Final Presentation Slides (pdf)

Final Presentation Slides (pdf)

AR.Drone GPS

Guided Flight

Jay Mueller, Aaron Roeckers, Todd Schuring

Project Objectives

● Create program runnable from the drone

able to control the drone's movements

● Enable on-board program to receive GPS


● Create Android program to manually control

drone and have ability to send GPS


● Have drone make a planned flight to

specified location



● Connected GPS directly to serial port

located on motherboard

○ Communicated over /dev/ttyO3

Use logic level converter limit signals to ~1.8V


We performed a number of non-fly tests where

we would walk around and collect data. Things


Missed a minus sign on longitude coordinates - tried to fly

to Mongolia.

Our GPS signal was unable to accurately receive

coordinates at demo location

Lessons Learned

● Do not plug in GPS device while drone is

running (!)

● GPS signal integrity is very poor near tall


● We had better luck flying on GPS in wide

open areas

● We need a more reliable source for direction


● A Device with a data plan would have been

useful for off site testing.

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