one year.<br />

Accuracy has increased to 1g per 3kg<br />

bag (0.03 percent) <strong>and</strong> the weight variation<br />

has been narrowed to between only<br />

1.2 - 1.5g. The speed of dosing has also<br />

increased from 15 to 22 wpm, <strong>and</strong> a further<br />

increase to 25 wpm has only been<br />

prevented by the speed limitations of the<br />

bagmaker.<br />

Downtime due to maintenance has<br />

been reduced significantly: the old<br />

weighing system took about 45 minutes<br />

per day to clean, whereas Beohemija says<br />

that 15 minutes per day is sufficient to<br />

clean this weigher. In addition, the<br />

weigher requires no more space than the<br />

old belt dosing system.<br />

Dragan Rakic, production manager<br />

<strong>and</strong> deputy director of Beohemija claims<br />

'We were able to reduce both our giveaway<br />

by about 1.5g per bag <strong>and</strong> the<br />

weight variation to only 0.3g, which we<br />

initially could not believe was possible.<br />

'Since its installation eight months ago,<br />

the weigher has worked perfectly. We<br />

haven't required any spare parts <strong>and</strong> all<br />

of our operators are confident they can<br />

keep the machine running day in day<br />

out.'<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080 19

Technology<br />

Granite based labeling machine<br />

introduced at Label Expo<br />

At Label Expo Europe 2009, the Gallus Group launched what they claim is a new era for<br />

the cost-effective manufacture of commodity product decoration solutions with the<br />

market launch of the Gallus ECS 340. The press is based on a robust core of technical<br />

granite.<br />

Technical granite is used as the basis<br />

of Gallus ECS 340.<br />

'Thanks to its extremely high loadbearing<br />

capacity, technical granite is<br />

ideal for use in machine construction. It<br />

is responsible, among other things, for<br />

the user-friendly design of the Gallus<br />

ECS 340. The printing units are suspended<br />

on the granite structure, allowing<br />

the printer easy access <strong>and</strong> thus ensuring<br />

ease of operation,' explains Stefan<br />

Heiniger, Vice-President Research <strong>and</strong><br />

Development of the Gallus Group.<br />

'What's more, granite is a natural raw<br />

material whose use has a very positive<br />

impact on the CO2 balance of the Gallus<br />

ECS 340.The eco-friendly design of the<br />

Gallus ECS 340 is underpinned by the<br />

ease with which the granite can be recycled<br />

once the press reaches<br />

the end of its life cycle,'<br />

adds Heiniger.<br />

Waste reduction<br />

For labels with limited finishing<br />

requirements in<br />

commodity applications<br />

(such as food <strong>and</strong> pharmaceuticals)<br />

substrate costs<br />

can account for up to 50<br />

percent of the label's total<br />

cost. This means that the<br />

amount of waste produced<br />

impacts strongly on the<br />

margin of a job.<br />

Gallus says that the web<br />

length measures just over 11 meters for<br />

an 8-colour machine which means that<br />

the machine quickly gets into register<br />

although it has no registry control at all.<br />

One of the first Gallus ECS 340<br />

presses has been in action at Barthel<br />

GmbH in Essen since mid-2009, primarily<br />

for the production of food labels.<br />

Barthel believe that the machine has<br />

reduced paper waste.<br />

Short web path<br />

Gallus say that the result of adjustments<br />

made during production is visible immediately<br />

<strong>and</strong> facilitates an extremely efficient<br />

workflow due to the short web<br />

path. The dynamic feed ensures that the<br />

print image is not altered when speeds<br />

are changed, thus ensuring consistency.<br />

Plate cylinders <strong>and</strong> anilox rollers are<br />

designed as sleeves, thus enabling quick<br />

changeovers. There is also a chambered<br />

blade system, so that inks can also be<br />

changed quickly. The press, which comes<br />

with full servo drive technology, is also<br />

equipped with cooled impression cylinders.<br />

No exhaust<br />

The machine does not need an exhaust<br />

system thanks to a new development in<br />

the UV system. The UV dryers are fully<br />

encapsulated <strong>and</strong> watercooled so that no<br />

air extraction is required. This results in<br />

low noise levels.<br />

'The press' success even before the<br />

official market launch surprised us all,'<br />

says Felix Egger, head of Sales &<br />

Marketing at the<br />

Gallus Group.<br />

‘We have already<br />

sold six presses. The<br />

functionality of the<br />

Gallus ECS 340,<br />

which was developed<br />

based on numerous<br />

discussions <strong>and</strong> surveys<br />

with our customers,<br />

undoubtedly<br />

satisfies the dem<strong>and</strong><br />

for the cost-effective<br />

production of commodity<br />

labels.'<br />

20 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Analysis<br />

Growth for converted flexible packaging<br />

forecast to be 3.5 percent per year<br />

World dem<strong>and</strong> for converted flexible packaging is forecast to reach over 19 million<br />

metric tons in 2013.<br />

Factors contributing to rising<br />

dem<strong>and</strong> will include growth in food<br />

<strong>and</strong> beverage production, which represents<br />

the largest market by far. In addition,<br />

cost, performance <strong>and</strong> source<br />

reduction advantages, as well as ongoing<br />

developments in high-barrier resins <strong>and</strong><br />

value-added features, will continue to<br />

favor flexible packaging products over<br />

their rigid counterparts. Gains will be<br />

limited by the mature state of the packaging<br />

industry in developed areas such<br />

as the US, Western Europe <strong>and</strong> Japan,<br />

where the main markets for flexible<br />

packaging are well-established.<br />

Material downgauging will also restrain<br />

volume gains. These <strong>and</strong> other trends<br />

are presented in World Converted<br />

Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong>, a new study from<br />

The Freedonia Group, a Clevel<strong>and</strong>based<br />

industry research firm.<br />

The fastest increases will occur in the<br />

world's developing regions. Asia, Latin<br />

America, <strong>Eastern</strong> Europe <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Africa/Mideast region will all outpace<br />

the global average. Population growth<br />

<strong>and</strong> greater urbanization (except in<br />

<strong>Eastern</strong> Europe), industrialization<br />

trends, <strong>and</strong> exp<strong>and</strong>ing international<br />

trade will support advances in these<br />

regions' generally underdeveloped packaging<br />

sectors.<br />

Some of the best gains are expected in<br />

China, which has surpassed Japan to<br />

become the world's second largest converted<br />

flexible packaging market<br />

(behind the US); <strong>and</strong> India, which will<br />

benefit from strong growth in domestic<br />

output <strong>and</strong> consumer product markets.<br />

Rapid gains are also expected in Russia<br />

<strong>and</strong> Indonesia, which will benefit from<br />

greater investment in state-of-the-art<br />

manufacturing equipment, resulting in<br />

improved product quality.<br />

Plastic films, which account for<br />

almost three-quarters of global converted<br />

flexible packaging material dem<strong>and</strong>,<br />

will continue to make inroads at the<br />

expense of paper <strong>and</strong> aluminum foil.<br />

Plastics will benefit from a superior<br />

price/performance profile, versatility,<br />

<strong>and</strong> efforts to improve sanitation <strong>and</strong><br />

extend product shelf lives in the food<br />

<strong>and</strong> beverage, pharmaceutical <strong>and</strong> personal<br />

care markets. In addition, developments<br />

in flexible packaging films,<br />

such as breathable properties,<br />

biodegradable films <strong>and</strong> high-barrier<br />

resins, will support dem<strong>and</strong> in new <strong>and</strong><br />

existing applications, particularly in the<br />

food <strong>and</strong> pharmaceutical industries.<br />

Novel value-added features, including<br />

microwaveable pouches, resealable<br />

st<strong>and</strong>-up pouches <strong>and</strong> pouring spouts,<br />

will reflect increasing consumer preference<br />

for convenience oriented processed<br />

food, especially in developed countries.<br />

Photo: Alcan <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Analysis<br />

PET collection increased<br />

in Europe last year<br />

Petcore publishes PET collection figures for 2008 - <strong>European</strong> PET bottle collection<br />

increases by more than 11 percent<br />

Petcore has announced that <strong>European</strong><br />

post-sorting PET collection reached<br />

1.26m tonnes in 2008, an increase of<br />

more than 11 percent on 2007.<br />

The overall collection rate in 2008 rose<br />

by nearly 5 percent, from over 41 percent<br />

to 46 percent, of all PET bottles on the<br />

market.<br />

The overall share of fibres as an end<br />

use for recycled PET decreased from 47<br />

percent to 45 percent, although the tonnage<br />

processed continued to grow. The<br />

sheet market tonnage fell slightly to 22<br />

percent. Blowmoulding continued to<br />

grow with more than 20 percent going to<br />

this outlet in 2008. The tonnage used in<br />

strapping increased strongly again in<br />

2008 to use more than 11 percent of the<br />

total flake.<br />

Exports to the Far East rose to nearly<br />

17 percent of collected PET <strong>and</strong> the<br />

tonnage exported increased by 20 percent.<br />

A relatively small amount of baled<br />

PET bottles (

Analysis<br />

Dem<strong>and</strong> for BOPP films<br />

continues in <strong>Eastern</strong> Europe<br />

Dem<strong>and</strong> for bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film in Western Europe suffered a 3.1 per<br />

cent fall in volume in 2008 following recessionary pressures <strong>and</strong> changes in purchasing<br />

patterns, according to a new study by PCI Films Consulting. World BOPP Film Market<br />

Trends 2008 notes that this rate of growth contrasts starkly with the seven percent<br />

growth experienced by BOPP film markets in Asia.<br />

In the first half of 2008, the rapid<br />

increase in world oil <strong>and</strong> PP resin<br />

prices stimulated BOPP film dem<strong>and</strong> in<br />

the 781,000 tonne <strong>European</strong> market as<br />

buyers stocked ahead of expected price<br />

rises. However, in the second half of the<br />

year, oil prices collapsed <strong>and</strong> buyers ran<br />

down film stocks, which dampened<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>. With the world economy<br />

entering a recession at the same time,<br />

BOPP film producers found the extra<br />

volume gained earlier in the year was<br />

more than matched by reduced dem<strong>and</strong><br />

in the second half.<br />

Growth in dem<strong>and</strong> in CEE region<br />

Elsewhere, the USD15 billion world<br />

BOPP film industry experienced more<br />

positive buyer behaviour. Growth in<br />

dem<strong>and</strong> was seen in <strong>Eastern</strong> Europe,<br />

thanks to investment in retailing, food<br />

processing <strong>and</strong> new converting equipment.<br />

In South East Asia, especially<br />

India, growth was stimulated by<br />

increased availability of film.<br />

Surprisingly, even North America experienced<br />

a 3 per cent growth in dem<strong>and</strong> in<br />

2008, owing to the buoyant Mexican<br />

market, whereas dem<strong>and</strong> in <strong>Central</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

South America remained relatively stable.<br />

During the year, supply <strong>and</strong> dem<strong>and</strong> in<br />

China's 1.8 million tonne market<br />

became more balanced, encouraging<br />

suppliers to plan the next expansion<br />

phase of their industry. One leading<br />

manufacturer of film extrusion equipment<br />

has already sold 10 new lines to<br />

China in 2009, equivalent to 375,000<br />

tonnes of new capacity.<br />

For buyers of BOPP film, PCI's report<br />

also confirms that the Middle <strong>Eastern</strong><br />

BOPP film industry is expected to<br />

emerge as a significant regional production<br />

centre in the future, doubling its size<br />

in the next three years. One of the major<br />

factors driving this growth is the support<br />

given by regional governments to downstream<br />

industries, which are capable of<br />

adding value to oil assets. PP resin production,<br />

film extrusion, flexible packaging<br />

<strong>and</strong> food processing are all industries<br />

targeted for expansion in the region.<br />

Producers forecast increased growth<br />

In noting this trend, Simon King, report<br />

co-author comments, 'Middle <strong>Eastern</strong><br />

BOPP film producers are confident of<br />

strong regional dem<strong>and</strong> growth from<br />

flexible packaging customers <strong>and</strong><br />

increased opportunities to export volume<br />

based on their lower costs of production.<br />

While not questioning the long term<br />

viability of these plants, our analysis suggests<br />

that in the short term they will<br />

have to be very strongly export-focused<br />

to provide high production efficiencies'.<br />

Over the next five years PCI notes that<br />

there will be a strategic shift in the balance<br />

of power away from the traditional<br />

suppliers of BOPP film. Treofan <strong>and</strong><br />

ExxonMobil, previously the main market<br />

leaders, have had to make room for<br />

new players such as Dubai-based<br />

Taghleef Industries <strong>and</strong> others emerging<br />

in India <strong>and</strong> China. In the last five years,<br />

Taghleef has invested in new low-cost<br />

equipment <strong>and</strong> also bought regionally<br />

based assets such as Radici Film, to<br />

emerge as one of the world's largest<br />

BOPP film producers with a world-wide<br />

network of supply.<br />

In the next five years, an additional 2.3<br />

million tonnes of new BOPP film capacity<br />

is expected to be commissioned,<br />

exp<strong>and</strong>ing the industry by a third, which<br />

will result in the Top 20 World Producer<br />

rankings looking very different to that of<br />

today.<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Events<br />

Six trade fairs<br />

in six weeks!<br />

by Alan Heath, Publisher, CEE <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

A personal account of visits to drinktec, Label Expo, Fach Pack, Empack Saint<br />

Petersburg, Agroprodmash <strong>and</strong> the Millionaire’s Fair.<br />

It seems to me that everyone wants to<br />

have their own events in autumn<br />

which means a lot of travelling for those<br />

of us whose job is to distribute magazines<br />

at trade fairs. However this year,<br />

the events took place earlier than last<br />

year <strong>and</strong> September <strong>and</strong> October is a<br />

much nicer time to be travelling than<br />

November.<br />

The first event of the season was in the<br />

Things are going to get better<br />

Ukraine but as it was my mother's birthday<br />

at the same time I did not go. So I<br />

kicked off the season at drinktec.<br />

Munich<br />

Germany is of course a very easy country<br />

to travel through. Probably the easiest. I<br />

travelled from Hannover to Munich for<br />

the fair on the first day - Monday, 14<br />

September 2009. It was raining most of<br />

the day <strong>and</strong> when one is carrying a vehicle<br />

full of magazines, that means that<br />

slow speeds are required. So I arrived<br />

somewhat later than I would have liked.<br />

I missed most of the first day because of<br />

my travelling but I underst<strong>and</strong> that it<br />

was quite quiet anyway for most people.<br />

However as the fair got underway the<br />

number of visitors increased. The fair<br />

was huge <strong>and</strong> six days for me was about<br />

The organisers of drinktec 2009 claim<br />

that they managed to gather together<br />

the top decision makers in the international<br />

beverage <strong>and</strong> liquid food industry<br />

in Munich. At the same time they<br />

believe that they saw evidence of the<br />

light at the end of the tunnel of recession.<br />

For example, Volker Kronseder,<br />

Chairman of Krones AG <strong>and</strong> President<br />

of the Advisory Board of drinktec 2009,<br />

described how he saw the mood in the<br />

halls: 'People are no longer paralysed<br />

with shock, life is coming back into the<br />

sector.' It is a view he shares with many<br />

of his colleagues in the sector. Menno<br />

Holterman from Norit also sees light on<br />

the horizon after drinktec 2009.<br />

'There´s more appetite for investment<br />

again, so long as the ROI is right. We<br />

have signed up a number of contracts.'<br />

The trade fair attracted around<br />

60,000 visitors. Whereas foreign visitor<br />

numbers increased over 2005, the<br />

amount of visitors from Germany fell to<br />

27,000.<br />

For Messe München, the organiser of<br />

drinktec 2009, Managing Director<br />

Norbert Bargmann, drew the following<br />

conclusion: ‘Overall we are very satisfied.<br />

In the run-up to drinktec we, too,<br />

had to contend with the global economic<br />

crisis. Nevertheless we have succeeded<br />

in bringing the top ranks of the<br />

beverage <strong>and</strong> liquid food industry to<br />

Munich - <strong>and</strong> that is the critical thing<br />

for the exhibitors. The high number of<br />

visitors from outside Germany, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

very broad spread of countries they represent,<br />

shows just how highly regarded<br />

drinktec is around the world. The drop<br />

we have seen in German participation<br />

is due primarily to budget cuts <strong>and</strong> the<br />

resulting limitations on business travel.<br />

Yet, from Germany, too, all the key<br />

players in the beverage <strong>and</strong> liquid food<br />

industry were represented, but no<br />

longer with the same size of team.<br />

In terms of visitor satisfaction, too,<br />

drinktec was able to make further gains.<br />

A survey of visitors, conducted by TNS<br />

Infratest, turned in top results across the<br />

board. Almost all the visitors (96 percent)<br />

to drinktec 2009 described the<br />

event as "excellent to good".<br />

Furthermore, 64 percent of the<br />

exhibitors <strong>and</strong> 56 percent of the visitors<br />

expect the economic situation to<br />

improve. This is considerably more positive<br />

than expectations after drinktec<br />

2005.<br />

24 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Events<br />

I do not know what this is but I hope this gentleman did not drink all of the contents.<br />

right although I appreciate for some it is<br />

very long. The new event on Oils <strong>and</strong><br />

Fats clearly needs to be developed but<br />

the main event was excellent with packaging<br />

being the number one component<br />

of the fair. I also very much appreciated<br />

the lengths to which the fair organisers<br />

tried to assist visitors <strong>and</strong> indeed how<br />

friendly they were.<br />

If I were to pick trends I would focus<br />

on down sizing <strong>and</strong> light weighting as<br />

being the main issues. Knocking a couple<br />

of grams off a plastic cap may not<br />

seem like much but times that by the<br />

amount sold every year <strong>and</strong> that is really<br />

quite significant! Another clear trend is<br />

the move away from glass in the drinks<br />

segment except of course at the very top<br />

The end of drinktec coincides with<br />

the beginning of the Oktoberfest -<br />

the Munich beer festival. Wonderful<br />

atmosphere with many people in traditional<br />

Bavarian costume. I only<br />

had my traditional driving costume<br />

unfortunately!<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Events<br />

end. Another trend I saw was the production<br />

of flat - or nearly flat - crates for<br />

carrying bottles. This is an idea I first<br />

heard of only last year <strong>and</strong> now it seems<br />

as though everyone is doing it!<br />

The end of drinktec coincides with the<br />

beginning of the Oktoberfest - the<br />

Munich beer festival. It was wonderful<br />

to see people, especially young people, in<br />

traditional Bavarian costume going to<br />

the event. In view of my timetable, I was<br />

only able to see the first evening but<br />

there was a wonderful atmosphere in<br />

fantastic weather.<br />

Brussels<br />

The next day I set off for Brussels to go<br />

to Label Expo. This event did not start<br />

until the Wednesday but I had arranged<br />

appointments in the Belgian capital <strong>and</strong><br />

aimed to be there for first thing Monday<br />

morning. That gave me a lovely Sunday<br />

to travel there <strong>and</strong> explore a bit of the<br />

towns of Bellheim in Germany as well as<br />

Mondorf les Bains <strong>and</strong> Luxembourg.<br />

Label Expo was also a huge event -<br />

much larger than I expected. Most fairs<br />

are much smaller! Again I would say the<br />

four days was about right although the<br />

final Saturday was very quiet. Star<br />

attractions for me would be a granite<br />

based press produced by the Swiss Gallus<br />

together with some innovations in compostable<br />

labels.<br />

Of course Brussels is also the capital of<br />

This is the Hewlett Packard st<strong>and</strong> at Label Expo as you may have<br />

guessed from the large Epson sign! HP were showing off a new machine<br />

but very impressive - <strong>and</strong> perhaps the most impressive thing I saw on the<br />

entire trip - was the mindreader HP had to demonstrate their new equipment.<br />

I volunteered to be his guinea pig for some mind reading. He asked<br />

me to write down my PIN number <strong>and</strong> wrote down four figures at r<strong>and</strong>om.<br />

As soon as I written them down <strong>and</strong> sealed the envelope, I forgot the order<br />

of the numbers! Was it 7621 or 7612. I could not remember! When the<br />

mindreader came to say what the numbers were he apologised to the audience<br />

<strong>and</strong> said he could not tell if it were.... 7612 or 7621 ..... And only I<br />

knew that I could not remember. I would say that he is much more impressive<br />

that the fortune teller from Tambov in Russia who at around the same<br />

time was making predictions to my then girlfriend. Apparantely she managed<br />

to describe me very well, but she also suggested that I would no<br />

longer be alive at the end of November 2009. Oh dear!<br />

The Atomium is located next to<br />

the expo centre in the north of<br />

Brussels.<br />

One of the halls at Label Expo. The size of the event was very<br />

impressive <strong>and</strong> labeling is clearly a much more complex business<br />

than one may initially think!<br />

26 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Events<br />

Europe <strong>and</strong> there wee all sorts of organisations<br />

<strong>and</strong> companies that wanted to<br />

see me whilst I was in town. So in all I<br />

was kept very busy <strong>and</strong> had a great time<br />

into the bargain!<br />

After being taken for a wonderful<br />

night out by one of my partners in<br />

Brussels it was time for another day<br />

sightseeing. Being a historian of the second<br />

world war, I had wanted to see the<br />

Belgian fortress of Eban Emael for some<br />

time. In 1939 it was the biggest fortress<br />

in the world. I had earlier written something<br />

sharply condemning the comm<strong>and</strong>er<br />

of the fortress although I had<br />

never been there before. I was amazed by<br />

its size. All the guided tours were in<br />

Dutch - a language I do not speak - but<br />

as it was a subject I knew well I got the<br />

gist of what was happening. At the end<br />

of the tour, there were tours in English<br />

<strong>and</strong> French (which I do speak) but I did<br />

not repeat it.<br />

The afternoon was quite advanced by<br />

the time I left Eban Emael but I was able<br />

to take in a drive in the Ardennes which<br />

was most pleasant before it got too dark<br />

to see anything.<br />

Nuremburg<br />

Fach Pack was the next stop. This is of<br />

course perhaps the most important event<br />

of the year in the <strong>European</strong> packaging<br />

calendar. I aimed to arrive on the<br />

Monday but unfortunately Nuremburg<br />

does not offer the same facilities as<br />

Munich for visitors <strong>and</strong> has a way to<br />

catch up. Working there is nowhere near<br />

as easy!<br />

Monday night saw the awards ceremony<br />

for the German <strong>Packaging</strong> Prize<br />

chiefly memorable for me for the excellent<br />

pumpkin soup served afterwards.<br />

Some of the products were also quite<br />

interesting <strong>and</strong> have been highlighted in<br />

this issue.<br />

Fach Pack is also a huge event. Three<br />

days, in my opinion, is not enough <strong>and</strong> I<br />

would have been happier if it had been<br />

extended to the Friday too. The main<br />

issue seemed to me to be sustainability<br />

although br<strong>and</strong>ing <strong>and</strong> means of catching<br />

the customer's eyes through attractive<br />

design also figured prominently.<br />

I stayed in a charming hotel in the<br />

centre with a walk through the old town<br />

past the cathedral <strong>and</strong> market square to<br />

the metro. I have been to Nuremburg<br />

FachPack received 33,846 trade visitors which was almost the same<br />

number as in 2007 with almost the same number of exhibitors. Given the<br />

economic situation that was quite an achievement.<br />

Seventeen percent of visitors came from outside Germany, most of whom<br />

came from Austria, Switzerl<strong>and</strong>, the Czech Republic, the Netherl<strong>and</strong>s, Italy,<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> France. According to a survey commissioned by the fair organisers,<br />

visitors came mainly from industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals,<br />

cosmetics, packaging <strong>and</strong> logistics related services, automotive<br />

engineering <strong>and</strong> components, chemicals, printing, paper processing,<br />

electrical equipment manufacture <strong>and</strong> plastic processing.<br />

The main reason for visiting is to obtain information about new products,<br />

followed by market orientation, cultivating existing business contacts <strong>and</strong><br />

paving the way for new ones, exchanging views, training, preparing for<br />

investment decisions <strong>and</strong> concluding contracts. More than 62 % of the<br />

FachPack visitors were especially interested in packaging materials <strong>and</strong><br />

supplies, 43 % in packaging machinery, followed by packaging ancillaries,<br />

labelling <strong>and</strong> marking equipment, services <strong>and</strong> package recycling.<br />

Intralogistics experts sourced information mainly about storage <strong>and</strong> orderpicking<br />

systems (51 %), ancillary loading, transport <strong>and</strong> storage equipment<br />

(43 %), conveying systems, <strong>and</strong> identification, coding <strong>and</strong> product security<br />

systems.<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Events<br />

many times, yet I have yet to explore my<br />

way around the medieval centre <strong>and</strong> the<br />

city walls.<br />

From Nuremburg I had an appointment<br />

near Heidelburg on the Friday<br />

evening - I took a leisurely drive there.<br />

The following day I had a wonderful<br />

drive through southern Germany ending<br />

up at a petrol station near Lodz in<br />

Pol<strong>and</strong>. This is one of my favourite<br />

places <strong>and</strong> all travellers have them. A<br />

place I can sit <strong>and</strong> eat as well as work.<br />

The internet is fast enough <strong>and</strong> I sat<br />

there until I could work no longer <strong>and</strong><br />

only wanted to sleep. Then I went to the<br />

car <strong>and</strong> slept before setting off for<br />

Warsaw the following morning.<br />

St Petersburg<br />

Leaving my car in Warsaw, I took the<br />

plane to Saint Petersburg where I<br />

attended the Empack event. This was<br />

the first event organised by easy Fairs in<br />

Russia along with their Russian partner<br />

Restec. The event was small as may be<br />

expected from a first but it did seem to<br />

attract a number of buyers <strong>and</strong> was<br />

undoubtedly a good foundation to build<br />

future events. I gave a speech on the second<br />

day. A lot of people asked me questions,<br />

mainly to do with the perception<br />

of ecological packaging as though they<br />

expected a major shake up of legislation<br />

in Russia. The conclusion I came to<br />

from this questioning was that many in<br />

Russia believe the EU to be far more<br />

concerned about the environmental<br />

effects of packaging than it really is.<br />

I did not have much time for tourism<br />

there but what little I had I put to very<br />

good use! Saint Petersburg is amazing!!<br />

Incredibly attractive, huge .. so different<br />

from Moscow. I only had three days<br />

there so saw very little but I am very<br />

grateful for what I managed to see! Such<br />

a beautiful city!<br />

Moscow<br />

From there it was train to Moscow. I<br />

had an overnight sleeper which was<br />

much better than those I am used to.<br />

There were two of us in the very comfortable<br />

compartiment <strong>and</strong> with breakfast<br />

cost RUR2,500 (EUR60). Certainly<br />

highly recommended.<br />

I had been warned not to take a taxi at<br />

the station. I would have taken the<br />

metro but when you are hauling a stack<br />

of magazines with you it is not so easy.<br />

Fortunately negotiating skills <strong>and</strong> the<br />

good sense to seek someone in the street<br />

came to my rescue.<br />

I had insisted in seeing Saint<br />

Petersburg even though it was pouring<br />

with rain. I said to myself (to use the<br />

German expression) that I am not made<br />

of sugar. Maybe not. But I can get ill.<br />

And the result was that I got a bit ill!<br />

However it was not enough to stop me<br />

visiting the AgroProdMash event in<br />

Moscow the following week.<br />

This is the first time that I have<br />

attended this event <strong>and</strong> to me its theme<br />

was not very well defined. It also seemed<br />

as though various types of companies<br />

were mixed up together. Organisation<br />

was not up to German st<strong>and</strong>ards, I had<br />

to ask 18 people before I found the press<br />

office! Reactions were mixed although<br />

one friend told me that he was really<br />

impressed by the potential business that<br />

came his way.<br />

The following week was the<br />

Millionaire's Fair. All I can say about<br />

this is that anyone involved in professional<br />

packaging of luxury items should<br />

keep away. No buyers seemed to attend,<br />

just those (like myself ) who jealously<br />

want to see how the rich live - or are percieved<br />

to live. This show is a complete<br />

waste of time. If you really want to see<br />

luxury lifestyels try watching some<br />

repeats of Dallas or enjoy a James Bond<br />

film on your DVD!<br />

So that is another long adventure. I<br />

left on 5 September <strong>and</strong> returned on 27<br />

October. A very long tour. There are<br />

many other trade fairs that I will be<br />

attending but it will be a long time<br />

before so many are so close together!<br />

If you are interested in seeing any<br />

more of the tourist elements of this journey<br />

then please visit my private internet<br />

site www.youtube.com/alanheath where<br />

I have placed the many amateur films I<br />

made during these six weeks!<br />

Events<br />

21 - 24 January,<br />

Gastropack,<br />

Bratislava, Slovakia<br />

26 - 29 January<br />

Upakovka,<br />

Moscow, Russia<br />

31 January - 3 February<br />

Prosweets,<br />

Cologne, Germany<br />

1 - 2 Februay,<br />

Pharmapack<br />

Paris, France<br />

3 - 4 February<br />

easyFairs® Verpackung Austria<br />

Messe Wels, Austria<br />

10 - 11 February<br />

easyFairs®Verpackung Nord<br />

Hamburg Messe,, Germany<br />

23 - 26 February<br />

Pack Fair,<br />

Kiev Exhibition Center, Ukraine<br />

24 - 25 February<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> Innovations<br />

Birmingham, UK<br />

2 - 5 March<br />

easyFairs®Embax Print,<br />

Brno, Czech Republic<br />

6 - 8 April,<br />

Foodpack St. Petersburg<br />

St. Petersburg, Russia<br />

13 - 14 April,<br />

easyFairs® <strong>Packaging</strong> Innovations<br />

Warsaw. Pol<strong>and</strong><br />

15 - 18 April<br />

Cosmopack<br />

Bologna Fair Centre, Italy<br />

21 - 22 April<br />

easyFairs® Verpackung Schweiz<br />

Zurich, Switzerl<strong>and</strong><br />

5 - 6 May<br />

easyFairs® Verpackung Sud<br />

Sinsheim, Germany<br />

28 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

Company profile<br />

Company profile :<br />

Unterl<strong>and</strong> Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

This year Mondi Consumer Flexibles celebrates the fiftieth<br />

anniversary of its largest production plant, the Unterl<strong>and</strong><br />

Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong> GmbH. The company located in<br />

Kufstein (Austria), was founded in 1959 by Dr. Alfred<br />

Labek <strong>and</strong> has continuously grown to be a specialist for<br />

the production <strong>and</strong> processing of film made from<br />

polyethylene <strong>and</strong> polypropylene. Today it is one of the<br />

largest producers of plastic film in Europe.<br />

L<br />

ong-st<strong>and</strong>ing experience <strong>and</strong> individual<br />

solutions are the key to success<br />

since the establishment of company<br />

in the 1950's. 'Our customers especially<br />

appreciate the innovative competence,<br />

the flexibility, the quality of service <strong>and</strong><br />

our reliability', Jakob Mosser, CEO<br />

Mondi Consumer Flexibles states. And<br />

continues, 'in the upcoming years the<br />

plant will have a stronger focus on processing,<br />

printing <strong>and</strong> converting. With<br />

this, the entire production process can be<br />

carried out in our plant - establishing an<br />

even more competitive edge.'<br />

In 1972, a new, larger production site<br />

was built in Langkampfen, near Kufstein<br />

<strong>and</strong> took already then a pioneering role<br />

for LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene),<br />

shrink <strong>and</strong> stretch film as well as<br />

an early decision to invest in stretchwrap<br />

film for agricultural applications.<br />

Today, Unterl<strong>and</strong> Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong><br />

is one of the largest producers of agricultural<br />

stretch-wrap - also known as Agri<br />

Stretch.<br />

The company was certified for production<br />

of film with clean room technology<br />

as first plant in Austria.<br />

CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080<br />


Company profile<br />

The production facility at Kufstein<br />

in Austria.<br />

Since then, high-quality castpolypropylene<br />

(CPP) film is produced<br />

for the medical <strong>and</strong> pharmaceutical as<br />

well as the food industry <strong>and</strong> marketed<br />

under the br<strong>and</strong> name Clean Cast<br />

Technology®.<br />

Since 2007 Unterl<strong>and</strong> Flexible<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> GmbH is part of Mondi, a<br />

global paper <strong>and</strong> packaging group, <strong>and</strong><br />

completes the product portfolio of the<br />

business unit Consumer Flexibles within<br />

the Europe & International division.<br />

The reorientation of the company lead<br />

to several modernisation projects <strong>and</strong><br />

investments in new technologies <strong>and</strong><br />

machinery, such as new multilayer extrusion<br />

facilities, a 10-colour flexo-printing<br />

machine <strong>and</strong> high-performance converting<br />

equipment.<br />

"Following the internal realignment<br />

the site in Kufstein was established as<br />

Consumer Flexibles competence centre<br />

for "wicketed bags', plastic bags for the<br />

food <strong>and</strong> hygiene industry. This has also<br />

led to a reinforcement of our position in<br />

Austria', Manfred Schlapps, Managing<br />

Director of Unterl<strong>and</strong> Flexible<br />

<strong>Packaging</strong> explains.<br />

One major success factor is the investment<br />

in employees.The focussed schooling<br />

<strong>and</strong> development of apprentices as<br />

qualified production operators plays an<br />

essential role. Continuous training <strong>and</strong><br />

education of all employees is a matter of<br />

course. "A large number of our employees<br />

has been working in the company for<br />

many years <strong>and</strong> has a great wealth of<br />

experience as well as new insights to help<br />

shape the successful future of the company',<br />

Manfred Schlapps points out.<br />

The product portfolio of Unterl<strong>and</strong><br />

Flexible GmbH contains transport,<br />

safety <strong>and</strong> film packaging for industrial<br />

products, agricultural packaging as well<br />

as packaging for consumer goods <strong>and</strong><br />

medical engineering products. More<br />

than 80 percent of sales by Unterl<strong>and</strong><br />

Flexible <strong>Packaging</strong> are generated outside<br />

of Austria, with increasing involvement<br />

in the Asian <strong>and</strong> North American markets<br />

in addition to the main sales markets<br />

of Germany, Switzerl<strong>and</strong>, Great<br />

Britain, Sc<strong>and</strong>inavia, Pol<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

Hungary.<br />

Unterl<strong>and</strong>’s MD Manfred Schapps<br />

30 CEE <strong>Packaging</strong>, www.ceepackaging.com Tel.: +48 22 2195466, +48 502 159080

“ LOOKING<br />

FOR AN<br />

UPTURN<br />



AlleasyFairsshowsgiveyoualow-costall-inpackage–sodoingbusinessin<br />

Europe’smostlucrativepackagingmarketswasnevereasier.<br />

Buyers are back <strong>and</strong> they are looking for innovation.<br />

easyFairs ®<br />



easyFairs ®<br />

FOOD-TO-GO<br />

easyFairs ®<br />

EMPACK<br />

Warsaw<br />

13 & 14 April 2010<br />

Kraków<br />

18 & 19 May 2010<br />

St Petersburg<br />

October 2010<br />



XP<br />

Proven ultimate line<br />

speed<br />

<br />

Akulon ® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.<br />

In the processing of packaging films, every second counts.<br />

For this reason, the DSM Knowledge Team has tested the<br />

DSM material Akulon XP ad infinitum, <strong>and</strong> has made<br />

monumentalimprovements.Wehaveliterallyworkedourselves<br />

into a sweat to achieve our result; Akulon XP.<br />

barrier properties. Akulon XP causes less waste by means<br />

of even layer distribution <strong>and</strong> reduced neck-in. The use of<br />

Akulon XP can lead to important system cost reductions<br />

through reduced energy usage during processing <strong>and</strong> the<br />

reduction of waste.<br />

Akulon XP is a unique, high productivity Polyamide 6. Thanks<br />

to improved control of layer thickness, it is possible to reduce<br />

various productivity costs. You require less motor power on<br />

the barrier layer extruder, without compromising the excellent<br />

All this makes Akulon part of our wide range of ‘Living Solutions’,<br />

a unique line of proven innovations for generations to come.<br />

More information: www.akulon-proven-linespeed.com.

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