Flyer Roller shutter-Radio-Highlights.pdf - Becker Antriebe GmbH

Flyer Roller shutter-Radio-Highlights.pdf - Becker Antriebe GmbH

Light or Shade

It’s Your Choice ...

Radio Highlights

for Automated Roller Shutters

The new generation of radiocontrolled

drives from Becker:

Now with even better and

smoother obstacle detection.

Use the award-winning handheld

transmitters from Becker, which make

it easier than ever before to control

your roller shutters wirelessly. Many of

the functions are fully automatic: Your

roller shutters open and close perfectly

each morning and evening according

to the respective season. And a

small light sensor on the window turns

them into an automatic sun protection

system. Intelligent obstacle detection

protects your roller shutters against

damage if they should become frozen

or if a flower pot gets in the way.



with automated roller

shutter and sun

protection systems

Centronic Wireless Solutions

for controlling roller shutter with either an integrated or

external radio receiver



1-Channel Memory-

Handheld transmitter

Switching times are easily


Memory function

Manual/automatic sliding switch

Interference-immune radio


Labelling space

Available in black and white

MemoControl MC411

Comparable functions to

MC441-II, but as a wall-mounted



TC445-II & TC4410-II

Multi Channel Handheld

transmitter with timer

Date, time and control

programme is pre-set

Large, well-arranged display

Easy programming thanks to

simple menu‘s

Stored programs are not lost

when replacing batteries

Astro evening function

Holiday programme

Available in black and white

Advantages of the Centronic radio system

Sensitive obstacle detection

Using Becker‘s superior drives,

obstacles which hinder upward

or downward roller shutter

movement are detected

automatically. The drive stops

automatically and moves

slightly in the opposite direction.This

prevents, for example,

frozen roller shutters being


Completely Preset

And for people who like things

„easy“, all the basic functions

are preset. Your task: Just

push a button, and away you

go. Put your feet up and let

the technology work for you.

Astro Function

Your roller shutters automatically

open and close

when the sun rises and sets.

This is possible since the

intelligent control unit knows

the respective times for all

365 days of the year.



1-channel wallmounted


with integrated timer

Astro function mornings and


Interference-immune radio


Easy programming thanks to

simple menu‘s

Battery status indicator on


Brightness control via light


Option: SensorControl SC43

Light sensor with sunshade




Radio-controlled light

sensor with glass

break detection

Wireless connection to receiver

Sunshade and twilight function

Integrated glass-break vibration


Can be easily fitted onto window


Light Sensor

The Centronic light sensor

measures the intensity of the

sun’s rays and controls your

roller shutters automatically.

Thus protecting your furniture

and plants and providing

comfortable shade. Don’t

delay, order today!

Energy Saving

Clever timing also enables

you to reduce your heating

or air conditioning costs.

Very effective: Roller shutters

close automatically at

dusk! Thus saving up to 30

percent of your household


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