service provider directory - West Virginia Department of Commerce

service provider directory - West Virginia Department of Commerce

SECTION I. Employer Assistance

How WorkForce West Virginia can assist employers in hiring the right people

Employers today often need help finding employees

with skills and abilities that meet their business needs.

WorkForce West Virginia saves employers time and

money, while helping build the labor force required to

succeed in a highly competitive, global economy.

WorkForce West Virginia is demand-driven, and seeks

to address the needs of businesses throughout the

state of West Virginia. Building a demand-driven system

requires collaboration between employers and those

in education, economic development, and work force

development. Through a network of partners in the

work force system, WorkForce West Virginia strives to

serve the state’s businesses.

Our goals are:

• To link businesses with the work force

• To serve as the work force development

component of economic development

• To recruit and retain a qualified work force

• To establish work force skills

• To integrate services through a network of


• To assist employers in improving their bottom


WorkForce West Virginia is a resource to help you meet

the business challenges of today.


2008 State Service Provider Directory

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